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Fox Terrier Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      There are two common breeds of Fox Terrier. The Wire Fox Terrier has a longer double white coat. Owners of the wire variety sometimes choose names like Shaggy, Jake, and Sarah. The Smooth Fox Terrier has a short white coat. Favorites among smooth owners include Bella, Nike, and Katy. The white found in the breed's coat often leads owners to choose a color related name. Oreo, Angel, and Sugar are a few options that fit this naming strategy. A dog named Pitch, depicted in a painting by Sawrey Gilpin, is one of the earliest depictions of a white terrier. A few name ideas including Ryan, Clemens, and Grover can be taken from famous pitchers.
Name Reason to Choose
Abby Perfect for a sweet and loving Fox Terrier
Angel This name suggests a dog with a sweet and gentle personality
Aspen Named after a type of tree, it's a good fit for a nature-loving dog
Bailey A good name for a loyal and trustworthy Fox Terrier
Bandit Because they can steal your heart in a second
Basil This name, reminiscent of the aromatic herb, brings to mind the Fox Terrier's sprightly and refreshing personality
Beacon Perfect for a Fox Terrier due to their bright and lively personality
Bear This name could illustrate the dog's size or cuddly nature
Bella It's a popular name choice for a female dog, indicating beauty
Bianco An Italian word for 'white', it's a suitable name for a white terrier
Blitz Perfect for a quick and energetic Fox Terrier
Blizzard This name reflects a Fox Terrier's energetic flurry of activity, like a snowstorm
Bolt Because these dogs are known for their speed and agility
Booker This dignified and scholarly name is a unique and fitting choice for an intelligent Fox Terrier
Brio This Italian word for 'vivacious' suits an energetic Fox Terrier perfectly
Bruno A strong name for a robust and energetic Fox Terrier
Buddy Perfect for a Fox Terrier who is your best friend
Buzz A cute name for a dog that's always buzzing around
Cadence This musical term could suggest rhythm in the dog's movements
Charlie Fits a Fox Terrier with a playful and loving nature
Chase This name is great for a dog who loves to run and play
Chewy It's a playful and fun name that matches the energetic and playful nature of Fox Terriers
Chico The Spanish word for 'small boy' is an adorable fit for a petite and energetic Fox Terrier
Clemens This is a distinguished, unique name, which could indicate a dog with a strong character
Coco Ideal for a brown-coated, sweet-natured Fox Terrier
Cooper A sturdy name for a hardy Fox Terrier
Daisy A sweet, simple name for a female Fox Terrier
Dapper Reflects the breed's stylish and charming appearance
Dash Perfect for a quick and active Fox Terrier
Dexter Ideal for a clever and active Fox Terrier
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Nature-Based Names

Because of their lively and energetic personality, names inspired by nature could be a good match for Fox Terriers.
Name Description
Birch Inspired by the strong and resilient birch tree
Breeze For a dog with a light, carefree personality
Brook For a dog that loves splashing in streams
Cedar Inspired by the strong, fragrant tree
Cliff Inspired by the rugged, impressive landscapes
Daisy For a dog that is as sunny and cheerful as the flower
Dune A tribute to the shifting, sandy landscapes
Dusk A tribute to the calming, serene time of day
Flora For a dog that is as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers
Hazel Inspired by the beautiful brown-green color of hazel trees
Heather For a dog that is as lovely as a field of heather
Ivy A tribute to the robust, climbing plant
Lark Inspired by the cheerful, songful bird
Maple Inspired by the beautiful, leafy tree
Meadow A tribute to the peaceful, green fields
Orchid A nod to the exotic, beautiful flower
Pebble A nod to the small, smooth stones found in nature
Pine Inspired by the tall, evergreen tree
Poppy Inspired by the vibrant, resilient flower
Rain A tribute to the refreshing, calming weather phenomenon
Sparrow A nod to the small, energetic bird
Spruce For a dog with a prickly, playful personality
Thicket For a dog that loves to play in the bushes
Tundra A reminder of the vast, cold wilderness
Violet Inspired by the delicate, beautiful flower

Historical or Famous Fox Terrier Names

Naming the Fox Terrier after a famous or historically significant Fox Terrier could be a great way to acknowledge the breed's history.
Name Description
Astro This was the name of the Fox Terrier from the popular animated series 'The Jetsons'
Bingo Bingo was the name of a Fox Terrier in the movie 'The Breed'
Boomer Boomer was the name of a Fox Terrier in the film Independence Day
Buddy Buddy was the Fox Terrier owned by former US President Bill Clinton
Caesar This dog was a beloved companion of King Edward VII
Champ Champ was the name of former US Vice President Joe Biden's Fox Terrier
Checkers Checkers was the name of Richard Nixon's Fox Terrier
Dash Queen Victoria's beloved Fox Terrier was named Dash
Fala Fala was the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Fox Terrier
Jock Jock was a Fox Terrier owned by Winston Churchill
Lassie This name is famous because of the hero Fox Terrier from the Lassie series
Max Max was the Fox Terrier in the movie The Grinch
Milo The Fox Terrier from the movie 'The Mask' was named Milo
Nipper He was the model for the famous painting 'His Master's Voice'
Oliver Oliver was the name of a Fox Terrier in the TV series 'The Brady Bunch'
Pippin Pippin was the name of the Fox Terrier in the children's TV series 'Come Outside'
Rin Tin Tin This name belonged to a famous Fox Terrier from the silent film era
Sandy Little Orphan Annie's dog, Sandy, was a Fox Terrier
Scamp Scamp was the name of a Fox Terrier in the Disney film 'Lady and the Tramp II'
Skip This is the name of the Fox Terrier from the movie 'My Dog Skip'
Snowy This is the name of Tintin's Fox Terrier in the comic series
Spike Spike was a Fox Terrier in the famous comic strip 'Peanuts'
Terry The original name of the Fox Terrier that played Toto in 'The Wizard of Oz'
Toto Toto was a Fox Terrier character in the famous movie 'The Wizard of Oz'
Uggie This Fox Terrier starred in the film 'The Artist'

Size-Based Names

Fox Terriers are small to medium-sized dogs, so names that highlight their size can be fitting.
Name Description
Bantam A name fitting for a small yet sturdy Fox Terrier
Bean Ideal for a petite, adorable Fox Terrier
Bitty Perfect for a Fox Terrier that's small but full of spirit
Button Suits a small, cute Fox Terrier
Dinky Perfect if your Fox Terrier is small and playful
Jellybean A sweet name for a small, lovable Fox Terrier
Mini Ideal for a smaller Fox Terrier with a big personality
Munchkin Signifies a Fox Terrier that is small and adorable
Niblet Great for a small, energetic Fox Terrier
Pebble For a small, sturdy Fox Terrier
Peewee A fun name for your little Fox Terrier
Pickle For a small, playful Fox Terrier
Pint For the Fox Terrier that's small but full of life
Pip Great for a small, energetic Fox Terrier
Pipsqueak For a Fox Terrier that may be small in size but big in spirit
Poppet Great for a Fox Terrier that is small and adorable
Runt Perfect for the smallest pup in the litter
Shorty A fitting name if your Fox Terrier is on the smaller side
Smidge If your Fox Terrier is a tiny bit of joy, this name is perfect
Squirt Ideal for a tiny, lively Fox Terrier
Tadpole A charming name for a small, energetic Fox Terrier
Teacup Perfect for a tiny, delicate Fox Terrier
Titch Because your Fox Terrier is small but mighty
Tots An endearing name for a small Fox Terrier
Twiggy A fun name for a slender, small Fox Terrier

Color-Based Names

Fox Terriers can have different coat colors, so it could be a good idea to name them based on their unique coloring.
Name Description
Amber Perfect for a Fox Terrier with a golden-brown coat
Caramel For a Fox Terrier with a light brown coat
Cherry For a Fox Terrier with a reddish coat
Chestnut Ideal for a Fox Terrier with a deep brown coat
Cocoa This name reflects the warm, brown shades found in some Fox Terriers
Copper For a Fox Terrier with a reddish-brown coat
Ebony Ideal for a Fox Terrier with a dark or black coat
Ginger Inspired by the reddish-orange color, perfect for a Fox Terrier with similar-colored fur
Goldie A name fitting for a Fox Terrier with a golden or yellowish coat
Hazel A great name for a Fox Terrier with a mix of brown and green in their coat
Ivory Reflects the creamy white fur color of some Fox Terriers
Jet Depicts the shiny black color of a Fox Terrier's coat
Mango For a Fox Terrier with a yellowish-orange coat
Mocha A name suited for a Fox Terrier with a rich, brown coat
Onyx A perfect fit for a black-coated Fox Terrier
Peanut Inspired by the light brown color of peanuts, ideal for a similarly colored Fox Terrier
Pearl Perfect for a Fox Terrier with a soft white coat
Pepper For a Fox Terrier with a black and white coat
Pumpkin Ideal for a Fox Terrier with a reddish-orange coat
Rusty For a dog with reddish-brown or rust-colored fur
Sable For a Fox Terrier with a dark brown, almost black coat
Shadow Represents the dark color of a black Fox Terrier
Smokey Ideal for a grey or silver-colored Fox Terrier
Snowy Inspired by the bright white color of snow, ideal for a white Fox Terrier
Taffy A great fit for a Fox Terrier with a sticky-sweet personality and a light-colored coat

Personality-Based Names

Fox Terriers are known for their energetic and lively personalities, so names reflecting their character would be suitable.
Name Description
Blaze A nod to a Fox Terrier's fiery spirit and energy
Boogie A fitting name for a Fox Terrier that loves to stay active
Bounce Reflects the lively and energetic personality of a Fox Terrier
Breezy For a Fox Terrier that is easy-going and carefree
Buddy A perfect fit for a friendly and sociable Fox Terrier
Cheer Perfect for a Fox Terrier that brings joy and happiness wherever it goes
Frolic Perfect for a Fox Terrier that loves to play and have fun
Glee Perfect for a Fox Terrier that is always happy and cheerful
Gusto Perfect for an enthusiastic and energetic Fox Terrier
Jester Great for a Fox Terrier whose antics keep you laughing
Jolly Fits a Fox Terrier with a cheerful and carefree personality
Merry Fits a Fox Terrier with a cheerful and lively nature
Mischief Apt for a dog that's always up to something, just like a Fox Terrier
Peppy Reflects the energetic and lively personality of a Fox Terrier
Pixie For a small and playful Fox Terrier
Pogo A good name for a Fox Terrier that loves to jump and bounce around
Rascal Perfect for a playful and naughty Fox Terrier
Sassy Apt for a bold and spirited Fox Terrier
Smiley For a Fox Terrier that always seems to be grinning
Spark This name fits a Fox Terrier with a lively and energetic temperament
Tango A fitting name for a Fox Terrier that loves to move and dance around
Viva Great for a Fox Terrier that is full of life and spirit
Wiggles Suits a Fox Terrier that can't contain its joy and excitement
Zing Suits a Fox Terrier that is full of energy and zest
Zippy Captures the fast and energetic nature of a Fox Terrier
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Skipper Photo of skipper  for Fox Terrier Names We Rescued skipper from an animal shelter he didn't know is real name and skipper was the first thing that popped into a head so we decided to name him skipper so that's how he got his name

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The Fox Terrier's Curveball: Tale of a Dog Named Rusty

In the small town of Pinefield, baseball was the heart and soul of the community. The Pinefield Pioneers, the local Little League team, was a source of pride and unity for the townspeople. Among the Pioneers' most promising players was young Jake Thompson, a talented pitcher with a fierce competitive spirit.

Jake's greatest companion was his loyal Fox Terrier, Rusty. Rusty was a lively and intelligent dog, with boundless energy that matched Jake's own. Together, the duo would spend countless hours on the baseball field, with Jake practicing his pitches and Rusty eagerly chasing after the balls.

One day, as Jake and Rusty were playing catch on the field, Rusty took off after a ball that Jake had thrown a little too high. As the ball soared through the air, Rusty leaped with all his might, twisting his agile body mid-air to catch it. Jake watched in amazement as Rusty landed gracefully on the ground, the ball held firmly between his teeth.

Inspired by Rusty's incredible maneuver, Jake decided to incorporate a similar twist into his pitching technique. He spent days studying Rusty's movements, imitating the way the Fox Terrier twisted his body to catch the ball. Eventually, Jake was able to replicate Rusty's move in his pitch, creating a unique curveball that confounded even the most skilled batters.

Jake's new pitch, dubbed "The Rusty Curveball," quickly became the talk of the town. Under the watchful eye of his trusty companion, Jake honed his newfound skill, his pitches becoming faster and more unpredictable with each practice session.

As the Little League season progressed, Jake and the Pinefield Pioneers found themselves on an unprecedented winning streak. The Rusty Curveball proved to be a formidable weapon against their opponents, earning Jake a reputation as a formidable pitcher.

The Pioneers' success caught the attention of a renowned college baseball scout, who arrived in Pinefield to observe Jake's pitching prowess. As Jake took the mound, Rusty looked on with pride from the sidelines, his wagging tail a testament to his unwavering support.

With each pitch, the scout's interest grew, as Jake demonstrated the mastery of the Rusty Curveball. Impressed by the young pitcher's skill and determination, the scout offered Jake a scholarship to play baseball for a prestigious college team, an opportunity that would change the course of Jake's life.

As Jake prepared to embark on his new journey, he knew that Rusty would be by his side, their unbreakable bond a testament to the power of friendship and inspiration. Together, they would continue to push the limits of their talents, forever grateful for the Fox Terrier's leap that had inspired a legendary curveball.

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