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Miniature Poodle Names

Updated: April 17, 2024

Welcome to our unique collection of names for your adorable little fur friend. Naming a pet is no small feat. It is a word that will echo through your home for many years to come, something that your pet will identify with and respond to. Our aim here is to help you find the perfect title that befits the personality and charm of your miniature poodle.

Miniature poodles are known for their intelligence, elegance, and spirited nature. Therefore, the names we've compiled are a mix of everything, from cute and playful to sophisticated and classy, just like your furry companion. Whether you are looking for something traditional, trendy, or completely out of the box, we have got you covered. So go ahead and explore this page to find the most fitting name for your miniature poodle.

Remember, the name you choose will be a reflection of your pet’s identity. It could be inspired by their appearance, personality, or even your favorite book or movie character. We hope this comprehensive list of names helps you find the perfect one that resonates with your pet's personality and brings a smile to your face every time you call it out.

Name Reason to Choose
Baguette A playful name for a long and lean dog
Belle It's a beautiful name for a beautiful breed
Beret It's a nod to the French origins of Poodles
Bijou This French word for 'jewel' suits a precious pet
Binky This name is as playful as they are
Biscuit This name is perfect for a light-colored coat
Blossom It's a sweet name for a sweet breed
Boheme This name suits a free-spirited and unconventional dog
Bonbon For a dog that is as sweet as candy
Bordeaux A classy name for a dog with a robust and hearty personality
Brie A tasty name for a dog who's as soft and creamy as this cheese
Brio It's a short, snappy name that reflects the energetic nature of the breed
Brioche A sweet name for a dog that's as delightful as this French pastry
Bubbles Their bubbly personality can be as effervescent as the real thing
Buttons It suits a small and cute pup
Cafe For a dog that perks you up like a cup of coffee
Caniche This is the French term for 'Poodle'
Caramel It's a sweet name for a brown-coated pup
Caviar This name is perfect for a poodle with a luxurious personality
Champ For the Miniature Poodle that loves winning games of fetch
Champagne This name suits a bubbly and lively dog
Charm Their adorable looks and pleasing personality are utterly charming
Chateau This French word for 'castle' suits a noble and regal dog
Cheerio Their cheerful disposition is infectious
Cheri This French term of endearment is perfect for a dog you love dearly
Chic This name captures the stylish and sophisticated nature of the breed
Chiffon A great name for a graceful and light-footed Poodle
Chirp Their lively nature can sometimes resemble a bird's chirp
Coco A chic name, recalling fashion icon Coco Chanel
Coo Their soft, cooing sounds when content make this name a perfect fit
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Food Inspired Names

Given their small size and cute appearance, food related names could be fitting and fun.
Name Description
Bagel This curly fur reminds of a warm, toasty bagel
Biscuit Because this Poodle is as warm and comforting as a biscuit
Butter This Miniature Poodle has a rich, buttery colored coat
Caramel For the Poodle with a smooth caramel-like coat
Caviar A luxurious name for a posh Miniature Poodle
Cherry A fitting name for a dog with a cheery and bubbly personality
Cinnamon The dog's warm, brown fur hue resembles ground cinnamon
Cookie For the sweet and irresistible little one
Cupcake Because this dog is as delightful and sweet as a cupcake
Ginger For the Poodle with a vibrant, fiery spirit
Jelly Because this Miniature Poodle is as sweet and wobbly as jelly
Marshmallow For the fluffy, soft, and sweet Miniature Poodle
Mint This Poodle's refreshing personality is reminiscent of mint leaves
Muffin Because this Miniature Poodle is as sweet as a freshly baked muffin
Nacho For the pup who's as cheesy and fun as a plate of nachos
Oreo Because this Poodle's coat is as smooth and sweet as an Oreo biscuit
Peanut This little Poodle is small and cute just like a peanut
Pepper A perfect name for a feisty, lively Miniature Poodle
Pesto This name is for the Miniature Poodle with a vibrant and zesty personality
Pickle For the pup that has a peppy, tangy spirit
Pumpkin The dog's color is reminiscent of a ripe pumpkin
Raisin This Poodle's dark, gleaming coat is like a shiny raisin
Sushi A cool name for a dog with a refined taste
Tofu A fun, quirky name for a unique Miniature Poodle
Waffle This Poodle's crimped fur is reminiscent of a delicious waffle

Famous Poodle Names

Names of famous Miniature Poodles, either real or in media, could be used.
Name Description
Barbie Barbie's pet poodle shares this name
Bella Bella, a poodle, is a character in 'Dog with a Blog'
Bijou Fans of the animated series 'Hamtaro' will recognize this as the name of a fashionable poodle
Charley John Steinbeck's travelogue 'Travels with Charley' features Charley, a miniature poodle
Cherie Cherie is the name of the miniature poodle in the movie 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'
Coco Coco is a poodle from the manga series 'Tokyo Mew Mew'
Cupcake Cupcake is a poodle character in 'Puppy Dog Pals' series
Daisy 'Blondie and Dagwood' comic strip features a poodle named Daisy
Fifi This is the name of the famous poodle in the movie 'Open Season 2'
Fifi This is the name of the famous poodle in the movie 'Open Season 2'
Fluffy The toy poodle in 'The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature' is named Fluffy
Fluffy The toy poodle in 'The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature' is named Fluffy
Frou-Frou It's the name of a poodle in the Disney movie 'The Aristocats'
Georgette The poodle in Disney's movie 'Oliver & Company' is named Georgette
Gigi Gigi is the name of a poodle from 'The Secret Life of Pets 2'
Jolie The name belongs to the poodle from the movie 'Best in Show'
Leona 'Wonder Pets', a popular children's show, includes a poodle named Leona
Lucy Lucy is a poodle in the movie 'The Biscuit Eater'
Mimi A poodle in the animated series 'Mimi and the Goo Goos' shares this name
Pamela From the novel 'Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded', Pamela is a poodle
Pierre This name is reminiscent of the famous poodle that appeared in 'The Doberman Gang'
Precious The poodle from 'The Nut Job' movie is named Precious
Puffy Puffy is the name of a poodle from the comic strip 'Get Fuzzy'
Ruffles Ruffles is a poodle from the movie 'The Ugly Dachshund'
Trixie From the movie 'The Shaggy D.A.', Trixie is a poodle

Names Based on Size

Given their small size, names that reflect this could be suitable.
Name Description
Bean This name reflects their tiny stature
Bitty A cute name that implies their small size
Bonsai Just like the miniature tree, they're small but full of life
Button Because they're as small and cute as a button
Dinky An adorable name for a small dog
Dobby Inspired by the small, loyal character from Harry Potter
Gumball Small, round, and sweet - just like them
Halfpint An affectionate term for someone small
Micro For the smallest of small dogs
Munchkin It's a playful nod to their small size
Noodle A fun and playful name for a petite pooch
Nugget This name is perfect for a small but valuable pet
Peanut This name is a cute reminder of how petite they are
Pebble A cute, small, and hardy pet name
Petite A name that directly refers to their small size
Pickle For the petite and adorable ones
Pip Short and sweet - just like them
Runt It's a fun and endearing term for the smallest of the litter
Smidge They're just a smidge of a dog
Sprout A lovely name for a small growing pup
Squirt A cute name for a small pup
Teeny For the tiniest of pets
Thimble Small and useful - like them
Tiny It's a clear reference to the small size of the pooch
Titch A British term for someone or something very small

Toy Related Names

Miniature Poodles are often referred to as 'toys' because of their small size.
Name Description
Barbie This is an iconic doll, loved by many
Beyblade A nod to the spinning top game
Bopit A reference to the fast-paced reaction game
Etch A short form of the classic toy, Etch A Sketch
Frisbee A name based on a popular outdoor toy
Hotwheels Named after the toy car brand
Jenga A nod to the popular block-stacking game
Ken Named after Barbie's long-time companion
Kerplunk A reference to the classic children's game
Lego This name is based on a popular children's building toy
Lincoln A name inspired by Lincoln Logs, the children's building toy
Milton A tribute to the board game company, Milton Bradley
Nerf The name of a popular brand of foam-based weaponry
Playdoh Named after the famous modeling compound
Polly Captures the essence of the popular doll, Polly Pocket
Rubik A nod to the famous cube puzzle toy
Scrabble A homage to the classic board game
Slinky Named after the classic spring-like toy
Tamagotchi A nod to the handheld digital pet of the 90s
Teddy A reference to a beloved stuffed animal
Tetris Named after the classic video game
Tonka This name is a tribute to the classic toy trucks
Twister Inspired by the popular physical skill game
Uno A card game favorite among many
Yoyo Inspired by a popular spinning toy

French Names

Miniature Poodles originated in France, so French names would be fitting.
Name Description
Amour This is a French term meaning love, suitable for a loving poodle
Bijou In French, the term translates to jewel, perfect for a precious poodle
Croissant Named after the famous French pastry, this name is perfect for a light-colored poodle
Douceur This French word means sweetness, a fitting name for a sweet natured poodle
Éclair The French dessert name could also be a unique name for a fast and agile poodle
Fleur This name means flower in French, representing the beauty of your poodle
Gigi A popular French name, fitting for a playful and energetic poodle
Hugo After Victor Hugo, the French author, for a poodle with a dignified demeanor
Ivory This name is ideal for a white or very light-colored poodle
Jacques A classic French name, for a poodle with a strong and bold personality
Kiwi A fun and light-hearted name, perfect for a lively and playful poodle
Lulu A cute and affectionate name, fitting for a loving and friendly poodle
Mimi An endearing French name, perfect for a small and cuddly poodle
Noir This name means black in French, fitting for a black miniature poodle
Olivier This French name can show the strong character of your poodle
Papillon Translates to butterfly in French, suitable for a colorful or graceful poodle
Quiche A unique, food-inspired name for a poodle with a soft and fluffy coat
Roux This French cooking term, meaning redhead, is great for a reddish-brown poodle
Soleil This name means sun in French, perfect for a poodle with a bright personality
Toulouse Named after a city in France, for a poodle with a sophisticated aura
Ulysse A French version of Ulysses, for a poodle with an adventurous spirit
Vivienne A classy French name for an elegant poodle
Waffle A fun and quirky name for a poodle with a crinkly or curly coat
Xavier A sophisticated French name for a dignified poodle
Yvette A traditional French name, perfect for a classic and beautiful poodle
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