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Gold Dog Names

Updated: March 28, 2024

Welcome to our exclusive collection of names inspired by the color gold. This compilation is catered towards those who recently welcomed a golden-hued furry friend into their lives. Be it a Golden Retriever, a Labrador, or any other breed with a beautiful gold coat, finding the perfect name that matches their golden charm can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Our list encompasses a wide array of golden-inspired dog names, from sun-kissed hues to golden treats, to names inspired by golden celebrities and mythological characters. This page is specifically designed to help you find a name that not only suits your dog's radiant color but also reflects their unique personality. We hope this list sparks inspiration and helps you find the perfect name for your golden companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Amber This name is suitable for a dog with a warm, golden coat
Apollo Named after the Greek god of the sun, symbolizing your golden dog's radiant personality
Aurelia It's a beautiful name derived from Latin meaning 'the golden one'
Aurora Reflects the golden glow of the Northern Lights
Aurum This is Latin for gold, making it a unique and elegant name for a gold-colored dog
Aztec The Aztecs were known for their golden treasures, an apt moniker for your valuable pet
Banana For a dog that's as lovable and appealing as a ripe banana
Beryl A gemstone that can often be found in a golden-yellow color
Bijou This is a French word meaning jewel, perfect for a precious golden pup
Biscuit It's the color of golden baked goods, a sweet name for a sweet dog
Bling Slang term for shiny, expensive jewelry, typically gold
Blondie Blond refers to a light golden color, making it fitting for a golden-hued dog
Bolt As in a bolt of golden lightning
Brassy For a dog with a gold coat that has a reddish tinge, like the color of brass
Brioche A rich, golden French bread
Butter For the dog with a coat as smooth and gold as butter
Buttercup Named after the bright yellow-gold flower
Butterscotch This name reminds us of the sweet golden candy
Canary A bird known for its bright yellow plumage, a lovely name for a yellowish-gold dog
Caramel This sweet and golden treat is a fitting name for a gold-colored dog
Celeste This name, meaning 'heavenly,' fits a golden dog
Champagne For a dog with a bubbly personality and a coat as golden as a glass of champagne
Cheddar For the dog who's as comforting and warm as a bowl of golden cheddar cheese soup
Chiffon A light shade of yellow, like a golden retriever's coat
Churro A golden, sweet treat, just like your pet!
Citrine This is a gold-colored gemstone, perfect for a precious pet
Cleopatra Named after the famously wealthy Egyptian queen, known for her love of gold
Cornbread For a dog that's as comforting and warm as a piece of homemade cornbread
Corona Named for the golden aura around the sun
Crisp Like a golden, crispy potato chip!
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Gold Dog Names Related to Celestial Bodies

The sun, stars, and other celestial bodies often appear golden, offering a cosmic twist to naming a golden dog.
Name Description
Apollo The name of the God of the sun in Greek mythology
Artemis Named after the Goddess of the moon in Greek mythology
Astra Latin for 'star'
Astro Derived from the Greek word for 'star'
Aurora For Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights
Cassiopeia After the constellation in the northern sky
Celeste French for 'heavenly'
Comet For dogs that are fast like a shooting star
Cosmos For the universe or a complex system
Eclipse Inspired by the celestial event
Eos The goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology
Galaxy Embodying the vastness of space
Jupiter Reflects the largest planet in our solar system
Luna Latin for Moon
Meteor In honor of the celestial object that dashes through the sky
Nebula After the interstellar cloud of dust
Nova Named after a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter
Orion It's a constellation that shines brightly
Phoenix After the constellation in the southern sky
Saturn For the planet with beautiful golden rings
Sol Because it's the Latin name for the Sun
Sonny A playful take on 'sunny', like our golden sun
Starlight For the light emitted by stars
Stella Italian for 'star'
Venus For the brightest planet in our solar system

Gold Dog Names From Mythology & Legends

Mythology and legends from around the world are rich with golden deities, creatures, and objects that can inspire golden dog names.
Name Description
Apollo Apollo is the Greek god of sun, light, and gold
Argos Legendary dog with golden fur in Greek mythology
Aurelia Derived from the Latin word for gold, this was the name of a Roman goddess
Aurora Roman goddess of the dawn, her name means 'golden' in Latin
Ceres Roman goddess of agriculture, often associated with the golden grain
Demeter Greek goddess of the harvest, associated with golden grain
Dionysus Greek god of wine, often depicted with a golden cup
Eldorado The legendary city of gold sought by explorers in South America
Eos Greek goddess of the dawn, often depicted with a golden aura
Fortuna The Roman goddess of luck and fortune, often depicted with a horn of plenty filled with gold
Freya Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, and gold
Glint Refers to the glint of gold in legend and lore
Helios Greek god of the Sun, often associated with gold due to his shining aura
Hera Queen of the Greek gods, often depicted with a golden crown
Hermes Greek god who wore golden sandals that gave him the ability to fly
Icarus Greek character who flew too close to the sun with his golden wings
Midas Named after King Midas from Greek mythology who turned everything he touched into gold
Narcissus Greek character known for his golden beauty
Orpheus The legendary musician in Greek mythology who charmed all with his golden lyre
Perseus A hero in Greek mythology who used a golden sword to slay Medusa
Phaethon Son of Helios who tried to drive his father's golden chariot
Rhea Greek Titaness who birthed many golden gods and goddesses
Sif In Norse mythology, Sif is renowned for her golden hair
Sol The personification of the Sun in Roman mythology, often depicted in a golden chariot
Zephyr Greek god of the west wind, often depicted with golden wings

Gold Dog Names Based On Precious Metals & Gems

Gold is a precious metal, so other precious metals and gems that share its golden glow can serve as thematic names for golden dogs.
Name Description
Amber Amber is a golden gemstone that can reflect the color of the dog's coat
Beryl Beryl is a gemstone that can be golden in color, hence it's a great name for a golden dog
Brass Brass is a golden-colored alloy that could be likened to a dog's golden coat
Bronze Bronze is a metal alloy that has a beautiful, golden-brown color
Citrine Citrine is a gemstone known for its golden hue
Copper Copper is a metallic color that complements gold perfectly
Flake In gold mining, flakes are small pieces of gold
Gilt Gilt is another term for gold, especially in reference to gold leaf or gold paint
Goldie This name is a common reference to the golden color of the dog's fur
Jasper Jasper is a gemstone that often has a golden, earthy color
Karat This name relates to the measure of purity in gold
Nugget Gold nuggets are a symbol of wealth and prosperity
Onyx While typically black, Onyx can also refer to a golden-hued variety of the gemstone
Opal Opals are precious gemstones that reflect light, often giving off a golden sheen
Oro Oro is the Spanish word for gold, ideal for a golden dog
Pewter Pewter is a malleable metal with a shiny finish
Platinum This name refers to another precious metal, symbolizing value and rarity
Pyrite Pyrite, also known as fool's gold, is a unique name for a golden dog
Quartz Quartz is a common mineral that can take on a golden color
Sapphire Whilst sapphires are typically blue, they can also come in a golden hue
Silvyr This name is a unique spelling for silver, another precious metal
Sterling Sterling is a term often used to denote high-quality silver, symbolizing the dog's value
Titanium Titanium is a strong and durable metal, perfect for a strong, golden dog
Topaz It refers to a gemstone that often comes in shades of gold
Zircon Zircon is a gemstone that can come in a variety of colors, including gold

Gold Dog Names Derived From Food & Drinks

Many foods and beverages, like honey or amber ale, have a golden color, providing a unique source of names for golden dogs.
Name Description
Banana Mimics the golden color of the ripe fruit
Biscuit Looks like the golden-brown baked treat
Brioche Reflects the golden color of the French bread
Butter Refers to the golden, creamy spread
Caramel A nod to the golden confectionery product
Champagne Named after the golden sparkling wine
Cheddar Inspired by the golden-hued cheese
Corn Reflects the golden kernels of the food
Donut Refers to the golden brown fried dough
Dorito Inspired by the golden corn chips
Fries Represents the golden color of the fried potatoes
Ginger A tribute to the golden spice
Honey Named after the golden sweet substance produced by bees
Macaroni Reflects the golden color of the pasta
Muffin Reminiscent of the golden-brown baked good
Mustard Resembles the golden-yellow condiment
Nugget Reminiscent of the golden fried chicken pieces
Pancake A tribute to the golden breakfast dish
Popcorn A nod to the golden popped corn kernels
Saffron Mimics the golden color of the spice
Taffy Resembles the golden chewy candy
Tequila Named after the golden Mexican alcoholic drink
Twinkie Inspired by the golden sponge cake with cream filling
Waffle Imitates the golden breakfast food
Whiskey Named after the golden alcoholic beverage

Golden Dog Names Inspired By Nature

Nature is filled with golden hues, from sunsets to autumn leaves, which can inspire beautiful, golden-themed names for dogs.
Name Description
Amber Inspired by the golden fossilized resin
Aspen Inspired by the gold leaves of the Aspen tree
Autumn Signifying the golden-brown hues of fall
Bumblebee Reminisces the golden-yellow stripes of a bumblebee
Buttercup A bright, yellow, wild flower
Butterscotch A sweet golden-colored candy
Canary Inspired by the bright yellow canary bird
Caramel A golden, sweet treat
Daisy A beautiful, golden-yellow flower
Dandelion A common and bright yellow flower
Desert Symbolizes the golden sand dunes
Goldenrod A yellow flower that grows in the wild
Goldfinch A bird with gorgeous, gold plumage
Harvest Reflects the golden bounty of nature
Honey Sweet and golden, like honey from a bee
Maize The golden yellow of corn in the sunlight
Marigold A golden flower that's as bright as your fur-baby
Mustard A bright, golden condiment
Ochre A natural, earthy, golden-yellow pigment
Phoenix The golden, mythical bird rises from its ashes
Pumpkin Signifies the golden hue of ripe pumpkins
Saffron A golden spice that is worth more than gold by weight
Sunflower A large, bright, and golden flower
Sunny Reminiscent of the warm, golden sunshine
Wheatley The golden hue of wheat fields
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