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Italian Greyhound Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The speed and athleticism of the Italian Greyhound will often draw owners toward names of famous sports figures and Olympians. Jamaal, Bolt, and Tyson are a few names that fall in line with the theme of fast. On the fictional side of things, Flash, Sonic, and Speedy are all known for their quickness. Historical evidence of the breed has been found among the ruins of ancient Pompeii in Italy. Venice, Sicily, and Naples are few names taken from places in Italy. Popular Italian dog names include Bianca, Caterina, and Romeo. Some of the most fun dog names come from children. If you don't have access to a child's opinion, you can mimic the results by thinking like a child. For example, try thinking of names related to a favorite candy or snack food. Names like Skittles, Oreo, and Taffy come to mind.
Name Reason to Choose
Abel A strong, classic name that suits the robust and lively nature of Italian Greyhounds
Aberto Taken from an Italian name meaning 'noble', it suits the noble look of the breed
Adolfo An Italian name that means 'noble wolf', it reflects the dog's Italian heritage
Almond A cute, food-inspired name that matches the sweet disposition of the breed
Amore Italian for 'love', a perfect name for a much-loved pet
Angel A lovely, gentle name that embodies the affectionate and gentle temperament of Italian Greyhounds
Aria Italian for 'air', perfect for a light and swift Italian Greyhound
Aries This astrological name reflects on the energetic, bold characteristics of the breed
Armani Inspired by the world-renowned Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani
Asti A sweet and bubbly name, just like the Italian wine, for a dog with a sweet and lively personality
Baci A sweet and affectionate name, meaning 'kisses' in Italian
Bambi This name, meaning 'child' in Italian, is fitting for a youthful, playful Italian Greyhound
Bella This name is an Italian word meaning 'beautiful', fitting for a graceful Italian Greyhound
Bellini A sweet and bubbly name, just like the Italian cocktail, for a fun and playful dog
Bianca This is an Italian name meaning 'white', a common color for this breed
Biscotti A sweet name for your pet, named after the crunchy Italian almond biscuits
Biscotto An homage to Italy's delicious cookies, perfect for a sweet and charming dog
Bolt Symbolizes the exceptional speed Italian Greyhounds are famed for
Bruno Bruno is a traditional Italian name meaning 'brown', perfect for a brown Italian Greyhound
Bruschetta A tasty and savory name, perfect for a dog with a zesty and appealing personality
Cadbury A popular chocolate brand, this name reflects on the Italian Greyhound's sweet nature
Candy The name reflects the sweet and lovable personality of Italian Greyhounds
Cane This is Italian for 'dog', a straightforward, yet charming name
Cannoli A sweet and endearing name, just like the popular Italian dessert
Cappuccino A fun and playful name for a dog, named after the famous Italian coffee drink
Capri This name is chosen after a beautiful island in Italy
Caterina It's a classic Italian name, reflecting the breed's Italian origin
Cello Named after the Italian string instrument, ideal for a dog with a melodious bark
Ciabatta A cute name for a dog, named after the popular Italian bread
Cortona Inspired by the charming Italian town, perfect for a dog with a peaceful and serene character
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Historic Names

Italian Greyhounds have a long history, dating back over 2000 years, so a historic or vintage name could be a perfect fit.
Name Description
Augustus This name commemorates Augustus, the first Roman Emperor
Botticelli This name is derived from Sandro Botticelli, the Italian painter of the Early Renaissance
Brunelleschi This name is taken from Filippo Brunelleschi, the Italian designer and key figure in architecture
Caesar This name references the famous Roman general and statesman, Julius Caesar
Columbus This name pays tribute to Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer who discovered America
Dante In memory of Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet of the Middle Ages
Donatello In memory of Donatello, the famous Italian sculptor from the Renaissance period
Galileo A nod to Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer and physicist
Giotto Named after Giotto di Bondone, the preeminent Italian painter of the 14th century
Leonardo An homage to Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian polymath of the Renaissance period
Lorenzo For Lorenzo de' Medici, the ruler of Florence and patron of arts and culture
Lucrezia For Lucrezia Borgia, the powerful Renaissance noblewoman
Medici Named after the powerful and influential Medici family from Florence
Michelangelo Named after the Italian sculptor, painter, and architect of the High Renaissance
Nero Named after Emperor Nero, a notable figure in Roman history
Petrarch This name pays homage to the Italian scholar and poet in Renaissance Italy
Pisa This name honors the city of Pisa, known for its historic Leaning Tower
Raphael Named after the Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance
Roma A simple tribute to the historic city of Rome
Spartacus Named after the legendary gladiator who led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic
Titus This name harks back to the Roman Emperor of the same name
Venice This name is a tribute to the historic and beautiful city of Venice
Verdi In honor of Giuseppe Verdi, the famous Italian opera composer
Vesuvius Representing the historic and still-active volcano in Italy
Vivaldi Named after Antonio Vivaldi, a renowned Italian composer

Elegant Names

Italian Greyhounds have a graceful and elegant appearance, so a name that reflects this can be a good match.
Name Description
Adriana It's a classic Italian name that evokes sophistication
Alessandro This name exudes an Italian charm and sophistication
Aria Derived from Italian, it means 'air', and is often associated with grace and elegance
Bella It is an Italian term denoting beautiful, signifying elegance
Bianca An Italian name meaning 'white', often associated with purity and elegance
Dante It's a name inspired by the famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, and it exudes refinement
Elena A beautiful Italian name that is synonymous with elegance and grace
Emilia It's an Italian name that reflects sophistication and elegance
Enzo It's a short and sweet Italian name that sounds stylish and elegant
Francesca A classic Italian name that denotes sophistication and elegance
Giovanni It's a traditional Italian name, which denotes charm and poise
Grazia It's an Italian name meaning 'grace', signifying elegance
Leonardo Inspired by the Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci, the name exudes a refined aura
Lorenzo This Italian name is often associated with class and elegance
Lucia Derived from the Latin word for 'light', it's associated with brightness and elegance
Luna This name means 'moon' in Italian, and it's often associated with tranquility and grace
Raphael The name is derived from the famous Italian painter, adding an artistic elegance
Riccardo It's a traditional Italian name that adds an air of sophistication
Rosa It's an Italian name meaning 'rose', signifying beauty and elegance
Serena This name, which means 'serene', is an epitome of elegance and calm
Sofia A popular Italian name that is synonymous with elegance and grace
Stella An Italian name meaning 'star', often associated with brilliance and elegance
Valentino This name is associated with the famous Italian fashion designer, Valentino Garavani, denoting high-fashion elegance
Vincenzo A traditional Italian name that adds a touch of class and sophistication
Viviana This Italian name, which means 'full of life', is also an epitome of elegance

Small Size Names

Italian Greyhounds are one of the smallest breeds of dogs, so names that reflect their small size could be suitable.
Name Description
Amore This name means 'love' in Italian, ideal for a small Italian Greyhound that is dear to your heart
Armani This name, inspired by the Italian fashion brand, is a stylish choice for a small Italian Greyhound
Bella Derived from Italian, this name means 'beautiful', ideal for a lovely small Italian Greyhound
Biscotti This name, translating to 'cookies', is a playful choice for a sweet, small pup
Brio This name means 'vivacity' in Italian, perfect for a lively small Italian Greyhound
Capri This name, derived from an Italian island, is a stylish choice for a small Italian Greyhound
Cara In Italian, 'Cara' means 'dear', a lovely name for a cherished small pup
Dolce Meaning 'sweet', this name is a delightful choice for a small, lovable Italian Greyhound
Espresso This name, inspired by the Italian coffee, is a lively choice for a small, energetic pup
Fiamma Meaning 'flame', this name could suit a fiery little Italian Greyhound
Gioia The Italian word for 'joy', this name suits a happy, small Italian Greyhound
Lucca This name, originating from an Italian city, is a classy choice for a small Italian Greyhound
Luna This name, meaning 'moon', is a charming choice for a small, bright Italian Greyhound
Nero This name means 'black' in Italian, suitable for a small, dark-coated pup
Pasta Named after the Italian food staple, it's a playful name for a small Italian Greyhound
Pesto Named after the Italian sauce, it's a fun and distinctive name for a small pup
Piccolo In Italian, 'Piccolo' translates to 'small', making it a fitting name for a petite pup
Ravioli Named after the Italian dish, it's an amusing and endearing name for a small pup
Roma Named after the capital city of Italy, it's a great way to honor the breed's heritage
Siena Named after the Italian city, it's a dignified name for a small Italian Greyhound
Stella This name, meaning 'star', is perfect for a small Italian Greyhound that shines brightly in your life
Tiramisu Inspired by the Italian dessert, it's a sweet and unique name for a small pup
Venice This name, inspired by the famous Italian city, is a grand choice for a small Italian Greyhound
Vino Meaning 'wine', this name could be a refined choice for a small Italian Greyhound
Ziti Inspired by the Italian pasta, it's a quirky name for a petite Italian Greyhound

Fast Names

Italian Greyhounds are known for their speed and agility, so a name that reflects this characteristic can be fitting.
Name Description
Aero Represents the dog's ability to move as swiftly as wind
Blitz It's a German word for 'lightning', representing speed
Bolt This name is inspired by the speed of lightning
Bullet Bullet is a symbol of speed and directness
Cheetah It's inspired by the fastest land animal
Comet Comets are known for their speed and brightness, much like a fast Italian Greyhound
Eclipse Just as an eclipse moves swiftly across the sky, so does this breed
Flash Inspired by the superhero known for his super speed
Freccia This is an Italian term for 'arrow', representing their speed
Fulmine Derived from the Italian word for 'lightning', symbolizing speed
Haste It stands for the dog's quickness
Hurricane A hurricane is a powerful and fast storm, symbolizing the speed of an Italian Greyhound
Jet A name that symbolizes speed and agility
Puma Inspired by the fast and agile big cat
Rapido An Italian name that stands for 'quick'
Razzo It translates to 'rocket' in Italian, symbolizing their swift movement
Sprint This name alludes to their ability to move quickly over short distances
Storm A storm is swift and powerful, just like an Italian Greyhound
Tempest A tempest is a violent, windy storm, symbolizing the Italian Greyhound's speed and energy
Tornado Inspired by the force and speed of a tornado
Turbo Symbolizes the dog's high-speed characteristics
Veloce This name means 'fast' in Italian, perfect for a quick little Italian Greyhound
Vortex A vortex is a fast, spinning mass, just like a running Italian Greyhound
Whirlwind A whirlwind is fast and unpredictable, just like an Italian Greyhound
Zippy The name is a humorous nod to the dog's speed

Italian Names

Naming your Italian Greyhound with a classic Italian name can be a nod to the breed's heritage.
Name Description
Amore This means 'love' in Italian, perfect for a beloved pet
Bella This name means 'beautiful' in Italian, perfect for a lovely Italian Greyhound
Biscotti Inspired by the popular Italian cookie, ideal for a sweet dog
Cappuccino This name is inspired by the popular Italian coffee drink, ideal for a dog with a warm and comforting presence
Dante Taken from Dante Alighieri, the famed Italian poet
Ferrari A speedy name that pays homage to the famous Italian sports car company
Gelato Perfect for a sweet and delightful Italian Greyhound
Gioia This Italian name means 'joy', ideal for a cheerful dog
Giuseppe An authentic Italian name, reminiscent of famous composer Giuseppe Verdi
Leonardo Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Italian artist and inventor
Luigi A classic Italian name, also known from the famous video game character
Luna This means 'moon' in Italian, a beautiful name for a lovely dog
Marco A traditional Italian name, also reminds of the famous explorer Marco Polo
Mia This means 'mine' in Italian, perfect for a dog that's a cherished part of the family
Milano A stylish name after Milan, the Italian city known for fashion and design
Pasta A light-hearted and fun name that gives a nod to a beloved Italian dish
Pisa Named after the Italian city known for its leaning tower
Riccardo An elegant Italian name for a distinguished dog
Roma Named after the vibrant capital city of Italy
Rosa This is Italian for 'rose', a beautiful name for a pretty dog
Sofia Inspired by Sofia Loren, legendary Italian actress
Tito This Italian name has a playful sound, suitable for a lively dog
Venice Named after the beautiful and romantic city in Italy
Vespa Named after the iconic Italian motor scooter
Vino This means 'wine' in Italian, great for a dog with a rich, deep coat color
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Ripley Photo of ripley for Italian Greyhound Names Ripley was named after Ripley, the fictional character from the movie series 'Aliens' because she is a strong female character.

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Mario very cute and suits the breed very well
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Celeste, The Swift Saviour of Pompeii: An Italian Greyhound Story

In the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, there lived a graceful Italian Greyhound named Celeste. With her sleek, slender body and impressive speed, Celeste was known throughout the city as the fastest dog in town. But it was her keen instincts and unwavering loyalty that would one day make her a hero in the face of an unthinkable disaster.

Celeste's human family, the Antonius clan, were well-respected in Pompeii, running a successful bakery in the heart of the city. Celeste spent her days weaving through the busy streets, her nimble legs carrying her from one errand to the next as she helped her family with their daily tasks.

On the fateful day of the eruption, Celeste awoke with a feeling of unease. The air was heavy and strange, and the ground beneath her paws seemed to tremble with an ominous rumble. Sensing that something was amiss, Celeste's instincts kicked into high gear, urging her to take action.

As Mount Vesuvius erupted, spewing ash and debris into the sky, panic swept through the streets of Pompeii. Celeste's family, realizing the gravity of the situation, gathered their belongings and prepared to flee the city. But Celeste knew that there were others in need of help, and she couldn't bear to leave them behind.

With her family's blessing, Celeste raced through the city, her slender frame allowing her to nimbly navigate the narrow streets and alleys as she sought out those in need. Her keen eyes scanned the chaos, searching for the elderly, the infirm, and the young who needed assistance in their escape.

One by one, Celeste guided the vulnerable citizens of Pompeii through the city's labyrinthine streets, her incredible speed ensuring that they stayed ahead of the encroaching danger. As she led each group to safety, Celeste's bravery and selflessness inspired hope in the hearts of those she saved, giving them the strength to carry on in the face of adversity.

Throughout the day, Celeste continued her daring rescue mission, her swift legs carrying her tirelessly through the ash-choked city. As the sun began to set, her family anxiously awaited her return, praying that their beloved dog had survived the catastrophe.

As the last light of day faded, a weary but triumphant Celeste emerged from the smoke, her body streaked with ash and soot, but her spirit unbroken. The Antonius family embraced their brave Italian Greyhound, their tears of relief and gratitude mingling with the ash that blanketed the ground.

In the days that followed, as the survivors of Pompeii began to rebuild their lives, tales of Celeste's heroism spread far and wide. Her incredible speed and unwavering loyalty had saved countless lives, earning her a place in the annals of history as the swift saviour of Pompeii.

As the city rose from the ashes, Celeste continued to serve her family and her community, her legacy a testament to the indomitable spirit of the people of Pompeii and the enduring bond between humans and their canine companions. And for generations to come, the name Celeste would be whispered with reverence, a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

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