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Guangzhou Dog Names

Updated: May 29, 2024

Welcome to a unique collection of dog names inspired by the rich culture and history of the vibrant city in Southern China. Guangzhou, also known as Canton, is known for its stunning architecture, mouth-watering cuisine, and the Cantonese language. As the third largest city in China, it offers an abundance of inspiration for naming your new furry friend.

Whether you're a fan of its expansive skyline, its deep-rooted traditions, or its lively festivals, you'll find a wide array of names that capture the spirit and charm of this city. Perhaps you are drawn to the names of its famous landmarks or its delicious dishes. Alternatively, you might prefer a name that resonates with the local dialect, reflecting the linguistic diversity of Guangzhou.

Regardless of your preferences, each name in this collection carries a piece of Guangzhou's essence. So, delve into this list and discover unique and meaningful names for your canine companion, each one a tribute to the city's distinct identity. There's no better way to honor the charm and character of Guangzhou than by bestowing a part of it upon your beloved pet.

Name Reason to Choose
Autumn Autumn is a beautiful season in Guangzhou
Baihe Baihe, meaning 'lily', is a popular flower in Guangzhou
Baihua This name means 'hundred flowers', named after the Baihua Mountain in Guangzhou
Baiyun Inspired by the large and beautiful Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou
Bamboo Bamboo is a common plant in Guangzhou
Bazaar Guangzhou is known for its bustling bazaars
Bicycle Bicycles are a common mode of transport in Guangzhou
Bingbing A term that means 'bright and clear', suitable for a lively and cheerful dog
Bixi This name means 'jade turtle', a symbol of longevity and stability in Chinese culture
Blossom Spring blossoms are a beautiful sight in Guangzhou
Canton Canton is the old English name for Guangzhou
Cantonese It's the main language spoken in Guangzhou
Chao For Chaozhou, a city in Guangdong province
Chigang This name is derived from a town in Guangzhou
Chimelong Chimelong is a famous tourist resort in Guangzhou
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemums are a popular flower in Guangzhou
Cobblestone Cobblestone streets are a common sight in old Guangzhou
Conghua It's a famous hot spring resort in Guangzhou
Dashatou An urban village in Guangzhou
Dimsum It's a popular dish in Guangzhou
Dongfeng Name of a popular road in Guangzhou
Donghu Named after a lake in Guangzhou
Dongshan A prestigious district in Guangzhou
Dragon The dragon is a symbol of power and good luck in Guangzhou
Dumpling Dumplings are a popular dish in Guangzhou
Fan Fans are a traditional Guangzhou craft
Fanyu A district in Guangzhou, famous for its agriculture
Fenfang This name means 'fragrance', suitable for a dog who brings joy
Feng Feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing with the environment, originated in this region
Festival Festivals are a big part of Guangzhou culture
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Guangzhou Districts

Guangzhou's districts have unique names that can make for interesting and unique dog names.
Name Description
Baiyun Inspired by the Baiyun District, known for its beautiful 'white cloud' mountain
Conghua Chosen for the Conghua District, loved for its hot springs
Dashadong Reflects Dashadong, a mountainous region in Baiyun District
Dongshan Celebrates Dongshan, a historic neighborhood in Yuexiu District
Ersha Named after Ersha Island, a tranquil and scenic residential area in Yuexiu District
Fanyu Reflects the old name of Panyu District
Haizhu Named for the Haizhu District, well-known for Canton Fair
Huadu Named after Huadu District, a place known for its rich history and culture
Huangpu Honors Huangpu District, an important industrial and technological base
Jingxi Inspired by Jingxi, a subdistrict in Baiyun, known for its beautiful landscapes
Liede Inspired by Liede, a vibrant subdistrict in Tianhe
Lingnan Named for Lingnan, the cultural area in which Guangzhou is situated
Liwan A nod to Liwan District, famous for its pearl river and traditional Cantonese architecture
Luogang Named for Luogang, a district merged into Huangpu
Nansha Reflects the Nansha District, renowned for its free-trade zone
Panyu A tribute to Panyu District, home to Chimelong Tourist Resort
Shiqiao Credits Shiqiao, a famous town in Panyu District
Tangxia Named after Tangxia, a town in Panyu, famous for its ancient architecture
Tianhe Commemorates Tianhe District, the city's modern business district
Wuyang Named for Wuyang, a prominent new town in Yuexiu District
Xiaoguwei Relates to Xiaoguwei, an island in the Panyu District
Xintang A nod to Xintang town, in Zengcheng District, known as the 'Jeans Capital'
Yuexiu Celebrates the Yuexiu District, home to the city's symbol, the Five Rams statue
Zengcheng Honors Zengcheng District, recognized for its litchi fruit production
Zhujiang Inspired by Zhujiang, a river that runs through multiple districts

Guangzhou Celebrities

Naming your dog after a famous person from Guangzhou can be a fun way to honor that individual and show your pride for the city.
Name Description
Baiyun Named after Baiyun Mountain, a popular tourist spot in Guangzhou
Canton The English name for Guangzhou, where many celebrities hail from
Dimsum Named after the famous Guangzhou dish, enjoyed by many local celebrities
Gao Paying tribute to Gao Xiaosong, a famous songwriter from Guangzhou
Garden Inspired by the beautiful gardens in Guangzhou, such as the Yuntai Garden
Haizhu Named after the Haizhu District, home to many celebrities in Guangzhou
Jet A tribute to Jet Li, a famous actor from Guangzhou
Lichee Guangzhou's lichee trees are famous and have inspired many artists
Liwan A district in Guangzhou where many celebrities have been born
Lotus A nod to the Lotus Hill, a well-known tourist spot in Guangzhou
Luogang Taking the name of the Luogang District, known for its rich history and culture
Opera Reflects the rich culture of Guangzhou, especially the Cantonese Opera
Pagoda The Zhenhai Tower in Guangzhou is a well-known landmark
Panyu A district in Guangzhou known for being the birthplace of many celebrities
Pearl Guangzhou is known as the 'City of Pearl'
Ping For Ping An, who is a famous singer and actor from Guangzhou
River The Pearl River is a symbol of Guangzhou, where many celebrities are from
Silk Guangzhou is famous for its silk, which is loved by local celebrities
Tea Reflects the importance of tea culture in Guangzhou
Tianhai Inspired by the soccer team Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, formerly known as Guangzhou Tianhai
Xu The last name of Xu Ke, a renowned film director from Guangzhou
Yaomin A tribute to Yao Min, a beloved musician from Guangzhou
Yue Yue opera is a popular form of entertainment in Guangzhou
Zhenzhen Named after famous actress Zhen Zhen
Zhujiang The Pearl River (Zhujiang) is an iconic landmark in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Culture

Naming your dog after an aspect of Guangzhou culture can be a great way to show your appreciation for the city's history and traditions.
Name Description
Baiyun This name is inspired by Baiyun Mountain, a major tourist attraction in Guangzhou
Canton This name is a nod to the old English name of Guangzhou
Conghua Inspired by a district in Guangzhou famous for its hot springs
Dimsum Named after the popular Cantonese cuisine originated in Guangzhou
FlowerCity This name reflects Guangzhou's nickname as the 'Flower City'
Haizhu This name pays homage to the Haizhu District in Guangzhou
Huadu Inspired by Huadu District, an important transportation hub in Guangzhou
Huangpu This name is a nod to the Huangpu District in Guangzhou
Jiangnan This name hails from a popular traditional area in Guangzhou
Lingnan This name reflects the Lingnan culture which originates from Guangzhou
Liwan Named after the famous Liwan District known for its traditional architecture
Lychee This name is a tribute to Guangzhou's famous lychee fruit
Nansha Named after the Nansha District in Guangzhou which is a gateway to the world
Panyu Named after an area in Guangzhou known for its cultural heritage
Qilou Named after the unique Qilou architecture in Guangzhou
Shamian Inspired by the historical Shamian Island in Guangzhou
SunYat Named after Sun Yat-sen, a revolutionary leader from Guangzhou
Teahouse Inspired by the city's traditional tea culture
Tianhe Named after the modern Tianhe District in Guangzhou
Xiguan Named after Xiguan, an area in Guangzhou known for its traditional Cantonese culture
Yuehai Derived from Yuehai, a local dialect spoken in Guangzhou
Yuexiu Comes from the Yuexiu District, a symbol of Guangzhou's history
Yuntai Derived from Yuntai Garden, a famous scenic spot in Guangzhou
Zengcheng Derived from a district in Guangzhou renowned for its lychee cultivation
Zhujiang A nod to the Pearl River (Zhujiang) which adds beauty to Guangzhou

Guangzhou Cuisine

Guangzhou is known for its unique and delicious food. Naming your dog after your favorite dish can be a cute and fun way to share your love for the city's cuisine.
Name Description
Baozi This name references the steamed buns popular in the region
Betel Named after the betel nuts that are often chewed in Guangzhou
Bokchoy A reference to the leafy green vegetable often used in Guangzhou dishes
Charfun A tribute to the stir-fried rice noodle dish popular in Guangzhou
Chasiu Named after the barbecued pork dish famous in Guangzhou
Congee A nod to the comforting rice porridge dish commonly served in Guangzhou
Dimsum Inspired by the renowned bite-sized delicacies served in Guangzhou
Ginseng Named after the medicinal root often used in Guangzhou cuisine
Harbau This name pays tribute to the shrimp dumplings commonly found in dim sum
Hawker A nod to the street food vendors common in Guangzhou
Hoisin Inspired by the sweet and savory sauce widely used in Guangzhou cooking
Jujube A tribute to the red date fruit commonly used in Guangzhou desserts
Laifun A type of thick, chewy rice noodle commonly eaten in Guangzhou
Longan Named after the tropical fruit native to Guangzhou
Loquat Named after the fruit that grows abundantly in Guangzhou
Lotus Inspired by the lotus root, a popular ingredient in Guangzhou
Lychee A reference to the popular fruit that originates from Guangzhou
Maifu A reference to the rice flour used in many Guangzhou dishes
Mantou A nod to the steamed bread rolls popular in Guangzhou
Mooncake This name is a homage to the traditional Chinese pastry typically eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival
Prawn Inspired by the popular seafood ingredient in Guangzhou cuisine
Soybean Inspired by the soybean, a staple in Guangzhou cuisine
Springroll A nod to the delicious appetizer in Guangzhou cuisine
Wonton A tribute to the delicious dumplings often found in Guangzhou soup
Yumcha Named after the Cantonese tradition of going out to drink tea and eat dim sum

Guangzhou Landmarks

Naming your dog after famous landmarks in Guangzhou can be a fun and unique way to remember your favorite spots.
Name Description
Baiyun Inspired by the famous Baiyun Mountain, which translates to 'White Cloud', a prominent natural landmark in the city
Canton An old Western name for Guangzhou
Chimelong Tribute to the Chimelong Tourist Resort, known for its amusement park and safari
Conghua Conghua District is famous for its hot springs and lychee orchards
Fanyu Named after the Fanyu District which is rich in history and culture
Haizhu Derived from the Haizhu District, known for its thriving arts scene
Huacheng Huacheng Square is a popular site for festivals and events
Huaisheng Huaisheng Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the world
Huangpu Huangpu District is a major industrial and commercial area in the city
Jiangnan Jiangnan Avenue is a major thoroughfare in the city
Liuhua Liuhua Lake Park is a beautiful green space in the city
Liwan Named after the Liwan District known for its traditional architecture and old temples
Nansha Nansha District is a significant part of the Pearl River Delta
Nanyue Inspired by the Museum of the Nanyue King, a historical landmark
Panyu From the Panyu District, one of the oldest parts of Guangzhou
Pearl The city is known as the 'Pearl City' due to its location on the Pearl River
Qingping The Qingping Market is a famous traditional market in Guangzhou
Shamian Named after the Shamian Island, a historical area with a unique Western architectural style
SunYat Sun Yat-sen University is a prestigious institution in Guangzhou
Tianhe Influenced by the Tianhe District, the modern business hub in Guangzhou
Whampoa Whampoa Military Academy was a significant institution in Chinese history
Yuexiu Named after Yuexiu Park, the largest park in downtown Guangzhou
Zengcheng Zengcheng District is known as the home of lychee
Zhenhai Zhenhai tower is a historical site with a rich history
Zhujiang From the Zhujiang River or Pearl River, which runs through the heart of Guangzhou
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