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Updated: October 06, 2023

      Funny options are an underused resource in the dog naming world today. Most new owners overlook the category thinking that something more serious is necessary. While naming your dog can be serious business, the best names don’t always have to be. This list does contain many options that are just provided for the sake of humor, but intermingled are many quality ideas that might just fit your dog.

      A good way to generate your own humorous names is to take dog related terms and cleverly place or find them within other words. The dog keywords that you start with should be short. One or two syllables max is ideal for the best results. Woof, bark, ruff, and wag are good starting points. A couple of amusing names generated by this method are Woofenstein and Howlie Berry.

      Another approach to finding a hysterical puppy name is to brainstorm for silly words. The key with this approach is to catch the audience off guard. The name must be whimsical but also something that would never be expected. Chewbacca, Skittles, and Deogee (D-O-G) are a couple of comical examples. The goofy names that are derived from this method are typically more practical.

      Even if you don’t find your diamond in the rough, these names should at least put you in a jovial mindset. In fact, we hope you pee your pants. That's completely unrelated to the list. Seriously though, studies have shown that laughter relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, and is good for your heart. You can thank us later. For now enjoy a collection from the lighter side of life.

Name Reason to Choose
Fleabag Slightly derogatory term for a scruffy dog, used humorously
Flush Refers to a poker term or a toilet function
Fonzie Iconic character from Happy Days
Gator Contrasts a small pet with a large reptile
Gidget Old-fashioned TV show character
Gomer Retro TV show character, Gomer Pyle
Goober Slang term for silly person
Goomba Enemy character from Mario games
Goose Mismatch of animal species
Grits Southern breakfast dish
Grizzly Comparison to a large, wild bear
Gumball Sweet and colorful candy
Hacker Named after a computer programmer, humorous for a low-tech pet
Hancock Historical figure with a funny sounding name
Hillbilly Refers to a rural stereotype, funny for a city pet
Hippie Hilariously refers to a counterculture movement
Hobbit Fantasy character from Lord of the Rings
Hobo Amusingly suggests a wandering lifestyle
Homer Famous, bumbling Simpsons character
Horndog Inappropriate implication
Howlie Berry Funny play on a celebrity's name
Hulk Comic book character known for size and strength
Hummer Implies a vehicle, not a pet
Itchy Refers to a common dog issue
Jabberwocky Creature from a nonsensical Lewis Carroll poem
Jackpot Term connected to gambling and luck
Jaws Associates with a famous shark
Jinx Superstitious term for bad luck
Juice More of a beverage than a pet
Junkie Reflects a bad habit
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Historical Dog Names

Names inspired by historical figures or events can be funny and educational. Examples include 'Bark Twain', 'Ruffert E. Lee', or 'Winston Furchill'.
Name Description
Bark Obama A witty blend of the 44th U.S. President's name and a dog's bark
Bark Twain A hilarious take on the famous American author Mark Twain
Bark Vadar A humorous play on Star Wars' iconic character, Darth Vader
Barkimedes A funny spin on the name of the Greek mathematician, Archimedes
Barktor Who A playful twist on the iconic British TV character, Doctor Who
Bite-hoven A funny twist on the name of the famous composer, Beethoven
Bone-aparte A funny reference to Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military leader
Chew-barka A punny take on the famous Star Wars character, Chewbacca
Doggie Howser A punny take on the '90s TV show character, Doogie Howser
Droolius Caesar This name draws a humorous parallel between your dog's drooling habit and the famous Roman dictator
Flea-onardo Da Vinci A humorous combination of the Renaissance polymath's name with a common dog pest
Fur-dinand Magellan Inspired by Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer, with a furry twist
Genghis Canine A hilarious play on the Mongolian ruler, Genghis Khan's name
Growliver Twist A pun on the title character from Charles Dickens' novel, Oliver Twist
Howlbert Einstein A hilarious homage to the genius physicist Albert Einstein
Paw-casso Inspired by the famous artist Picasso, with a paw-some twist
Pooch-ter Pan A canine twist on the classic fairy tale character, Peter Pan
Pupernicus A cute, canine take on the renowned astronomer Copernicus
Scratchelangelo A hilarious nod to the Italian artist Michelangelo, with a doggy twist
Shed-speare A humorous take on the name of the playwright William Shakespeare
Sir Waggington A playful spin on the name of prominent historical figure Wellington
Slobber-tooth A funny reference to the prehistoric shark, Megalodon, also known as 'big tooth'
Snifferdor Columbus A playful spin on the name of the explorer Christopher Columbus
Tail-or Swift A funny, canine spin on the pop sensation Taylor Swift
Winston Furchill A playful take on the name of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Celebrity Dog Names

Naming dogs after famous people can result in humorous and unique names. Examples include 'Bark Ruffalo', 'Mutt Damon', or 'Lady Dogiva'.
Name Description
50 Scent A humorous spin on the name of the rapper, 50 Cent
Bark Griswold A humorous play on the character from the National Lampoon's Vacation Series, Clark Griswold
Bark Obama For fans of the 44th President with a sense of humor
Bark Twain It's a hilarious play on the name of the famous author, Mark Twain
Bark Wahlberg A playful twist to the name of the famous actor, Mark Wahlberg
Bark Zuckerberg A clever play on the name of the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg
Barky McBarkface A canine twist inspired by Boaty McBoatface
Brad Pitbull A clever take on the name of the Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt
Chewbacca A funny name for Star Wars fans, inspired by the character Chewbacca
Drool Brees Inspired by the name of the NFL quarterback, Drew Brees
Droolius Caesar A funny take on the name of the legendary Roman ruler
Droolius Peppers Inspired by the name of the famous NFL linebacker, Julius Peppers
Howly Berry A witty take on the name of the Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry
JK Growling Inspired by the author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling
K9 West A humorous twist to the name of the rapper, Kanye West
Lady Dogga A punny tribute to pop star Lady Gaga
Mutt Damon Inspired by the name of the Hollywood star, Matt Damon
Poochi Mane A hilarious spin on the name of the rapper, Gucci Mane
Pup Norris For action movie fans, a fun play on the name of Chuck Norris
Ruff Gere A humorous spin on the name of the Pretty Woman actor, Richard Gere
Sir Barksalot A doggy spin on the name of the legendary knight, Sir Lancelot
Tom Sniffer A funny take on the name of the actor, Tom Selleck
Virginia Woof A hilarious twist on the name of the famous author, Virginia Woolf
Waggy Nelson Country music fans will appreciate this funny play on the name of Willie Nelson
Woofgang Pup A silly twist to the name of the renowned composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Pun Dog Names

These are names based on puns or wordplay, which can be very funny and clever. Examples include 'Bark Twain', 'Sir Waggington', or 'Bark Obama'.
Name Description
Bark Kent A humorous twist on the name of Superman's alter ego
Bark Obama A humorous twist on the name of the 44th US president
Bark Twain Inspired by the famous author, Mark Twain, and the sound a dog makes
Bark Twain Inspired by the famous author, Mark Twain, and the sound a dog makes
Bark Vader A funny take on the name of the Star Wars villain
Barklock Holmes A comical twist on the name of the famous detective
Biscuit Eater This name is a funny way to describe a dog's love for treats
Chewbacca It refers to a dog's habit of chewing, while also being a Star Wars character
Chewie It refers to a dog's habit of chewing and is a Star Wars character
Doggie Howser A pun on the TV character's name, 'Doogie Howser'
Droolius Caesar A funny spin on the name of the famous Roman politician and general
Fleaonce A humorous twist on the name of the singer, Beyonce
Hairy Paw-ter A funny take on the name of the famous wizard, Harry Potter
Howllywood A funny take on the name of the entertainment capital, Hollywood
Lickasso It's a humorous take on the name of the famous artist, Picasso
Pawsanova A pun on the name of the famous lover, Casanova
Pup Tart It's a sweet and funny name for a cute puppy
Ruff the Magic Dragon A quirky take on the song 'Puff the Magic Dragon'
Sir Barks-a-lot This name amusingly depicts a dog that barks often
Sir Chews-a-Lot This name amusingly depicts a dog that loves to chew
Sir Wag-a-lot A comical moniker that highlights a dog's happy tail wagging
Sir Waggington A comical name that also sounds noble and dignified
Sniffing Tailor This name humorously describes a dog's sniffing habit
Waggy It's a funny and simple name reflecting a dog's wagging tail
Wooferine A play on the name of the X-Men character, Wolverine

Pop Culture Dog Names

These are dog names inspired by popular movie, TV, or book characters, which can be humorous and memorable. Examples include 'Yoda', 'Sherlock', or 'Gandalf'.
Name Description
Bark Hammil A playful nod to Star Wars actor Mark Hammil
Bark Kent A playful take on the alter ego of Superman
Bark Obama This name is a fun twist on the 44th U.S. President's name
Bark Pitt A funny take on the name of the famous actor Brad Pitt
Bark Twain A play on the name of famous American author Mark Twain
Bark Twain A play on the name of famous American author Mark Twain
Bark Vader A name that reflects the Star Wars character Darth Vader, perfect for a black dog
Bark Wahlberg A funny twist on the name of actor Mark Wahlberg
Barkimedes A humorous spin on the name of the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes
Barkovsky Perfect for music lovers, this name is a twist on the famous composer's name, Tchaikovsky
Charlie Brown Named after the iconic Peanuts comic strip character
Chewbacca For fans of the Star Wars franchise, this Wookiee name is perfect for a furry friend
Droolius Caesar A humorous name that refers to the historical figure Julius Caesar
Droolius Caesar A humorous name that refers to the historical figure Julius Caesar
Fleas Navidad A humorous play on the phrase 'Feliz Navidad', great for dogs born or adopted during the holiday season
Fleas Witherspoon A hilarious twist on the name of actress Reese Witherspoon
Groucho Barks A witty spin on the name of the famous comedian Groucho Marx
Hairy Potter Inspired by the main character of J.K. Rowling's popular book series
Howlbert Einstein A fun name inspired by the renowned physicist Albert Einstein
Paw McCartney A charming twist on the name of the Beatles' member Paul McCartney
Pugs Bunny A clever play on the name of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny, perfect for a pug
Sherlock Bones This name is a twist on the famous detective's name, Sherlock Holmes
Sir Waggington Inspired by the fictional character 'Wellington' from classic literature
Winnie the Pooch A creative take on the beloved character from A.A. Milne's books
Woofgang Puck Inspired by the famous chef Wolfgang Puck

Food-inspired Dog Names

Naming dogs after food items can be amusing and cute. Examples include 'Taco', 'Waffle', or 'Muffin'.
Name Description
Bagel She's round and wholesome, just like a bagel!
Biscuit Warm and comforting, just like your favorite biscuit!
Brisket Because he's as tender as a slow-cooked brisket!
Brownie Soft and sweet, just like a chocolate brownie!
Burger He's as lovable as a juicy burger!
Cheese He's as goofy and pleasing as a piece of cheese!
Churro He's long and sweet, just like a churro!
Cookie She's as sweet as a fresh-baked cookie!
Cupcake Sweet and delightful, just like a cupcake!
Donut Because she's sweet and full of energy!
Fudge Because he's as delightful as a piece of fudge!
Gumbo Because he's as hearty and full of flavor as a bowl of gumbo!
Latte She's as warming and comforting as a latte!
Macaroni She's as fun and quirky as a bowl of macaroni!
Meatball Because he's round and full of fun!
Milkshake Sweet and satisfying, just like a milkshake!
Miso She's as comforting as a bowl of miso soup!
Muffin She's sweet and rises to any occasion!
Nugget Small and golden, just like a chicken nugget!
Pancake He's as delightful as a stack of pancakes!
Pickle Because he's always in a bit of a pickle!
Ramen Warm and comforting, just like a bowl of ramen!
Sushi Because he's as unique and delightful as sushi!
Taco He loves to curl up like a taco!
Waffle He loves to waffle on about his day!
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Chew-barka If your a big starwars fan this in the name for you!
Chewers Because your pet may chew all you stuff so this will fit your dog!
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A Dog's Stand-Up Comedy Act

Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for the one and only, hilarious canine comedian, Sir Barkalot McSniffington!


Sir Barkalot McSniffington: Thank you, thank you, you're too kind! I know what you're all thinking, "A dog doing stand-up comedy? This should be a howling good time!" Well, you're right, because I'm not just any dog—I'm Sir Barkalot McSniffington, the funniest pooch around!

So, let's talk about my name. Sir Barkalot McSniffington. Sounds like a name that would belong to a fancy poodle with one of those poofy haircuts, right? But no, I'm just a regular ol' mutt, who's been knighted by the Queen of Doggy Comedy herself!

You know, having a name like Sir Barkalot McSniffington can be ruff. When I go to the dog park, I can't just introduce myself like a normal dog. No, no, I have to make a grand entrance, trotting around like I'm royalty or something. "Greetings, fellow canines, I am Sir Barkalot McSniffington, here to sniff your butts and chase some squirrels!"

And speaking of squirrels, what's the deal with those little critters? They're like the ultimate tease! Just when you think you've got one, it scurries up a tree, and you're left barking at the bottom like a chump. I mean, come on, can't we all just get along and share the park?

Oh, and don't even get me started on dog food. You humans have all these delicious options, and what do we get? Kibble that tastes like cardboard! With a name like mine, you'd think I'd be dining on filet mignon every night, but nope! It's always, "Here's your kibble, Sir Barkalot. Enjoy!" At least I can dream of fancy feasts while I'm chewing on those flavorless nuggets.

Now, let's talk about the doggy spa. Yeah, that's right, I said it! A spa for dogs! You humans are so obsessed with pampering your pets that we now have our own spas. Don't get me wrong, I love a good massage as much as the next pup, but there's something weird about walking in on two poodles getting mud wraps and cucumber slices on their eyes. I mean, come on, we're dogs! We're supposed to roll in the mud, not get pampered with it!

And finally, let's talk about dog fashion. Have you seen some of the outfits they make for dogs these days? I saw a Chihuahua in a full-on tuxedo the other day! Listen, I may have a fancy name, but I'm still a dog. I don't need a three-piece suit to impress the ladies at the dog park. All I need is my charming personality and this fabulous wagging tail!

Thank you, thank you! You've been a fantastic audience! Remember, don't judge a dog by its name, especially when it's as ridiculous as Sir Barkalot McSniffington! Goodnight, everybody!

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