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German Shorthaired Pointer Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      Owners of German Shorthaired Pointers select various names for a variety of reasons. Some German names closely rooted to the breed’s country of origin include Hans, Fritz, and Gretel. The GSP was bred to be both a family dog and a gundog. Some names related to guns include Rifle, Caliber, and Bullet. Other typical hunting options include Forest, Staunch, and Trophy. Good family dog names are easily found and can be borrowed from other family dogs. While borrowing your neighbor’s dog name is probably a bad idea, there have been plenty of dog names that have popped up in television over the years that are less likely to leave you serving dinner for two. Eddie (‘Frasier’), Comet (‘Full House’), and Vincent (‘Lost’) are few television inspired ideas. Finding a good country name for a country dog is as easy as choosing a theme. Cash crops is one unique theme that yields names like Olive, Peanut, and Maize.
Name Reason to Choose
Adak Adak is short and easy to call, fitting for an active breed like this one
Addie Addie, a name of German origin, aligns perfectly with the breed's roots
Adrian Adrian is a name that denotes strength and stability, matching this breed's attributes
Aleida This is a German name, symbolizing the breed's country of origin
Arrow This breed is known for its speed and precision, similar to an arrow
Astra This celestial name can reflect the breed's sharp senses
Ava Ava is a simple, sweet name for a female German Shorthaired Pointer
Axel It's a strong, German name that suits a robust breed like the German Shorthaired Pointer
Baxton Baxton has a masculine tone, reflecting the breed's robustness
Bella This beautiful name suits a female German Shorthaired Pointer
Bertha A classic German name meaning 'bright one', perfect for a Pointer with a bright, alert nature
Biggs This name, meaning 'strong', is fitting for a powerful breed like the German Shorthaired Pointer
Bismarck Named after a famous German leader, reflecting the breed's leadership qualities
Blitz Meaning 'lightning' in German, this name suits the breed's swift movements
Blitzen This breed is known for its speed and agility, just like a lightning bolt
Boomer Boomer is a strong, energetic name that suits this energetic breed
Bradley Bradley is a classic name, mirroring the breed's timeless appeal
Brunhild This name means 'armored battle maiden' in German, fitting for such a strong, energetic breed
Bruno This is a strong, classic name for a male German Shorthaired Pointer
Bullet This name reflects the breed's speed and agility
Caliber As hunting dogs, a name like this relates to their purpose
Chazz Chazz is a unique, stylish name, much like the breed's distinct appearance
Colt As a breed known for its energy and liveliness, the name Colt suits them
Comet This name signifies the breed's fast speed and energetic nature
Dagger Dagger suggests sharpness and precision, characteristics of this breed's hunting skills
Dagmar A strong Germanic name meaning 'day's glory', great for a dog that loves the outdoors
Dieter Dieter is a German name, reflecting the breed's heritage
Dietrich The name signifies power and leadership, reflecting the breed's dominant nature
Dirk Dirk is a strong, German name suitable for this robust breed
Doris Doris is a classic name, making it a timeless choice for this breed
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Names Based on Coat Color

These names can be chosen based on the color of the dog's coat, as German Shorthaired Pointers have distinct coat colors which can inspire unique names.
Name Description
Ash This represents the ash-grey tones in their coat
Caramel Highlights the sweet, light brown color of some Pointers
Charcoal A good fit for a dog with a dark grey coat
Chestnut Perfect for a Pointer with a reddish-brown coat
Coal A strong name for a Pointer with a black coat
Cocoa A great fit for dogs with a chocolate-brown color
Dusty Perfect for a Pointer with a light grey or dusty coat
Ebony Perfect for a dog with a dark, almost black coat
Graphite A strong name for a Pointer with a dark grey coat
Hazel A beautiful name for a Pointer with a light brown or hazel coat
Inky A fun name for a Pointer with a deep black coat
Licorice Great for a Pointer with a deep black coat
Marble Represents the mixed black and white color of some Pointers
Misty A poetic name for a Pointer with a light grey, almost misty coat
Mocha A lovely name for a Pointer with a coffee-like brown coat
Onyx Represents the dark black color of the dog's coat
Pebble A charming name for a Pointer with a mixed grey and white coat
Pepper Suits a dog with a speckled black and white coat
Russet This name highlights the reddish-brown color of some Pointers
Shadow A suitable name for a dog with a dark or black coat
Slate A great name for a Pointer with a blue-grey coat
Smokey Refers to the smoky grey color of some German Shorthaired Pointers
Stormy A suitable name for a Pointer with a dark, stormy grey coat
Tawny A lovely name for a Pointer with a warm, light brown coat
Twilight A poetic name for a dog with a dark, dusky coat

Athletic Names

These names are inspired by famous athletes or sports terminology, suitable for this energetic and sporty breed.
Name Description
Ace It's great for a dog that excels in everything
Blitz This name signifies speed and agility, very suitable for an athletic German Shorthaired Pointer
Bolt Ideal for a dog that's quick as lightning
Breeze This name is suitable for a dog that's swift and cool
Bullet This name signifies speed and precision
Champ This name suits a dog that always leads the pack
Chaser This name suits a dog that loves to pursue things
Dash It's fitting for a dog that loves to dart around
Flyer This name suits a dog that loves to jump high
Hurdler This name is suitable for a dog that loves to jump obstacles
Jet Ideal for a dog that's strikingly fast
Jumper An apt choice for a dog with great leaping ability
Pacer An apt name for a dog that loves to keep the pace
Pounce It's perfect for a dog that's quick to leap
Racer Ideal for a dog that loves to run
Runner It's ideal for a speedy dog
Rush It's perfect for a dog that's always on the go
Scout Perfect for a dog with a sharp sense of exploration
Sprint A fitting name for a quick and energetic dog
Stride An apt choice for a dog with long and powerful strides
Swift It's perfect for a fast and agile dog
Tracker Ideal for a dog with a keen sense of smell
Turbo This name suits a fast and energetic dog
Vigor This name suits a dog that's full of energy
Zephyr The name signifies speed and elegance, very suitable for a German Shorthaired Pointer

Traditional German Names

These names are typically German and can honor the breed's heritage. They can also be a great fit for this German breed.
Name Description
Adolf Reminiscent of Adolf Dassler, the founder of Adidas, a German multinational corporation
Alfred Reminiscent of Alfred Wegener, the German meteorologist who proposed the continental drift theory
Bernhard A popular name in Germany, linked to Bernhard Riemann, the mathematician
Dieter A common German name, associated with Dieter Rams, the influential industrial designer
Ernst A name shared by Ernst Abbe, a renowned German physicist and entrepreneur
Friedrich Associated with Friedrich Nietzsche, the influential German philosopher
Fritz It's a common German name, often used in phrases to represent the typical German man
Georg A traditional German name, shared by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the famous philosopher
Gustav A classic German name, also the name of a Swedish king
Hans Traditional and widely used, it's the name of numerous notable Germans
Heinrich The name of many kings and emperors in Germany's history
Hermann Linked to Hermann Hesse, a Nobel Prize-winning German-Swiss poet and novelist
Horst A traditional German name, reminiscent of Horst Janssen, the acclaimed German draftsman and printmaker
Johann Reminiscent of Johann Sebastian Bach, the celebrated German composer
Karl Originates from the Germanic name Karl, meaning man
Klaus A popular German name, often associated with Klaus Kinski, the notable German actor
Ludwig Associated with Ludwig van Beethoven, the iconic German composer
Martin Popularized by Martin Luther, the key figure in the Protestant Reformation
Max A simple, strong name, shared by the famous German artist Max Ernst
Otto Often linked to Otto von Bismarck, a key figure in German history
Peter A classic German name, shared by Peter Behrens, the pioneer of modernist architecture
Rudolf A classic German name, popularized by the Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine
Uwe A classic German name, shared by Uwe Seeler, the famous German footballer
Wilhelm Popular due to Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the discoverer of X-rays
Wolfgang The first name of Mozart, the famous composer

Nature-inspired Names

These names can come from elements in nature like trees, flowers, or animals. They are suitable for German Shorthaired Pointers known for their hunting and outdoor skills.
Name Description
Alpine This name is inspired by the majestic Alps, embodying the strength and agility of a German Shorthaired Pointer
Birch Birch trees are known for their resilience and versatility, a fitting description of a German Shorthaired Pointer
Canyon Canyons symbolize depth and exploration, just like the adventurous spirit of this breed
Dew This name reflects the refreshing and lively nature of the German Shorthaired Pointer
Evergreen Evergreens are robust and enduring plants, much like this breed
Fjord Fjords are associated with resilience and grandeur, characteristics shared by this dog breed
Gale This signifies the energetic and powerful nature of German Shorthaired Pointers
Hickory Hickory trees are sturdy and durable, much like this breed
Ivy Ivy plants are known for their tenacity, reflecting the determined spirit of this dog breed
Juniper Juniper symbolizes protection and resilience, qualities inherent in German Shorthaired Pointers
Kestrel Kestrels are agile and swift birds, much like this breed
Lark Larks are known for their joyful songs, reflecting the cheerful disposition of this breed
Meadow Meadows are peaceful and serene, a fitting representation of the tranquil moments these dogs enjoy
Nimbus This represents the majestic and impressive nature of the German Shorthaired Pointer
Orchid Orchids symbolize beauty and strength, characteristics shared by this breed
Pine Pine trees are robust and enduring, much like this breed
Quill Quills symbolize agility and sharpness, qualities inherent in German Shorthaired Pointers
River Rivers are a symbol of life and movement, reflecting the lively and active nature of this breed
Sage Sage plants represent wisdom and longevity, a fitting description for this dog breed
Tundra Tundra represents the rugged and resilient nature of the German Shorthaired Pointer
Umbra This name reflects the mysterious and intriguing nature of this breed
Vine Vines symbolize growth and expansion, reflecting the development of a German Shorthaired Pointer
Willow Willow trees are flexible and resilient, much like this breed
Xenia Xenia is a type of flower that symbolizes welcome and hospitality, reflecting the friendly nature of this dog breed
Yucca Yucca plants are known for their resilience, reflecting the robust nature of this breed

Historical Names

These names can be inspired by significant historical figures, events, or periods in German history, reflecting the breed's German origin.
Name Description
Archimedes A nod to Archimedes, the ancient Greek mathematician and engineer
Aristotle This name pays homage to Aristotle, one of the greatest thinkers in history
Beethoven The name reflects Ludwig Van Beethoven's passion and talent for music
Bismarck A nod to Otto von Bismarck, the first Chancellor of the German Empire
Churchill Winston Churchill's resilience and determination is captured in this name
Cleopatra The last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt could inspire your dog’s name
Dante Dante Alighieri's literary contributions are honored with this name
DaVinci Leonardo Da Vinci's creativity and inventiveness is encapsulated in this name
Einstein Albert Einstein's brilliance and tenacity make for a great namesake
Frida Frida Kahlo's unique and fearless spirit is evoked with this name
Galileo A tribute to Galileo Galilei, a luminary in the field of astronomy
Gandhi The peaceful demeanor of Mahatma Gandhi makes for a serene namesake
Hemingway A tribute to Ernest Hemingway, a Nobel laureate in Literature
Joan Joan of Arc's bravery and courage is echoed in this name
Julius Julius Caesar's leadership and decisiveness is echoed in this name
Lincoln Abraham Lincoln's legacy of unity and leadership is inspiring
Marie Marie Curie's contributions to science make her a great namesake
Mozart This name symbolizes the beauty and complexity of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music
Napoleon This name is inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military and political leader
Picasso Pablo Picasso's artistic genius is encapsulated in this name
Roosevelt A nod to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States
Shakespeare The literary genius of William Shakespeare is echoed in this name
Socrates The wisdom of Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher is reflected in this name
Spartacus For a dog with an indomitable spirit, name them after the famous Roman gladiator
Tesla The innovative spirit of Nikola Tesla is reflected in this name
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Becky Photo of Becky for German Shorthaired Pointer Names
Juniper Photo of Juniper for German Shorthaired Pointer Names They are the best kind of dog breed loyal and sweet.
Abby Rose Photo of Abby Rose for German Shorthaired Pointer Names We are Beatles fans instead of Abby Road we used Abby Rose. Our old Gal is Sadie aka sexy Sadie !
Gunny Jr. Photo of Gunny Jr. for German Shorthaired Pointer Names Appropriate & didn't need to adjust to a new name.
Gunny Photo of Gunny for German Shorthaired Pointer Names Prior dog(Border Collie) was named Sunny for his disposition. I wanted something of similar sound that was appropriate for a GSP and so he would respond when I slipped up and used the old dog's name. Named my next dog (a GSP/Coonhound mix) Gunny Jr. Appears I can only submit 1 picture
Max Photo of max for German Shorthaired Pointer Names It's a good strong name and one syllable names are easy to call out when training or hunting.
Pixel Photo of pixel for German Shorthaired Pointer Names We named her pixel because the Markings on her fur look like pixels.

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Other guests recommend these names for a German Shorthaired Pointer.
Name Reason
Squire A knight’s right hand man and sidekick.
Frieda Nice name for a German Pointer Female
Lila It’s the German word for purple
Bo My GSP's name
Ellie Cute female name
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Chasing Whirlwinds: A German Shorthaired Pointer Story

In the heart of the Great Plains, where the sky seemed to stretch on forever and the thunderstorms brewed with a fury unmatched, there lived a German Shorthaired Pointer named Whirlwind. Whirlwind was a strikingly elegant dog, with a sleek, liver-colored coat and a gaze that seemed to pierce the very heart of the storm.

Whirlwind's owner, Dan, was a seasoned storm chaser, a man who had dedicated his life to the pursuit of the untamed power of nature. He had always been fascinated by the raw energy and beauty of storms, and when he had discovered Whirlwind as a young pup, he knew he had found the perfect companion for his exhilarating adventures.

Whirlwind was no ordinary dog. From the moment he had first set paw in Dan's truck, he had demonstrated a remarkable affinity for the tempestuous weather that defined their lives. He could sense the approach of a storm long before it was visible on the horizon, his ears twitching and his nose quivering as he caught the scent of ozone on the wind.

As Whirlwind grew, so too did his skills as a storm chaser. He learned to read the shifting skies, anticipating the sudden changes in wind direction and pressure that signaled the birth of a tornado. And as he and Dan chased the storms across the plains, they became a formidable team, their mutual respect and trust only deepening with each new adventure.

Together, they documented the awe-inspiring power of nature, their photographs and videos capturing the swirling vortexes and lightning-laced skies that seemed to defy the very laws of physics. Their work was invaluable to scientists and meteorologists, who used the data they collected to better understand and predict the behavior of these incredible forces of nature.

But it wasn't all just about the thrill of the chase. Whirlwind and Dan were also dedicated to helping those affected by the devastating storms. They would often arrive at the scene of a tornado's destructive path, working tirelessly to search for survivors, reunite lost pets with their families, and provide assistance wherever it was needed.

One fateful day, while tracking a particularly powerful storm, Whirlwind and Dan found themselves on the outskirts of a small town that lay directly in the path of an approaching tornado. The sirens were wailing, and the residents were scrambling to seek shelter from the impending danger.

As they drove through the town, Whirlwind suddenly began to bark and whine, his eyes locked on a collapsed building. Dan knew that his loyal companion had sensed something important, and without hesitation, they rushed to the site of the destruction.

Amidst the debris, Whirlwind's keen nose led them to a young girl who had become trapped beneath the rubble. With the tornado bearing down on them, they worked together to free her just in time, narrowly escaping the wrath of the storm.

Whirlwind's heroism and unwavering bravery in the face of danger had saved the girl's life, and the grateful town hailed him as a true guardian of the plains. His story spread far and wide, a testament to the power of teamwork and the unbreakable bond between a man and his faithful German Shorthaired Pointer.

As Whirlwind and Dan continued to chase storms, their partnership stronger than ever, they knew that they were more than just thrill-seekers; they were protectors and guardians of the very people and places they loved. And as they watched the storms gather on the horizon, they knew that together, they could weather any storm that life might throw their way.

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