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Updated: June 10, 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of canine monikers inspired by the rich and diverse culture of the Eastern Mediterranean region. This enchanting area, known as the Levant, includes countries like Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. The vibrant culture, history, and language of this region provide a wealth of inspiration for unique and meaningful names for your beloved pet.

The Arabic language, with its poetic nuance and profound meanings, offers a plethora of beautiful names. Whether you are looking for a name that signifies strength, loyalty, beauty, or bravery, you're sure to find it here. Each name listed on this page comes with a brief explanation of its meaning, giving you a deeper understanding of its significance.

So, whether you have a new puppy in your life or you're just planning for your future fur-baby, these Levantine-inspired dog names are a great starting point. Dive in and discover a name that perfectly captures the spirit and personality of your four-legged friend.

Name Reason to Choose
Riad This name means 'gardens', 'meadows' in Arabic, a great name for a dog that loves playing outside
Riyad This name, meaning 'gardens', is popular in the Levantine region
Sabir This name, meaning 'patient', is popular in the Levantine region
Saeed This name means 'happy', 'lucky' in Arabic, perfect for a happy-go-lucky dog
Safwan Safwan means 'rock', perfect for a dog that's always stable and reliable
Sahir For a dog that's enchanting and captivating, Sahir means 'charmer'
Salim Salim means 'safe', perfect for a dog that always makes you feel secure
Samir This name means 'companion in evening talk' in Arabic, perfect for a loyal pet
Shadi Signifies 'singer', a common occupation in the Levantine culture
Sufian This name means 'fast moving', 'light', a great fit for a swift and light-footed dog
Taha This is a common Arabic name in the Levant region, used for a dog that is seen as a pure and innocent
Talal Talal means 'admirable', for a dog that's always impressing you with its skills
Talha This name means 'kind of tree', suitable for a dog that loves being in nature
Talib Talib means 'seeker', great for a dog that loves to explore
Tariq This name, meaning 'morning star', is popular in the Levant
Tawfiq Signifies 'success', a common aspiration in Levantine culture
Ubaid A popular name in the Levant, meaning 'worshipper'
Umar Umar means 'flourishing', suitable for a thriving and healthy dog
Usaid This name means 'small lion' in Arabic, perfect for a small dog with a big heart
Usama A name that signifies 'lion', a powerful symbol in Levantine culture
Usman Usman is a common Arabic name, making it a familiar choice for a pet
Vafi This name means 'complete', 'whole' in Arabic, suitable for a dog that completes a family
Wael This name means 'one who takes refuge', a perfect name for a rescue dog
Wahab This name means 'giver' in Arabic, suitable for a dog that gives a lot of love and joy to its family
Wahid It means 'unique', a name for your one-of-a-kind pet
Wajid This name, which signifies 'finder', is common in the Levant
Waqar Waqar means 'dignity', suitable for a dignified and respectful dog
Wasim This name, meaning 'handsome', is popular in the Levant
Yahya A name that honours the prophet John in Islamic tradition
Yaqub This is the Arabic form of Jacob, often used in Levantine Arabic regions
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Arabic Calligraphy

Names inspired by Arabic calligraphy can be unique and meaningful, reflecting the rich culture and history of the region.
Name Description
Bahij Its meaning, 'beautiful', is an apt description of Arabic calligraphy
Bariq Refers to 'shining', similar to the glossy finish of calligraphy
Bassam The name means 'smiling', reflecting the joy that calligraphy can bring
Fahd The name means 'leopard', connecting to the grace and agility needed in calligraphy
Ghassan The name means 'youth', symbolizing the freshness of Arabic calligraphy
Hakeem Meaning 'wise', it's often used for the traditional wisdom inscriptions in Arabic calligraphy
Iqbal The name means 'prosperity', reflecting the richness of Arabic calligraphy
Jamil Just as 'beautiful' is often used to describe both dogs and calligraphy
Jawad The name means 'generous', a trait of the lavish aesthetics of calligraphy
Karim The name means 'noble', symbolizing the dignity of Arabic calligraphy
Khalid The name means 'eternal', just like the timeless beauty of Arabic calligraphy
Majid The name means 'glorious', resonating with the grandeur of Arabic calligraphy
Munir The name means 'bright', denoting the enlightenment that calligraphy can provide
Najib The name means 'noble', which is a common theme in Arabic calligraphy
Rafiq The name means 'gentle', reflecting the delicate nature of calligraphy
Rashad The name means 'rightly guided', aligning with the precision of calligraphy
Sami The name means 'elevated', reflecting the esteemed status of calligraphy
Talib The meaning, 'seeker', denotes the quest for perfection in calligraphy
Tawfiq The name means 'success', denoting the accomplishment of mastering calligraphy
Umar The name means 'flourishing', similar to the flourishing strokes in calligraphy
Wahid The name signifies 'unique', a trait shared by every piece of Arabic calligraphy
Yasin A name from the Quran, it highlights the religious significance of calligraphy
Yazid The meaning, 'increasing', parallels the continuing evolution of calligraphy
Zahid The name means 'ascetic', referring to the discipline required in calligraphy
Zaki The name means 'pure', a quality often attributed to the clarity of Arabic calligraphy

Levantine Nature

Names inspired by the natural beauty and elements of the Levantine region can be a great choice for a dog name.
Name Description
Amir Amir translates to 'prince', symbolizing the regal nature of the Levant
Aseel Aseel translates to 'authentic', signifying the pure nature of the Levant
Asfour Asfour means 'bird', a common creature in Levantine nature
Badia Translates to 'desert', a common nature feature in the Levant region
Bahar In Arabic, this means 'sea', which is a major nature element in the Levant
Bahr Bahr means 'sea', reflecting the coastal areas of the Levant
Dana Dana means 'pearl', symbolizing the beauty of Levantine nature
Faris Translates to 'knight', reminiscent of the chivalrous nature of the Levant
Fayha Fayha translates to 'fragrant', symbolizing the fragrant nature of Levantine flora
Habib Habib means 'beloved', reflecting the love for nature in the Levant
Jabal Means 'mountain', a prominent feature in the Levantine geography
Layl Layl translates to 'night', reflecting the tranquility of Levantine nature
Masa Masa means 'evening', a time when nature is at its calmest in the Levant
Nahr This translates to 'river', an important water body in the Levantine region
Rayhan Rayhan means 'basil', a plant that is common in the Levantine region
Riad Riad means 'meadows', a feature of the Levantine landscape
Rumman Rumman means 'pomegranate', a fruit native to the Levant region
Saba Saba translates to 'morning', a time when nature is at its most vibrant in the Levant
Sahel Sahel means 'coast', a significant feature of the Levant region
Sahra This translates to 'desert', a significant aspect of the Levantine nature
Samra This means 'dark' or 'dusky', often associated with nightfall in the Levant region
Shams Translates to 'sun', which is a vital part of the Levantine nature
Ward Means 'rose', a flower commonly found in Levantine landscapes
Yasmin Yasmin is 'jasmine', a flower that is native to the Levant
Zaytoun This means 'olive', a tree that is prevalent in the Levant

Levantine Cuisine

Naming a dog after a favorite dish or food from the Levantine cuisine can be a cute and playful choice.
Name Description
Babaganoush A Levantine appetizer of mashed cooked eggplant mixed with tahini
Baklava A sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey, common in the Levant
Falafel This is a typical Levantine snack made from fava beans or chickpeas
Fattoush A refreshing Levantine salad made with mixed greens and crispy toasted bread
Halva A dense, sweet dessert popular across the Levant
Hummus It's a well-known Levantine dish made from mashed chickpeas
Jibneh Arabic for cheese, a staple in many Levantine dishes
Kafta A Levantine dish of minced meat mixed with parsley and onions
Kibbeh Lebanese dish made of bulgur, minced onions, and finely ground lean beef
Labneh A thick and creamy yogurt cheese popular in the Levant
Makdous Pickled stuffed eggplants, a favorite in Syria and Lebanon
Mamoul A Levantine cookie filled with dates or nuts
Manaish A Levantine bread topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat
Maqluba A traditional Levantine dish consisting of meat, rice, and fried vegetables
Mezze A variety of small dishes served in the Levant region
Moussaka A Levantine dish made with eggplant or potato
Mujaddara A lentil and rice dish popular in the Levant
Shanklish A type of Levantine blue cheese
Shawarma A classic Levantine dish featuring meat cut into thin slices
Shish Short for Shish Taouk, a traditional Levantine skewer dish
Shorba Arabic word for soup, a common starter in Levantine cuisine
Sumac A tangy, lemony spice used in Levantine cuisine
Tabbouleh Named after a popular Levantine salad consisting of chopped parsley, tomatoes, and bulgur
Zaatar A Levantine spice mixture consisting of dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, and sesame seeds
Zalabia A sweet Levantine fritter dusted with sugar

Levantine Cities

Naming a dog after a city in the Levantine region can be a fun and personalized way to honor the dog's origin.
Name Description
Acre This is a Crusader city in Israel, a Levantine country
Aleppo This name comes from a city in Syria, a Levantine region
Amman This name comes from the capital of Jordan
Beirut This is the capital city of Lebanon, an important Levantine region
Bethlehem This is a historic city in the West Bank, a Levantine region
Byblos This is an ancient city in Lebanon, a Levantine region
Damascus This place is the capital of Syria, a Levantine country
Gaza This is a city in the Palestinian territories
Haifa An important city in Israel, a Levantine country
Hebron This is a Palestinian city in the southern West Bank
Jaffa This name comes from the ancient port city in Israel
Jenin It's a Palestinian city in the northern West Bank
Jericho The city is known as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, located in the Levantine region
Latakia It's a port city in Syria, which is part of the Levantine region
Nablus It's a city in the West Bank, a Levantine region, with rich history
Nazareth It's a city in northern Israel, a Levantine region
Ramallah It's a Palestinian city in the central West Bank
Safed It's a city in the Northern District of Israel
Sidon It's one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, found in Lebanon
Tartus This is a coastal city in Syria, part of the Levantine region
Tiberias This is a city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee in Israel
Tripoli This name comes from the second largest city in Lebanon
Tyre This is an ancient Phoenician city and the legendary birthplace of Europa and Elissa in Lebanon
Yafa This is an ancient port city in the Levantine region
Zahle This city is the capital of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon

Historical Figures

Names of historical figures from the Levantine region can be a unique choice for a dog’s name.
Name Description
Abbas A tribute to Abbas ibn Firnas, a polymath who made significant contributions to aviation
Badis Commemorates Badis ben Habus, a notable Berber king of the Taifa of Granada
Bilal A tribute to Bilal ibn Rabah, a companion of the prophet Muhammad who was known for his beautiful voice
Faisal Named after King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, known for his modernization efforts
Farouk Named in honor of King Farouk of Egypt, the last ruler of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty
Ghazali A tribute to Al-Ghazali, a Persian philosopher and theologian of the Islamic Golden Age
Hafez Named after Hafez al-Assad, the former president of Syria
Ibn It is a tribute to Ibn Khaldun, a famous historian and sociologist in the Arab world
Iqbal Honors Allama Iqbal, a philosopher, poet, and politician who is widely regarded as having inspired the Pakistan Movement
Jabir Inspired by Jabir Ibn Hayyan, a polymath considered the father of early chemistry
Khalil A tribute to Khalil Gibran, a renowned philosopher, writer, and artist
Mamun Honors the scholarly Caliph Al-Mamun, who was a patron of education
Nasr Honors Nasr ibn Sayyar, the last Umayyad governor of Khorasan
Nur Commemorates Nur Jahan, a powerful and influential Mughal queen
Omar Recognizes the influence of Omar Khayyam, a philosopher, mathematician, and poet
Qasim A tribute to Qasim Amin, an Egyptian jurist and feminist who advocated women's rights
Rashid Commemorates the reign of Harun al-Rashid, a notable Abbasid Caliph
Rumi Commemorates the 13th-century Persian poet, Islamic jurist, and theologian
Saadi Inspired by the name of Saadi Shirazi, a major Persian poet and literary figure of the medieval period
Salah Named after Salah ad-Din, a prominent historical figure who was the first sultan of Egypt and Syria
Sinan A tribute to Mimar Sinan, a prominent Ottoman architect
Suleiman Named in honor of Suleiman the Magnificent, a distinguished ruler of the Ottoman Empire
Tariq Named after Tariq ibn Ziyad, a military leader who led the Islamic conquest of Spain
Zahrawi A tribute to Al-Zahrawi, a pioneer of surgery in the Islamic Golden Age
Ziryab A tribute to Ziryab, an influential musician, and trendsetter of the Islamic Golden Age
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