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Updated: October 06, 2023

       "Come here boy." Most people are familiar with this simple request that has gained popularity in television and households around the world. In fact, many people refer to their male dogs as "boy" on a regular basis. The word's common usage is attributed to being short and easy to annunciate. Historically speaking, Max, Jack, Sam, and Jake are the most popular choices for male puppies. Notice that each of these names also share the perk of being easily vocalized. While making a low syllable selection has benefits, longer names can be fine too. Be aware that most people like to take shortcuts (it is part of our lazy society). The five syllable name you choose will soon wear down to something easier to say. It could be that the original dog owners above named their pets Maximus, Jackson, Samson, and Jacob.

      One unique name finding approach is to locate one on the map. Names of cities, states, and provinces are popular options. You can choose a clever location related to your puppy or just find a random place that has appeal. No need to worry if the name you ultimately select isn’t found in an atlas, there is at least one known case in which a city was named after a dog. The city of Peritas was named after Alexander the Great’s companion. Rumor has it that Peritas died in battle. The city contained a monument and his final resting place.

      An important part of naming is to learn about your new friend. You may have noticed that male dogs typically lift up their legs to mark their territory. This inherent hiking stems from the desire to reach a higher point on their toilet of choice. The apex is desirable because it better utilizes the air as a medium of travel. The whole point of marking territory is so other passers will notice and hitting a higher point increases the likelihood. Keep in mind that your new puppy will not exhibit this behavior. It is something that comes about naturally with age. In the meantime, choose one of the popular male names from our list so that when the time comes, your pal knows to hike.

      Male dogs are called many things. If your puppy will not be reproducing, it is commonly referred to as just dog. A stud is a boy that is capable of and intended for breeding. Once a male has fathered a litter it is called a sire. The father is a common source for male names. Just as people often pass names down from generation to generation, many new dog owners choose to adopt the sire's name. Passing dog names on is a good practice, but care should be taken to ensure that the name is not the same or similar to other members of the household. While Jake and Jack are easily discernible to the human ear, the similarities might cause confusion to your new pal.

Name Reason to Choose
Luke With biblical origins, this name is often associated with strength and integrity, ideal for a faithful and reliable canine
Luther With a sound that denotes strength and seriousness, fit for a reliable and steady pet
Mac With its strong, short, and snappy sound, it's often used for reliable and steadfast dogs
Malcolm With Scottish origins, it’s a royal name suitable for a dignified and noble pet
Marco With Latin origins, it’s a strong and adventurous name, ideal for a dog with a pioneering spirit
Marshall With its law-enforcing sound, it’s suitable for a dog with a strong and protective nature
Maurice With Latin origins meaning “dark-skinned”, it’s suitable for a dog with a dark coat
Max A popular and classic name that is often associated with reliability and friendliness
Maximus With Latin origins meaning “greatest,” it’s suitable for a dog with a strong and commanding presence
Mickey Named after the iconic Disney character, it’s suitable for a playful and cheerful pet
Mighty Ideal for a dog with a strong and powerful personality, embodying strength and courage
Miles With its friendly and approachable sound, it’s often used for amiable and loyal dogs
Milo With its playful and friendly sound, it’s a delightful name often used for energetic and joyous pets
Morris With Latin origins meaning “dark-skinned”, ideal for a dog with a dark coat
Murphy With Irish origins, it's a friendly and robust name suitable for a loyal and dependable dog
Neal With an Irish origin meaning “champion”, it's ideal for a strong and victorious dog
Ned Short and friendly, it’s a name often used for amiable and companionable pets
Nelson With its naval and heroic connotations, it’s suitable for a courageous and adventurous pet
Nigel With Celtic origins, great for a dog with a noble and regal demeanor
Noel Ideal for a dog born during the holiday season, with a joyful and bright spirit
Nolan With Irish origins meaning “noble”, it’s suitable for a dog with a noble and dignified demeanor
Norman With its classic and dependable sound, it’s suitable for a reliable and loyal dog
Oakley Ideal for a strong and sturdy dog with a noble and reliable character
Oliver A classic and dignified name often used for pets that are cherished and valued deeply
Orion Named after the prominent constellation, it’s perfect for a dog with a stellar and bright personality
Orson With Latin origins meaning “bear cub”, it's perfect for a small but strong and brave pet
Oscar With its friendly and approachable sound, it’s often used for delightful and amiable dogs
Otis With German origins meaning “wealth”, it's suitable for a cherished and valued pet
Otto With German origins meaning “wealth”, fit for a valued and cherished dog
Owen With its strong and noble sound, it’s suitable for a brave and loyal pet
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Names from Movie Characters

This subcategory is great for movie lovers and provides a wide range of iconic and memorable names to choose from.
Name Description
Astro The canine companion from 'The Jetsons'
Balto The heroic sled dog from the movie 'Balto'
Beethoven From the comedy about a lovable Saint Bernard
Bolt The name of the superdog in Disney's 'Bolt'
Bruno Cinderella's loyal dog in the classic Disney film
Butch A tough Boxer from 'Tom and Jerry: The Movie'
Chance An adventurous American Bulldog from 'Homeward Bound'
Copper A hound dog in 'The Fox and the Hound'
Dug A talking Golden Retriever from Pixar's 'Up'
Flynn Inspired by the Australian Kelpie from 'Babe'
Hooch Inspired by a Dogue de Bordeaux from the film 'Turner & Hooch'
Jock A Scottish Terrier from 'Lady and the Tramp'
Marley This name comes from a famous dog character in the movie 'Marley & Me'
Max The Grinch's faithful dog in 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'
Nana The Newfoundland dog from 'Peter Pan'
Otis A Pug from 'The Adventures of Milo and Otis'
Perdita A Dalmatian from '101 Dalmatians'
Pongo A Dalmatian from '101 Dalmatians'
Rex The brave German Shepherd in 'Rex the Wonder Dog'
Scrappy Inspired by the small yet brave Great Dane from 'Scooby-Doo'
Shadow The wise old Golden Retriever in 'Homeward Bound'
Spike The Bulldog from 'Tom and Jerry'
Toto The famous little dog from 'The Wizard of Oz'
Tramp One half of the iconic duo in 'Lady and the Tramp'
Trusty A Bloodhound from 'Lady and the Tramp'

Automobile Names

A selection of male dog names coming from car and truck brands.
Name Description
Aston Named after Aston Martin, it’s perfect for a dog that exudes luxury and sophistication
Audi Reflecting a mix of reliability and luxury, it's suitable for a dog that is dependable with a sleek appearance
Bentley Ideal for a dog that carries itself with elegance and luxury, much like the esteemed automobile brand
Cadillac Named after the brand synonymous with luxury and comfort, it's ideal for a dog that enjoys the finer things in life
Chevy With a reputation for strength and dependability, this name is great for a reliable and strong dog
Dodge Suitable for a robust and tough dog, reflecting the brand known for its powerful vehicles
Ferrari Ideal for a dog with a speedy and vibrant personality, similar to the fast luxury sports cars
Ford With a legacy of durability and American craftsmanship, it's ideal for a dog that is sturdy and dependable
Hyundai Known for efficiency and reliability, it's perfect for a dependable and energetic dog
Jaguar Perfect for a dog with a swift and graceful demeanor, akin to the brand's fast and elegant cars
Jeep Ideal for a dog with an adventurous and rugged spirit, much like the vehicles designed for off-road travel
Kia Perfect for a dog with a playful and energetic personality, like the brand's affordable and reliable cars
Lexus Ideal for a dog with a refined and luxurious demeanor, reflecting the brand's elegant vehicles
Lincoln Reflecting sophistication and luxury, it's ideal for a dignified and noble dog
Maserati Suitable for a dog with an elegant and speedy personality, like the high-performance luxury cars
Mazda With a brand message of “zoom-zoom”, it’s suitable for an energetic and playful dog
Mclaren Suitable for a dog with a fast and flashy personality, like the brand's high-performance sports cars
Mercedes Reflecting luxury and high-performance, it's suitable for a dog with a dignified and spirited demeanor
Nissan Reflecting reliability and efficiency, it’s perfect for a dependable and energetic dog
Porsche Perfect for a fast and energetic dog with a sleek and stylish demeanor
Ram Perfect for a strong and powerful dog, much like the robust trucks the brand produces
Rover Suitable for an adventurous and outdoorsy dog, reflecting the brand’s association with exploration
Subaru With a reputation for safety and adventure, it's great for an adventurous and protective dog
Tesla Named after the innovative electric car brand, this is great for a dog that is energetic and forward-thinking
Volvo Known for safety and durability, it's ideal for a dog that is reliable and protective

Famous Musician Names

Male dog name ideas coming from the music you love.
Name Description
Bono Suitable for a dog with a powerful and activist spirit, much like the U2 frontman
Bowie Ideal for a dog with a unique, innovative, and eccentric character, like the influential musician David Bowie
Bruno Reflecting the fun and energetic personality of Bruno Mars, it's suitable for a lively and charismatic dog
Cash Reflecting the deep and rebellious spirit of Johnny Cash, it's perfect for a dog with a strong and independent personality
Clapton Ideal for a dog with a smooth and soul-stirring demeanor, akin to the guitarist and singer Eric Clapton
Drake Perfect for a dog with a cool and modern vibe, inspired by the contemporary artist Drake
Dylan Suitable for a dog with a poetic and soulful demeanor, reflecting the qualities of the legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan
Eminem Named after the renowned rapper, it’s perfect for a dog with a bold and resilient character
Freddie Named after Freddie Mercury, it’s perfect for a dog with a flamboyant personality and powerful presence
Garth Suitable for a dog with a friendly and country vibe, inspired by the country music star Garth Brooks
Hendrix Named after Jimi Hendrix, this name is apt for a dog with a wild and electrifying personality
Jagger Suitable for a dog with a dynamic and energetic character, inspired by the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger
Jay-Z Perfect for a dog with a cool and entrepreneurial spirit, like the rapper and businessman Jay-Z
Kanye Reflecting the confident and creative spirit of Kanye West, it's ideal for a dog with a bold personality
Lennon Named after John Lennon, it’s ideal for a dog with a peaceful and imaginative character
Marley Reflecting the peaceful and uplifting spirit of Bob Marley, it's suitable for a dog with a calm and joyful demeanor
McCartney Suitable for a dog with a melodic and harmonious demeanor, inspired by the Beatles’ Paul McCartney
Mozart Perfect for a dog with a prodigious and sophisticated character, inspired by the classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Presley Reflecting the captivating and iconic presence of Elvis Presley, it’s suitable for a charming and magnetic dog
Prince Ideal for a dog with a mysterious and captivating charm, like the iconic musician Prince
Santana Ideal for a dog with a smooth and soulful character, like the guitarist Carlos Santana
Sinatra Named after Frank Sinatra, it’s ideal for a dog with a smooth and timeless charm
Springsteen Named after Bruce Springsteen, it’s perfect for a dog with a spirited and working-class vibe
Stevie Named after Stevie Wonder, this name is great for a dog with a joyful and inspiring character

Sports Figure Names

A collection of male dog names coming from popular sports figures.
Name Description
Ali Named after Muhammad Ali, it's fitting for a dog with a fighting spirit and charismatic personality
Armstrong Named after Lance Armstrong, it’s ideal for a dog with endurance and a strong will
Babe Named after Babe Ruth, this name is ideal for a dog with a larger-than-life personality and a powerful presence
Brady Suitable for a dog with a calm demeanor under pressure, much like the celebrated NFL quarterback Tom Brady
Dempsey Suitable for a dog with a fighting spirit and determined character, reflecting the qualities of boxer Jack Dempsey
Federer Perfect for a dog with graceful movements and a consistent performance, much like the tennis icon Roger Federer
Gretzky Ideal for a dog with a strategic mind and exceptional skills, akin to the hockey legend Wayne Gretzky
Jeter Named after Derek Jeter, it’s fitting for a dog with leadership qualities and a consistent performance
Johnson Reflecting the strong and successful character of Magic Johnson, it’s suitable for a charismatic and talented dog
Jordan Named after Michael Jordan, this name is perfect for a dog with exceptional athletic abilities and a competitive spirit
Kobe Ideal for a dog with a strong work ethic and a passion for the game, akin to the late basketball player Kobe Bryant
Lebron Suitable for a dog with a commanding presence and versatile skills, reflecting the qualities of NBA star LeBron James
Mantle Named after Mickey Mantle, it’s perfect for a dog with power and versatility
McEnroe Named after John McEnroe, it's fitting for a dog with a fiery spirit and expressive personality
Messi Perfect for a nimble and agile dog with extraordinary coordination, akin to the renowned soccer player Lionel Messi
Nadal Reflecting the resilient and fierce character of Rafael Nadal, it’s perfect for a determined and energetic dog
Namath Named after Joe Namath, it’s ideal for a dog with confidence and a flair for dramatics
Payton Named after Walter Payton, it’s perfect for a dog with agility, strength, and a kind heart
Pele Ideal for a dog with dazzling footwork and a playful spirit, akin to the legendary soccer player Pele
Phelps Named after Michael Phelps, it’s suitable for a dog that loves water and is an excellent swimmer
Ronaldo Suitable for a dog with striking looks and athletic prowess, reflecting the qualities of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo
Schumacher Reflecting the fast and fearless character of Michael Schumacher, it's suitable for a swift and daring dog
Tyson Reflecting the ferocious and unbeatable character of Mike Tyson, it's suitable for a strong and tenacious dog
Usain Named after Usain Bolt, this name is apt for a dog with incredible speed and a lively personality
Woods Reflecting the focused and determined character of golfer Tiger Woods, it's suitable for a dog with a strong concentration

Names of Strong Male Historical Figures

A list of male dog names centered around historical figures.
Name Description
Abraham Suitable for an honest and steadfast dog, reflecting the qualities of Abraham Lincoln
Albert Named after Albert Einstein, this name is perfect for an intelligent and imaginative dog
Alexander Named after Alexander the Great, this name suits a dog with strong leadership qualities and a courageous spirit
Caesar Apt for a dog with a commanding and authoritative demeanor, akin to the Roman general and statesman
Churchill Perfect for a dog with a strong and steadfast character, reminiscent of the British Prime Minister during World War II
Edison Perfect for a bright and inventive dog, akin to the famous inventor Thomas Edison
Franklin Ideal for a wise and patient dog, embodying the qualities of Benjamin Franklin or FDR
Frederick Named after Frederick Douglass, it's suitable for a dog with a dignified and resilient character
Galileo Ideal for a dog with a curious and exploratory nature, much like the famed astronomer and physicist
Gandhi Suitable for a peaceful and resilient dog, embodying the spirit of the leader of India’s non-violent independence movement
George Reflecting the qualities of various kings and presidents, it’s suitable for a noble and leading dog
Leonardo Named after da Vinci, this name is great for an intelligent and creative dog
Lincoln Suitable for a wise and noble dog, reflecting the qualities of the 16th President of the United States who led the country through its Civil War
Louis Reflecting the qualities of many kings, it’s suitable for a royal and dignified dog
Luther Reflecting the qualities of Martin Luther, it's ideal for a dog with a strong and reformative character
Marcus Named after Marcus Aurelius, this name suits a wise and philosophical dog
Martin Reflecting the qualities of Martin Luther King Jr., it is suitable for a dog with a dreamy and inspirational character
Napoleon Ideal for a small dog with a large presence and a commanding personality, much like the famous French general and emperor
Nelson Perfect for a dog with a brave and adventurous spirit, named after the British naval hero Admiral Nelson
Richard Named after Richard the Lionheart, it’s ideal for a brave and courageous dog
Samuel Named after Samuel Adams, it's ideal for a dog with a revolutionary and independent spirit
Socrates Perfect for a thoughtful and contemplative dog, akin to the classical philosopher
Theodore Named after Theodore Roosevelt, this name is perfect for a dog with a robust and adventurous spirit
Washington Ideal for a loyal and steadfast dog, reflecting the qualities of the first President of the United States
Winston Reflecting the steadfast and courageous character of Winston Churchill, it's suitable for a strong and determined dog
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Smokey Photo of Smokey for Male Dog Names His existing name when I got him at 1 year old in 2006.
Mylo Photo of Mylo for Male Dog Names I just thought it was unique
Zeus Photo of zeus for Male Dog Names Zeus is an awesome name cause it is the name of one of the gods it shows leadership,strength,and courage! This name is perfect for any dog other than a female dog.hahaha!!! If u want to name a female dog that u can but in my opinion or if u asked me I would rather give the name Zeus to a male dog rather than a female
Hugo Photo of hugo for Male Dog Names
Titan Photo of Titan for Male Dog Names
Stetson Photo of Stetson for Male Dog Names Stetson our aussie was allready named when we got him.
Boris Photo of Boris for Male Dog Names I wanted a strong but classy name for my ROTTIE , Boris suits him perfectly. I always go for two syllable words so they are easy to say and clear to hear
Chad Photo of Chad for Male Dog Names Chad was chosen from chadwell
Khan Photo of Khan for Male Dog Names

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Name Reason
Sully This is a strong name and reminds me of the pilot that saved his passengers by landing in the river. Courageous
Nala maybe if peaple dont have a dog name just use this one nala on dog named .com
Blaze It seems cool and people might want to name their dog that
Booker Derived from “book”. To leave quickly, as in, “Let,s book out of here.
Dakota had a beautiful and loving dog with that name
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Bogey's Fairway to the Green

In the small town of Greenway, there was a beautiful, sprawling golf course known as the Whispering Pines. The golf course was famous for its lush green fairways, sparkling water hazards, and challenging sand traps. But it was even more well-known for its most unusual resident: a male dog named Bogey.

Bogey was a mixed-breed dog with a distinct reddish-brown coat and a happy, easygoing demeanor. He had lived on the golf course for as long as anyone could remember, making his home in a cozy den near the seventh hole. Although no one knew exactly how he had come to live there, the golfers and staff at Whispering Pines had come to adore him, and they all had a part in looking after him.

Bogey had a unique and enviable life. Every morning, as the sun rose over the pristine greens, he would venture out onto the course to explore and greet the first golfers of the day. His wagging tail and friendly disposition quickly won over even the most serious players, and it wasn't long before he became something of a mascot for the golf course.

As the day progressed, Bogey would follow the golfers from hole to hole, watching intently as they teed off and putted their way through the course. Over time, he developed an uncanny ability to track the flight of the golf balls, and he would often lead players to their errant shots, helping them to avoid costly penalties.

In the evenings, after the last golfers had left for the day, Bogey would roam the course with the groundskeepers, keeping them company as they tended to the greens and fairways. It seemed that Bogey had an innate understanding of the delicate balance needed to maintain the beauty of the golf course, and he took great pride in being a part of the team.

But Bogey's favorite part of living on the golf course was the friendships he made with the people who frequented Whispering Pines. From the young children learning the basics of the game to the seasoned veterans perfecting their swings, Bogey's presence seemed to bring out the best in everyone.

He had a particularly special bond with an elderly golfer named Arnold, who visited the golf course every week without fail. Arnold and Bogey would often sit together on a bench near the eighteenth hole, enjoying the view and the gentle breeze that rustled through the pines.

As the years went by, Bogey continued to be a beloved fixture at Whispering Pines. Golfers came from far and wide to play a round with the famous dog, and his story was even featured in several golfing magazines.

Eventually, Bogey grew old and tired, his once-lively gait slowing to a leisurely stroll. The golfers and staff at Whispering Pines took turns caring for him, ensuring that his twilight years were as comfortable and happy as possible.

When Bogey finally passed away, he was buried beneath a beautiful oak tree on the edge of the course, his resting place marked with a simple stone that read, "Bogey, our loyal friend and guardian of the greens." His memory lived on in the hearts of those who had known him, and his story became a treasured part of the history of Whispering Pines.

And so, the tale of Bogey the golf course dog continued to inspire and delight future generations of golfers, serving as a reminder that even the simplest of friendships can bring joy, laughter, and a touch of magic to the world.

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