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Irish Setter Names

      Naming an Irish Setter can be as easy as digging down to its roots. There are plenty of perfect Irish names for both male and female puppies. A few of the top options for Irish males are Hogan, Murphy, and Aidan. Owners of females tend to favor the Irish names Abby, Teagan, and Ciara. The Irish Setter is easily identified by its reddish coat color. Some names inspired by this defining characteristic include Clifford, Auburn, Cherry, Cinnamon, Dahlia, and Rose. The breed is a gundog at heart and known for its abilities in setting and pointing gamebirds. Every good hunting dog needs a fitting name. Jake and Ace are some common favorites that are easy to call. Themed ideas include Hunter, Cabela, and Remmy. For a hunting dog duo Smith and Wesson is a popular way to go. No list of names for a dog with Irish roots is complete without the beer. Guiness, Murphy, Ohara, and Harp are few name ideas taken from Irish brews.
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Sherlock Photo of Sherlock for Irish Setter Names
Sean Photo of sean for Irish Setter Names I wanted to choose an Irish name and it can also be spelled "Shaun" or "Seán"

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Rua Irish for red
Bella Italian for beautiful which she is. Easy to call
Scarlett For the color of the coat. And that’s my girls name
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Finnegan: An Irish Setter Tale

Once upon a time in the rolling hills of Ireland, there lived a magnificent Irish Setter named Finnegan. Finnegan was a spirited and adventurous dog with a rich, red coat that seemed to shimmer like the setting sun. He had a noble and gentle demeanor, making him beloved by all who knew him.

Finnegan's best friend was a young shepherd named Liam. Liam's family owned a large farm nestled between the emerald hills, and together with Finnegan, they tended to the many sheep that grazed upon the lush pastures. Every morning, Liam and Finnegan would set out to round up the sheep, working in perfect harmony as they guided the flock through the verdant fields.

Finnegan had an extraordinary talent for herding sheep. His keen senses and boundless energy allowed him to effortlessly control the flock, nipping at their heels and barking commands when necessary. Liam marveled at Finnegan's natural abilities and often joked that the Irish Setter had the heart of a Border Collie.

One stormy evening, as the sky turned an ominous shade of gray, Liam and Finnegan hurried to bring the sheep back to the safety of their pen. The wind howled and the rain began to pour, making it difficult for them to see and navigate the treacherous terrain.

As they ushered the last of the sheep into the pen, Liam realized, to his horror, that one of the lambs was missing. Fearful for its safety, Liam knew he had to venture back into the storm to find the lost lamb. With a determined look in his eyes, Finnegan barked his agreement and set off with Liam into the tempest.

The pair trudged through the torrential rain, their vision obscured by the darkness and the sheets of water cascading from the sky. Finnegan used his powerful nose to track the scent of the lost lamb, leading Liam across the muddy hills and through the dense underbrush.

After what seemed like hours, Finnegan's ears perked up, and he sprinted toward a small grove of trees. Liam followed closely behind, his heart pounding with anticipation. As they entered the grove, they found the frightened lamb huddled against a tree trunk, shivering and bleating pitifully.

Liam scooped the tiny creature into his arms, whispering words of comfort as Finnegan stood guard. Together, they navigated their way back to the farm, the fierce storm showing no signs of relenting.

As they approached the pen, the rain began to ease, and the first rays of morning light broke through the clouds. Exhausted but triumphant, Liam and Finnegan returned the lost lamb to its mother, their hearts filled with relief and gratitude.

The villagers hailed Finnegan as a hero, marveling at the bravery and determination of the steadfast Irish Setter. His reputation as a loyal and fearless companion grew, and he became a symbol of courage and devotion throughout the countryside.

From that day forward, the bond between Liam and Finnegan only grew stronger. They continued to work side by side, tending to the flock and facing any challenges that came their way. Through thick and thin, they remained inseparable, a testament to the unbreakable connection between a shepherd and his beloved Irish Setter.

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