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Lhasa Apso Names

      The Lhasa Apso originated in Tibet where many common names among the breed can be traced. In fact, the breed’s name is taken from Lhasa which is the traditional capitol of Tibet. A few favorite Tibetan names include Palden (meaning glorious), Sonam (meaning gifted), Tashi (meaning good fortune), and Tinley (meaning enlightened activitiy). Tibet is known to have the highest average elevation of any region on earth. Some name ideas derived from mountains in the Himalayas include Lhotse, Makalu, Lakpa, Somoni, and Everest. The Lhasa Apso was originally kept by Buddhist monks to alert them of intruders entering the monastery. A few names borrowed from modern technological security systems are Siren, Viper, and Sonic.
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Rico Suave Photo of Rico Suave for Lhasa Apso Names He was a funny yet strong personality. A pure joy to be around. Protective of his sister a sickly Shih Tsu and his human mom yet considerate and caring. Every morning after his breakfast he would come to thank me with a kiss and snuggle for his food. He was loved by everyone who encountered him. He even modeled and has his own instagram account with followers. Rico Suave was a perfect name for this lover not a fighter. My classy and goofball pup that was filled with love and joy.
Monty Photo of Monty for Lhasa Apso Names Because we got him in MontaZooma so we named him Monty.

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Tale of Norbu the Lhasa Apso

In the majestic land of Tibet, where the snow-capped mountains reached for the heavens, and the air was crisp and pure, there lived a small yet spirited Lhasa Apso named Norbu. Norbu was a descendant of the ancient breed of dogs that had lived in the region for centuries, protecting Buddhist monasteries and their sacred treasures.

Norbu was born and raised within the walls of the serene Tsewang Monastery, perched high on a mountainside. The monks who called the monastery home treated Norbu with kindness and respect, and he returned their love tenfold. As Norbu grew, he was taught the sacred duties of a Lhasa Apso – to protect the monastery, serve as a loyal companion to the monks, and help maintain the spiritual balance of the holy place.

The head monk, Lama Tenzin, had a special bond with Norbu. He believed the small dog was a reincarnation of a wise and compassionate spirit, sent to guide and protect the monastery. Lama Tenzin would often meditate with Norbu at his side, the two of them finding a sense of peace and harmony in each other's presence.

One day, as the sun dipped below the mountain peaks and the sky turned a brilliant shade of gold, a stranger arrived at the monastery seeking refuge. He claimed to be a weary traveler who had lost his way in the treacherous mountains. Lama Tenzin welcomed the stranger with open arms, offering him food and shelter for the night.

As night fell and the monastery's inhabitants retreated to their quarters, Norbu felt an unsettling sensation in the pit of his stomach. He could not shake the feeling that something was amiss. Trusting his instincts, Norbu decided to patrol the monastery, his keen senses on high alert.

As he padded silently through the darkened halls, Norbu caught a glimpse of the stranger sneaking into the sacred prayer room, where the monastery's most treasured relics were kept. The stranger's intentions were now clear – he was a thief, seeking to steal the monastery's holy artifacts.

Norbu knew that he could not allow the thief to desecrate the monastery and rob the monks of their sacred possessions. Despite his small size, Norbu sprang into action, determined to protect his home. He barked loudly, alerting the monks to the intrusion, and darted into the prayer room, bravely confronting the thief.

The thief, startled by Norbu's sudden appearance, stumbled backward, losing his balance and dropping the precious relics he had tried to steal. The commotion roused the monks from their slumber, and they rushed to the scene, led by Lama Tenzin.

Upon seeing Norbu and the would-be thief, the monks quickly realized what had transpired. They apprehended the thief, grateful to Norbu for his courage and vigilance. Lama Tenzin, his faith in Norbu reaffirmed, praised the small Lhasa Apso for his bravery and unwavering loyalty.

From that day on, Norbu's reputation as a devoted guardian of the Tsewang Monastery spread far and wide. The monks, grateful for his service, treated him with even greater respect and love. Norbu continued to fulfill his sacred duties with pride, always watchful, always loyal, and always the embodiment of the ancient spirit that had protected the monastery for generations.

And so, in the heart of Tibet, where the mountains pierced the sky, and the air whispered ancient secrets, the story of Norbu, the brave Lhasa Apso, lived on, a testament to the strength, courage, and unwavering loyalty of a truly remarkable dog.

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