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Updated: October 06, 2023

Welcome to our collection of hairy dog names, perfect for those furry friends with an abundance of hair and a rockin' personality! Our carefully curated list includes a variety of names inspired by hair metal bands and iconic hairy fictional characters, ensuring that you'll find the ideal name to celebrate your dog's luscious locks and spirited character. Whether your canine companion sports a shaggy coat or a long, flowing mane, these names will capture their unique appearance and undeniable charm.

For those who appreciate the bold and electrifying sounds of hair metal, our selection features names inspired by legendary bands and musicians from this iconic genre. Hair metal, known for its high-energy performances, unforgettable fashion, and larger-than-life hairstyles, offers a treasure trove of inspiration for naming your hairy canine friend. From names that evoke the wild spirit of the music to those that pay homage to unforgettable performers, these hair metal-inspired dog names will add a touch of rock 'n' roll flair to your pet's moniker.

In addition to hair metal-inspired names, our collection also includes names inspired by beloved hairy fictional characters from movies, television shows, books, and comics. These characters, known for their distinctive and memorable appearances, often possess qualities such as strength, loyalty, and a unique sense of style. By choosing a name inspired by one of these furry icons, you'll be celebrating your dog's exceptional coat and personality while also paying tribute to a popular figure from the world of fiction.

We hope that our collection of hairy dog names will inspire you and help you find the perfect name that celebrates your dog's luxurious coat and spirited nature. As you browse through our selection, remember that the most important aspect is finding a name that truly resonates with you and captures the unique bond you share with your cherished furry friend. Happy naming, and may your days be filled with the vibrant energy and unforgettable style of these hairy dog names!

Name Reason to Choose
Afropup A playful name for a dog with a curly, puffy coat reminiscent of an Afro hairstyle
Alf Inspired by the furry alien from the 80's sitcom, perfect for a hairy and lovable dog
Badu Resembling the word "hairdo," fitting for a dog with an impressive coat
Bear A strong, powerful name for a dog with a thick, bear-like coat
Berber A type of carpet known for its loop-pile texture, suiting a dog with a curly coat
Blizzard Ideal for a dog whose fur is so thick and white it reminds you of a snowstorm
Boucle A French term for looped or curled fabric, suitable for a dog with a curly or wavy coat
Bouffant Their hair is so voluminous, it's like a bouffant hairstyle
Braids For a dog whose hair naturally forms into braid-like shapes
Breeze A light and airy name, suitable for a dog with a wispy, feather-like coat
Brillo A playful name for a dog with a wiry, brush-like coat, resembling a Brillo pad
Bristle Evoking the image of a brush, a fitting name for a dog with a thick, brush-like coat
Bristlepup A fitting name for a dog with a thick, brush-like coat
Bristles Their thick, short fur stands up like bristles on a brush
Brow Relating to hair above the eyes, making it suitable for a dog with prominent facial hair
Bush Represents dense vegetation, fitting for a dog with a thick, bushy coat
Cascade A flowing name, perfect for a dog with a long, wavy coat that falls like a waterfall
Cashmere A luxurious name for a dog with a soft, silky coat like the fine wool
Chenille Their fur is as plush and soft as chenille fabric
Chewy Inspired by Chewbacca from "Star Wars," perfect for a big, hairy dog
Chiffon Their fur is as light and delicate as chiffon fabric
Chinchilla A great name for a dog with a soft and fluffy coat
Cloud A soft and fluffy name, perfect for a dog with a billowy, cotton-like coat
Coif A dog with a well-styled coat might earn this name
Cord Their fur forms cords or dreadlocks naturally
Cotton Their fur is just as soft and fluffy as cotton
Cottonball For a dog with a fluffy and cotton-like coat, this name is ideal
Cottontail A cute name for a dog with a fluffy, cotton-like coat, especially around the tail
Cozy A warm and inviting name, perfect for a dog with a soft, comforting coat
Cuddles An affectionate name for a dog with a soft, huggable coat that invites snuggles
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Dog Names Inspired by Hairy Plants

This could be a fitting choice for dogs that have fur resembling certain types of plants or for owners who have a love for nature and botany.
Name Description
Aster The plant's hairy stems inspire this name
Bamboo Some bamboo species have hair-like structures
Barley Inspired by the grain with hair-like structures
Broom The plant's hairy-looking stems inspire this name
Cactus Named after a plant famous for its spiny texture
Cattail The plant's fluffy, brown seed heads inspire this name
Fern Inspired by the leafy, furry-looking fern plant
Fescue Inspired by the grass with fluffy seed heads
Holly Named after the plant with spiky leaves
Horsetail Inspired by the plant with hair-like stems
Maple Named after the tree with helicopter-like seeds
Moss The soft, green plant gives a sense of fluffiness
Mulberry The tree's hairy fruits inspire this name
Oat Inspired by the grain with hair-like structures
Pampas A nod to the fluffy pampas grass
Pine Named after the tree with needle-like leaves
Poppy The flower's hairy petals inspire this name
Rye Inspired by the grain with hair-like structures
Sage Named after the plant with soft, fuzzy leaves
Sycamore The tree's fuzzy seed balls inspire this name
Thistle Named after the plant with fuzzy purple flowers
Wheat The grain's hair-like structures inspire this name
Willow The weeping willow's long, drooping branches resemble hair
Wisteria Named after the vine with fluffy, cascading flowers
Yucca The plant's hairy-looking leaves inspire this name

Dog Names from Hairy Mythology Creatures

Naming a dog after a hairy creature from mythology can be a unique and interesting choice, especially for owners who are fans of mythology and folklore.
Name Description
Argus After the hundred-eyed giant from Greek mythology
Banshee A spirit in Irish mythology often depicted with long, flowing hair
Centaur Named after a mythical creature that is half human, half horse
Cerberus Named after the three-headed dog from Greek mythology, known for its fur
Chimera This mythical creature is often depicted with the body of a lion, a creature known for its mane
Cyclops A one-eyed giant from Greek mythology, often depicted with thick hair
Faun After a mythical creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a goat
Fenrir This giant wolf from Norse mythology had a thick coat
Fury Named after the Furies from Greek mythology, known for their snake hair
Gorgon After the snake-haired creatures from Greek myth
Griffin After a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle, both known for their fur and feathers
Harpy In mythology, these creatures were often depicted with dense feathers, perfect for a furry dog
Kelpie A water spirit from Scottish folklore, often depicted as a horse
Medusa Inspired by the Gorgon with snakes for hair
Minotaur This name is inspired by a mythical creature that is half man, half bull
Naga This name is inspired by a mythical creature from Hindu mythology, often depicted with multiple heads and thick hair
Nemean After the Nemean lion from Greek mythology, known for its impenetrable fur
Pegasus Named after the winged horse from Greek mythology
Phoenix After the mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes, known for its beautiful feathers
Sasquatch Drawn from a mythical creature known for its long hair
Siren This name comes from a mythological creature often depicted as a beautiful, long-haired woman
Troll This name is inspired by the hairy creatures from Scandinavian folklore
Wendigo A creature from Algonquin myths, often described as furry
Werewolf Inspired by the hairy mythical creature that transforms from a human into a wolf
Yeti This name is inspired by a mythical snow creature known for its shaggy coat

Dog Names Based on Hairy Celebrities

This could be a fun and quirky way to name a dog, especially if the dog's physical appearance or personality reminds the owner of a particular celebrity known for their hair.
Name Description
Aniston After Jennifer Aniston, remembered for her 'Rachel' hairstyle
Bardot Named after Brigitte Bardot, known for her voluminous blonde hair
Beyonce Inspired by the singer's ever-changing hairstyles
Bon Jovi Named after the famous rock musician whose hair was a significant part of his persona
Cher Inspired by the iconic singer known for her long, flowing hair and wild wigs
Chewbacca Inspired by the Star Wars character known for his full-body hair
Cleopatra After the historical figure, known for her black, straight hair
Depp After Johnny Depp, known for his various hairy roles
Diana Inspired by the late Princess of Wales, known for her iconic short, voluminous hair
Dolly Named after Dolly Parton, known for her big blonde hair
Elvis After Elvis Presley, famous for his slick, pompadour hairstyle
Farrah Inspired by Farrah Fawcett's iconic hairstyle
Frodo Inspired by the hairy-footed hobbit from Lord of the Rings
Gaga Named after Lady Gaga, known for her wild and ever-changing hairstyles
Gibson Reference to Mel Gibson, a ruggedly hairy personality
Hagrid Taken from the Harry Potter character renowned for his shaggy hair and beard
Hendrix After musician Jimi Hendrix, known for his wild afro
Jagger Named after Mick Jagger, who is known for his shaggy hairstyle
Jimi A tribute to Jimi Hendrix, who was renowned for his wild hair
Madonna Inspired by the pop queen's ever-evolving hairstyles
Marilyn Inspired by Marilyn Monroe's blonde curls
Oprah Named after Oprah Winfrey who has always embraced her natural hair
Rapunzel After the fairytale character known for her long, magical hair
Slash Named after the Guns N' Roses guitarist, famous for his long curly hair
Twiggy After the 60s icon who popularized short hair for women

Dog Names from Hairy Fictional Characters

A list of dog name ideas coming from fictional characters known for their hair.
Name Description
Ariel Named after the red-haired mermaid from The Little Mermaid, perfect for a dog with a vibrant, flowing coat
Chewbacca Inspired by the furry Wookiee from Star Wars, ideal for a dog with a thick, shaggy coat
Cruella Named after the villain from 101 Dalmatians, known for her black-and-white hair, fitting for a dog with a black-and-white coat
Goku Named after the iconic character from Dragon Ball Z, known for his spiky hair, fitting for a dog with a spiky or bristly coat
Hagrid Inspired by the hairy character from the Harry Potter series, ideal for a large, furry dog
Itt Named after the hairy character from The Addams Family, perfect for a dog with a thick, shaggy coat
Leeloo A tribute to the character from The Fifth Element, with her bright orange hair, suitable for a dog with a vibrant, eye-catching coat
Legolas Named after the golden-haired elf from The Lord of the Rings, perfect for a dog with a graceful, silky coat
Marge A nod to Marge Simpson from The Simpsons, known for her tall, blue hair, suitable for a dog with a unique and eye-catching coat
Medusa Named after the mythical Greek creature with snakes for hair, fitting for a dog with a wild, untamed coat
Merida Inspired by the brave, red-haired princess from the movie "Brave," suitable for a dog with a fiery, curly coat
Pippi Inspired by Pippi Longstocking, the quirky character with braided, red hair, perfect for a dog with a spunky, adventurous spirit
Rapunzel Inspired by the fairy tale character with incredibly long, magical hair, perfect for a dog with a flowing, luxurious coat
Rogue Inspired by the X-Men character with distinctive white streaks in her hair, perfect for a dog with unique, striking coat markings
Sweeney Named after Sweeney Todd, the fictional character with a distinctive white streak in his hair, fitting for a dog with unique coat markings
Syndrome A nod to the character from The Incredibles, known for his fiery, red hair, suitable for a dog with a bold, energetic personality
Tangled A playful name inspired by the Disney movie featuring Rapunzel, fitting for a dog with a long, easily tangled coat
Willow A tribute to Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, known for her red hair, suitable for a dog with a reddish coat

Hair Metal Dog Names

A list of dog name ideas coming from 1980's hair metal bands.
Name Description
Axl Named after Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, perfect for a dog with a rockstar attitude
Cinder Named after Cinderella, the 80's rock band, perfect for a dog with a rags-to-riches story
Def A nod to Def Leppard, the British rock band, suitable for a dog with a powerful presence and love for attention
Dokken Inspired by the American heavy metal band, a great name for a dog with a strong, protective instinct
Jovi A tribute to Bon Jovi, the famous 80's rock band, fitting for a dog with a big personality and love for music
Kix A nod to the American glam metal band, suitable for a dog with a lively, energetic nature
Lita A tribute to Lita Ford, the lead guitarist of The Runaways, fitting for a dog with a fierce, independent spirit
Nikki Named after Nikki Sixx, the bassist for Mötley Crüe, ideal for a dog with a rebellious spirit
Ozzy Inspired by Ozzy Osbourne, the lead singer of Black Sabbath, perfect for a dog with a dark, mysterious vibe
Poison Named after the 80's glam metal band, fitting for a dog with a colorful, eye-catching coat
Quiet A nod to Quiet Riot, the heavy metal band, suitable for a dog with a calm demeanor and a love for loud music
Ratt Inspired by the American hair metal band, a great name for a dog with a feisty attitude
Scorpion Inspired by the German rock band, a fitting name for a dog with a bold, striking presence
Skid A tribute to Skid Row, the hard rock band, perfect for a dog with a rough-and-tumble personality
Slash Inspired by the iconic guitarist of Guns N' Roses, a great name for a dog with a wild, untamed coat
Stryper Inspired by the Christian metal band, a unique name for a dog with a righteous spirit
Tesla Named after the American hard rock band, perfect for a dog with an electrifying personality
Twisted Named after Twisted Sister, the 80's heavy metal band, fitting for a dog with a rebellious, unconventional style
Vixen Inspired by the all-female rock band, a great name for a dog with a powerful, feminine energy
Warrant Named after the American glam metal band, ideal for a dog with a confident, authoritative presence
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Story of a hairy dog named Fluffy

Once upon a time, in a quaint little village nestled between snow-capped mountains, there lived a uniquely hairy dog named Fluffy. Fluffy was an enormous, gentle giant with a heart as warm as his thick fur coat, which consisted of countless layers of wiry hair that kept him cozy during the long, harsh winters. His coat was a patchwork of golden, chestnut, and chocolate hues, making him look like a living, breathing, shaggy carpet. No one knew Fluffy's breed, but the villagers loved him nonetheless.

On the edge of the village, there lived an old, wise woman named Abigail. She had taken Fluffy in as a tiny, abandoned puppy and raised him as her own. They had a special bond, and Fluffy would do anything for Abigail. They spent their days wandering the village, with Fluffy's bushy tail wagging enthusiastically behind him as he greeted the villagers with his sloppy, wet kisses.

One cold winter's day, dark clouds rolled over the mountains and brought with them a foreboding sense of unease. The villagers knew that a great snowstorm was brewing, and they hurriedly prepared their homes and families for the impending storm.

As the first snowflakes began to fall, Abigail sat by the fire, knitting a thick, woolen blanket. Fluffy lay at her feet, his chest rising and falling rhythmically as he dozed off. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was the village messenger, his face pale and eyes wide with worry.

"Abigail," he gasped, "The medicine woman on the other side of the mountain needs our help. Her grandson has fallen gravely ill, and she needs the special herbs you grow in your garden to cure him. The snowstorm is getting worse by the minute, and there's no time to lose."

Abigail looked at the messenger and then at Fluffy. She knew what had to be done. After gathering the herbs, she bundled up and climbed onto Fluffy's broad back. The villagers watched with concern as the unlikely duo disappeared into the blizzard, knowing that the journey through the treacherous mountain pass would be fraught with danger.

The snowstorm raged around them, but Fluffy plowed forward, his thick fur protecting both him and Abigail from the biting cold. The wind howled like a pack of wolves, and the snow piled up around them, making it nearly impossible to see. Fluffy relied on his keen sense of smell to guide them through the whirling white abyss.

Just as they reached the peak of the pass, a fierce gust of wind blew Abigail off Fluffy's back, causing her to lose her grip on the pouch of herbs. Fluffy immediately sensed her distress and managed to catch her just in time. With one powerful leap, Fluffy dove into a snowbank and emerged with the precious pouch of herbs clenched gently between his teeth.

With renewed determination, Fluffy carried Abigail through the remainder of the storm, finally arriving at the medicine woman's humble abode. Exhausted but triumphant, they delivered the herbs, and the medicine woman quickly prepared a remedy for her ailing grandson.

As the storm subsided, the villagers gathered to welcome Abigail and Fluffy back home. They were hailed as heroes, and a grand feast was held in their honor. From that day forward, Fluffy was not just a lovable, hairy dog, but a symbol of bravery, loyalty, and the unbreakable bond between a woman and her canine companion.

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