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Hunting Dog Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      Often time the best names are those that are derived from your dog's behavior. Behaviors and personalities of hunting dogs tend to differ from Grandma’s lap poodle. Something about jumping in and out of truck beds triggers a need for a new breed of name list. We set out to create the best hunting compilation known to man. A dog’s name speaks volume about character and discipline and you want your dog to be disciplined. This page is comprised of great names that your pal can take pride in. Whatever vermin or fowl your dog will hunt, a well deserved name can be found within this page. Pick one of your favorites and take it to the hunt.
Name Reason to Choose
Ace Ace is a name that suggests a dog who is top in its field, perfect for a successful hunting dog
Annie An homage to Annie Oakley, a renowned sharpshooter
Arrow This name is fitting for a dog with swift and sharp hunting skills
Artemis Named after the Greek goddess of hunting
Avery It's the name of a well-known hunting and outdoor gear brand
Bandit Suggests a dog that's good at stealthily catching its target
Bane Suggests a dog that is a nightmare for its prey, stealthy and relentless
Barkley Reminiscent of a dog’s bark, it would fit a dog with a loud, commanding bark that can easily startle prey
Baron This name gives off a sense of authority and leadership, qualities of a good hunting dog
Bear The name Bear suggests a large, strong dog with a powerful hunting ability
Bellot This is a brand of ammunition commonly used in hunting
Blaze This name signifies a fiery spirit, an attribute important in hunting dogs
Blitz This is a nod to the quickness and agility required for hunting
Bolt Bolt represents a quick and sudden movement, just as a hunting dog would do
Boone Named after Daniel Boone, a legendary American frontiersman and hunter
Boulder For a strong, sturdy dog that's an immovable force in the hunt
Bowie This name references the Bowie Knife, a popular tool among hunters
Brook This name symbolizes the outdoors and nature, common elements in hunting
Browning A brand of firearms and hunting gear
Buck A common term used for a male deer, a popular game for hunters
Buckshot This name is derived from a type of shotgun pellet, suitable for a hunting dog
Bullet This name symbolizes a dog's quick speed in hunting
Buster A dog with this name is seen as powerful and strong
Cabela It is a well-known outdoor gear brand, often associated with hunting
Calamity Named after Calamity Jane, a famous frontierswoman known for her marksmanship
Cali Short for California, a state with diverse hunting opportunities
Caliber Refers to a measurement used in firearms, linking it to hunting
Canyon Suits a dog that likes hunting in rugged, open terrains
Capen Named after a famous wilderness adventurer and survival expert
Case It's associated with a rugged, outdoor feel, mirroring the hunting dog's environment
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Prey-Inspired Names

These names are inspired by various types of prey, symbolizing the hunting dogs' primary role.
Name Description
Badger A name reflecting tenacity and persistence during a hunt
Bear Represents the strength and perseverance of a good hunting dog
Bison Represents the dog's strength and resilience in the hunt
Cheetah This name suits a fast and agile hunting dog
Cobra A symbol of speed and precision, fitting for a hunting canine
Cougar This name implies the characteristics of a solitary and powerful hunter
Eagle Signifies keen eyesight and the ability to strike quickly
Falcon This name reflects the swift and sharp-sightedness of a hunting dog
Fox Inspired by the cunning and agility of this creature
Gator Symbolizes a dog's strength and patience during a hunt
Hare A quick and agile prey, ideal for a swift hunting dog
Hawk Named after a bird of prey known for its hunting skills
Hawkeye Ideal for a dog with sharp eyes and hunting skills
Leopard Associated with stealth, speed, and strength in hunting
Lion Implies the characteristics of a strong, fearless hunter
Mamba This name signifies a dog's quick strike during a hunt
Moose Signifies a dog's strength and endurance during a hunt
Panther Symbolizes a dog's stealth and strength during a hunt
Pike A name that reflects a dog's determination in hunting
Puma A large, powerful, and solitary cat renowned for its hunting prowess
Raven Reflects a dog's sharp instincts and intelligence
Stag Associated with strength and swiftness, perfect for a hunting dog
Tiger A perfect name for a dog with a strong hunting instinct
Viper A name that reflects speed, precision, and cunning during a hunt
Wolf Symbolizes the dog's pack hunting instincts

Strong and Fierce Names

These names reflect the strength and fierceness of hunting dogs, making them suitable choices.
Name Description
Axel It's a tough name that shows fearlessness in the face of danger
Bane This name suggests a dog that is a threat to its prey
Blaze The connotation of fire indicates both energy and fearless nature
Blitz This name suggests a dog that is quick and powerful
Bolt It indicates a dog that is quick and powerful in its hunting
Brutus This name suggests a dog with a strong and robust nature
Fang Fang invokes the image of a fierce predator
Gunner This name suggests a dog that is focused and precise in its hunting
Hawk This name implies a dog that is as adept and fierce as a bird of prey
Hunter This name directly suggests a hunting prowess
Jagger It implies a dog that is sharp and cutting in its hunting
Killer This name suggests a dog that is efficient and ruthless in its hunting
Maverick This name suggests a dog that is independent and does not follow the pack
Maximus This name suggests a dog that is powerful and grand
Ranger It's reminiscent of a dog that can navigate and hunt in any terrain
Rex This name, meaning 'king', suggests power and authority
Rogue It implies a dog that is independent and fearless
Saber This name implies a dog that is sharp and deadly in its hunting
Spike This is a tough name that suggests a dog with a strong protective instinct
Storm This name suggests a dog that is as powerful and unpredictable as a storm
Striker It implies a dog that strikes quickly and accurately
Tank This name is often associated with strength and resilience
Thunder This name suggests a dog that is as loud and powerful as thunder
Viper Named after a venomous snake, it suggests a dog that is swift and deadly
Zeus Named after the king of the gods, it implies a dog of great power

Traditional Hunting Dog Names

These names are those that have been commonly used for hunting dogs throughout history.
Name Description
Arrow Reflects the precision and speed often required in hunting
Bear Suitable for a large, strong hunting dog
Blaze Ideal for a dog with a fiery spirit and endless energy
Buck Inspired by the robust and brave deer often hunted
Bullet Fitting for a speedy, energetic hunting dog
Chase Great for a fast dog who loves to run and chase
Falcon Inspired by the fast and efficient bird of prey
Gunner Fitting for a dog who is always ready to go and never backs down
Hawk Inspired by the bird of prey known for its hunting prowess
Hunter Directly relates to the activity of hunting, making it an obvious choice
Maverick Ideal for a independent and adventurous hunting dog
Ranger This name is fitting for a dog who is always exploring and scouting the terrain
Riptide A unique name for a dog with a strong force and intensity while hunting
Ruger Named after a popular brand of hunting rifles
Saber Named after the sharp weapon, it's suitable for a quick and agile hunting dog
Scout Perfect for a dog with an adventurous spirit and a keen sense of direction
Shadow Perfect for a stealthy, silent hunter
Sniper Ideal for a dog with excellent focus and precision
Spike A strong, traditional name for a dog who isn't afraid of a challenge
Striker Fitting for a dog with a strong impact and precision
Tank Named after the strong military vehicle, it's suitable for a sturdy, robust hunting dog
Thunder Ideal for a dog with a powerful presence and a booming bark
Tracker Good for a dog with exceptional navigation skills
Trapper Perfect for a dog with a knack for finding and catching prey
Trooper A good fit for a hunting dog with a strong spirit and determination

Nature-Inspired Names

These names are inspired by nature, fitting for hunting dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors.
Name Description
Bear Suits a brave and powerful hunting dog
Blaze Inspired by the trail left by a moving fire, symbolizing the dog's speed and agility
Boulder Ideal for a strong and sturdy hunting dog
Canyon Perfect for a dog with a big and bold personality, much like a vast canyon
Cedar A dog named Cedar might be strong, steady, and reliable
Comet For a dog with a quick speed during the hunt, much like a comet shooting across the sky
Eagle Named after the bird of prey known for its keen sight and powerful hunting skills
Falcon A bird known for its speed and hunting skills, just like a good hunting dog
Flint In reference to the hard, sharp-edged rock used in survival tools
Fox Perfect for a clever and swift hunting dog
Frost Ideal for a dog with a cool and calm temperament during the hunt
Hail For a hunting dog who is swift and powerful
Hawk Named after a bird of prey known for its hunting prowess
Jaguar Named after the big cat known for its hunting prowess and agility
Jet Relates to the speed and strength of a jet stream in nature
Lightning A name that signifies speed and ferocity
Moose For a large and strong hunting dog
Moss Because the dog's job is to find and retrieve, much like moss’s knack for finding and retaining water
Pine Named after the resilient tree species which can endure harsh conditions
Ranger A name inspired by the forest wardens, who are always alert and aware of their surroundings, just like a great hunting dog
River Inspired by the dog’s ability to move swiftly and smoothly, like a river
Storm Symbolizes the dog's relentless drive and high energy while hunting
Thunder Perfect for a dog with a loud bark and a powerful presence
Tiger Inspired by the powerful and stealthy big cat
Wolf A tribute to the dog's wild and skilled ancestors

Gun Dog Names

This category consists of names that are inspired by guns and the overall hunting gear, suitable for hunting dogs.
Name Description
Archer Referring to the age-old hunting method, this name is ideal for a hunting dog with precision
Barrett Named after a well-known firearms manufacturer, this name is fitting for a high-performance hunting dog
Beretta This Italian gun brand name is perfect for an agile, precise hunting dog
Blaze This name evokes images of quickness and fire, fitting for a fast and energetic hunting dog
Bolt Inspired by the bolt-action rifle, this name is suited to a fast and efficient hunting dog
Buckshot A type of shotgun ammunition, it is a fitting name for a powerful hunting dog
Bullet This name symbolizes speed and precision, ideal traits for a hunting dog
Cannon This name symbolizes power and strength, ideal for a large and powerful hunting dog
Colt A nod to the famed firearm manufacturer, this name suits a younger, energetic hunting dog
Gauge Derived from a term used to measure shotgun sizes, an appropriate name for a hunting dog
Magnum Inspired by a type of large cartridge used in firearms, this name is suited to a larger breed of hunting dog
Marksman This term refers to a skilled shooter, making it an ideal name for a precise hunting dog
Muzzle This term is related to firearms and also refers to a dog's snout, making it a unique hunting dog name
Pistol This name is a nod to a common type of firearm, making it a fun and fitting name for a hunting dog
Ranger This name suggests skills in navigating and surviving in the wilderness, perfect for a hunting dog
Remington Remington is a renowned firearms producer, a fitting inspiration for a gun dog's name
Revolver This name is a nod to a classic type of gun, fitting for a dependable hunting companion
Rifle Named after a hunter's primary tool, this name suits a reliable hunting companion
Ruger Named after a popular firearm manufacturer, this name suits a robust hunting dog
Savage In reference to Savage Arms, a major firearms company, this name suits a strong and untamed hunting dog
Shotgun This name is a reference to a type of gun used in hunting, fitting for a hunting dog
Sniper This name implies precision and focus, ideal traits for a hunting dog
Trigger Perfect for a dog that is quick to react, just like the trigger of a gun
Wesson Named after the famous gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, this name suits a reliable hunting dog
Winchester This is in reference to a classic rifle brand, making it a unique moniker for a hunting dog
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Winchester Photo of Winchester for Hunting Dog Names
Remington Photo of Remington for Hunting Dog Names Remington after ammo because setters are know for bird hunting.Also he loves food just like the rat Remi from ratatouille the movie.
Max Photo of max for Hunting Dog Names It's a good strong name and one syllable names are easy to call out when training or hunting.

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Tale of a Hunting Dog Named Jasper

Once upon a time, in the rolling hills of a rural countryside, there lived a spirited and skillful English Springer Spaniel named Jasper. Jasper was renowned far and wide as the greatest pheasant hunting dog the land had ever seen. With his keen senses, unwavering focus, and boundless energy, he was a true master of his craft.

Jasper belonged to a humble farmer named Henry, who took great pride in his dog's incredible talents. Together, they would rise with the sun and venture out into the golden fields, where Jasper would expertly flush out pheasants from their hiding spots, his keen eyes and nose never failing him.

As the years passed, Jasper's reputation grew, and hunters from all corners of the region would journey to witness his prowess firsthand. Henry would often accompany them, sharing tales of Jasper's incredible feats while marveling at the dog's tireless dedication to his art.

But time, as it always does, continued to march forward, and soon, the once-youthful Jasper began to show signs of age. His once-sleek coat turned gray, and his boundless energy began to wane. Henry, who loved Jasper as much for his companionship as his hunting skills, knew that his loyal friend could not continue to hunt forever.

One crisp autumn morning, as the leaves danced on the wind and the sky burned with the colors of the season, Henry decided that it was time for Jasper's final hunt. Together, they set out into the fields one last time, guided by the memories of countless adventures and the unbreakable bond that they shared.

As they walked, Jasper seemed to sense the significance of the day, and he moved with a renewed determination. His eyes, still sharp despite his age, scanned the fields for any sign of pheasants. When at last he spotted one, he flushed the bird from its hiding spot with the grace and skill that had made him famous.

Henry raised his shotgun, and as the pheasant took flight, he fired a single shot. The bird tumbled to the ground, and Jasper retrieved it with a proud wag of his tail. As the sun began to set, casting the sky in shades of gold and crimson, Henry knew that they had shared a perfect final hunt.

From that day on, Jasper retired from hunting and settled into a life of leisure. He would spend his days lying on the porch, basking in the sun and reminiscing about his glorious past. Henry, too, found comfort in the memories of their adventures, knowing that their bond had been forged through love, loyalty, and a shared passion for the hunt.

As the seasons changed and the years continued to pass, Jasper grew older and more frail. But his spirit remained unbroken, and his love for Henry never wavered. The once-great pheasant hunting dog may have faded into legend, but the story of his heart and his unwavering devotion lived on, a testament to the unbreakable bond between a man and his loyal canine companion.

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