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Foshan Dog Names

Updated: July 10, 2024

Welcome to a unique compilation of canine monikers inspired by the vibrant city of Foshan, located in the heart of China's Guangdong Province. This bustling metropolis, known for its remarkable history and rich cultural heritage, serves as an exceptional muse for creating meaningful and captivating names for your four-legged friends.

This collection of names is perfect for those who wish to bestow a moniker on their furry friend that is not only distinct, but also carries a deep sense of history, culture, and significance. Whether you have roots in Foshan, have a fondness for Chinese culture, or simply seek a unique name for your pet, these names offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Each name has been carefully chosen to reflect Foshan's essence, taking inspiration from its famous landmarks, local cuisine, traditional festivals, and popular legends. Let your pet carry a piece of Foshan's spirit with a name from this list, adding an extra touch of charm to their adorable persona.

Name Reason to Choose
An Meaning 'peace', often used to represent tranquility and harmony
Bai Perfect for white fur dogs
Bao Bao means treasure, a common sentiment towards pets in Foshan
Bei This word means 'cup' in Chinese, for a dog that's a great comfort
Beijiao It's a town in Shunde District, Foshan, signifying an association with the local area
Bing This is a name that means 'ice', symbolizing coolness and calmness
Biyu Translates to 'jade', often used to represent beauty and nobility
Cai For dogs who bring wealth and prosperity into the home
Cang Meaning 'hidden', often used to represent mystery and intrigue
Chancheng Named after a district in Foshan, denoting a strong connection to the city
Chencun Comes from a town in Shunde District, Foshan, implying a geographical bond
Chi This name means 'pond', often used to represent tranquility and reflection
Chou For a dog who is as cute as a button
Chun This name means 'spring', often used to symbolize renewal and growth
Chunhua Means 'spring flower', often used to represent the beauty and vitality of spring
Daliang It's inspired by a town in Shunde District, Foshan, signifying a local tie
Danzao A town in Nanhai District, Foshan, suggesting a regional attachment
Danzhou Named after a town in Nanhai District, Foshan, showing a link to the area
Dao For dogs who are as sharp and precise as a knife
Dian For dogs who are as sparkly and energetic as a spot
Dongping Named after a river in Foshan, referring to nature and tranquility
Du For dogs who are as independent and solitary as a capital
Dun This word means 'shield' in Chinese, for a dog that's a great protector
Fei Meaning 'fly', often used to represent freedom and agility
Fen This name means 'fragrance', often used to represent something pleasant and desirable
Feng Meaning 'wind', often used to symbolize freedom and change
Fengjiang Comes from a town in Nanhai District, Foshan, implying a geographical bond
Foshan Named after the city itself, representing a strong connection to the city
Fu This name means 'fortunate' in Chinese, for a dog that brings luck
Gao In Chinese, it means 'high', perfect for a tall dog
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Foshan Folklore

Names inspired by Foshan's folklore and legends, adding a touch of mystique and local lore
Name Description
Baiyun Baiyun is a term that means 'white cloud', symbolizing peace and calmness
Bingqi Named after Bingqi Lin, a famous martial artist from Foshan
Guangfo Named after the Guangfo Metro area, significant to Foshan's development
Huangfei Pays tribute to the famous Huang Feihong, a martial arts master from Foshan
Jade Foshan is known for its exquisite jade carvings
Jingxi Jingxi opera is a popular traditional performance in Foshan
Jinhua Inspired by the term 'Golden Flower', a symbol of prosperity in Foshan
Lantian The name means 'Blue Sky', symbolizing freedom and endless possibilities
Leiqiu Celebrates the traditional Dragon Boat Festival in Foshan
Lianhua The name means 'Lotus', a symbol of purity and enlightenment in Chinese culture
Longteng The name signifies 'Dragon Soaring', a common theme in Foshan's legends
Mingzhu In honor of Foshan's nickname, 'City of Pearls'
Mulan Inspired by the legendary female warrior from China
Qilin Qilin is a mythical creature in Foshan's folklore
Qingyi Qingyi is a type of role in Chinese opera, a significant part of Foshan's culture
Shishi This name is inspired by the lion dance - a traditional folklore dance in Foshan symbolizing power and wisdom
Wushi Referring to the martial arts, a significant part of Foshan's culture
Xiayi The name denotes 'Summer Solstice', a significant traditional festival in Foshan
Xiqiao Inspired by Xiqiao Mountain, a place of historical significance in Foshan
Xuanwu Xuanwu is the deity of water in Chinese folklore
Yanfeng Named after a famous district in Foshan known for its cultural heritage
Yanzi In tribute to Swallow, a character of popular folklore in Foshan
Zhenwu Zhenwu is the deity of martial arts in Chinese folklore
Zhuni Zhuni is a type of red clay used in traditional Foshan pottery
Zhuque Zhuque is the Vermilion bird, a creature in Foshan's mythology

Foshan Dialect

Names in local dialect, representing the unique language and culture of Foshan
Name Description
Bak In Foshan dialect, it means north, a fitting name for a dog from northern breeds
Bao The Foshan term for treasure, symbolizing the dog's worth to its owner
Chun In the Foshan dialect, this word represents spring, a refreshing name for a lively dog
Dai This word means 'big' in Foshan dialect, fitting for a larger breed
Fai The Foshan word for fast, an ideal name for a speedy breed
Ging In Foshan dialect, this word stands for health, a great name for a robust dog
Guk This word signifies country in Foshan dialect, a fitting name for a dog who loves the outdoors
Hei Inspired by the Foshan dialect word for black, apt for a dark-coated dog
Hoi Derived from the Foshan dialect word for sea, symbolizing vastness and freedom
Lau This word represents longevity in Foshan dialect, suitable for a long-lived breed
Lei This word signifies thunder in Foshan dialect, an impactful name for a strong dog
Lok In Foshan dialect, 'Lok' means happiness, a fitting name for a joyful dog
Mun It is the Foshan dialect word for door, a cool name for a guard dog
Nam This word signifies south in Foshan dialect, an unusual name for a dog from southern breeds
Ping This Foshan dialect word symbolizes peace, a calming name for a tranquil dog
Pui In Foshan dialect, it signifies wealth, a lucky name for any dog
Sai Derived from the Foshan dialect word for west, appropriate for a western breed dog
Siu Borrowed from the Foshan dialect term for small, perfect for a petite pup
Ting In Foshan dialect, this word stands for sky, a lofty name for any dog
Tung In Foshan dialect, it means east, a unique name for a dog with eastern roots
Wai In Foshan dialect, this word stands for outside, a suitable name for an adventurous dog
Yan In Foshan dialect, it means color, a suitable name for a multicolored dog
Ying In Foshan dialect, it means hero, a powerful name for a protective dog
Yiu This word represents friendship in Foshan dialect, a perfect name for a companion dog
Yuet Means moon in Foshan dialect, a beautiful name for a light-colored dog

Foshan Cuisine

Names based on Foshan's unique and delicious cuisine, reflecting the city's rich food culture
Name Description
Baozi A nod to the steamed filled bun common in Foshan
Bokchoy A nod to the commonly used vegetable in Foshan dishes
Bun Named after the versatile staple in Foshan cuisine
CharSiu A homage to the popular barbecued pork dish in Foshan
Chili For the heat often added to Foshan dishes
Congee After the comforting rice porridge common in Foshan
Dimsum Reflecting Foshan's love of these small bite-sized portions of food
Duck After the popular protein choice in Foshan cuisine
Dumpling A tribute to a beloved food item in Foshan
Ginger A tribute to a widely used spice in Foshan cooking
HarGow Named after the popular shrimp dumpling in Foshan
Lotus Inspired by the use of lotus root in Foshan cuisine
Mantou A nod to the popular Chinese steamed bun
Mooncake Named after the traditional Chinese pastry
Noodles Paying tribute to the staple food in Foshan cuisine
Nori Reflecting the use of seaweed in Foshan dishes
Porridge As a nod to the comforting and popular dish in Foshan
Prawn A nod to the popular seafood in Foshan cuisine
Rice The most basic staple in Foshan cuisine
Sesame A nod to the commonly used flavour enhancer in Foshan cuisine
Shumai This name comes from a traditional Chinese dumpling commonly found in Foshan
Soy A nod to the common use of soy sauce in Foshan cuisine
Tea For Foshan's love of tea, often served with meals
Tofu Reflecting the use of this versatile ingredient in Foshan cooking
Wonton Named after a popular dumpling in Foshan cuisine

Foshan Landmarks

Names derived from famous landmarks in Foshan, reminding of the city's beautiful sights
Name Description
Baomo Baomo Garden's traditional architecture influenced this name
Beijiao Beijiao Town's urban influence inspired this choice
Chancheng Chancheng District's urban vibe influenced this choice
Daliang Daliang Subdistrict's cultural influence led to this name
Danzao Danzao Town's industrial vibe inspired this unique dog name
Guicheng Guicheng Subdistrict's vibrancy makes it an exciting choice
Jiujiang Jiujiang Town's charm makes it an appealing dog name
Junan Junan Town's rural charm makes it a fitting name for a dog
Leigang The Leigang Park's beautiful landscape makes it a fitting dog name
Leliu Leliu Town's scenic beauty led to this name
Liang Reminiscent of Liang's Garden, a classical Chinese garden
Lunjiao Named after Lunjiao Town, known for its woodworking industry
Nanfeng The Nanfeng Kiln, a must-see cultural relic, gave rise to this name
Nangui Nangui Road's bustling atmosphere makes it a catchy dog name
Nanhai Taken from Nanhai District, an important economic region
Qiandeng The Qiandeng Lake's tranquility inspired this name
Renshou Renshou Temple's significance makes it an excellent choice
Ronggui Ronggui Town's economic significance makes it an intriguing dog name
Sanshui Named after Sanshui Lotus World, the largest lotus theme park
Shishan Shishan Town's peaceful ambiance makes it a great dog name
Shiwan Tribute to Shiwan Art Street, known for its pottery and sculpture
Shunde Shunde District, known for its culinary scene, inspired this name
Xingtan Taken from Xingtan Town, a famous historical town
Xiqiao Taken from Xiqiao Mountain, a national forest park
Zumiao Inspired by the Ancestral Temple, a remarkable historical site

Historic Foshan Names

Names inspired by historical figures and places in Foshan, creating a sense of connection to the city's past
Name Description
Beijiao Inspired by the town in the Shunde District of Foshan
Chancheng Referring to one of Foshan's main districts
Daliang Named after the ancient town Daliang, reflecting Foshan's history
Danzao Named after a town in the Nanhai District of Foshan
Guicheng Inspired by the ancient town in Foshan, Guicheng
Jihua It's a famous park in Foshan, a name that signifies natural beauty
Jiujiang Referring to a historic town in Foshan's Nanhai District
Junan Inspired by the town in the Shunde District of Foshan
Lecong It's a town in the Shunde District, making it historically significant
Leifeng Inspired by the famous Leifeng Pagoda, a symbol of ancient Chinese architecture
Lingnan Named after the Lingnan culture, reflecting Foshan's history
Liuli It's the name of a famous ancient kiln in Foshan
Longjiang Inspired by the famous town in the Shunde District
Lunjiao Named after Lunjiao Town, a historic location in Foshan
Nanhai It's one of the five districts of Foshan, making it historically significant
Nanzhuang It refers to a town in Foshan, known for its rich history
Pingzhou Named after a historic town in the Nanhai District of Foshan
Qilou Inspired by the historic Qilou buildings found in Foshan
Renshou Inspired by the Renshou Temple, a historic site in Foshan
Sanshui One of the districts in Foshan and a notable historic location
Shunde It's one of Foshan's five districts, known for its rich culture
Tongji Refers to the historic Tongji Bridge in Foshan
Xiqiao Named after the Xiqiao Mountain, a national park in Foshan
Yip Named after Yip Man, the famous martial artist from Foshan
Zumiao Referring to Foshan Ancestral Temple, a traditional cultural heritage site
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