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Updated: May 15, 2024

Welcome to the exciting arena of naming a Greyhound. These swift and splendid creatures carry a unique aura that merits a special name. Whether it's their sleek silhouette, their incredible speed, or their gentle and affectionate nature, there's something about these dogs that sets them apart. It's only fitting then, that their names should be just as distinctive and meaningful.

The following page is dedicated to equipping you with a vast array of names fitting for this noble breed. From those inspired by their fleet-footed speed, to those that reflect their gentle nature, we have it all. Whether you prefer traditional dog names, or are looking for something that holds a deeper meaning, we're here to inspire you. Remember, a dog’s name is a key part of their training, so it's important to choose a name that’s easy to pronounce and one that you’ll be happy calling out in the dog park!

Get ready to dive into a collection that celebrates the speed, elegance, and spirit of your four-legged friend. You'll find names that honour their racing heritage, ones that showcase their grace and style, and even names that simply capture the joy and companionship a Greyhound brings. Your perfect Greyhound name is waiting for you - let's find it together!

Name Reason to Choose
Ace Symbolizes a dog that excels at all things
Arrow This name reflects the dog's ability to run straight and fast
Ashford The name pays tribute to the fast runner, Evelyn Ashford
Aston Named after a prestigious car brand, it mirrors the sleekness and elegance of Greyhounds
Astro Like a shooting star, your dog is fast and bright
Belle A reference to Belle Starr, a notorious female outlaw known for her agility
Bentley The name, reminiscent of a luxury car brand, aligns with the graceful and refined demeanor of Greyhounds
Billy Referring to Billy the Kid, a fast and agile outlaw of the Wild West
Blaze Greyhounds are known for their speed, and blaze means fast
Blitz It connotes the dog's swift movements
Bolt This is a nod to the dog's lightning-fast speed
Breeze Your greyhound runs so smoothly, it's like a gentle breeze
Brocius A tribute to 'Curly Bill' Brocius, a famous outlaw known for his agility
Bugatti A moniker that refers to a brand of fast sports cars, symbolizing the breed's swiftness
Buggati This moniker reflects the speed and sleekness often associated with Greyhounds, mirroring the characteristics of the high-performance luxury car brand
Bullet The name suggests speed and agility, key characteristics of Greyhounds
Butch This name is a homage to Butch Cassidy, an agile and speedy outlaw
Buzz This name is reminiscent of speed and energy that is synonymous with the Greyhound breed
Carl This name references Carl Lewis, an athlete known for his speed, like the greyhound
Cassidy This name is associated with the quick and agile outlaw, Butch Cassidy
Chaser A fitting name for a dog breed that loves to chase
Cheetah Named after the fastest land animal, it's a fitting name for a speedy Greyhound
Chester This name suggests quickness, a characteristic of greyhounds
Cobra Just like the snake, this Greyhound is sleek and quick
Comet A name that captures the speed and brilliance of your greyhound
Curly Inspired by 'Curly Bill' Brocius, a notorious and agile outlaw
Dart It encapsulates the dog's speed and accuracy
Dash It emphasizes the Greyhound's remarkable speed and agility
Drift Greyhounds have an effortless, drifting quality when they run
Duma It means 'cheetah' in Swahili, a creature known for its speed, like the greyhound
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Names Inspired by Famous Greyhounds

There have been many famous greyhounds throughout history, in real life and in fiction, so names inspired by these notable dogs can be a great choice.
Name Description
Ballyregan Bob Named for the Greyhound who set a world record of 32 consecutive race wins
Bold Trease In honor of the Australian Greyhound who won four Sandown Cups
Chief Havoc A tribute to the American Greyhound who set a world record in 1948
College Causeway Named after the Irish Greyhound who won the 2009 Irish Greyhound Derby
Droopys Vieri A homage to the Irish Greyhound who won the 2002 Irish Greyhound Derby
Endless Summer To commemorate the American Greyhound who held the record for most wins in 1980
Fernando Bale Named after the fastest Greyhound in Australian history
Geelo Sapphire In honor of the British Greyhound who won the 2016 Coral Regency
Hardy Admiral In honor of the English Greyhound who won the 1975 English Derby
Lenas Bar Inspired by the first bitch to win the English Greyhound Derby
Loyal Honcho A tribute to the Irish Greyhound who was the leading stud dog in 2010
Master McGrath In honor of the 19th-century champion Greyhound from Ireland
Mick the Miller Derived from the first greyhound to win two English Greyhound Derbies
Mile Bush Pride Named after the Irish Greyhound who won the 1982 English Derby
Monalee Champion To honor the Irish Greyhound who won the 1967 English Derby
Patricias Hope A tribute to the famous 1970s English Greyhound Derby winner
Rapid Ranger Honoring the champion who won the English Greyhound Derby twice consecutively
Razor Edge The name of a Greyhound from Australia who set many provincial records
Roxholme Dream To commemorate the British Greyhound who won the 2014 William Hill Greyhound Derby
Scurlogue Champ A homage to the renowned Irish racing Greyhound
Shanes Castle A homage to the Irish Greyhound who won the 1961 English Derby
Tims Crow Inspired by the winner of the 2007 English Greyhound Derby
Westmead Hawk Inspired by the English Greyhound, a double Derby winner
Westpark Mustard Named after the Australian Greyhound who won the 2004 Adelaide Cup
Yellow Printer In commemoration of the Irish Greyhound who won the 1998 English Derby

Names Inspired by Their Coat Colors

Greyhounds come in a variety of coat colors, so names that reference these colors can be a fun and personal way to name your dog.
Name Description
Ash Derived from the greyish color seen after a fire, suitable for a grey-coated Greyhound
Charcoal The dark grey color of this substance matches their coat perfectly
Cinder Their coat color can remind one of the residue left after a fire
Cloud Their light grey coat color can be as soft as a cloud
Dove A name that suits a Greyhound with a coat as peaceful and grey as a dove
Dusty Their coat can be reminiscent of the color of dust
Flint Because their coat can be as grey and hardy as the mineral
Foggy Their light grey coat can resemble a dense fog
Ghost Because their coat color can be as pale and ethereal as a specter
Graphite The color of this mineral is a match for many Greyhounds
Grizzle Named after the blue-grey color, it's perfect for a Greyhound
Mink Their coat can be as soft and grey as mink fur
Misty This name suits a Greyhound with a coat as light and unclear as a mist
Pearl A name that suits a Greyhound with a coat that's as shiny and grey as a pearl
Pebble This name fits a Greyhound with a coat that's as smooth and grey as a pebble
Pewter Their coat's color can be as shiny and grey as this alloy
Quartz Just like the mineral, their coat can have a beautiful grey shine
Shadow Inspired by the dark and mysterious color of their coat
Silver This name is perfect for a Greyhound with a shiny coat similar to the precious metal
Slate Like the rock, many Greyhounds have a similar grey color
Smokey A perfect fit for a grey-coated Greyhound
Steel A name that matches the strength and color of a Greyhound's coat
Sterling A classy name for a grey-coated Greyhound, just like sterling silver
Stone Their coat can be as hard and grey as a stone
Tinsel Their coat can be as festive and shiny as Christmas tinsel

Names Inspired by Their Gentle Nature

Despite their size and speed, greyhounds are known for being very gentle and sweet, making this a fitting category for their names.
Name Description
Angel This name represents their heavenly and calm demeanor
Bliss Suitable for their content and serene demeanor
Breeze It mirrors their easy-going and calm disposition
Calm Perfect for a dog with a peaceful and relaxed nature
Comfort Suitable for their soothing and comforting presence
Cozy This name suits their warm and comforting personality
Dove It is symbolic of their gentle and unassuming character
Ease Reflects their relaxed and comfortable temperament
Gentle A perfect descriptor for their mild-mannered behavior
Grace Suitable for their elegant and gentle temperament
Harmony Reflects the balanced and easy-going personality of these dogs
Hush Symbolizes their quiet and peaceful nature
Lullaby Symbolic of their soothing and calming presence
Mellow This name suits their laid-back and gentle personality
Pacify Reflects their ability to bring calm and peace
Peace Perfect for a greyhound's calm and composed nature
Placid Aptly describes their calm and unflappable character
Serene It signifies the peaceful nature of these dogs
Serenity This name reflects their peaceful and calm temperament
Silent Symbolizes their quiet and peaceful demeanor
Softie This name is perfect for their kind and gentle nature
Solace This name suits their comforting and soothing presence
Solitude This name mirrors their calm and solitary demeanor
Spirit This name suits their mild and tranquil nature
Tranquil Aptly describes their calm and quiet character

Names Inspired by Size

Greyhounds are large dogs, so names that reference their size (either large or small) can be fitting and humorous.
Name Description
Atlas Named after the Titan who held up the sky, this name is fitting for a big, strong greyhound
Behemoth This biblical term symbolizes great size, a fitting name for a large greyhound
Bigfoot This mythical creature, known for its size, is a fun and creative name for a large greyhound
Boulder Inspired by the large rock, this name is fitting for a sizable greyhound
Brontosaurus Inspired by the massive dinosaur, it's a great name for a large greyhound
Colossus An ideal name for a large greyhound, as it means 'gigantic statue'
Everest This name is inspired by the tallest peak in the world, an apt name for a large greyhound
Galaxy Galaxies are vast and expansive, perfect for a large greyhound
Giant This name is fitting for a large greyhound, as it symbolizes immense size
Gigabyte A playful, modern name inspired by the large data measurement unit
Goliath Taken from the biblical giant, this name is fitting for a sizable greyhound
Hulk Inspired by the comic book character known for his huge size and strength
Jumbo This term is usually used to describe something oversized, fitting for a large greyhound
Magnum Taken from the Latin word for 'great', this name suits a large greyhound
Mammoth This name is appropriate if your greyhound is big in size; Mammoths were enormous prehistoric creatures
Mastodon Named after the prehistoric giant mammal, a great name for a large greyhound
Maximus A latin term meaning 'greatest', suitable for a large greyhound
Moby Inspired by the giant whale from literature, this name is fitting for a large greyhound
Monster A playful name that nods to the large size of your greyhound
Ogre This mythical creature is known for its large size, making it a fun name for a large greyhound
Sumo This name is a nod to sumo wrestlers, who are traditionally quite large
Titan Perfect for your large greyhound, as it draws inspiration from the mythical Titans, who were known for their great size
Venti Inspired by the Italian word for twenty, this name is used in coffee sizing to indicate the largest size
Whopper An ideal name for a large greyhound, inspired by the term used to describe something exceptionally large
Zeppelin Named after the large airship, this name is fitting for a sizable greyhound

Names Inspired by Speed

Greyhounds are known for their incredible speed and agility, making this a fitting category for their names.
Name Description
Blitz A term used in sports such as football to denote rapid, aggressive play
Bolt This name is inspired by the lightning bolt, which is known for its speed
Bullet Bullets are known for their high-speed trajectory
Cheetah Inspired by the fastest land animal on Earth
Comet Comets are fast-moving celestial bodies
Dash A term that implies swift and energetic movement
Express Inspired by the term 'express train', which denotes a fast and direct service
Flash A symbol of speed, as in the phrase ‘in a flash’
Hurricane Named after the fast and powerful storm
Jet Inspired by the fast-flying aircraft
Mercury Named after the Roman god known for his speed and agility
Peregrine Inspired by the Peregrine falcon, the fastest animal on Earth
Quicksilver A term that means something moves very fast
Racer A name that signifies competition and speed
Rocket An object known for its high speed, especially in space
Sonic Inspired by the video game character Sonic the Hedgehog, known for his speed
Speedy A straightforward name that signifies speed
Sprinter Inspired by athletes who specialize in high-speed races
Supersonic A term that denotes speeds greater than the speed of sound
Swift A word that means moving or capable of moving with high speed
Turbo A term in car mechanics for a device that increases speed and efficiency
Velocity In physics, velocity measures the speed and direction of an object
Windy Winds can move at high speeds, particularly during storms
Zephyr In Greek mythology, Zephyr is the god of the west wind, known for his speed
Zip A term that denotes quickness and energy
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