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Updated: May 28, 2024

Welcome to our special feature that draws inspiration from the vibrant city of Manila, the cultural, economic, and political center of the Philippines. Known for its bustling streets, towering skyscrapers, and colorful jeepneys, Manila is a city that seamlessly blends the old with the new. It is also a city of dog lovers, with many residents proud to have these loyal pets as part of their families.

Choosing a name for your new pet can be a daunting task, but with our unique list, we aim to make it an enjoyable experience. This page is dedicated to providing a comprehensive list of dog names inspired by the remarkable city of Manila. Whether you are a local resident wanting to pay tribute to your city's heritage, a Filipino expat longing for home, or a dog lover searching for a unique name, this is the place for you.

From names inspired by Manila's famous landmarks, local cuisine, or popular Filipino words, our list has something for everyone. So, prepare for an exciting journey of finding the perfect name for your new pet that will always remind you of the heart of the Philippines.

Name Reason to Choose
Adobo A beloved Filipino dish, perfect for a beloved pet
Agila Means 'eagle' in Tagalog. A strong name for a dog
Antipolo A city in Rizal, a province near Manila
Bagoong A traditional Filipino condiment. A unique name for a dog
Balangay An ancient boat used by Filipinos
Balut A famous Filipino delicacy
Bamboo A plant that's abundant in the Philippines
Banawe Inspired by the Banawe Street in Quezon City, known for car accessories and repair shops
Barkada A Filipino term for a group of friends. Perfect for a dog who's a great companion
Barong The national dress for Filipino men
Barrio A term for a neighborhood or village in the Philippines
Barya Means 'coin' in Tagalog. A fun name for a small dog
Bata It's Tagalog for 'child', a term of endearment for pets
Bataan Historical province in the Philippines
Bayani Means 'hero' in Tagalog
Bibingka A traditional Filipino rice cake
Bicol A region in the Philippines known for spicy food
Binibini A term of respect for women in the Philippines. A respectful name for a female dog
Binondo Known as the oldest Chinatown in the world, located in Manila
Bituin It means 'star', a name for a precious pet
Boracay One of the Philippines' most beautiful islands
Buhay It means 'life', which pets bring to a home
Buko Named after the sweet young coconut
Bulacan A province in the Philippines known for its sweets
Bulaklak Means 'flower' in Tagalog. A lovely name for a female dog
Bulalo A delicious Filipino beef marrow stew
Calamansi This is a popular citrus fruit in Manila
Caloocan Named after a city in the Metro Manila region
Carabao The national animal of the Philippines
Chocnut A popular peanut milk chocolate in the Philippines
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Filipino Dishes

Filipino cuisine is diverse and flavorful, just like your dog's personality might be. Naming your dog after a Filipino dish might be fun and creative
Name Description
Adobo This classic Filipino dish is a favorite for many, just like their pets
Balut A unique Filipino delicacy, perfect for a pet with a unique personality
Bangus This reflects the national fish of the Philippines, the milkfish
Bibingka This name reflects sweet delicacies common in Filipino cuisine
Bicol This is a spicy dish that represents the Bicol region, great for a feisty dog
Caldereta This hearty stew is a favorite in Filipino households
Empanada This pastry-filled snack is loved across the country
Halohalo This dessert is a mix of ingredients, much like a dog's playful mix of traits
Karekare This is a beloved dish in Manila, known for its savory peanut sauce
Leche Short for Leche flan, a favorite dessert in the Philippines
Lechon This signifies a festive Filipino dish, perfect for a dog who loves fun
Longganisa This is a Filipino sausage beloved by many
Lumpia This reflects the traditional spring roll dish in the Philippines
Menudo This hearty stew is a popular comfort food in the Philippines
Paksiw This vinegar-based dish is a staple in Filipino homes
Pancit This noodle dish is a staple in any Filipino celebration
Puto Named after a popular Filipino rice cake
Sinangag This garlic fried rice is a breakfast staple in the Philippines
Sinigang Named after a sour soup dish loved by many Filipinos
Sisig This is a favorite beer-match food in Manila
Tapsilog This represents a popular breakfast dish in Manila
Tinola This chicken soup dish is a comforting Filipino favorite
Tocino This sweet cured meat is a beloved breakfast item in the Philippines
Turon This signifies a sweet banana dessert, perfect for a sweet-natured dog
Ube This name represents a popular purple yam in Filipino desserts

Philippine Destinations

If you have a favorite city, province, or tourist spot in the Philippines, that could make a great name for your dog
Name Description
Albay A province known for the perfectly cone-shaped Mayon Volcano, this name is great for a dog with a fiery spirit
Baguio The summer capital of the Philippines would make a fun, unique dog name
Banaue Named after the famous rice terraces, this is a great name for a dog who loves the outdoors
Batanes The smallest province in the Philippines, this is a great name for a small breed dog
Bohol A province known for its chocolate hills and tarsiers, this name is a great fit for a small and cute dog
Boracay For the dog who loves the beach as much as the island of Boracay does
Cagayan Inspired by the longest river in the Philippines, this name suits a dog who loves swimming
Cavite A province known for its history and culture, this name is perfect for a dog with a regal bearing
Cebu This province is known for its historical significance and beautiful beaches, a great name for a dog with a regal bearing
Coron This is inspired by the breathtaking island of Coron with its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life
Davao If your dog is as vibrant as the city of Davao, this name is a perfect choice
Ilocos A region known for its history and culture, this name suits a dog with a strong personality
Laguna A province known for its hot springs and waterfalls, this name is perfect for a dog who loves water
Leyte A province in the eastern Visayas region, this name is perfect for a dog who loves the water
Luzon The largest island in the Philippines, this name is a great fit for large breed dogs
Mindanao This name is inspired by the southernmost major island in the Philippines
Negros Inspired by one of the major islands in the Philippines, this name is perfect for a large breed dog
Palawan This name is inspired by the pristine beaches and beautiful landscapes of the island province of Palawan
Pampanga This province is known for its culinary prowess, a perfect name for a dog who loves food
Sagada A mountain province known for its cool climate and beautiful landscapes, this name suits a dog who loves the cold
Samar A large island in the Visayas, this name is great for a dog who loves to explore
Siargao This is inspired by the surfing capital of the Philippines, a great name for a dog who loves to play
Tagaytay Named after a popular highland area known for its cool climate
Visayas A group of islands in the central Philippines, this name is ideal for a dog who loves to explore
Zambales Known for its beautiful beaches and mountains, this name is perfect for a dog who loves nature

Famous Filipino Celebrities

If you are a fan of Filipino movies or music, you might want to name your dog after your favorite Filipino celebrity
Name Description
Aga After Aga Muhlach, a well-known actor
Apl After, a member of the popular group Black Eyed Peas
Aquino Inspired by the Aquino political dynasty
Arnel After Arnel Pineda, the lead singer of the rock band Journey
Bamboo Inspired by Bamboo Mañalac, a rock musician and singer
Bong Inspired by Bong Revilla, a well-known actor and politician
Charice Inspired by Charice Pempengco, a world-renowned singer from the Philippines
Darna Inspired by the fictional Filipina superhero
Duterte After Rodrigo Duterte, the current President of the Philippines
Estrada After Joseph Estrada, a famous actor turned politician
Fernando After Fernando Poe Jr., a popular film actor
Gary Named after Gary Valenciano, a renowned singer and actor
Kris Named after Kris Aquino, a famous TV host and actress
Lapu In tribute to Lapu-Lapu, a national hero of the Philippines
Lea This pays homage to Lea Salonga, the Tony award-winning Filipina singer and actress
Liza In honor of Liza Soberano, a beloved Filipina actress
Manny Another nod to Manny Pacquiao, a national figure
Nora In honor of Nora Aunor, a critically acclaimed Filipina actress
Pacquiao Named after the legendary Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao
Pia Named after Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015
Regine Named after Regine Velasquez, a famous Filipina singer
Rico In tribute to Rico Yan, a popular actor in the late 90s
Rizal Named after the national hero, Jose Rizal
Sarah In honor of Sarah Geronimo, a popular Filipina singer and actress
Vilma Named after Vilma Santos, a celebrated actress and politician

Tagalog Words

Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines. Using a Tagalog word as a dog name can be unique and meaningful
Name Description
Alon Signifies 'wave', ideal for dogs who love water
Araw Means 'sun', suited for dogs that brighten up the day
Bughaw The Tagalog term for 'blue', great for dogs with blue eyes or coat
Bulaklak Translates to 'flower', perfect for dogs with colorful personalities
Bundok The Tagalog word for 'mountain', great for dogs who love hiking
Dalisay Translates to 'pure', perfect for dogs with a pure heart
Ganda Translates to 'beauty', perfect for attractive dogs
Habagat Named after the southwest monsoon in the Philippines
Himig Refers to 'melody', great for dogs with soothing barks
Ilog Means 'river', suited for dogs who love swimming
Kahel Translates to 'orange', perfect for dogs with an orange-colored coat
Lakas The Tagalog term for 'strength', suitable for robust dogs
Lapad Signifies 'wide', good for dogs with a broad build
Laro Translates to 'play', perfect for playful dogs
Ligaya Refers to 'joy', ideal for dogs who bring happiness
Liwanag Translates to 'light', perfect for dogs that enlighten their owners' lives
Mahal Refers to 'love', a common feeling towards pets
Mutya It means 'pearl' in Tagalog, a precious gem
Puno The Tagalog term for 'tree', suited for dogs who love nature
Sikat Means 'famous' in Tagalog, suited for dogs with charming personalities
Sining Refers to 'art', great for dogs with unique markings
Sipag Meaning 'hardworking', ideal for active and energetic dogs
Tala Means 'star', suited for dogs with sparkling personalities
Talon Means 'jump', ideal for energetic dogs
Tibay The Tagalog word for 'durable', suitable for resilient dogs

Philippine Heroes

Naming your dog after a Philippine hero can be a great way to show your national pride and love for your country's history
Name Description
Aguinaldo Emilio Aguinaldo, the country's first President, serves as the inspiration
Balagtas A tribute to Francisco Balagtas, a famous Filipino poet
Bonifacio Andres Bonifacio, who led the Philippine Revolution against Spain, is the inspiration
DelPilar Named after Gregorio Del Pilar, a general during the Philippine Revolution
Gabriela A tribute to Gabriela Silang, a female revolutionary leader
Gomburza A collective tribute to Gomez, Burgos, and Zamora, the priests martyred by Spanish colonizers
Hidalgo Honor to Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, a renowned Filipino artist
Jacinto A tribute to Emilio Jacinto, a revolutionary hero known as the Brains of Katipunan
Kalayaan The Tagalog word for 'freedom', embodying the spirit of the heroes
Katipunan Named after the revolutionary society that led the fight against Spain
Lapu A tribute to Lapu-Lapu, the first Filipino hero who fought against Spanish colonization
Luna Named for Antonio Luna, a general in the Philippine-American War
Mabini Apolinario Mabini, the brains of the revolution, is the namesake
Malvar Miguel Malvar, one of the last generals to surrender during the Philippine-American War
Paciano Paciano Rizal, brother of Jose Rizal, and a revolutionary general
Palaris Named after Juan Palaris, a leader of an early revolt against Spanish rule
Pamintuan A tribute to Tiburcio Hilario y Pamintuan, a general in the Philippine Revolution
Rizal Named after Jose Rizal, national hero of the Philippines
Sakay For Macario Sakay, a revolutionary leader during the Philippine-American War
Sikatuna A tribute to Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain in Bohol who made a blood compact with Spanish colonizers
Silang Named after Diego Silang, an Ilocano rebel leader
Soliman Named after Rajah Soliman, the last native king of Manila
Sora Shortened from Tandang Sora, a supportive figure in the revolution
Tandang Derived from Tandang Sora, a key figure in the Philippine Revolution
Tirona A tribute to Ladislao Diwa y Tirona, a founder of the Katipunan
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