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Havanese Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Havanese is a small family dog known to bear a variety of names. Names of popular soap opera stars are an interesting source. Lucci (Susan Lucci from ‘All My Children’), Melody ( Melody Thomas Scott from ‘The Young and the Restless’) , and Geary (Anthony Geary from ‘General Hospital’) are just a few options from the world of soaps. The Havanese is one of many breeds that falls under the classification of toy. A fun group of names can be borrowed from popular children’s toys. Pogo, Koosh, Polly, Stretch, and Weeble are a few names coming from toys that have gained fame over the years. The Havanese is known as Cuba’s national dog where the ancestors of the modern breed can be traced. Some unique ideas related to the breed’s history can be taken from cities in Cuba. Some Cuban city inspired names include Havana, Trinidad, and Holguin.
Name Reason to Choose
Amigo Havanese dogs are known for being friendly and sociable, making Amigo a fitting name
Azucar This Spanish term for sugar is a sweet name for a Havanese
Baila This Spanish word for dance reflects the Havanese's playful and energetic nature
Bauer This name suggests strength and reliability, much like the loyal Havanese
Bella It means beautiful in Italian, perfectly describing a Havanese's charming looks
Biscuit Because your Havanese is as comforting as a warm biscuit
Bo It's a short and sweet name, perfect for a small, sweet breed like the Havanese
Bongo Named after the Cuban instrument, reflecting the breed's lively nature
Bonito This Spanish term for beautiful is suitable for a handsome Havanese
Breezy Reflects the easy-going nature of this breed
Buddy This name is perfect for a Havanese because they make excellent companions
Buttons For a Havanese that's as cute as a button
Buzz This name captures the energetic and lively nature of the Havanese
Canary This name suits the Havanese breed due to their cheerful and lively nature, much like a bird
Canela This Spanish word for cinnamon suits a Havanese with a reddish-brown coat
Caramelo This name is ideal for a Havanese with a sweet disposition and a caramel-colored coat
Casper For a Havanese with a white, ghost-like coat
Chandler This name, meaning 'candle maker', might reflect the Havanese's bright and cheerful disposition
Charlie This unisex name is suitable for a friendly and sociable Havanese
Chico It's a Spanish name meaning 'small boy', perfect for a petite Havanese
Churro This name is a cute option for a Havanese with a cinnamon-colored coat
Coco After Chanel's famous designer, for a Havanese with style
Cooper This name is friendly and approachable, much like the Havanese breed
Corbin This name suggests a blend of strength and grace, much like the Havanese breed
Cory This name is short and sweet, matching the small size and loving nature of the Havanese
Coster It's a unique name that reflects the distinctive character of the Havanese breed
Cranston This name, with a British origin, might suggest the Havanese's refined and classy temperament
Crocker It has a fun ring to it which matches the fun-loving nature of a Havanese
Cuba It's a direct tribute to the Havanese's country of origin
Cuban It's a nod to the Havanese's Cuban origins
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Historical Names

These names can be chosen based on important historical figures or events. They can give your Havanese a touch of elegance and sophistication.
Name Description
Beethoven In honor of Ludwig van Beethoven, the German composer and pianist
Boudicca In honor of the famous Celtic queen who led a rebellion against the Romans
Casanova After Giacomo Casanova, the Italian adventurer and author
Churchill For Winston Churchill, the British statesman and Prime Minister during World War II
Cleopatra Inspired by the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt
Columbus After Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer
Confucius For Confucius, the Chinese philosopher and politician
Darwin After Charles Darwin, who is known for his theory of evolution
DaVinci In honor of Leonardo DaVinci, the Italian polymath of the Renaissance period
Edison After Thomas Edison, the American inventor and businessman
Einstein For the German-born theoretical physicist, known for his theory of relativity
Eleanor After Eleanor Roosevelt, the American political figure and activist
Galileo In honor of Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer and physicist
Hammurabi For Hammurabi, the ancient Babylonian king
Joan After Joan of Arc, the famous French martyr and saint
Lincoln After the 16th president of the United States, a symbol of honesty and integrity
Magellan After Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer
Mandela In honor of Nelson Mandela, the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary
MarieCurie In honor of Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize
Napoleon After Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military and political leader
Shakespeare After William Shakespeare, the English playwright and poet
Socrates For Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher
Tesla For Nikola Tesla, the inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and physicist
Tutankhamun After the young Egyptian pharaoh known as King Tut
Victoria For Queen Victoria, the long-reigning British monarch

Famous Character Names

Names inspired by popular culture, like movies, books or TV series, are a fun way to name your Havanese. They can be a reflection of your favorite character or series.
Name Description
Arya From the brave character Arya Stark in Game of Thrones
Atticus The righteous lawyer Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird
Belle In homage to the intelligent and brave character from Beauty and the Beast
Bilbo The brave hobbit Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit
Darcy Mr. Darcy, the charming character from Pride and Prejudice
Dexter From the TV show about a forensic technician who leads a secret parallel life
Dobby The loyal house elf from Harry Potter
Draco Inspired by the infamous character Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter
Elsa From the ice queen of Frozen
Frodo The heroic hobbit from Lord of the Rings
Gandalf After the wise wizard from Lord of the Rings
Gatsby The mysterious millionaire from The Great Gatsby
Hannibal After the brilliant but dangerous Dr. Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs
Hermione Named after the intelligent witch from the Harry Potter series
Katniss From the brave protagonist of The Hunger Games
Merlin The wise magician from Arthurian legends
Nemo The adventurous clownfish from Finding Nemo
Oliver Inspired by the character Oliver Twist from the Charles Dickens novel
Pippin From the character Peregrin Took (Pippin) from Lord of the Rings
Poirot From the character Hercule Poirot who is known for his investigative skills
Sansa Named after the resilient character Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones
Scarlett From the bold and beautiful Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind
Sherlock Inspired by the super sleuth detective, Sherlock Holmes
Simba The brave lion from The Lion King
Tintin The adventurous character from the Tintin comics

Geographical Names

Names inspired by places can be a great way to show your love for a particular city, country, or region. This can be the place where you got your Havanese or a place you love.
Name Description
Amazon Captures the wild spirit of the world's largest rainforest
Aspen Inspired by the snowy peaks of Colorado
Bali Captures the tropical allure of the Indonesian island
Brooklyn Inspired by the diverse and artistic New York borough
Cairo For a pet with an exotic and ancient spirit, like Egypt's capital
Dakota For a dog with a friendly Midwestern vibe
Denver After the sun-soaked city in Colorado
Everest For a dog with a sense of adventure, like the highest peak in the world
Hudson Inspired by the famous river in New York
Indiana Named after the U.S. state known for its love of sports
Memphis For fans of the blues, from the city in Tennessee
Montana After the mountainous U.S. state
Nevada For a dog with a wild, untamed spirit
Orlando After the sunny city in Florida
Oslo Named after the peaceful Norwegian city
Paris Evokes the elegance and charm of France's capital
Rio Evokes the vibrant energy of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro
Rome For a pet with a noble and ancient spirit
Sahara Inspired by the world's largest hot desert
Savannah After the charming Southern city in Georgia
Sydney Pays tribute to Australia's iconic city
Vegas For a dog with a flashy and vibrant personality
Venice Inspired by the romantic Italian city
Vienna For a pet with a taste for the finer things, like Austria's capital
Yukon Named after the Canadian territory, perfect for a dog that loves the cold

Nature-Inspired Names

These names are usually unique and can be chosen based on your love for nature. They can include names of flowers, trees, animals, and more.
Name Description
Aster This name is inspired by the beautiful, star-shaped aster flower
Berry This name is sweet and tangy, just like a berry picked from a bush
Blossom This name is inspired by the delicate and beautiful flowers of nature
Breeze Perfect for a Havanese who loves the feel of a gentle wind
Cloud Because your Havanese is as soft and fluffy as a cloud
Coral Inspired by the beautiful and diverse coral reefs in the ocean
Daisy Because your Havanese is as cheerful and bright as a daisy
Fern Perfect for a Havanese with a love for the outdoors
Flint This name is inspired by the strength and utility of flint stones
Hazel Inspired by the hazel tree and its beautiful, unique color
Ivy Ivy plants are known for their resilience, a great trait for a Havanese
Jade Named after the beautiful and precious green gemstone
Juniper Named after the fragrant juniper tree with its blueberry-like cones
Lily This name is inspired by the elegance and purity of lilies
Maple A tribute to the magnificent maple trees in forests
Marigold Because your Havanese is as vibrant and full of life as a marigold
Meadow This name is reminiscent of open, peaceful fields
Moss For a Havanese with a soft, velvety coat, much like moss
Pebble Named after the small, smooth stones found in nature
Pine Inspired by the strength and longevity of pine trees
Rain For a Havanese who loves the soothing sounds and feel of rainfall
River Named after the calm and flowing bodies of water in nature
Sky Evokes the vastness and beauty of the blue sky
Sunny Just like the bright sunshine, your Havanese can light up your day
Willow Named after the graceful and flexible willow tree

Food-Inspired Names

These names are often cute and fitting for a small, adorable Havanese. They can be derived from your favorite foods or snacks.
Name Description
Bagel For a dog that’s as comforting as this breakfast staple
Biscotti An Italian cookie, for a dog with a luxurious and elegant coat
Cannoli This Italian dessert could symbolize a Havanese's delightful and sweet nature
Caramel For a Havanese with a smooth, golden coat
Churro A fun treat to match a fun breed!
Coconut An exotic, sweet name for a Havanese with a white coat
Cupcake A sweet dessert, great for a playful and lovely companion
Dumpling A cute name for a cute dog
Ginger As unique and beloved as the spice
Gouda A good name for a good dog!
Latte Perfect for a Havanese with a creamy coat
Macaron A delicate French dessert for a delicate, adorable breed
Mochi A Japanese dessert that's as cute and squishy as a Havanese
Muffin It's a light and fluffy treat, perfect for a Havanese!
Nacho A fun name for a Havanese with a spicy personality
Oreo A classic choice for a black and white Havanese
Popcorn A fun, light name for a fun, light breed
Pretzel For a dog that’s as enjoyable as this savory snack
Raisin A small, sweet treat to match a small, sweet dog
Scone For a dog that's as comforting as a warm scone
Sushi A fun, unique name for a fun, unique breed
Taco A small but satisfying meal, just like a Havanese
Taffy A sweet name for a sweet Havanese
Truffle A luxurious name for a luxurious breed
Wasabi An exotic name for a unique breed
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Oreo Photo of oreo for Havanese Names Turn her head sideways and it looks like an Oreo and she has a black spot on her back that looks like an Oreo.

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Lola and the Enchanted Island

On the vibrant island of Cuba, there lived a spirited Havanese named Lola. Her silky, wavy coat shimmered in the warm Caribbean sun as she pranced through the bustling streets of Havana, her island home.

Lola's life was full of joy, but her heart ached for her friend, Isabella, a kind-hearted girl who had fallen victim to a mysterious curse. Ever since the enchantment had taken hold, Isabella had been trapped in a deep, unending sleep, her dreams haunted by dark visions that tormented her restless spirit.

Determined to save her beloved friend, Lola embarked on a perilous journey to seek out the source of the curse and discover a way to break its hold on Isabella.

Her quest led her to the heart of the island, where she discovered an enchanted cavern hidden within the lush jungle. As she ventured deeper into the mystical grotto, she encountered a wise, ancient being named Elara, the guardian of the cavern.

Elara revealed that the curse plaguing Isabella was the work of an envious sorceress, who had sought to steal the girl's happiness and trap her within a realm of eternal nightmares. To break the curse, Lola would need to retrieve a magical flower known as the Star of Havana, a rare bloom with the power to dispel dark enchantments.

With renewed determination, Lola set out to find the elusive flower, journeying through dense forests, treacherous swamps, and towering mountains. Along the way, she encountered countless obstacles and challenges, but her love for Isabella and her unwavering resolve drove her onward.

At last, Lola discovered the Star of Havana, its petals shimmering with a radiant light that seemed to banish the shadows of the surrounding forest. As she delicately plucked the magical flower from its resting place, she felt a surge of energy course through her body, filling her with hope and strength.

With the enchanted bloom in her possession, Lola raced back to Isabella's side, her heart pounding with anticipation. As she gently placed the Star of Havana in her friend's slumbering grasp, a brilliant light filled the room, the flower's magic working its way through Isabella's body and dispelling the curse that had held her captive.

As the last remnants of the enchantment faded, Isabella awoke, her eyes blinking open to reveal the joy and relief that filled her heart. Embracing her beloved Havanese, she showered Lola with gratitude and affection, their bond stronger than ever.

Together, Lola and Isabella returned to their island home, their spirits buoyed by the knowledge that love and friendship had triumphed over darkness and despair. And as they walked hand in paw through the sun-drenched streets of Havana, they knew that the magic of their unbreakable bond would live on forever, a testament to the power of a little Havanese with a big heart and an even bigger mission.

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