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Irish Setter Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Naming an Irish Setter can be as easy as digging down to its roots. There are plenty of perfect Irish names for both male and female puppies. A few of the top options for Irish males are Hogan, Murphy, and Aidan. Owners of females tend to favor the Irish names Abby, Teagan, and Ciara. The Irish Setter is easily identified by its reddish coat color. Some names inspired by this defining characteristic include Clifford, Auburn, Cherry, Cinnamon, Dahlia, and Rose. The breed is a gundog at heart and known for its abilities in setting and pointing gamebirds. Every good hunting dog needs a fitting name. Jake and Ace are some common favorites that are easy to call. Themed ideas include Hunter, Cabela, and Remmy. For a hunting dog duo Smith and Wesson is a popular way to go. No list of names for a dog with Irish roots is complete without the beer. Guiness, Murphy, Ohara, and Harp are few name ideas taken from Irish brews.
Name Reason to Choose
Abby While not inherently Irish, this name is globally recognized and easy for a dog to learn
Ace A name that signifies the breed's superior hunting skills
Aidan It's a traditional Irish name that means 'little fire', fitting for a fiery Irish Setter
Airley An unusual name that sounds like 'Ard Ri', which means 'High King' in Irish
Aisling A beautiful Irish name meaning 'dream', great for an imaginative Setter
Aoife A traditional Irish name that is a good fit for a female Setter
Auburn This name is a reference to the characteristic reddish coat of the breed
Bailey A nod to the delicious Irish Cream
Banshee In Irish folklore, a banshee is a spirit who heralds the death of a family member
Bard In honor of Ireland’s great tradition of storytelling
Blarney In tribute to the famous Blarney Stone in Ireland
Blaze The reference to fire symbolizes the Setter's fiery coat and spirited temperament
Bogart An homage to the Bogart family, who bred Irish Setters
Bran The name of the mythological Irish god's hunting dog
Brennan Irish origin, it means 'brave'
Brick This name is a quirky reference to the brick-red color of the Setter's coat
Bridget A classic Irish name that exudes strength and virtue, perfect for a female Irish Setter
Burren A fascinating and unique rocky landscape in County Clare
Cabela A name that suggests the breed's love for outdoor adventures
Caoimhe A lovely Irish name that means 'gentle', perfect for a kind-hearted Setter
Cardinal A nod to the deep red color associated with cardinals, similar to the Setter's coat
Carmine Named after a pigment of bright red color, a nod to the color of the Setter's coat
Celt A nod to the ancient Celtic people, who were among the earliest inhabitants of Ireland
Celtic Symbolizes the rich history and culture of Ireland
Cerise This is a shade of red, reminiscent of the color of the Irish Setter's fur
Cherry A playful nod to the reddish coat, Cherry is a warm, fun name for a lively Setter
Chieftain A nod to Ireland's ancient tribal society
Ciara In Ireland, this name means 'dark' or 'black', a contrast to the Setter's red coat
Cinnamon This name represents the unique reddish brown color of the Irish Setter's coat
Clancy An Irish surname turned first name, showing the breed's heritage
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Traditional Dog Names

Classic dog names that have stood the test of time can also be a good fit for an Irish Setter, especially those that reflect the breed's friendly and outgoing nature.
Name Description
Bailey This name has Irish roots and is common among dogs
Brennan An Irish surname commonly used as a dog's name
Bridget This traditional Irish name is often used for female dogs
Casey It's rooted in Irish tradition and is a common dog name
Cassidy This Irish surname is a common dog name
Clancy This name is Irish in origin and a common name for dogs
Dublin Irish city name often used as a dog name
Duffy It's an Irish surname often used as a dog's name
Finn Classic Irish name, a popular choice for dogs
Guinness Named after a famous Irish beverage, it's a common dog name
Kerry Named after an Irish county, it's a common dog name
Liam It's a traditional Irish name often used for dogs
Lucky This name is associated with Irish folklore and is common among dogs
McGregor This Irish surname is often used as a unique dog name
Milo It's a traditional Irish name commonly used for dogs
Molly This is a traditional Irish name often used for dogs
Murphy Derived from Irish heritage, often used for canine companions
Nolan It's an Irish surname traditionally used for dogs
Paddy This is a quintessential Irish name, often used for dogs
Quinn Classic Irish name, commonly used for dogs
Riley It's an Irish origin name that's popular among dog owners
Seamus Traditional Irish name, popular among dog owners
Shamrock This name is associated with Irish tradition and is common among dogs
Shea It's of Irish origin and is often used for dogs
Sullivan Famous Irish name commonly used for dogs

Famous Irish Names

Naming your Irish Setter after a famous Irish personality, fictional character, or landmark can be a fun and meaningful choice.
Name Description
Bailey A nod to the popular Irish cream liqueur
Banshee A nod to the mythical Irish spirit
Blarney Named after the famous Blarney Stone in Ireland
Bono A nod to the lead singer of the Irish band U2
Brigid A homage to the Irish saint of the same name
Celtic A reference to the ancient culture of Ireland
Claddagh A nod to the Irish symbol representing love, loyalty, and friendship
Colleen This is an Irish term for a girl
Cuchulain Named after a hero from Irish mythology
Dublin A tribute to the capital city of Ireland
Eire This is the Irish word for Ireland
Emerald A reference to the Emerald Isle, a nickname for Ireland
Enya After the famous Irish singer and songwriter
Finnegan A popular Irish surname, often shortened to Finn
Gael A reference to the Gaelic language and culture of Ireland
Guinness A nod to the famous Irish stout
Joyce A nod to James Joyce, a renowned Irish author
Kerry Named after the beautiful county in Ireland
Leprechaun A tribute to the mischievous character from Irish folklore
Oscar This pays homage to Oscar Wilde, the famous Irish writer
Patrick A tribute to Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint
Saoirse This is an Irish word meaning freedom
Shamrock A symbol of Ireland, often associated with luck and St. Patrick's Day
Shannon Named after the longest river in Ireland
Yeats After W.B. Yeats, the famous Irish poet

Color Based Names

The Irish Setter's distinctive red coat provides inspiration for many names. There are many shades of red and related colors that can make for a unique name.
Name Description
Amber This name is a tribute to the golden reddish hue of amber, similar to the warm tones of an Irish Setter's fur
Auburn This name is a reference to the reddish-brown hue of an Irish Setter's coat
Brick This name is a nod to the reddish-brown color of bricks, similar to the hue of an Irish Setter's coat
Burgundy This name is inspired by the dark red wine, a color similar to that of an Irish Setter's coat
Cardinal Named after the bright red bird, this name is a nod to the vibrant red coat of an Irish Setter
Carnation This name is inspired by the vibrant red color of some carnations, a fitting tribute to an Irish Setter's coat
Cherry This name is inspired by the bright, cheerful color of cherries, which is reminiscent of an Irish Setter's coat
Chestnut This name refers to the rich, warm brown color of a chestnut, similar to an Irish Setter's coat
Cinnabar This name refers to a deep red mineral, similar to the rich, warm tones of an Irish Setter's coat
Claret Named after a deep purplish-red wine, this name is a match for the dark reddish-brown color of the breed
Copper A metallic element with a reddish-brown color, just like the Irish Setter
Coral A soft, warm shade of red, this name is a tribute to the lighter shades found in an Irish Setter's fur
Crimson A deep, rich red color that matches the Irish Setter's distinctive coat
Ginger This name is a nod to the classic reddish-brown coat of an Irish Setter
Maroon A dark red color, this name matches the darker tones found in some Irish Setters
Merlot This name, inspired by the dark red wine, is a fitting tribute to the darker tones in an Irish Setter's coat
Paprika Named after the spice with a deep, warm red color, this name is a match for the Irish Setter's fiery coat
Rose A tribute to the reddish-pink tones found in an Irish Setter's fur
Ruby Inspired by the precious red gemstone, this name fits the fiery coat of an Irish Setter
Russet This name is inspired by the reddish-brown color of certain types of apples and potatoes
Rusty A name that refers to the reddish-brown color of rust, fitting for an Irish Setter's coat
Saffron This name is inspired by the spice with a bright red color, similar to the vibrant hue of an Irish Setter's coat
Scarlet A bright, vibrant red, similar to the rich hue of an Irish Setter's coat
Sienna Named after a deep, earthy shade of red, similar to the coat of an Irish Setter
Vermilion This name is inspired by the brilliant red pigment, similar to the bright hue of an Irish Setter's coat

Nature Inspired Names

Irish Setters are known for their love of the outdoors and their energy. Names inspired by nature can reflect these traits.
Name Description
Aspen The name is derived from the aspen trees that grow in Ireland
Birch The name is derived from the birch trees that are common in Ireland
Bog The name reflects the peat bogs found in Ireland
Breeze A nod to the gentle breezes often felt in Ireland
Brook A nod to the brooks flowing in the Irish countryside
Clover This name was inspired by the lush, green fields in Ireland abundant with clover plants
Dew This name is inspired by the dew drops seen on Irish mornings
Fern The name is inspired by the lush ferns that grow in the Irish forests
Flint The name reflects the flint stones found in Ireland
Gale This name is inspired by the strong winds that often blow across Ireland
Hazel This name is inspired by the hazel trees that are prevalent in Ireland
Heather A common plant in Irish landscapes, it's a beautiful name for a female setter
Holly The name is inspired by the holly trees that are common in Ireland
Ivy The name is derived from the ivy plants that grow wild in Ireland
Marsh Inspired by the wetlands found in Ireland
Meadow Ireland's vast, green meadows served as inspiration for this name
Mist The scenic, morning Irish mist inspired this name
Moss Inspired by the moss-covered stones and trees in Irish forests
Rain Representing the frequent showers in Ireland, a perfect name for a cheerful and lively Irish Setter
Raven This name is inspired by the raven bird, native to Ireland
River Ireland is known for its vast, flowing rivers, which inspired this name
Sky A tribute to the ever-changing Irish sky
Stone Ireland's ancient stone structures served as inspiration
Thistle Thistle plants are common in Irish landscapes, making it a fitting name
Willow Inspired by the willow trees that grow in Ireland

Gaelic Names

These names reflect the Irish origin of the breed and celebrate the cultural heritage. They are often unique and have special meanings.
Name Description
Aodh An ancient Irish name meaning 'fire', suited for a fiery red Irish Setter
Brían This name translates to 'noble' in Gaelic, fitting for a dignified breed like the Irish Setter
Cian The name means 'ancient', a nod to the rich history of the breed
Darragh It translates to 'oak tree', symbolizing strength and endurance
Eóin This Irish name signifies a 'bird', reflecting the Setter's bird hunting skills
Fionn Meaning 'fair', this name suits the breed's gentle nature
Gael Named after the Gaelic culture, it's perfect for an Irish Setter
Hagan A name meaning 'young', reflecting the breed's youthful spirit
Iarfhlaith An old Irish name meaning 'Lord of the West', for the breed's commanding presence
Keeva Meaning 'gentle', it's a fitting tribute to the breed's friendly disposition
Liam A popular Irish name that signifies 'strong-willed warrior', reflecting the breed's determined nature
Mona This name means 'noble', perfect for a dignified Irish Setter
Niall An old Irish name meaning 'champion', well-suited for a strong breed like the Setter
Oran This Gaelic name means 'little pale green one', reflecting the breed's Irish roots
Pádraig Named after Ireland's patron saint, it's a great choice for an Irish Setter
Quinlan Signifying 'fit and strong', it suits the athletic nature of the breed
Riordan A name meaning 'royal poet', reflecting the breed's noble and expressive nature
Saoirse An Irish name meaning 'freedom', reflecting the Setter's free-spirited nature
Tadhg Meaning 'poet' or 'philosopher', it's a unique choice for a thoughtful breed
Uilliam The Irish form of 'William', meaning 'resolute protector', a fitting choice for a loyal breed
Vevina A unique Gaelic name meaning 'sweet lady', perfect for a gentle female Irish Setter
Whelan Meaning 'joyful', reflecting the breed's happy and energetic nature
Xander Although not traditionally Gaelic, it's a modern choice that means 'defender of men', reflecting the breed's protective nature
Yseult A traditional Irish name, perfect for an Irish Setter with a strong and passionate nature
Zaira An Irish name meaning 'princess', fitting for a female Setter with a regal air
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Other guests recommend these names for an Irish Setter.
Name Reason
Rua Irish for red
Bella Italian for beautiful which she is. Easy to call
Scarlett For the color of the coat. And that’s my girls name
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Finnegan: An Irish Setter Tale

Once upon a time in the rolling hills of Ireland, there lived a magnificent Irish Setter named Finnegan. Finnegan was a spirited and adventurous dog with a rich, red coat that seemed to shimmer like the setting sun. He had a noble and gentle demeanor, making him beloved by all who knew him.

Finnegan's best friend was a young shepherd named Liam. Liam's family owned a large farm nestled between the emerald hills, and together with Finnegan, they tended to the many sheep that grazed upon the lush pastures. Every morning, Liam and Finnegan would set out to round up the sheep, working in perfect harmony as they guided the flock through the verdant fields.

Finnegan had an extraordinary talent for herding sheep. His keen senses and boundless energy allowed him to effortlessly control the flock, nipping at their heels and barking commands when necessary. Liam marveled at Finnegan's natural abilities and often joked that the Irish Setter had the heart of a Border Collie.

One stormy evening, as the sky turned an ominous shade of gray, Liam and Finnegan hurried to bring the sheep back to the safety of their pen. The wind howled and the rain began to pour, making it difficult for them to see and navigate the treacherous terrain.

As they ushered the last of the sheep into the pen, Liam realized, to his horror, that one of the lambs was missing. Fearful for its safety, Liam knew he had to venture back into the storm to find the lost lamb. With a determined look in his eyes, Finnegan barked his agreement and set off with Liam into the tempest.

The pair trudged through the torrential rain, their vision obscured by the darkness and the sheets of water cascading from the sky. Finnegan used his powerful nose to track the scent of the lost lamb, leading Liam across the muddy hills and through the dense underbrush.

After what seemed like hours, Finnegan's ears perked up, and he sprinted toward a small grove of trees. Liam followed closely behind, his heart pounding with anticipation. As they entered the grove, they found the frightened lamb huddled against a tree trunk, shivering and bleating pitifully.

Liam scooped the tiny creature into his arms, whispering words of comfort as Finnegan stood guard. Together, they navigated their way back to the farm, the fierce storm showing no signs of relenting.

As they approached the pen, the rain began to ease, and the first rays of morning light broke through the clouds. Exhausted but triumphant, Liam and Finnegan returned the lost lamb to its mother, their hearts filled with relief and gratitude.

The villagers hailed Finnegan as a hero, marveling at the bravery and determination of the steadfast Irish Setter. His reputation as a loyal and fearless companion grew, and he became a symbol of courage and devotion throughout the countryside.

From that day forward, the bond between Liam and Finnegan only grew stronger. They continued to work side by side, tending to the flock and facing any challenges that came their way. Through thick and thin, they remained inseparable, a testament to the unbreakable connection between a shepherd and his beloved Irish Setter.

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