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Updated: May 15, 2024

Are you welcoming a new furry friend into your family around the spooky season? Or perhaps you're a devoted fan of the mysterious and the macabre, and you want your pet's name to reflect your affection for all things Halloween. Either way, you've found the perfect page to assist you in your quest for the ideal eerie moniker for your canine companion.

Embrace the spirit of the frightful festivities and let your imagination run wild as you scroll through our extensive list. From names inspired by iconic horror movie characters and famous witches, to those drawn from eerie folklore and ghostly tales, we've got you covered. We've also thrown in some fun and playful options for those who prefer 'treat' over 'trick'! So sit back, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and let's delve into the world of spooky pet names together.

Remember, a name serves as an important bonding tool between you and your pet. It captures their unique identity and becomes an expression of your shared bond. So, whether you're looking for something spine-chillingly scary or prefer a more light-hearted Halloween-inspired name, we're certain you'll find the perfect fit for your new furry friend here.

Name Reason to Choose
Lurch Inspired by the towering and mysterious butler character from "The Addams Family."
Lycan Short for lycanthrope, another term for werewolf, adding a mythical and supernatural touch to your dog's name
Macabre A term used to describe the grim or ghastly, perfect for a spooky and eerie dog name
Malediction A curse or expression of ill will, perfect for a Halloween-inspired dog name
Maleficent Inspired by the dark and powerful fairy character from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."
Manor A reference to a large, often haunted, country house, adding a chilling and mysterious touch to your dog's name
Medusa The mythical Gorgon with snakes for hair, adding a supernatural and petrifying touch to your dog's name
Merlin Inspired by the legendary wizard from Arthurian legend, perfect for a dog with a wise and magical presence
Midnight The witching hour when supernatural events are said to occur, perfect for a mysterious and enchanting pup
Misty A reference to a foggy and mysterious atmosphere, adding a haunting touch to your dog's name
Morgana A powerful sorceress from Arthurian legend, adding a mythical and enchanting touch to your dog's name
Morticia Inspired by the elegant and mysterious matriarch of "The Addams Family."
Mortuary A place where the deceased are prepared for burial or cremation, adding a macabre touch to your dog's name
Necromancer A practitioner of dark magic, perfect for a dog with a mysterious and supernatural presence
Nether A reference to the underworld or the region of the dead, adding a supernatural and chilling touch to your dog's name
Nightmare A frightening dream or experience that evokes terror, fitting for a spooky and eerie dog name
Nosferatu Inspired by the classic vampire film, perfect for a dog with a haunting and eerie presence
Nyx The ancient Greek goddess of the night, adding a mythical and enchanting touch to your dog's name
Occult A reference to hidden or secret knowledge, often associated with supernatural or mystical practices
October The month during which Halloween is celebrated, capturing the essence of fall and the spooky holiday
Omen A sign or event believed to foretell good or evil, perfect for a dog with a mysterious and enigmatic presence
Orlok Inspired by the vampire character Count Orlok from the classic silent film "Nosferatu."
Ouija Inspired by the board used for communicating with spirits, adding a supernatural and eerie touch to your dog's name
Pandora Inspired by the mythical figure who unleashed all the world's evils upon opening a forbidden box
Persephone The ancient Greek goddess of the underworld, adding a mythical and enchanting touch to your dog's name
Phantom A mysterious and ghostly presence, perfect for a dog with a haunting and elusive charm
Plague A reference to a widespread disease or affliction, adding a dark and ominous touch to your dog's name
Poe Inspired by the master of macabre literature, Edgar Allan Poe
Poltergeist A supernatural being known for creating disturbances, fitting for a mischievous and spirited dog
Pumpkin A nod to the Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins and a symbol of the fall season
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Mythical Creatures Names

Names inspired by mythical creatures from various cultures can add a unique and spooky touch to your dog's Halloween name.
Name Description
Banshee Originates from Irish folklore, referring to a female spirit who wails to foretell death
Basilisk This name is drawn from the legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents
Cerberus Inspired by the three-headed dog guarding the underworld in Greek mythology
Chimera A reference to the fire-breathing hybrid creature from Greek mythology
Dragon This name is inspired by the mythical creature known for its strength and fiery breath
Gargoyle Derived from the mythical monsters that often adorn Gothic buildings
Griffin This name refers to the legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle
Hobgoblin Named after the mischievous spirit from English folklore
Kraken Named after the gigantic sea monster from Scandinavian folklore
Loki Inspired by the Norse god known for his cunning and mischief
Manticore Refers to the Persian mythical creature with a human face and a lion's body
Medusa A nod to the Gorgon from Greek myth known for her snake hair
Merlin Named after the legendary wizard from Arthurian legend
Naga This name is inspired by the serpent deities from Hindu and Buddhist mythology
Nymph This name signifies the divine spirits from Greek mythology
Pegasus Inspired by the winged horse from Greek mythology
Phoenix Drawn from the mythical firebird renowned for its ability to regenerate from its ashes
Pixie Refers to the small, mythical creatures known for their playful behavior in British folklore
Selkie Named after the mythical sea creature from Scottish and Irish folklore
Sphinx Taken from the Egyptian mythical creature with a human head and a lion's body
Troll A nod to the mythical beings from Scandinavian folklore
Valkyrie Inspired by the female warriors who decide who lives and dies in battle in Norse mythology
Wyvern Refers to the two-legged dragon from European folklore
Yeti Refers to the abominable snowman from Himalayan folklore
Zephyr Named after the Greek god of the west wind

Monster Inspired Names

These names are inspired by classic and modern monsters, making them a perfect fit for Halloween-themed dog names.
Name Description
Banshee Because your dog might have the ability to let out a howl that could wake the dead
Boogey Because your dog might love to hide under the bed
Casper Perfect for a friendly and outgoing dog
Chupacabra For the dog who loves to hunt
Cujo For the dog who can be a little protective at times
Cyclops Because your dog might have a penetrating gaze
Dracula Perfect for a dog who loves to nibble
Elvira Because your dog might have a dark and mysterious side
Frankenpup A nod to Mary Shelley's classic monster, for a dog with a big heart
Gargoyle For the dog who loves to sit still and observe
Ghoulie Because your dog might just love to spook you
Gremlin Ideal for the small but mischievous pup
Grim Because your dog might be a little serious at times
Hobgoblin Ideal for a small, mischievous dog
Hyde For the dog who can be a little monster when it wants to be
Jekyll Because your dog might have two very distinct sides to its personality
Kraken Perfect for a dog who loves the water
Mothman Ideal for a dog who loves to chase flying things
Phantom For the dog who loves to disappear and reappear without a trace
Poltergeist Perfect for the mischievous dog who loves to move things around when you're not looking
Pumpkinhead Perfect for a dog born in the fall
Sasquatch Perfect for a large and hairy dog
Wolfman Ideal for the dog who loves to howl at the moon
Yeti Ideal for a big fluffy dog
Zombie Ideal for the dog who loves to wander aimlessly

Halloween Tradition Names

A list of dog names coming from popular Halloween activities and traditions.
Name Description
Autumn The season in which Halloween falls, known for its colorful foliage and crisp air
Bewitched Inspired by the magical enchantments and spells often associated with Halloween
Blackcat A nod to the mysterious and often superstitious creatures that are symbols of Halloween
Bonfire A large outdoor fire often associated with fall festivities and Halloween celebrations
Cackle The high-pitched laugh often attributed to witches, perfect for a playful Halloween dog name
Cauldron The large, boiling pot used by witches in popular Halloween imagery
Fangs A reference to the sharp teeth of vampires and other creatures of the night
Ghoul A name inspired by the monstrous beings that are said to haunt graveyards and devour corpses
Glow A nod to the warm, flickering light emitted by jack-o'-lanterns and candles during Halloween
Hocus Inspired by the famous phrase "hocus pocus," often associated with magic and Halloween
Lantern A reference to the jack-o'-lantern, the carved pumpkin that is a staple of Halloween decor
Masquerade A nod to the tradition of wearing masks and costumes during Halloween celebrations
Mischief Inspired by the pranks and tricks often associated with Halloween
Moonbeam A reference to the mystical and enchanting light cast by the moon on Halloween night
Mystic A nod to the supernatural and otherworldly aspects of Halloween
Samhain The ancient Celtic festival from which many modern Halloween traditions are derived
Skellington A playful twist on the word "skeleton," a classic Halloween symbol
Sorcery A reference to the magical powers and spells often associated with witches and Halloween
Spook A playful and ghostly name inspired by the many supernatural beings associated with Halloween
Toil A nod to the phrase "double, double, toil and trouble" from Shakespeare's Macbeth, often associated with witches and Halloween
Trickster A playful reference to the "trick" part of the Halloween tradition "trick or treat."
Twilight The time of day when daylight fades and night begins, adding a mysterious and enchanting touch to your dog's name
Wicked A term often used to describe the villains and dark forces associated with Halloween
Zombie Inspired by the walking dead, a popular theme in Halloween festivities and horror movies

Spooky Names

A list of Halloween dog names coming from scary creatures.
Name Description
Banshee Inspired by the wailing female spirit from Irish folklore, said to herald death
Chimera A mythological creature with parts from multiple animals, symbolizing a fearsome and monstrous presence
Cthulhu Named after the terrifying cosmic entity created by H.P. Lovecraft
Djinn A supernatural being from Middle Eastern mythology, often associated with granting wishes and causing mischief
Doppelganger A reference to the eerie phenomenon of encountering one's exact double, often considered a bad omen
Gargoyle Named after the stone statues that adorn gothic buildings, said to ward off evil spirits
Gorgon Inspired by the monstrous female creatures from Greek mythology, known for their snake-like hair and deadly gaze
Gremlin A mischievous and destructive creature, often associated with causing chaos and malfunctions
Harpy Named after the half-bird, half-human creatures from Greek mythology, known for their vicious and tormenting nature
Hellhound A supernatural dog with a terrifying appearance, often associated with death and the underworld
Hydra A multi-headed serpent from Greek mythology, known for its regenerative abilities and fearsome presence
Kraken A legendary sea monster, said to dwell off the coast of Norway and Greenland, and known for terrorizing sailors
Lycan A reference to the werewolf, a human who transforms into a wolf-like creature under the full moon
Medusa The most famous of the Gorgons, known for her ability to turn those who looked upon her to stone
Mothman A cryptid from American folklore, often associated with disaster and catastrophe
Necromancer A practitioner of dark magic, known for their ability to communicate with and raise the dead
Nosferatu A term often used to describe vampires, inspired by the 1922 silent horror film of the same name
Siren A creature from Greek mythology with the ability to lure sailors to their doom with their enchanting song
Specter A ghostly apparition, often associated with haunting and paranormal activity
Troll A supernatural being from Scandinavian folklore, known for their grotesque appearance and malevolent nature
Vamp A shortened form of "vampire," a creature known for feeding on the blood of the living
Wendigo A malevolent spirit from Native American mythology, associated with cannibalism and insatiable hunger
Wraith A ghostly apparition, often representing the spirit of a deceased person
Yeti The abominable snowman, a cryptid from the Himalayan region, known for its elusive and mysterious nature
Zalgo An internet-based character, often associated with chaos, destruction, and the corruption of reality

Horror Movie Names

A list of Halloween dog name ideas coming from famous horror films
Name Description
Bates Inspired by Norman Bates, the creepy character from the classic horror film "Psycho."
Blair A nod to the chilling found-footage horror film "The Blair Witch Project."
Chucky Named after the possessed doll from the "Child's Play" movie franchise
Clarice Inspired by the tenacious FBI trainee character from the thriller "The Silence of the Lambs."
Creeper A reference to the sinister antagonist in the horror film "Jeepers Creepers."
Cujo Named after the rabid dog from the Stephen King novel turned horror film
Derry The fictional town in which many of Stephen King's horror stories, including "It," take place
Esther Inspired by the unsettling character from the psychological horror film "Orphan."
Georgie Named after the young character whose tragic fate sets the stage for the horror movie "It."
Jigsaw The twisted and intelligent villain from the "Saw" movie franchise
Katrina A nod to the haunted and ill-fated character from the horror film "Sleepy Hollow."
Leatherface The chainsaw-wielding killer from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."
Loomis Inspired by Dr. Samuel Loomis, the psychiatrist from the classic horror film "Halloween."
Lorraine Named after the clairvoyant character from "The Conjuring" movie series
Meyers A reference to Michael Myers, the masked killer from the "Halloween" movie franchise
Nancy Inspired by the resourceful character from the horror film "A Nightmare on Elm Street."
Pazuzu The demon that possesses the young girl in the horror classic "The Exorcist."
Pennywise The terrifying clown from Stephen King's "It."
Regan Named after the possessed girl from the classic horror film "The Exorcist."
Ripley Inspired by the tough and fearless character from the "Alien" movie series
Romero Named after George A. Romero, the director of the iconic zombie film "Night of the Living Dead."
Rose A nod to the main character from the psychological horror film "Rosemary's Baby."
Sidney Inspired by the resilient character from the "Scream" movie franchise
Tatum Named after the character from the horror movie "Scream," known for her feisty spirit
Xenomorph The name of the terrifying alien creature from the "Alien" movie series
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