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Mastiff Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Mastiff is one of the largest breeds of dog and comes with an equally large list of names. As with any breed, many common names can be traced back to its roots. The Mastiff comes from England where favorite names include Axel, Dorian, Cedric, and Boris. No list of Mastiff names is complete without options that favor the distinct appearance of the breed. The breed's coat color comes in various shades of tan that has inspired many owners to select names like Tanner, Sandy, and Teddy. A distinctive black mask has led to a few interesting Japanese inspired choices including Ninja, Samurai, Hattori, and Hanzo. Perhaps the characteristic that sets the breed apart is its massive size. Some equally hefty and commonly use names include Tank, Hulk, and Goliath. Other fun name options can be borrowed from professional defensive lineman which are also known for their size and strength. Among the most famous include Reggie, Deacon, and Page.
Name Reason to Choose
Alec This short and strong name is fitting for a large, powerful breed like the Mastiff
Apollo Named after the Greek god of the sun, it signifies a Mastiff's radiant personality
Archer For a Mastiff that has a keen eye and a sharp aim
Arden An English name that means 'valley of the eagle,' this name mirrors the majestic nature of the Mastiff breed
Atlas Named after the Titan who held up the sky, it reflects a Mastiff's fortitude
Axel It's a robust and strong name that mirrors the physical strength and endurance of the Mastiff breed
Bane This name refers to a powerful villain, reflecting a Mastiff's intimidating presence
Bash Because mastiffs are known for their formidable size
Bear A name that mirrors a Mastiff's large size and powerful build
Beowulf This name is inspired by the legendary hero, suiting a Mastiff's courageous nature
Blaze For a mastiff with a fiery spirit
Blitz This name denotes speed and power, perfect for an energetic Mastiff
Bolt For a mastiff who is surprisingly quick on his feet
Boris This Slavic name conveys strength and bravery, traits typically associated with the Mastiff breed
Boulder A great name for a Mastiff with a strong and sturdy build
Brawn Mastiffs are muscular and strong, hence Brawn
Brutus This name is symbolic of strength which is a key characteristic of Mastiffs
Caesar A name that carries a sense of authority and power, much like a Mastiff
Captain For the mastiff who is a leader
Carlie This name has a joyful and playful connotation, reflecting the friendly and calm nature of Mastiffs
Cedric This name, which means 'champion,' is well suited to the Mastiff breed because of its historical use as a guard and war dog
Champ Mastiffs are champions, whether in shows or in our hearts
Commander Mastiffs often take the lead, just like a commander
Cyclone Reflects the powerful and energetic nature of a Mastiff
Czar Mastiffs are commanding and authoritative, like a czar
Darrel This French name meaning 'beloved' is a perfect fit for the affectionate and loyal Mastiff
Deacon Given that Mastiffs are often regarded as noble and dignified dogs, this title, which refers to a high-ranking church official, fits perfectly
Diesel Because mastiffs are powerful like a diesel engine
Dorian It's a name with Greek origins, signifying a gift. It's a fitting name for a Mastiff, a breed often considered a great companion and gift to its owners
Duke Mastiffs carry themselves with dignity and grace
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Exotic Names

Mastiffs were bred all over the world. Choosing a unique, exotic name could reflect their international heritage.
Name Description
Athena Greek Goddess of wisdom, for a smart and clever Mastiff
Avalon Inspired by the legendary island in Arthurian tales, for a majestic Mastiff
Calypso Named after the Greek nymph, for a charming and playful Mastiff
Czar Russian term for a ruler, fitting for a majestic Mastiff
Django After the famous guitarist, for a Mastiff with a rhythmic and musical spirit
Draco Meaning 'Dragon' in Latin, for a Mastiff with a powerful and fiery nature
Electra Greek mythological figure, perfect for a bright and sparky Mastiff
Havana Named after the colorful Cuban city, for a lively and vibrant Mastiff
Hercules Named after the Greek hero, for a powerful and fearless Mastiff
Khal Inspired by the powerful title in Game of Thrones, for a dominant and strong Mastiff
Kismet Means fate in Turkish, great for a Mastiff who was meant to be part of your family
Mandala A symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, for a Mastiff with a calming presence
Mystique For a Mastiff with a captivating and enigmatic aura
Nirvana Signifies ultimate bliss, for a Mastiff that brings immense happiness
Osiris Named after the Egyptian God of the afterlife, for a Mastiff with a strong presence
Quasar Brightest object in the universe, for a Mastiff with a radiant personality
Ragnar A Viking warrior, perfect for a brave and strong Mastiff
Seraphim Taken from the highest order of angels, for a graceful and majestic Mastiff
Sphinx Inspired by the mythical creature, for a mysterious and imposing Mastiff
Triton Named after the Greek God of the sea, perfect for a Mastiff who loves water
Vulcan Roman God of fire, perfect for a Mastiff with a fiery spirit
Yara Inspired by the Brazilian Goddess of water, for a graceful and serene Mastiff
Zarina Meaning 'Golden' in Arabic, for a regal and precious Mastiff
Zenith Signifies the highest point, perfect for a top-notch Mastiff
Zephyr Linked to the Greek God of the west wind, perfect for a strong, swift Mastiff

Influential Character Names

Mastiffs are often seen in literature and film, so names of influential characters could be an interesting choice.
Name Description
Achilles Inspired by the Greek hero of the Trojan War known for his strength and courage, suitable for a strong Mastiff
Brutus This name pays homage to a political leader from the Roman Republic who was known for his bravery
Cleopatra The name of the famous Egyptian queen, emphasizing the majestic and royal nature of the Mastiff
Dante Influenced by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, reflecting the artistic and noble spirit of the Mastiff
Einstein Tribute to the renowned physicist, emphasizing the intelligence that Mastiffs can display
Freud Named after the father of psychoanalysis, showing the intuitive and understanding nature of Mastiffs
Gandhi Honoring the Indian activist, symbolizing the peaceful and loving characteristics of Mastiffs
Hercules Inspired by the demigod known for his strength, matching the powerful build of Mastiffs
Isabella After Queen Isabella of Spain, highlighting the regal and commanding presence of Mastiffs
Joan From Joan of Arc, the courageous French heroine, reflecting the bravery of Mastiffs
King A tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., representing the Mastiff's noble personality
Lincoln After President Abraham Lincoln, embodying the loyalty and honesty of Mastiffs
Mozart Named after the famed composer, reflecting the Mastiff's harmonious nature
Napoleon Inspired by the famous French conqueror, symbolizing the bold and ambitious nature of Mastiffs
Orion From Greek mythology, representing the Mastiff's strong and hunter-like traits
Plato In honor of the philosopher, demonstrating the Mastiff's wise and calm demeanor
Queen Signifies the regal, commanding presence of the Mastiff breed
Roosevelt After President Theodore Roosevelt, embodying the Mastiff's leadership and strong-willed nature
Spartacus Inspired by the Thracian gladiator, reflecting the Mastiff's strength and bravery
Tesla Tribute to the innovative scientist, emphasizing the Mastiff's clever and inventive traits
Ulysses Named after the hero of Homer's Odyssey, reflecting the adventurous and courageous spirit of Mastiffs
Vinci After Leonardo da Vinci, symbolizing the Mastiff's artistic and inventive nature
Winston Inspired by Winston Churchill, highlighting the Mastiff's resilience and determination
Xerxes From the Persian king, representing the Mastiff's regal and powerful qualities
Zeus After the king of the Greek gods, symbolizing the Mastiff's commanding and majestic nature

Gentle Names

Despite their size, Mastiffs are often gentle giants, so names that reflect their kind nature could be appropriate.
Name Description
Aura Signifies the calming energy a Mastiff can radiate
Breeze This name is as calming as a gentle wind, ideal for a Mastiff
Buddha It epitomizes serenity and calmness, suitable for a gentle Mastiff
Calm A name that summarizes the peaceful and tranquil nature of a Mastiff
Calmly Signifies the tranquil behavior of a Mastiff
Cuddle A name that reflects a Mastiff's gentle and loving nature
Dove Doves are symbols of peace, reflecting a Mastiff's gentle demeanor
Dulcet This name refers to a sweet and soothing temperament, just like a Mastiff
Feather A name that conveys the light and gentle nature of a Mastiff
Gentle A direct reflection of a Mastiff's demeanor
Grace Emphasizes the elegance and gentleness of a Mastiff
Harmony Symbolizes the peaceful temperament of a Mastiff
Luna This name is calm and peaceful like the night sky, reflecting a Mastiff's gentle nature
Mellow Represents the calm and relaxed nature of a Mastiff
Pacify Reflects the calming presence of a gentle Mastiff
Placid An ideal name for a Mastiff due to its calm and peaceful demeanor
River A flowing river embodies tranquility, a fitting name for a gentle Mastiff
Serene A name that speaks to the peaceful nature of a Mastiff
Serenity A name that reflects the calm and composed nature of a Mastiff
Silky This name reflects the soft and gentle nature of a Mastiff
Softy This name is a perfect fit for a gentle and lovable Mastiff
Tender A name that reflects the loving and gentle nature of a Mastiff
Tranquil Signifies the peaceful and calm demeanor of a Mastiff
Whisper This name is as soft and gentle as a Mastiff's demeanor
Zen A name that portrays the tranquility of a Mastiff

Giant Names

Mastiffs are known for their large size, so names that represent size or strength could be suitable.
Name Description
Ares The Greek god of war, a symbol of formidable power
Atlas In mythology, Atlas held up the sky, a fitting name for a large, strong dog
Bane A comic book villain known for his strength and size
Beowulf An epic hero from Old English literature, symbolizing strength
Blizzard A severe snowstorm, representing the size and power of nature
Boulder This name signifies the strength and size of a rock, perfect for a sturdy, large dog
Gladiator This portrays a strong, powerful image and is a perfect fit for a large dog
Goliath This name, from biblical giant, symbolizes great size and strength
Hercules The name of a mythological hero known for his strength, perfect for a big, strong dog
Hulk A comic book character known for his immense size and strength
Juggernaut A term representing unstoppable force and power
Jupiter The largest planet in the solar system, a metaphor for size and strength
Kong A name that draws inspiration from King Kong, synonymous with giant and strong
Kraken A giant sea monster from Norse mythology, signifying size and power
Leonidas A warrior king in ancient Greece known for his bravery and strength
Mammoth This extinct creature, known for its size, is a fitting name for a large dog
Maximus Latin for 'greatest', it's perfect for a large breed dog
Odin A powerful Norse god, a symbol of wisdom and strength
Poseidon The God of the sea in Greek mythology, symbolizes power and strength
Samson A biblical character known for his exceptional strength
Spartacus A legendary gladiator, known for his strength and bravery
Thor The Norse god of thunder, a symbol of power and strength
Titan Derived from Greek mythology, this name signifies strength and size
Triton A Greek god known for his powerful control over the sea
Zeus The king of Greek gods, a moniker to denote power and size

Ancient Names

Mastiffs are an ancient breed, so giving them a name with historical significance could be fitting.
Name Description
Achilles Named after a Greek hero of the Trojan War, representing strength and courage
Ajax A tribute to the Greek hero of the Trojan War, signifying strength
Apollo Reflects the Greek god of music, truth, and healing
Ares An homage to the Greek god of war, symbolizing bravery
Atlas Inspired by the Titan god who held up the sky, signifying endurance
Caesar Reflects the Roman ruler's authority and power
Cyrus A nod to the founder of the Persian Empire, symbolizing leadership
Hades Named after the Greek god of the underworld, representing fearlessness
Hector An homage to the Trojan prince, symbolizing bravery
Hercules Commemorates the Greek hero known for his strength
Leonidas Echoes the valor of the Spartan king
Maximus Latin term meaning 'greatest', illustrating the Mastiff's size
Midas Named after the legendary King with a golden touch, symbolizing wealth
Nero Named after the Roman Emperor, representing authority
Odin Named after the Norse god, representing wisdom and knowledge
Orion A tribute to the Greek hunter, symbolizing the dog's hunting instincts
Osiris Reflects the Egyptian god of the afterlife, symbolizing mystery
Perseus Honors the Greek hero who defeated Medusa, symbolizing courage
Rhea Reflects the Greek Titaness, mother of gods, signifying nurturing
Romeo A nod to the Shakespearean character, signifying loyalty and love
Spartacus Reflects the spirit of the Thracian gladiator who led a slave uprising against Rome
Thor Named after the Norse god of thunder, representing strength
Triton A tribute to the Greek god of the sea, signifying power and majesty
Zephyr A nod to the Greek god of the west wind, symbolizing speed and agility
Zeus An homage to the king of the Greek gods, symbolizing power
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Gideon the Colossal: A Mastiff Story

In a quaint little village named Willowbrook, surrounded by dense woods and rolling hills, there lived a Mastiff of extraordinary size. His name was Gideon, and he was so large that he could easily be mistaken for a small bear. Despite his colossal stature, Gideon was known for his gentle nature and his undying loyalty to the villagers.

Gideon's owner, a kind-hearted blacksmith named Thomas, found him abandoned as a tiny puppy on the edge of the woods. Even at a young age, it was clear that Gideon was destined to grow into a giant. Thomas raised Gideon with love and care, teaching him to be a faithful companion and protector of the village.

As Gideon grew, he quickly became a beloved member of the Willowbrook community. The children would play with him after school, climbing on his back and taking turns riding the gentle giant. The adults appreciated Gideon's watchful presence, and they felt safer knowing that he was there to protect them.

One fateful day, the tranquility of Willowbrook was shattered when a pack of wolves descended upon the village. They had been driven from their territory by a harsh winter, and their hunger had led them to the village in search of food. The villagers were caught off guard and terrified by the sudden appearance of the menacing predators.

Thomas knew that Gideon was their only hope. He called upon his loyal companion, who had been resting in the blacksmith's forge, and instructed him to protect the village from the wolves. Gideon let out a deep, thunderous bark, accepting his duty without hesitation.

Gideon raced through the village, his massive form casting a looming shadow on the ground. As he confronted the first wolf, the predator snarled and lunged at him. Gideon's enormous size and strength allowed him to fend off the wolf's attack, sending it fleeing back into the woods with a yelp of fear.

One by one, Gideon faced off against the wolves, using his immense strength and agility to drive them away from the village. The sight of the giant Mastiff was enough to intimidate most of the wolves, who retreated into the woods, fearing for their own safety.

As Gideon fought valiantly, the villagers banded together, using torches and loud noises to scare away the remaining wolves. They knew that Gideon couldn't do it alone, and they had to do their part to protect their home.

After what felt like an eternity, the last of the wolves fled into the darkness, and the village was safe once more. Exhausted and battered, Gideon returned to Thomas, who greeted him with tears of gratitude in his eyes.

The villagers gathered around Gideon, showering him with affection and praises for his bravery. They realized that the gentle giant had not only protected them from the wolves but had also brought them closer together as a community. They vowed to honor Gideon's courage and loyalty by always looking out for one another and working together to keep their village safe.

From that day forward, Gideon became a symbol of strength and unity in Willowbrook. He continued to watch over the villagers as their loyal guardian, his immense size and gentle heart forever intertwined with the spirit of the village. And as the years went by, the story of Gideon the Mastiff became a treasured legend, passed down through generations as a testament to the power of loyalty, courage, and love.

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