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Jakarta Dog Names

Updated: June 09, 2024

Welcome to a comprehensive collection of dog names that reflects the rich culture and diverse heritage of Indonesia's vibrant capital, Jakarta. This city, known for its bustling lifestyle and unique blend of traditions, lends a distinct flavor to the names chosen for our loyal companions.

Just as Jakarta is a melting pot of various ethnicities, our assortment of names includes a variety of genres. From traditional Indonesian names to popular Western ones, from names inspired by Jakarta's beautiful landscapes to those reflecting its urban charm, there's something for every dog and their owner. Dive in and discover the perfect moniker that captures the spirit of your beloved pet.

We understand the special bond between humans and their furry friends. Thus, we've carefully crafted this list to help you find not just a name, but a term of endearment that resonates with the personality and uniqueness of your canine buddy. Let's embark on this exciting journey of finding the perfect name for your dog that celebrates the diversity and dynamism of Jakarta.

Name Reason to Choose
Ancol Ancol is a coastal lowland area located to the east of Kota Tua Jakarta
Andong It's a traditional Javanese horse-drawn carriage
Angin It means 'wind', perfect for a fast and agile dog
Angklung Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument
Api It means 'fire', suggesting a lively and energetic dog
Badak Badak means rhinoceros in Indonesian
Bakrie Named after the famous Bakrie Tower in Jakarta
Bakso Bakso, a meatball soup, is a common street food in Jakarta
Bali Named after the famous Indonesian island
Bamboo The plant is widely used in Jakarta and across Indonesia
Bambu Indonesian term for 'bamboo'
Bandung Bandung is a popular tourist city near Jakarta
Batak Batak refers to a group of indigenous tribes in Indonesia
Batik Batik is a traditional Indonesian fabric
Besar It means 'big' in Indonesian
Betawi It's the name of the indigenous people of Jakarta
Bintang It means 'star' in Indonesian
Blok Blok M is a popular shopping area in Jakarta
Bogor Bogor is a city near Jakarta, known for its botanical gardens
Borneo Borneo is a large island in Indonesia
Borobudur Named after a famous Buddhist temple in Indonesia
Budaya The Indonesian word for 'culture'
Bulan It means 'moon' in Indonesian
Bunga It means 'flower' in Indonesian
Bungur In reference to Jalan Bungur Besar Raya, a street in central Jakarta
Cakra Inspired by the Cakra, a traditional Indonesian weapon
Cakwe Cakwe is a popular street food in Jakarta
Candi Candi refers to historical temples found throughout Indonesia
Cempaka Cempaka Putih is a district of Central Jakarta
Cendol A popular dessert in Jakarta
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Jakarta Neighborhoods

Naming your dog after a Jakarta neighborhood can be a great way to honor your favorite part of the city.
Name Description
Blok This name comes from Blok M, a popular shopping and entertainment district in South Jakarta
Cikini A historically rich neighborhood in Central Jakarta
Cilandak Named after a district in South Jakarta known for its international schools
Cipete Named after a residential area in South Jakarta
Gajah Inspired by Gajah Mada, a popular area in West Jakarta known for its vibrant nightlife
Jatinegara Inspired by a historic neighborhood in East Jakarta
Kalibata Named for a district in South Jakarta known for its green open spaces
Kebayoran Named for a well-planned district in South Jakarta
Kelapa Named for the Kelapa Gading district, known for its shopping malls
Kemang Named after Kemang, a popular neighborhood in South Jakarta known for its thriving expat community
Kramat Named for an area in Central Jakarta known for its traditional market
Kuningan Inspired by a major business district in South Jakarta
Mampang Inspired by a district in South Jakarta known for its cultural diversity
Menteng This name is inspired by the upscale and historic Menteng district in central Jakarta, known for its leafy streets
Pademangan Inspired by a residential area in North Jakarta near the sea
Pancoran Inspired by a district in South Jakarta known for its iconic statue
Pasar Pasar Minggu is a busy neighborhood in South Jakarta known for its Sunday market
Pluit This name comes from a residential area in North Jakarta famous for its lakes and seafood restaurants
Pulogadung Named for an industrial area in East Jakarta
Ragunan Named after Ragunan Zoo, a popular family destination in South Jakarta
Senayan Taken from the sports-oriented neighborhood of Gelora in Central Jakarta
Setiabudi Inspired by a district in South Jakarta known for its skyscrapers
Sudirman Taken from the central business district in Jakarta
Tanjung Inspired by Tanjung Priok, a major seaport in North Jakarta
Tebet A down-to-earth neighborhood in South Jakarta

Indonesian Flower Names

Jakarta is home to a variety of beautiful flowers, making these names both beautiful and linked to the city's natural beauty.
Name Description
Adenium Adenium, or Desert Rose, is a sturdy plant - a good name for a robust, resilient dog
Anggrek Anggrek, meaning orchid in Bahasa, is a popular flower in Indonesia and makes for an exotic dog name
Bougainvillea This name is inspired by the vibrantly colored flower, perfect for a lively, spirited pet
Cempaka Cempaka, or Magnolia, is a symbol of dignity and nobility
Dahlia Dahlia is a beautiful flower, a great choice for a beautiful pet
Edelweiss Edelweiss is a rare flower found in high mountain areas, ideal for an adventurous dog
Flamboyan Flamboyan, or Flame tree, is a vibrant tropical tree, suitable for a fiery, energetic dog
Gerbera Gerbera is a bright and cheerful flower, perfect for a happy-go-lucky pet
Hibiscus Hibiscus is a tropical flower, making it a fitting name for a tropical, Indonesian breed
Iris Iris is a classic flower name, perfect for a classic, elegant pet
Jasmine Jasmine is a fragrant flower, making it a sweet name for a sweet-smelling pup
Kamboja Named after the fragrant Plumeria flower, commonly found in Indonesia
Kantil This name is derived from the fragrant Kantil flower, often used in traditional Indonesian ceremonies
Kemuning Kemuning is a small yellow flower in Indonesia, a great name for a little yellow dog
Kenanga Kenanga, or Ylang-Ylang flower, has a lovely fragrance, perfect for a sweet smelling pup
Krokot Krokot, or Purslane, is a resilient plant, perfect for a dog that never gives up
Lavender Lavender is a calming, fragrant flower, perfect for a calm, peaceful pet
Lili Lili is Indonesian for Lily, a delicate and elegant flower, perfect for a graceful pet
Mawar Mawar, meaning rose, is a classic choice for a beautiful, beloved pet
Melati This name is inspired by the national flower of Indonesia, Jasminum sambac, also known as Melati
Merak Named after the Peacock flower, for a dog that loves to show off
Mimosa Mimosa is a delicate, sensitive plant, a great name for a sensitive, delicate pet
Narcissus Narcissus is a beautiful flower, making it a great name for a beautiful pet
Raflesia Inspired by the world's largest flower, Raflesia Arnoldi, a unique name for a large dog
Teratai Teratai is the Indonesian word for Lotus, symbolizing purity and beauty

Indonesian Food Names

Names inspired by Indonesian cuisine are unique and adorable, offering a fun and tasty tribute to Jakarta.
Name Description
Ayam It means chicken in Indonesian, a common protein in their dishes
Bakso This Indonesian meatball soup is a popular comfort food
Bebek This name, meaning duck, is inspired by Bebek Goreng, a fried duck dish
Bubur It's an Indonesian rice porridge, a common breakfast food
Cendol Named after a popular Indonesian dessert made from rice flour
Durian This name pays tribute to the king of fruits in Southeast Asia
Gado In honor of Gado-Gado, a popular mixed vegetable dish in Indonesia
Jengkol A dog named Jengkol pays tribute to a popular ingredient in Indonesian dishes
Ketoprak A popular street food in Jakarta, perfect for an active dog
Krupuk This name is inspired by a favorite Indonesian cracker snack
Lemper A type of Indonesian snack made from sticky rice and chicken
Lontong This compressed rice cake is a familiar food in Indonesian cuisine
Martabak This Indonesian stuffed pancake would make a sweet name for a dog
Nasi It's the Indonesian word for rice, a staple food in the region
Otak Inspired by Otak-Otak, a fish cake grilled in banana leaves
Pecel Named after a traditional Javanese salad
Pepes Inspired by Pepes Ikan, a steamed or grilled fish dish
Rendang An Indonesian spicy meat dish, perfect for a feisty pooch
Satay This name is derived from a popular Indonesian meat skewer dish
Sayur It means vegetable in Indonesian, suitable for a healthy, lively dog
Serabi This Indonesian pancake makes a delightful dog name
Soto In honor of Soto Ayam, a famous Indonesian chicken soup
Tahu It's the Indonesian term for tofu, a common ingredient in their cuisine
Tempe It's a traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans
Udang The Indonesian word for shrimp, ideal for a small dog

Jakarta Landmarks

Named after famous landmarks in Jakarta, these names pay homage to the city's iconic locations.
Name Description
Ancol Ancol Dreamland is a popular recreational park
Asemka Asemka is a popular shopping district
BlokM It's a major shopping and entertainment center in Jakarta
Bundaran Bundaran HI is a famous roundabout and landmark
Cikini Cikini is known for its cultural attractions
Gambir Gambir Station is a major railway station in Jakarta
Istiqlal Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia
Jaksa Jaksa Street is famous for its nightlife
Kalibata Another residential area in Jakarta
Kota Kota Tua is the old town of Jakarta
Kuningan A business district in Jakarta
Menteng One of the most prestigious residential areas
Merdeka Merdeka Square is a famous landmark in Jakarta
Monas Monas is the National Monument, a key icon of Jakarta
Pasar Pasar Baru is a busy shopping area in Jakarta
Pluit A neighborhood known for its culinary delights
Pramuka Pramuka Island is an island in the Thousand Islands chain
Ragunan Taking its name from the city's zoo
Semanggi A historic bridge and landmark
Senayan This is a famous sports complex in Jakarta
Sudirman An important road in the city
Sunda Sunda Kelapa is the old port of Jakarta
Taman Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a culture-based recreational area
Tanah Tanah Abang is a subdistrict in Jakarta
Thamrin A major road in Jakarta

Traditional Indonesian Names

These names are rooted in the culture and history of Jakarta, providing a meaningful connection to the city.
Name Description
Angklung A traditional Indonesian musical instrument, for a dog with a musical bark
Bali Named after the famous Indonesian island, symbolizing beauty and tranquility
Batik The intricate patterns symbolize the uniqueness of each pet
Bintang Meaning 'star' in Indonesian, for a dog who's the star of your life
Borobudur Named after the world's largest Buddhist temple, for a dog with a calming presence
Gajah The Indonesian term for elephant, for a dog with a gentle and powerful presence
Gamelan A traditional Indonesian orchestra, for a dog with a harmonious nature
Garuda The national emblem of Indonesia, fitting for a majestic dog
Harimau Meaning 'tiger' in Indonesian language, for a fierce and brave dog
Jawa Named after the Java island, representing the cultural heart of Indonesia
Keris A traditional Indonesian dagger, for a dog with a sharp and protective instinct
Komodo Named after the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world, for a big and strong dog
Merapi A famous volcano in Indonesia, for a dog with an explosive energy
Olahraga The Indonesian term for sports, suitable for an active dog
Padi The Indonesian word for rice, a staple food, reflecting the essential role of the pet
Pura The term for a Balinese temple, for a dog with a sacred and loyal spirit
Ramayana A traditional epic in Indonesian literature, for a dog with a heroic spirit
Rendang A traditional Indonesian delicacy, fitting for a loyal and loving pet
Samosir An island in Indonesia, perfect for a dog who loves water
Sarong A common piece of Indonesian clothing, perfect for a comforting companion
Sulawesi One of the major islands in Indonesia, a fitting name for a large breed
Sumatra Named after the Indonesian island, representing strength and power
Sunda A cultural region in West Java, perfect for a dog with a warm and friendly nature
Ubud A town in Bali known for its art and culture, for a dog with a stylish personality
Wayang Inspired by the traditional Indonesian puppet theatre, great for a dramatic dog
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