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Labrador Retriever Names

Updated: May 15, 2024

Welcome to our dedicated page where we take a deep dive into the world of names especially suited for one of the most loved breeds around the world - Labrador Retrievers. Labradors, with their friendly and outgoing nature, are a beloved choice for families, making it crucial to choose a name that reflects their unique personality and charm.

Whether you have a Black Lab, a Yellow Lab, or a Chocolate Lab, this space is designed to inspire and assist you in choosing the perfect moniker for your furry friend. From classic and traditional names to creative and unique options, our list caters to all tastes and preferences. Let's embark on this exciting journey to discover the perfect name for your new best friend.

Naming your pet is the first of many joyful moments you'll share with your Labrador Retriever. We understand this is a vital decision and we're here to help. With an extensive range of options, we're confident you'll find a name that's as special as your new companion. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired by our comprehensive collection of Labrador monikers.

Name Reason to Choose
Ace This name reflects the agility and intelligence that is characteristic of Labradors
Amber This name captures the warm, golden hue of some Labradors
Angel For the Labrador that is sweet and loving
Bailey This name is perfect for a Labrador Retriever because it's a fun and friendly name, just like Labradors themselves
Banana A playful and fun name for a yellow Labrador
Bear A fitting name for a Labrador due to their large size and often brown coat
Belle The name means beautiful, fitting for a lovely Labrador
Benny This name, meaning 'blessed', is a great fit for a Labrador, who often feels like a blessing to their family
Bingo A fun and playful name, reflecting the Labrador Retriever's personality
Biscuit Labradors love treats, so this name is a fun nod to that
Blaze This name suits a Labrador Retriever with a fiery, lively spirit
Bolt For a Labrador Retriever with lightning fast speed
Boomer This name is fitting for a Labrador Retriever due to their playful and energetic nature
Brandy A sweet and classic name, just like this popular breed
Brownie This name is a nod to the chocolate Labradors whose coat is a rich, deep brown
Buddy Because Labradors make such good friends
Buster This name is ideal for a Labrador Retriever as it implies strength and energy, reflecting the breed's active nature
Butter Reflects the smoothness and light color of a yellow Labrador's coat
Canary A fitting name for a yellow Labrador, inspired by the bright yellow bird
Carbon A scientific term for a black element, it's a great name for a black Lab
Cash Inspired by the legendary singer Johnny Cash, perfect for a Labrador with a strong presence
Casper Just like the friendly ghost, this name suits a friendly, lovable Labrador
Champ Labradors are often champions in dog shows and obedience competitions
Champion For a Labrador Retriever with a winning spirit
Charlie A fitting name for a happy, playful and friendly Labrador
Chase This breed is known for its activity and love for play
Chip A cute name that can refer to the color of a chocolate Labrador or the speckled coat of a yellow Lab
Coal This name is associated with a black color, which fits a black Labrador
Coco Short for chocolate, an adorable name for a chocolate Labrador
Cooper It's a popular name for dogs and it suits the friendly, sociable nature of Labradors
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Famous Labrador Names

Naming your Labrador after a famous Labrador from movies, TV series, books, or real life can be a fun and unique way to name your pet.
Name Description
Andre One of the earliest Labradors to become a seeing-eye dog
Belle A tribute to the heroic Labrador who saved a man from drowning
Blind A nod to the famous Labrador guide dogs for the blind
Boomer A Labrador credited with saving his family from a deadly snake
Bouncer A popular Labrador character in the Australian soap opera 'Neighbours'
Bramble A Labrador who holds the record as one of the oldest living dogs
Buddy The first dog of former US President Bill Clinton
Buster An arms and explosives search dog with the British Army
Duke The dog in the advertising campaign for Bush's Baked Beans
Endal Known as the most decorated dog in the world for the canine's impressive abilities
Gander A war dog who was posthumously awarded the Dickin Medal
Jake A search and rescue dog known for his efforts after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina
Lucky The Labrador who holds the Guinness World Record for most tennis balls held in the mouth
Lucy Honoring the Labrador who played 'Flush' in Virginia Woolf’s novel 'Flush: A Biography'
Lulu A Labrador who worked for the CIA, but ultimately decided the job wasn’t for her
Maddie A Labrador who became famous for her balancing acts on Instagram
Marley The name of the lovable Labrador in the heartwarming book/movie 'Marley & Me'
Max The Labrador who starred in the film 'The Lost Dogs of Winter'
Nemo The first dog to return from the Vietnam War
Pep A Labrador who was allegedly given a life sentence in a US prison
Radar The official mascot of the Boston Red Sox baseball team
Sabre The Labrador who assisted in the Oklahoma City bombing rescue efforts
Sadie A Labrador who detected a bomb in Afghanistan, saving many lives
Sully The service dog of former US President George H.W. Bush
Zuma A character from the children's show 'Paw Patrol' who is a chocolate Lab

Names Based on Size

Labradors are one of the larger breeds, so names that signify their size can be fitting and humorous.
Name Description
Atlas Great for a big, strong dog
Bear It might be used for a big, cuddly dog
Behemoth This name is a symbol of size and power
Biggie A fun name for a large pet
Boulder This name suits a large, strong dog
Brawny This name suits a strong, large Labrador
Chunk It might be used for a big, lovable pet
Colossus Great for a big, powerful Labrador
Elephant This name might suit a Labrador with a large size and gentle nature
Giant This name is self-explanatory - it's perfect for a large Labrador
Goliath Illustrates the dog's giant size and strength
Hulk This name is ideal for a large and muscular dog
Jumbo Perfect for a dog with a big personality and size
Mammoth It symbolizes largeness and power
Mastodon Ideal for a dog with a large, commanding presence
Maximus Ideal for a big, powerful Labrador
Mega It's a fun name for a larger-than-life Labrador
Moose This name suits a dog with a large stature
Ogre A fun, loving name for a big dog
Rex This name implies kingliness and size
Sumo Perfect for a large and strong dog
Tank Represents size and resilience
Thunder This name is perfect for a Labrador with a big bark
Titan It symbolizes strength and size
Whopper It suits a big, playful Labrador

Sporty Names

Labradors are very active and love to play, making sport-related names a suitable choice for these energetic dogs.
Name Description
Ace Perfect for dogs that love fetching tennis balls
Blitz Perfect for a dog that's quick like a football play
Bolt This name suggests speed, recalling the famous sprinter Usain Bolt
Champ Perfect for a dog that's a winner in your heart
Curler Inspired by the winter sport of curling
Dash Perfect for a dog that loves to run
Flare Inspired by flare pass in football
Glide Great for a dog that moves as smoothly as an ice skater
Homer A nod to baseball's home runs
Jet Perfect choice for a dog that's quick and agile
Jeter A tribute to the famous baseball player Derek Jeter
MVP Because every dog is a Most Valuable Pup
Pivot A basketball-inspired name for a quick-turning dog
Puck Hockey enthusiasts might appreciate this one
Racer Perfect for a fast Labrador Retriever
Rider This name might be appreciated by fans of horse racing
Rookie Ideal for young dogs who are new to the family team
Rugby A great choice for a fan of the sport
Slalom A tribute to the skiing technique
Slam This is a great pick for fans of basketball
Spike A nod to the volleyball move
Stamina Ideal for a Labrador Retriever with enduring energy
Striker Ideal choice if your dog loves soccer
Tackle A football-inspired name for a dog that loves to play rough
Velocity Perfect for a fast, energetic Labrador Retriever

Color-Based Names

Labradors come in three main colors: chocolate, black, and yellow. Names based on their coat colors can be unique and descriptive.
Name Description
Amber Amber is a golden to yellowish-brown color, fitting for a yellow labrador
Caramel This name is ideal for a labrador with a light brown coat, similar to the color of caramel
Cocoa This name signifies the deep, brown color of a chocolate labrador
Coffee A fitting name for a dark brown labrador, as it represents the color of brewed coffee beans
Copper This name is perfect for a reddish-brown labrador, as it mirrors the color of copper
Ebony Ebony is a deep, black wood, making it a suitable name for a black labrador
Espresso This name is suitable for a dark brown labrador, as it represents the deep brown color of espresso coffee
Goldie This is a suitable name for a golden labrador, as it represents the color of gold
Hazel This name is perfect for a labrador with a coat color that resembles the light brown or greenish color of hazelnut
Ivory This name is suitable for a light-colored or white labrador, as it represents the color of ivory
Jet A great name for a shiny, black labrador, as jet is a type of lignite known for its glossy black appearance
Licorice Licorice is a fitting name for a black labrador, as it represents the color of black licorice candy
Mango This name is ideal for a labrador with a light golden coat, similar to the color of a ripe mango
Marble Marble is a perfect name for a labrador with a mixed coat color, similar to the multi-colored appearance of marble
Mocha Perfect name for a chocolate lab, as it mirrors the color of the mocha beverage
Olive Olive, representing the greenish-yellow color of olives, is a unique and fitting name for a yellow labrador
Onyx Onyx is a semi-precious stone that is typically black, making it a suitable name for a black labrador
Peaches This name is perfect for a labrador with a light golden coat, similar to the color of a ripe peach
Peanut Peanut is a fitting name for a light brown labrador
Pumpkin Pumpkin is a fitting name for a golden labrador, as it represents the color of a ripe pumpkin
Raven Raven is a dark, glossy bird, making it an apt name for a black labrador
Russet Russet is a reddish-brown color, making it a fitting name for a reddish-brown labrador
Sable This name reflects the dark brown color, similar to a sable fur
Sepia Sepia is a dark brown-grey color, making it a fitting name for a chocolate labrador
Shadow This name is suitable for a black labrador, as it represents the color of shadows

Nature-Inspired Names

Labrador Retrievers are known for their love of outdoors and nature, so names inspired by elements of nature can be a perfect fit.
Name Description
Acorn This small seed symbolizes the growth and potential of a Labrador puppy
Aspen Named after the beautiful tree species, perfect for a beautiful Labrador
Birch These trees' slender and graceful appearance is a perfect fit for a Labrador
Breeze For the Labrador that's as refreshing and joyful as a light wind
Cedar The strength and durability of this tree resonate with Labrador's nature
Clover A sweet name for a lucky Labrador
Comet For the Labrador that shines bright and moves quickly
Dune For Labradors who enjoy playing at the beach
Fern A subtle reference to the lush habitats where Labradors love to play
Flint For the Labrador with a spark in their eyes
Gale For a Labrador that's full of energy, just like a gusty wind
Hazel For the Labrador with beautiful hazel eyes
Holly Just like holly bushes, Labradors are a source of joy and vibrancy
Maple The warm hues of maple trees reflect the lovable nature of Labs
Meadow Symbolizes the open spaces and freedom Labradors love
Mist Reflecting the love of Labradors for early morning walks
Moss This soft plant's texture gives a hint to the soft coat of Labradors
Mushroom For the Labrador that loves exploring the woods
Pebble A cute name for a Labrador that enjoys playing by a river or lake
Pine Just as pine trees are a part of nature's beauty, so are Labradors
Rain For the Labrador who loves playing outside, regardless of the weather
River Labradors love water and it's common to see them frolicking in rivers
Sage For a Labrador who has a wise and calm demeanor
Storm Suits a Labrador with a strong, dynamic personality
Willow This name is inspired by the willow tree's grace and beauty
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