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Japanese Chin Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Japanese Chin was revered by royalty in historic Japan. The breed was a symbol of status and owned by only those of noble blood. Many dog name ideas can be taken from the classic periods of Japan and the Emperors that ruled. Kofun, Asuka, Nara, and Heian are four names borrowed from periods in Japanese history. A few good names of rulers in the Kofun period are Ojin, Richu, Anko, Kenzo, and Senka. Some name options from the Asuka period include Kinmei, Yomei, Suiko, Kobun, and Saimei. The Nara period gives names like Gensho, Koken, Shomu, and Konin. Names derived from rulers during the Heian period are Heizei, Saga, Yozek, Koko, Kazan, Sanjo, Toba, and Nijo. Other unique options come from Japanese words. Suki (meaning love), Hana (meaning flower), and Saikou (meaning best) are just a few of the many available choices for female puppies. Hoshi (meaning a star), Kameko (meaning child of the tortoise), and Kioko (meaning happy child) are some popular Japanese dog names for a male. To have a little fun with naming, try to think of names of people with notable chins. John Travolta, Chevy Chase, and Kirk Douglas are a few famous people with well-defined cleft chins.
Name Reason to Choose
Ai Ai means 'love' in Japanese. It's a perfect name for a dog that is very loved
Aiko Aiko means 'love', a suitable name for a loving and affectionate Japanese Chin
Akemi For a beautiful Japanese Chin, as Akemi means 'bright and beautiful'
Aki This name is perfect for a Japanese Chin born in autumn, as Aki means autumn in Japanese
Akio This name means 'bright man', perfect for a bright and intelligent dog
Anko In Japanese, it means 'sweet red bean paste', a delightful name for a sweet pet
Asa Asa means 'morning' in Japanese. It's a fitting name for a dog that loves to get up and play in the morning
Asuka This name has Japanese origins, ideal for a breed that hails from Japan
Barnes Despite its Western roots, this name is simple and easy for the Japanese Chin to respond to
Chase This name, while not traditionally Japanese, is a popular choice for dogs due to its connection with playful behavior
Chevy This name could be after the well-known American automotive brand, giving it a stylish and modern flair
Chibi This name is suitable for a small and cute Japanese Chin as Chibi translates to little one
Choco This name is inspired by the sweet treat chocolate, a popular and endearing name for pets
Daiki It means 'great glory', a great name for a dog with a regal appearance
Douglas Named after the famous actor Kirk Douglas, it’s a classy and timeless choice for a pet name
Eiji This name means eternity and is great for a Japanese Chin that has a timeless beauty
Eiko Eiko means 'long-lived child' in Japanese. A fitting name for a dog that you hope will live a long and healthy life
Emi This name means 'blessed with beauty', ideal for a beautiful Chin
Etsu Etsu translates to 'delight', an apt name for a delightful and cheerful Japanese Chin
Fumi This name means 'history' in Japanese, it's ideal for a pet with an interesting backstory
Fuyu This name is ideal for a dog born in winter as Fuyu means winter in Japanese
Gensho Another name of a Japanese empress, it's apt for this elegant breed
Hana This name means 'flower' in Japanese, a sweet name for a lovely dog breed
Haru Haru is a Japanese name meaning 'spring'. It's perfect for a lively and energetic Japanese Chin
Haruki This name means shining brightly and is perfect for a lively and energetic Japanese Chin
Heian Refers to a historical period in Japan, suitable for a breed with a long history in the country
Heizei This emperor's name is a suitable choice, considering the breed's Japanese origins
Hikari This name means light and is perfect for a Japanese Chin that brings light and joy to its family
Hiro In Japanese, Hiro means 'generous'. A fitting name for a dog with a generous spirit
Hiroshi This name means 'generous', fitting for a dog with a generous spirit
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Names from Japanese Folklore

Japanese folklore is rich with interesting characters and stories, which can provide unique and meaningful names for your pet.
Name Description
Amaterasu Named after the Shinto sun goddess, symbolizing brightness and positivity
Bakeneko A supernatural cat creature, represents mystery and allure
Fujin God of wind, suitable for a fast and agile pet
Hachiko A loyal dog known worldwide, symbolizes loyalty and patience
Inari A deity of foxes, agriculture and rice, for a vital and energetic pet
Izanagi God of creation, for a dog with a vibrant and lively personality
Izanami Goddess of creation and death, for a dog with a strong life force
Jorogumo A mythical spider woman, for a clever and cunning dog
Kaguya From the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, represents beauty and mystery
Kappa An aquatic creature from folklore, ideal for a dog who loves water
Kitsune Symbolizes magic and transformation, inspired by the mythical fox spirit
Komainu Lion-dog statues guarding Shinto shrines, represents protection and strength
Momotaro A folk hero born from a peach, symbolizes bravery and heroism
Mujina A badger-like creature in folklore, perfect for a curious and playful dog
Oni A demon or ogre, symbolizes strength and resilience
Raijin After the god of thunder and lightning, perfect for a dog with a loud bark
Shirou Dog hero in a Japanese legend, represents loyalty and courage
Susano The god of seas and storms, perfect for an adventurous dog
Tanuki A mischievous raccoon dog in folklore, for a playful and cheeky pet
Tengu The name is derived from a supernatural creature known for its knowledge and mischief
Tsukuyomi Goddess of the moon, symbolizing calmness and tranquility
Urashima Fisherman in a famous tale, for a dog that's patient and calm
Yamata Inspired by Yamata no Orochi, a dragon with eight heads, for a multi-talented dog
Yatagarasu The divine three-legged crow, symbolizing guidance and insight
Yukionna Inspired by a legendary snow woman, representing beauty and coldness

Food-Inspired Names

Japanese cuisine is famous worldwide, so it can be a fun and unique way to name your Japanese Chin.
Name Description
Bento For a dog that's as neat and well-packaged as a Japanese lunch box
Daikon A suitable name for a white-coated dog, much like the color of this radish
Dango An adorable name for a dog who is as sweet and lovable as this Japanese dumpling
Gyoza A cute name for a small dog, reminiscent of these small Japanese dumplings
Kakigori This name is perfect for a cool and refreshing pet, just like this Japanese shaved ice dessert
Katsu A great name for a dog with a robust personality, similar to the strong flavor of Katsu
Kombu For a dog with a shiny dark coat, much like the appearance of this edible kelp
Makizushi For a dog that brings a variety of delightful experiences, just like the various ingredients in this sushi roll
Matcha Perfect for a dog with a greenish coat or one that calms you like a cup of matcha tea
Miso Perfect for a dog that brings a unique flavor to your life, just like Miso
Mochi This sweet and soft Japanese dessert could be a good match for a fluffy and adorable dog
Nori A common sushi ingredient, ideal for a dark, shiny-coated pet
Ramen For the pup that fills your life with as much warmth as a bowl of ramen does
Sake A great name for a companion that is as comforting and smooth as this traditional Japanese rice wine
Senbei A fitting name for a dog that's as enjoyable and satisfying as these Japanese rice crackers
Shiitake For a dog with a brown coat, similar to the color of these mushrooms
Shoyu A suitable name for a dog that adds a rich flavor to your life, like soy sauce does to food
Soba A cool name for a dog with a coat color that resembles buckwheat noodles
Sushi This is a popular Japanese dish, suitable for a Japanese Chin with a multi-colored coat similar to various sushi ingredients
Tempura An amusing name for a furry friend who is as irresistible and delightful as this deep-fried delicacy
Tofu A fun name for a dog with a white and soft coat, just like tofu
Udon Named after a type of thick Japanese noodle, best for a robust and strong dog
Unagi A good name for a dog that is as slick and smooth as an eel
Wasabi A fitting name for a dog that adds a spicy kick to your life
Yuzu A unique name for a pet that brings a zesty, refreshing twist to your life

Names Based on Personality

This breed is known for its charming and lively personality, so it's fitting to choose a name that reflects these traits.
Name Description
Aki For a dog that loves autumn, it means 'autumn'
Gen Perfect for a dog with a gentle personality, it means 'gentle'
Hana Ideal for a dog that is as beautiful as a flower, it means 'flower'
Haru Great for a dog that loves springtime, it means 'spring'
Hoshi If your dog shines bright in your life, this name means 'star'
Iwa For a dog that is as strong as a rock, it means 'rock'
Kai Perfect for a dog that loves the ocean, this name means 'sea'
Katsu For a dog that is victorious in everything, it means 'victory'
Ken Suitable for a healthy and strong dog, it means 'healthy, strong'
Kichi Perfect for a lucky dog, it means 'fortunate'
Kiku Perfect for a dog that is as precious as a chrysanthemum, it means 'chrysanthemum'
Kuma Ideal for a furry, cuddly and bear-like dog, it means 'bear'
Mitsu Ideal for a dog that is as sweet as honey, it means 'honey'
Momo For a dog that is as sweet as a peach, it means 'peach'
Nori Ideal for a dog that is always on the go, it means 'to run'
Rin For a dog that is dignified and noble, it means 'dignified'
Ryo Ideal for a dog that is cool, it means 'cool, refreshing'
Shiro For a dog with white fur, it means 'white'
Sora Ideal for a dog that loves the outdoors, it means 'sky'
Suki Perfect for a dog that is loved by everyone, it means 'like, love'
Tomo Suitable for a dog that is your best friend, it means 'friend'
Toshi For a wise dog, it means 'wise, intelligent'
Yori Suitable for a dog that is always reliable, it means 'reliable'
Yoshi For a dog that brings happiness and good luck, it means 'lucky'
Yuki For a dog with a pure and innocent personality, it means 'snow'

Names Based on Appearance

Japanese Chins have unique physical characteristics that can inspire cute and fitting names.
Name Description
Caramel For a Japanese Chin with a coat color that is a sweet light brown
Charcoal For a Japanese Chin with a coat color as dark as coal
Chestnut This name signifies the dog's brownish-red fur color
Cookie Perfect for a Japanese Chin with a coat color that resembles baked goods
Ebony A name inspired by the dog's black fur, like the dark, precious wood
Frosty A name meant for a white or light-furred Japanese Chin
Ginger A name inspired by the reddish tinge often found in the coats of Japanese Chin
Inky This name is ideal for a dog with black or very dark fur
Ivory A name that represents the dog's pure white fur
Marble A name that represents the dog's multicolored or speckled coat
Misty This name is a nod to the Chin's grey or silver coat
Mocha For a Japanese Chin with a coat color that is a rich, creamy brown
Panda An adorable name for a black and white Japanese Chin
Pebble For a Japanese Chin with a fur color resembling small, smooth rocks
Puffy A cute name for a fluffy Japanese Chin
Raven A name inspired by the dog's black fur, as dark as a raven
Sable A name reflecting the dog's dark brown, almost black fur
Shadow This name is perfect for a dog with a dark or black coat
Silky This name pays homage to the breed's smooth, silky coat
Smokey A name reflecting the smoky, grey color of the dog's fur
Snowy Perfect for a white-furred pup, reminiscent of Japan's winter landscapes
Spot Ideal for a pup with distinct spots or markings
Tiny A name suited for the smaller size of this breed
Tofu For a dog with a fur as white and soft as this traditional Japanese food
Velvet This name reflects the soft, velvety texture of the dog's coat

Traditional Japanese Names

These names can pay homage to the breed's Japanese heritage, giving them an authentic and cultural touch.
Name Description
Aiko This name, translates to 'beloved child', symbolizes the love owners have for their pet
Aki A traditional name meaning 'autumn', it represents the maturity and grace of a Japanese Chin
Emi This name, meaning 'beautiful blessing', captures the joy and love a pet brings to a family
Fumi In Japanese, it stands for 'history', suitable for a pet that has a significant place in the family's story
Hana It translates to 'flower' in Japanese, symbolizing the beauty and grace of the Japanese Chin breed
Haru Signifies 'spring', a season of rebirth and renewal, matching the lively spirit of a Japanese Chin
Hiro A traditional name meaning 'generous', perfect for a loving and affectionate Japanese Chin
Izumi In Japanese, it stands for 'spring or fountain', symbolizing the energy and liveliness of a pet
Kai A common name in Japan, meaning 'ocean', reflecting the depth and mystery of a pet's personality
Keiko A common name in Japan, meaning 'blessed child', suitable for a pet who brings joy and happiness
Kenji In Japanese, it signifies 'intelligent second son', suitable for a clever Japanese Chin
Kiko Derived from traditional Japanese, meaning 'hope'; a fitting name for a companion who brings joy and hope
Kuma It means 'bear', appropriate for a furry and cuddly Japanese Chin
Miki In Japanese, it means 'beautiful story', fitting for a pet who brings joy and excitement
Misaki This name, meaning 'beautiful blossom', suits a beautiful and elegant Japanese Chin
Momo In Japanese, it means 'peach', symbolizing the sweetness and joy a pet brings to the family
Nao This name, meaning 'honest', is suitable for a loyal and trustworthy Japanese Chin
Noriko This name, meaning 'lawful child', is suitable for a disciplined and obedient Japanese Chin
Rin A simple and traditional name that stands for 'dignified', perfect for a noble and elegant Japanese Chin
Sakura Named after the iconic cherry blossoms of Japan, a symbol of renewal and hope
Sora This name means 'sky', reflecting the free-spirited and lively nature of a Japanese Chin
Toshi A traditional name meaning 'wise', perfect for a smart Japanese Chin
Yoshi In Japanese culture, Yoshi is a common name and it stands for 'good luck' or 'righteous'
Yuki In Japanese, it signifies 'snow', reflecting the purity and innocence of a pet
Yumi In Japanese, it stands for 'beauty', reflecting the elegance and charm of the breed
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Yuki: A Japanese Chin Story

In the picturesque village of Yumura, nestled among the cherry blossom trees and serene ponds, lived an enchanting Japanese Chin named Yuki. Yuki was a small dog with a beautiful silky coat, expressive eyes, and a graceful, flowing gait. She was beloved by the villagers, who looked forward to her daily strolls through the village streets.

Yuki's best friend was a kind-hearted young girl named Hana. They were inseparable from the moment they met, forging an unbreakable bond of love and trust. Together, they would explore the village, playing by the ponds and running through the cherry blossom groves.

One sunny afternoon, Hana and Yuki ventured beyond the village to a nearby bamboo forest. The sunlight filtered through the tall bamboo stalks, casting dappled shadows on the forest floor. The air was filled with the soft rustling of leaves and the gentle whispers of the wind.

As Hana and Yuki frolicked among the bamboo, they came across a small, hidden shrine. Intrigued by the discovery, Hana approached the shrine and found a delicate silk pouch tied to one of the bamboo stalks. Carefully, she untied the pouch and opened it, revealing a beautiful stone amulet inside.

The amulet was unlike anything Hana had ever seen, adorned with intricate carvings and sparkling with an otherworldly glow. Without a second thought, Hana slipped the amulet around her neck, feeling a sudden rush of energy coursing through her body.

From that moment on, Hana and Yuki's lives were transformed. The amulet granted Hana the ability to communicate with animals, allowing her to understand Yuki's thoughts and emotions. Their connection deepened, and they spent hours talking and sharing their innermost feelings.

As word of Hana's newfound gift spread throughout the village, people began to seek her help in understanding their pets' needs and desires. Hana and Yuki worked together, using their unique bond to bring harmony and happiness to the lives of both humans and animals.

One day, a worried villager approached Hana and Yuki, seeking their help in finding his lost cat, Momo. The cat had wandered off during the night, and the villager was desperate to bring her home. Hana and Yuki agreed to help, setting off on a mission to find the missing feline.

Following Momo's trail, Hana and Yuki found themselves deep within the bamboo forest, close to the hidden shrine where they had discovered the amulet. As they searched, they spotted Momo perched high on a bamboo stalk, too afraid to climb down.

With Hana's guidance and Yuki's gentle encouragement, they were able to coax Momo down from the bamboo and reunite her with her grateful owner. The villagers praised Hana and Yuki for their compassion and determination, and their bond became a symbol of unity and understanding within the community.

As the years passed, Hana and Yuki continued to use their unique gift to help the people and animals of Yumura. Their days were filled with laughter, love, and the simple joy of each other's company.

The story of Hana and Yuki, the girl with the amulet and her loyal Japanese Chin, became a cherished tale in the village, passed down through generations as a reminder of the power of friendship and the beauty of the bond between humans and their beloved pets.

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