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Irish Wolfhound Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Being the tallest of dog breeds, the Irish Wolfhound is known to carry many height related names. Ideas can be found by researching names that mean tall in various languages or choosing the name of a tall athlete. Basketball stars like Lebron, Jordan, and Kobe provide a slew of interesting choices. Uzun (Turkish), Vysoky (Czech), and Pitka (Finnish) are a few name options that mean tall. As the name entails, the Irish Wolfhound was originally used to hunt wolves. Names can be taken from a famous wolf, werewolf, or even one of the Minnesota Timberwolves (combining with our first tactic). A few famous wolves from mythology include Amarok, Fenrir, Skoll, and Warg. Jacob, Embry, and Leah are wolves from the Twilight series. Since the breed originated in Ireland, no list of Irish Wolfhound names is complete without some good options related to Irish words and culture. Aidan, Hogan, and Murphy are a just a few Irish names that are increasing in popularity.
Name Reason to Choose
Adolfo This name, meaning 'noble wolf', aligns with the noble nature of the breed
Aidan This name has Gaelic origins, meaning 'little and fiery', reflecting the dog's large size and energetic nature
Aine In Irish mythology, Aine is a queen of the fairies, which can reflect the dog's regal demeanor
Akela A wolf character from 'The Jungle Book', suitable for this breed
Alby A Gaelic name meaning 'white', connecting to the dog's fur
Alpha This term for leader suits the breed's dominant and protective nature
Alto It's the Italian word for 'high', reflecting the breed's tall stature
Amarok In Inuit mythology, this is a giant wolf, perfectly matching the breed's size and name
Aoife In Irish legend, Aoife was a warrior princess, perfect for a strong female Wolfhound
Asena A name associated with wolves in Turkic mythology, ideal for this breed
Bevin An Irish name meaning 'sweet, melodious', reflecting the dog's pleasant temperament
Blarney Inspired by the famous Blarney Stone in Ireland
Brady This Irish name matches the breed's origin
Bran In Irish mythology, Bran was a warrior with a dog's body
Braxton An English name that fits well with the breed's origins in the British Isles
Bridget A female Irish name, referencing a beloved saint
Brigid Named after the Irish goddess of fire, perfect for a fiery spirited dog
Brogan A traditional Irish surname that suits the breed's heritage
Bryant This name, associated with a basketball legend, fits the tall and strong breed
Buck It's reminiscent of the outdoors and hunting, fitting for a breed used for wolf hunting
Cassell An Irish surname, reflecting the dog's origin
Celtic A tribute to the ancient Celtic people from Ireland
Ciaran It's a traditional Irish name, perfect for a proud Wolfhound
Claddagh This traditional Irish ring symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship
Collin The name has a friendly, approachable sound, much like the breed's temperament
Connemara A region in Western Ireland known for its natural beauty
Conry An old Irish name that means 'chief', fitting for the dog's large size
Cormac This traditional Irish name means 'chariot driver'
Danny Danny is derived from an Irish saint's name, thus suiting the breed
Darragh An Irish name meaning 'oak tree', for a sturdy, reliable breed
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Irish Landmark Names

Naming your Irish Wolfhound after famous Irish landmarks can be a unique way to honor their Irish roots.
Name Description
Belfast Named after Northern Ireland's capital, this name embodies a spirit of energy and courage
Blarney Inspired by the legendary Blarney Stone, it's a name that promises charm and eloquence
Burren Named after a unique rocky landscape in Ireland, it is a fitting name for a unique and strong dog
Cashel This name, from a town in County Tipperary, is perfect for a dog with a solid, strong character
Cavan Named after a county in Ireland, it's a name that carries a sense of tradition and heritage
Clare Taken from County Clare in Ireland, it's a name that signifies a soft, calming presence
Clonmel Inspired by the largest town in County Tipperary, it suggests a dog with a big personality
Connemara Named after a cultural region, it gives a sense of Irish tradition and heritage
Cork This name, after the second largest city in Ireland, is perfect for a big and strong dog
Derry Inspired by the city in Northern Ireland, it's a name that promises strength and resilience
Dingle From a coastal town in Ireland, this name could suit a dog who loves water
Donegal Named after the Irish county, it may suit a dog with a calm and serene nature
Dublin Named after Ireland's capital, this name embodies the spirit and culture of the country
Galway Named after a bustling city in Ireland, this name is perfect for an energetic, social dog
Kerry This name is derived from County Kerry, known for its beautiful landscapes, hinting at a dog's beauty
Kilkenny This name reminds one of the historic city in Ireland, reflecting a strong and sturdy character
Leitrim This name, after a county in Ireland, is perfect for a dog with a calm and serene nature
Liffey Inspired by the river running through Dublin, it suggests a flowing, lively spirit
Limerick This name, after a city in Ireland, is perfect for a dog with a lively, lyrical spirit
Meath Inspired by a county in Ireland, this name is fitting for a dog with a regal and strong character
Munster After one of the provinces of Ireland, this name reflects a sense of belonging and loyalty
Roscommon Inspired by a county in Ireland, this name suits a dog with a noble and loyal temperament
Shannon Taken from the longest river in Ireland, it's a name that signifies longevity and strength
Sligo This name, after a coastal seaport and the county town of County Sligo, suits a dog who loves exploring
Wicklow Named after a county in Ireland known for its mountains, fits a dog with an adventurous spirit

Large Size Related Names

As one of the tallest dog breeds, names that reflect their large size can be both fitting and endearing.
Name Description
Atlas After the Titan who held up the sky, suitable for a large, strong dog
Beast A playful name that reflects the Wolfhound's imposing size
Boulder Signifies the solid and imposing presence of the breed
Brute For a dog with the size and strength of a bruiser
Colossus Suggests the monumental size and stature of the breed
Cyclops Named after the giant one-eyed creatures in Greek mythology
Everest Named after the world's tallest mountain, perfect for a large dog
Galaxy Highlights the vastness of the breed's size
Goliath Inspired by the biblical giant, this name suits a large, powerful dog
Gryphon Named after the large mythical creature, suitable for a big dog
Hulk Reflects the strength and size of the comic book character
Jumbo A fun name that directly refers to the dog's large size
Kodiak After the Kodiak bear, one of the largest bear species
Mammoth This name echoes the grandeur of the extinct creature, suitable for a large dog
Mastodon Inspired by the large prehistoric elephant, a suitable name for a large dog
Maximus Latin for 'greatest', a fitting name for a large dog
Moose After the large, antlered animal, an apt name for a large breed
Olympus After the home of the Greek gods, a fitting name for a mighty dog
Sequoia Named after the giant trees, a fitting name for a large dog
Spartan For a dog with the size and courage of a warrior
Sumo Inspired by the large and powerful Japanese wrestlers
Tank For a dog with the size and strength of an armored vehicle
Titan This name indicates great strength and size, fitting for an Irish Wolfhound
Viking Reflects the strength and size of the ancient warriors
Zeppelin Named after the large airships, a fitting name for a large dog

Nature Inspired Names

Irish Wolfhounds are known for their love of the outdoors, making nature-inspired names a suitable choice.
Name Description
Aspen Representing the resilience and beauty of nature
Aurora Named after the stunning natural light display
Bramble Reminiscent of the wild, untamed Irish countryside
Breeze A gentle wind is common in Ireland, making this a fitting name
Brook Inspired by the small streams found in the Irish countryside
Canyon Symbolizes depth and vastness, just like the dog's personality
Clover This name is inspired by the iconic three-leaf plant commonly found in Ireland
Coral Inspired by the vibrant marine life in the Irish seas
Fern A plant that represents endurance and strength
Flint A stone that represents durability and strength
Gale Inspired by the strong winds that sweep across the Irish countryside
Hazel Inspired by the common tree in Ireland and its associated folklore
Heather A plant native to Ireland, symbolizing protection and good luck
Holly A plant associated with winter and resilience in Irish folklore
Lunar Inspired by the beauty and mystery of the moon
Moss Nature-inspired, represents the lush green countryside
Rain Ireland's famous for its rainy weather
River Ireland is known for its beautiful winding rivers
Sage A plant known for its healing and cleansing properties
Spruce A type of tree that symbolizes resilience
Stone Reflects the rugged Irish terrain
Storm Reflecting the wild and unpredictable Irish weather
Thistle A resilient plant that symbolizes bravery and courage
Tundra An homage to the vast, open landscapes
Willow A tree that symbolizes flexibility and grace

Mythological Names

Due to their majestic and imposing appearance, names derived from mythology can be a great match for Irish Wolfhounds.
Name Description
Apollo Apollo was the Greek god of many things, including the sun, music, and healing, reflecting the Wolfhound's multifaceted nature
Ares The Greek god of war, Ares, signifies the breed's protective nature
Artemis The goddess of hunting in Greek mythology, Artemis, reflects the hunting origins of the breed
Athena Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, reflects the intelligent nature of the breed
Atlas In Greek mythology, Atlas was a titan who held up the sky, mirroring the strength of an Irish Wolfhound
Baldur Baldur, a beloved Norse god, represents the affectionate nature of the breed
Diana Roman goddess Diana, known for her hunting skills, reflects the breed's hunting origins
Fenrir From Norse mythology, Fenrir was a monstrous wolf, reflecting the size and power of an Irish Wolfhound
Freya Freya, a Norse goddess of love and beauty, represents the breed's gentle and attractive nature
Helios Helios, the Greek sun god, mirrors the warm and radiant personality of the breed
Hera Hera, Greek goddess of women and marriage, reflects the breed's loyalty
Hercules Hercules, a Greek hero known for his strength, mirrors the physical power of the breed
Hermes Hermes, the Greek god of travelers, parallels the breed's love for adventure
Hestia Hestia, Greek goddess of the hearth, represents the breed's love for home and family
Juno Juno, the queen of the Roman gods, signifies the breed's noble stature
Loki Loki, the trickster god in Norse mythology, mirrors the breed's playful nature
Luna Luna, the Roman goddess of the moon, mirrors the breed's calm and serene nature
Mars Mars, Roman god of war, symbolizes the bravery of the Irish Wolfhound
Odin Odin, a god in Norse mythology, symbolizes wisdom and power, characteristics of the breed
Perseus Perseus, a Greek hero, signifies the breed's protective nature
Poseidon Poseidon's powerful presence as the Greek god of the sea mirrors the breed's commanding presence
Sif Sif, a Norse earth goddess, represents the breed's grounded and stable nature
Thor The size and strength of an Irish Wolfhound are reminiscent of Thor, the Norse god of thunder
Tyr The courage of Tyr, the Norse god of law and heroic glory, symbolizes the breed's bravery
Zeus This breed's majestic presence is comparable to Zeus, the king of Greek gods

Gaelic Names

As Irish Wolfhounds are a breed originating from Ireland, traditional Gaelic names can be a fitting tribute to their heritage.
Name Description
Aodh It's a traditional Gaelic name that means 'fire', a suitable match for an Irish Wolfhound's fiery spirit
Bradan In Gaelic, it translates to 'salmon', symbolizing wisdom and knowledge
Caislean The Gaelic word for 'castle', a reference to the dog's regal stature
Donnchadh This Gaelic name means 'brown warrior', perfect for a brown Irish Wolfhound
Erin A simple yet traditional Gaelic name which represents the Emerald Isle
Fionn Gaelic for 'fair', it's ideal for a light-colored Irish Wolfhound
Gormlaith It's Gaelic for 'blue princess', apt for a female Irish Wolfhound of a bluish coat
Hogan In Gaelic, it means 'young', a fitting name for a playful Irish Wolfhound puppy
Iollan This name means 'one who worships a different god' in Gaelic, a unique choice for a strong Irish Wolfhound
Jarlath A common Gaelic name that signifies 'tributary lord', matching the Irish Wolfhound's stature
Keane A Gaelic name that means 'ancient', reflecting the breed's long history
Laoise It means 'radiant girl' in Gaelic, a charming name for a female Irish Wolfhound
Meara This Gaelic name means 'merry', reflecting the breed's cheerful nature
Niall Meaning 'champion' in Gaelic, it's a strong name for a robust Irish Wolfhound
Oisin In Gaelic, it translates to 'little deer', a tender name for a gentle Irish Wolfhound
Padraig A traditional Gaelic name meaning 'noble', mirroring the breed's noble appearance
Quinlan The Gaelic name means 'fit and strong', perfect for a healthy Irish Wolfhound
Roisin This name translates to 'little rose' in Gaelic, a sweet name for a female Irish Wolfhound
Saoirse It means 'freedom' in Gaelic, reflecting the breed's free-spirited nature
Tadhg A Gaelic name that means 'poet', a unique choice for a creative owner's Irish Wolfhound
Uaithne This Gaelic name signifies 'green', a nod to Ireland's lush landscapes
Vevila A Gaelic name meaning 'harmony', matching the breed's gentle temperament
Wynda From Gaelic origin, it means 'narrow passage', a unique choice for an agile Irish Wolfhound
Xavier Although not traditionally Gaelic, it's popular in Ireland and means 'new house', ideal for a new addition to the family
Yeats Named after the famous Irish poet, a cultured choice for an Irish Wolfhound
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The Legend of Fionn, The Wolfbane

In the rugged hills of ancient Ireland, there lived a legendary Irish Wolfhound named Fionn. His muscular build, keen senses, and powerful stride were a testament to his noble lineage. Fionn belonged to a respected hunter named Ciaran, who had trained him from a pup to hunt the wolves that plagued their village.

The wolves had grown bolder, venturing closer to the village and threatening the lives of the villagers and their livestock. The people lived in constant fear, their only hope lying in the courageous Fionn and his master, Ciaran.

Fionn's reputation as a skilled hunter had earned him the nickname "Wolfbane," for no wolf could escape the determined hound once he had caught its scent. His great size and strength allowed him to challenge even the fiercest of wolves, and his unwavering loyalty to Ciaran only served to strengthen their bond.

One fateful day, news reached the village that a monstrous wolf, larger and more fearsome than any they had ever encountered, had been spotted in the nearby forest. The villagers, terrified by the beast's massive size and voracious appetite, turned to Ciaran and Fionn for help.

Ciaran, knowing the immense danger this wolf posed, resolved to track down and eliminate the beast once and for all. Fionn, ever loyal, stood by his master's side, his eyes filled with determination and courage.

The duo set off into the dense forest, guided by Fionn's keen nose and the telltale signs of the monstrous wolf's path of destruction. For days they tracked the beast, their journey taking them deeper into the untamed wilderness than they had ever ventured before.

As the sun dipped below the horizon on the fifth day, Fionn caught the scent of the monstrous wolf. With a low growl, he signaled to Ciaran that the creature was near. As they approached a moonlit clearing, the monstrous wolf came into view, its massive form casting an ominous shadow across the forest floor.

Ciaran, his heart pounding with both fear and resolve, readied his bow, while Fionn tensed, preparing to strike. As the monstrous wolf lunged toward them, Fionn leaped to meet it, his powerful frame colliding with the beast's in a fierce display of strength and agility.

The battle raged on, the forest echoing with the sounds of growls and snarls as Fionn and the monstrous wolf fought for dominance. Ciaran, watching in awe, knew that he must act quickly to ensure his faithful companion's safety.

With a steady hand and a silent prayer, Ciaran aimed his bow at the monstrous wolf and released the arrow. It flew straight and true, striking the beast directly in its heart. With a final, anguished howl, the monstrous wolf collapsed, its lifeless form a testament to Fionn's bravery and Ciaran's unwavering aim.

As the village celebrated their heroes' triumphant return, Fionn's legend grew, his name forever etched in the annals of history as the Irish Wolfhound who had conquered the monstrous wolf. The villagers were forever grateful for Fionn's bravery and Ciaran's skill, the pair's bond a shining example of loyalty, courage, and the power of an unbreakable friendship.

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