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Updated: June 18, 2024

Welcome to a unique collection of dog names derived from the vibrant and dynamic culture of Angola's capital city, Luanda. Known for its rich history, diverse ethnicity, and captivating landscapes, Luanda offers a wealth of inspiration for those seeking to name their beloved canine companions. This page is dedicated to those who wish to give their pets a name that encapsulates the city's essence.

Here, we have curated a comprehensive list of titles, each bearing a touch of Luanda's charm and spirit. These names are steeped in significance, drawing from various aspects of the city, including its geography, local dialects, folklore, and popular personalities. So, whether you're looking for a name that reflects your dog's personality, pays tribute to your favorite spots in Luanda, or simply captures the city's enchanting rhythm, you're sure to find it on this page.

Embrace the uniqueness and the allure of Luanda with these carefully chosen dog names. Each name on this list has a story to tell, much like your furry friend who's about to embark on a journey with you. Let's explore and find the perfect one that truly resonates with you and your four-legged companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Amarante Inspired by the street, Rua Amarante in Luanda
Amboim Amboim is a town in Angola
Angola Named after the capital city of Luanda, Angola
Bailundo A municipality in Angola, for a dog who loves to explore
Baixa A reference to the term for downtown in Portuguese
Bantu A large ethnic group in Africa, good for a sociable and friendly dog
Banza A term in Angola, perfect for a dog with a playful personality
Belas Belas is a municipality in Luanda
Belita A fun twist on the Belas municipality
Bengo Named after the Bengo River in Angola
Benguela A city in Angola, ideal for an urban dog
Bengui Bengui is a town in Angola
Bie Bie is a highland province in Angola
Bongo An African antelope, perfect for a swift and graceful dog
Bundu A common name in Angola, representing the local culture
Cabinda An enclave of Angola, ideal for a unique and special dog
Cabiri Named after a commune in Angola, symbolizing the dog's strong connection to family and community
Cacuaco Cacuaco is a municipality in Luanda
Cafunfo Inspired by the town of Cafunfo in the province of Lunda Norte
Calandula A reference to the Calandula waterfalls, a natural beauty of Angola
Camacupa A reference to the Camacupa municipality in the province of Bié
Cassange A nod to the Cassange revolt, a significant uprising in Angolan history
Catumbela Catumbela is a river in Angola
Caxito Caxito is a town in Angola
Cazenga A municipality in Angola, perfect for a city-loving dog
Cazombo A nod to the town of Cazombo in the province of Moxico
Chela Chela is a mountain range in Angola
Chicala Named after a neighborhood in Luanda, suggesting the dog enjoys urban life and socializing with others
Chokwe An ethnic group in Angola, great for a dog with a unique look
Cidade A nod to the term for city in Portuguese, the official language of Luanda
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Angolan Celebrities

These names are inspired by famous personalities from Angola, from musicians to athletes to actors, offering a unique way to honor the country's talent.
Name Description
Afonso A tribute to the Angolan politician Afonso Van-Dúnem
Bonga Named after the famous Angolan folk musician, Bonga
Carlos In honor of Carlos Fernandes, a famous Angolan architect
Cesaria For the talented Angolan writer, Cesaria Evora
Deolinda After the Angolan singer, Deolinda Rodrigues
Duc Named after the popular Angolan musician, Duc
Eusebio After the celebrated Angolan footballer, Eusebio
Fernando In recognition of the Angolan visual artist, Fernando Alvim
Goncalves Taken from the Angolan writer, Antonio Goncalves
Iko This name is from the Angolan director, Iko Carreira
Jose For the famous Angolan politician, Jose Eduardo
Kafala After the Angolan poet, Kafala
Lito For the famous Angolan musician, Lito Vidigal
Mendes Named after the Angolan politician, Mendes de Carvalho
Neto For the first President of Angola, Agostinho Neto
Ondjaki After the famous Angolan writer, Ondjaki
Pepetela For the celebrated Angolan writer, Pepetela
Quintino Named after the famous Angolan musician, Quintino de Pina
Roberto For the celebrated Angolan business magnate, Isabel dos Santos's husband, Sindika Dokolo's first name
Samora Inspired by the Angolan freedom fighter, Samora Machel
Santos For the Angolan President, José Eduardo dos Santos
Semedo After the football player Bastos Quissanga, whose last name is Semedo
Titica This name is from the transgender singer and dancer, Titica
Uanhenga After the famous Angolan writer, Uanhenga Xitu
Virgilio For the celebrated Angolan poet, Virgilio Ferreira

Angolan Wildlife

These names are inspired by the wildlife native to Angola, which is incredibly diverse, including a variety of mammals, birds, and aquatic creatures.
Name Description
Babuino A Portuguese word for 'baboon', a common primate in Angola
Bongo Named after a type of antelope found in Angola
Buffalo Inspired by the African buffalo that roam in Angola's national parks
Chacal A Portuguese term for 'jackal', a wild canine found in Angola
Cheetah This animal is a native of Angola, making it a fitting name for a dog
Cicada Named after the cicadas, insects that are common in Angola
Cobra It's a Portuguese term for 'snake', an animal found in Angola
Crocodilo Named after the crocodiles found in Angola's freshwater habitats
Elefante A Portuguese word for 'elephant', a majestic creature found in Angola
Flamingo Inspired by the flamingos that inhabit the coastal regions of Angola
Gazela It's a Portuguese word for 'gazelle', common in Angola
Girafa In Portuguese, it means 'giraffe', a common animal in Angola
Gorila Inspired by the gorillas that inhabit Angola's forests
Hawk Reflects the various species of hawks found in Angola
Hiena Named after the hyenas that are native to Angola
Hipopótamo Inspired by the hippos that live in Angola's rivers
Impala Reflects the impalas that roam in Angola's grasslands
Leopardo Inspired by the leopards that inhabit the forests of Angola
Lion Inspired by the lions that live in the wild regions of Angola
Palanca It's the name of the national animal of Angola, the giant sable antelope
Pangolim Named after the endangered pangolins that are native to Angola
Python Inspired by the African rock python, a snake species in Angola
Rinoceronte A Portuguese word for 'rhinoceros', a creature native to Angola
Tucano Inspired by the toucans, a bird species native to Angola
Zebra Reflects the zebras that inhabit the plains of Angola

Angolan Languages

These names are inspired by the country's most spoken languages, like Portuguese, Umbundu, and Kimbundu, reflecting the linguistic diversity of Angola.
Name Description
Bailundo This name is from a town in Central Angola, a good choice for a dog with Angolan roots
Bengo It's a province in Angola, an interesting name for a dog from that region
Bonga This is a popular Angolan singer, it's a fun name for a musical dog
Cabinda Named after a province in Angola, it's a neat name for a dog from that area
Candonga It means 'charm' in Kimbundu, great for a charming pet
Ginga A popular Angolan dance style, ideal for a lively, energetic dog
Kalandula Inspired by the Kalandula falls in Angola, it's a suitable name for a dog that loves water
Kalukembe This name is derived from a town in Angola, suitable for a dog that loves traveling
Kalunga It means 'ocean' in Kimbundu, a great name for water-loving breeds
Kamba Derived from Kimbundu, an indigenous language of Angola, and translates to 'friend'
Kilamba This is an area in Luanda, it's a good name for a city-loving pet
Kizomba Another Angolan dance style, a good name for a dog that loves to be on the move
Kulaxingo It's a town in Angola, a great name for a dog that enjoys a rural lifestyle
Kwanza This is Angola's currency, a cool name for a valuable companion
Lubango This name comes from a city in the South of Angola, a nice choice for a dog from that region
Malanje Derived from a province in Angola, it's an interesting name for a dog with Angolan ties
Mbanza Historically, an Mbanza was a political and religious center in Angola. This name is well-suited for a dog that is the center of attention
Mukanda This is a term for initiation rituals in Angolan culture, a name suited for a dog that's part of family rituals
Mundele This name, meaning 'foreigner' in Kimbundu, is unique for a dog from another breed
Mutamba In Kimbundu, it means 'tree', an apt name for a strong, sturdy dog
Muxima A name meaning 'heart' in Kimbundu, perfect for a loving pet
Ndongo Historically, this was a kingdom in Angola. Ideal for a regal breed
Sambizanga Known as a neighborhood in Luanda, it's a nice name for a dog that loves exploring neighborhoods
Soba In Angolan history, a Soba was a local chief. It's a strong name for a leader dog
Zaire Named after a province in Angola, it's a cool name for a dog with an adventurous spirit

Angolan Cuisine

These names are inspired by local dishes and ingredients, giving a nod to the country's unique culinary traditions.
Name Description
Bacalhau Derived from a Portuguese dried cod dish popular in Angola
Bororó A type of Angolan cocktail, great for a dog with a bubbly personality
Bungo A tropical fruit found in Angola, perfect for a sweet-natured pet
Cabidela A traditional Angolan dish that could also be a unique dog name
Caldeirada A hearty fish stew in Angolan cuisine
Calulu Reminiscent of a famous fish and vegetables dish
Chikuanga A bread made from manioc flour in Angola, fitting for a small and cute dog
Cubata Derived from a type of dwelling in Angola, fitting for a homely pet
Dendem Named after a famous palm oil used in Angolan cuisine
Funge Derived from a staple food in Angola, a type of polenta
Funje Inspired by a popular Angolan dish made of cassava flour
Gafanhoto Inspired by a traditional Angolan dish made of grasshoppers
Kilishi Inspired by the Angolan version of beef jerky, a fun name for a lively dog
Kitaba Inspired by a traditional Angolan drink made from garlic and palm wine
Kizaca Reflects Angola's vegetarian dish made from cassava leaves
Mandioca A staple food in Angola, cassava in Portuguese
Moamba Derived from the name of a famous Angolan palm fruit chicken stew
Muamba A beloved chicken dish in Angola, perfect for a friendly pet
Mufete Named after a popular grilled fish dish in Angolan cuisine
Mussulo A peninsula in Angola known for seafood
Muzongué Inspired by a traditional Angolan dance, perfect for an energetic dog
Ndolé In tribute to a beloved stew from Angola, perfect for a warm-natured pet
Palmiste An edible palm nut popular in Angola
Quiabos Angolan dish with okra, suits a green-eyed dog
Sambal A type of hot sauce in Angola, great for a fiery pet

Angolan Landmarks

These names are inspired by popular landmarks in Luanda and throughout Angola, showcasing the country's rich history and culture.
Name Description
Benguela Inspired by the Benguela railway that runs across Angola, perfect for a travel-loving canine
Cangamba From a town in Angola, a unique name for a one-of-a-kind dog
Cassongue A town in Angola, a charming name for a friendly, small-town dog
Chicomba An Angolan city, a classy name for a sophisticated dog
Cuando Named after the Cuando River, great for a dog who loves adventures
Cuanza Inspired by the Cuanza River, a name fitting for a dog who loves water
Cubal Derived from a city in Angola, a cute name for a small breed
Cuito From the Cuito river in Angola, a cool name for a dog who loves swimming
Dundo A city in northeastern Angola, a fun name for a playful dog
Huambo A city in the heart of Angola, a name for a dog who loves to be in the middle of everything
Kalandula Named after the stunning Kalandula falls in Angola, ideal for a lively and energetic dog
Kissama In homage to Kissama National Park, this name is for a dog who loves to explore outdoors
Lobito A port city, a fitting name for a dog who loves boating or swimming
Lubango Drawn from a city in Angola known for its picturesque landscapes, great for a dog with a beautiful coat
Malanje A city in northern Angola, a great name for a dog with a northern breed lineage
Menongue A city in southeastern Angola, a cool name for a calm and gentle dog
Miradouro Taken from Miradouro da Lua, a unique moonscape-like viewpoint, fitting for a dog with an otherworldly charm
Moxico The largest province of Angola, an excellent name for a large breed dog
Namib After the Namib desert, symbolizing resilience and endurance, perfect for a hardy breed
Quicama Another spelling for Kissama National Park, ideal for a nature-loving dog
Soyo A coastal city in Angola, this name is for a dog who loves the beach
Sumbe A coastal city in Angola, perfect for a dog who loves the sea
Tundavala A high cliff in Angola, a strong and majestic name for a large breed
Uige A province in Angola, a fitting name for a dog with a big personality
Zaire A province in northern Angola, a cool name for a powerful breed
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