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Updated: October 06, 2023

      It can be difficult to find a name that is hot off the press these days. Too many are being constantly recycled and reused. Avoiding classic options and those related to the latest trending celebrities can help ensure that your pal doesn’t share an identity with half of the neighborhood. We have been gathering up potential names here for a while and this list contains only the newest additions. That means this is our freshest collection on the whole site. The latest inclusions come from one of two sources. The first is visitor suggestions. Whenever a visitor recommends something new via our suggest feature, it gets moved onto this page. The second is our constant internal updates. We are scouring the world daily for exciting and up-to-date names. Anything fresh and distinct that we find shows up here first. Our aim is to provide a page that will always have unique ideas that are not spoiled by years of use. We hope that you find a recent addition that fits your dog.
Name Reason to Choose
Adrien It's a modern twist on traditional human names for pets
Allegro Perfect for a dog with a fast and lively personality
Astro A great choice for space enthusiasts or fans of the Jetsons!
Audrey Elegant and sophisticated, this name is perfect for a dignified or graceful pooch
Avocado For green-eyed dogs or those owned by health food enthusiasts
Bebe It's a cute, affectionate term often used for babies, making it suitable for a pet
Biscuit Perfect for a sweet and lovable dog who's as comforting as a warm biscuit
Bisou This name is inspired by a French word meaning 'kiss', reflecting affection
Bolt Perfect for a fast, energetic pup who loves to play fetch
Brio For a dog with a spirited and cheerful disposition
Brisket For a pooch who loves meal times more than anything
Caper For a dog who loves pranks and is always up to some mischief
Cheeto A fun, playful name for a dog with an orange or reddish coat
Cherie This French term of endearment can also be a unique name for a dog
Cobbler Ideal for a crafty dog who enjoys tinkering around
Cocoa Perfect for a brown-coated or chocolate breed
Dabble For a curious dog who loves to explore new things
Dee A simple, short name, reflecting a trend for minimalistic pet names
Donut For a dog who is round and sweet
Doodle Ideal for a poodle mix or any curly-haired pooch
Echo Might suit a dog with a loud bark, or owners who love nature and hiking
Elixir For a dog that brings a magical and healing presence in your life
Fable Perfect for a dog that loves story time and has a story of its own
Fidget Great for a dog who can never sit still
Flapjack A great name for a dog that loves breakfast and morning walks
Gambol For a dog that loves to frolic and play around
General This military rank can denote a dog's leadership traits
Gizmo Best for a small, curious dog who loves to explore
Gromitt Inspired by a beloved animated dog character
Gummi A type of candy, reflecting sweetness
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Names from Literature or Pop Culture

Many people enjoy naming their dogs after their favorite characters from books, movies, TV shows, or even video games
Name Description
Arya Inspired by the resilient and brave Arya Stark from 'Game of Thrones'
Atticus After Atticus Finch, the wise and moral character in Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
Buffy From the fearless vampire slayer in the TV show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
Darcy Named after the charming Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'
Dumbledore Named after the wise and beloved headmaster of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series
Elle The name comes from the intelligent and stylish character Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde'
Frodo Named after the brave hobbit protagonist in 'The Lord of the Rings'
Gandalf From the wise and powerful wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'
Gatsby Jay Gatsby is the mysterious, wealthy character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'
Gollum From the complex character in 'The Lord of the Rings' known for his split personality
Hagrid From the lovable half-giant in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Hannibal Inspired by the intelligent and terrifying Hannibal Lecter from Thomas Harris' novels
Heathcliff Inspired by the complex and passionate character in Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights'
Katniss Named after the brave and resourceful protagonist in Suzanne Collins' 'The Hunger Games'
Pip Inspired by the protagonist Pip in Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations'
Poirot Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, created by Agatha Christie, is the inspiration
Rambo The name comes from the tough and resilient character John Rambo from the 'Rambo' movie series
Ripley After the resilient protagonist Ellen Ripley from the 'Alien' film series
Rocky Inspired by the determined and hardworking boxer Rocky Balboa from the 'Rocky' movie series
Scarlett The name comes from the bold and spirited Scarlett O'Hara in 'Gone with the Wind'
Sherlock Inspired by the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Spock From the logical and intelligent character in the Star Trek franchise
Vader After Darth Vader, the iconic villain from the Star Wars series
Wolverine From the tough and resilient superhero in the X-Men comic series
Yoda Inspired by the wise and powerful Jedi Master in the Star Wars franchise

Names Based on Color

The color of a dog's coat can often inspire a good name, whether it's something like 'Snowy' for a white dog or 'Midnight' for a black dog
Name Description
Amber If a dog has a golden-brown coat, Amber, inspired by the gemstone, would be a suitable name
Ash This name is perfect for a dog that has a grey coat, resembling the color of ash
Copper This name would suit a dog with a reddish-brown coat, similar to the color of the metal
Crimson Crimson is a deep, intense shade of red that would be a perfect moniker for a dog with a rich, reddish coat
Ebony Ebony, a deep black color, would be a distinctive name for a dog with a dark, black coat
Goldie A cute name for a dog with a golden, shiny coat
Indigo A deep color between blue and violet, Indigo would suit a dog with a dark, shiny coat
Ivory If a dog has a white, creamy coat, Ivory would be a suitable name
Jade A name inspired by a precious stone of green color, suitable for a dog with a unique greenish hue in its coat
Jet Jet, a deep black gemstone, would be a unique name for a dog with a dark black coat
Lavender If a dog has a light purple hue to its coat, Lavender would be a fitting name
Marigold For a dog with a vibrant, yellow-orange coat, Marigold would be a suitable name
Mocha Mocha, inspired by the color of the coffee, is a charming name for a dog with a brown coat
Olive A unique name for a dog with a coat that has a greenish-brown hue
Onyx If a dog has a black coat, Onyx, inspired by the black gemstone, would be an ideal name
Pearl For a dog with a white, glossy coat, this name would be a perfect fit
Rose Inspired by the color of a blush pink rose, this name would suit a dog with a pinkish coat
Russet Inspired by the reddish-brown color, Russet would be fitting for a dog with a similar-colored coat
Saffron Inspired by the rich yellow-orange spice, this name would be ideal for a dog with a similar color coat
Sapphire For a dog with a coat that shines like a deep blue gem
Sienna This name, inspired by the reddish-brown earth color, would be fitting for a dog with a similar coat color
Slate If a dog has a grey-blue coat, the name Slate would be a good fit
Teal A unique name for a dog with a bluish-green coat
Topaz Inspired by the gemstone, Topaz would be a great name for a dog with a golden-brown coat
Vermilion Vermilion, a bright red color, would be a vibrant name for a dog with a reddish coat

Names Based on Personality

Some people prefer to wait a few days to name their dog, in order to pick a name that fits their unique personality
Name Description
Chaser Ideal for a dog that loves to chase things
Chatter A great name for a dog who is always barking
Cuddler If your dog loves to snuggle, this could be the perfect name
Digger Ideal for a dog that loves to bury things in the yard
Dreamer For a dog that always seems to be daydreaming
Einstein A fitting name for an incredibly smart dog
Gazer For a dog that just loves to sit and stare out the window
Giggles For a dog that always seems to be in a good mood
Guardian A good choice for a dog that's protective of its family
Houdini Perfect for a dog that's always finding ways to escape
Jumper Ideal for a dog that loves to jump around
Loyal A fitting name for a dog that never leaves your side
Mischief A name that suits a naughty or playful dog
Napster If your dog loves to sleep, this name is a great fit
Ninja For a dog that's always sneaking up on you
Nomad For a dog that loves to wander around
Pouncer Ideal for a dog that loves to leap and pounce
Racer For a dog that never slows down
Shadow For that dog that follows you everywhere you go
Skipper For a dog that hops and skips while walking or running
Sneaker For a dog that's always sneaking into places it shouldn't be
Snuggles If your dog loves to cuddle, this could be the perfect name
Speedy Ideal for a dog that loves to run
Tracker For a dog with a strong sense of smell and a love of following scents
Wiggles Perfect for a pup who just can't stop moving

Names Based on Breed

Certain names fit certain breeds better than others, and can reflect the dog's origins or characteristics
Name Description
Basset Boss A fitting name for a Basset Hound with a commanding presence
BeagleBug A cute and playful name for a Beagle
Boxer Bouncer This name captures the Boxer's energetic and playful nature
Bulldozer For a Bulldog, this is a humorous nod to their physical strength
Chihuahua Charm Perfect for a Chihuahua with an enchanting personality
Cocker Cuddles This name is made for a Cocker Spaniel that loves to cuddle
Collie Comet A name that captures the speed and energy of a Border Collie
Dainty Dachshund This name highlights the small and delicate nature of Dachshunds
Doberman Dash This name highlights the speed and agility of the Doberman breed
Golden Nugget This name hints at the Gold in Golden Retriever, but gives it a fun twist
Graceful Grey Perfect for the sleek and graceful Greyhound
LabLover An ideal name for a loving Labrador Retriever
Malamute Majesty A name fitting for an Alaskan Malamute with a majestic presence
PepperJack A fitting name for a spicy and energetic Jack Russell Terrier
Pitbull Power This name embodies the strength and power that Pitbulls are known for
PomPuff This name is a playful take on the Pomeranian's fluffy coat
PoodlePuff This name captures the Poodle's fluffy and elegant appearance
Rottweiler Rock This name pays tribute to the Rottweiler's strong and sturdy nature
Saintly Saint A name that plays off the Saint Bernard's saintly patience and gentle nature
Shih Tzu Star This name is perfect for a Shih Tzu with a sparkling personality
Siberian Snow This name is a homage to the Siberian Husky's snowy origins
SpottySpot This name is a fitting choice for a spotted Dalmatian
ThunderPaw A name perfect for a powerful and strong German Shepherd
Whippet Whirl This name is a playful nod to the Whippet's speed and agility
Yorkie Yum Perfect for a Yorkshire Terrier that's as sweet as candy

Names Based on Size

Many people like to name their dogs based on their size, with larger dogs getting powerful, strong names and smaller dogs getting cute, diminutive names
Name Description
Atlas Named after the titan who held up the heavens, this name suits a large, strong breed
Bear A large, fluffy dog could be named after this large, powerful animal
Bonsai Named after miniature trees, this name fits a small dog breed
Boulder Evokes the size and strength of a large dog, as boulders are big and sturdy
Brick A strong, sturdy name for a large, robust dog
Elf A small, spirited breed could be named after these small, mythical creatures
Goliath This name is great for a large dog, as Goliath was a giant figure in the Bible
Hulk This is a fitting name for a big, muscular dog, as Hulk is a large, strong character
Jumbo A playful choice for a large breed, as jumbo means 'very large'
Mini This simple, cute name is perfect for a tiny breed
Moose This is a fitting name for a large, sturdy dog, as moose are known for their impressive size
Munchkin Reminiscent of the small, cute characters from the Wizard of Oz, it's great for a tiny breed
Nugget This name is suitable for a small, precious pup
Peanut Perfect for a small pup, as peanuts are tiny and cute
Pint Perfect for a small dog, as pints are a smaller unit of measurement
Pip This name suits a small dog, as a 'pip' is a tiny seed in a fruit
Pixie A magical choice for a small, graceful breed, as pixies are tiny creatures
Rumble This name would suit a big, loud dog as it's reminiscent of thunder
Sequoia Named after the towering trees, it's great for a tall breed
Tank This moniker suits a large, robust dog who has a strong presence
Teacup A whimsical choice for a petite dog, reminiscent of the small size of teacups
Thimble A perfect name for a tiny pup, as thimbles are small and handy
Titch This British slang for a small person fits a tiny pup
Titus Derived from the Latin for 'giant', this suits a large breed
Whopper This name would suit a large dog, as a 'whopper' is something exceptionally large
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Ravi Photo of Ravi for New Dog Names
Sheba Photo of Sheba for New Dog Names Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cato Photo of Cato for New Dog Names We chose this name because our friend that died of cancers last name Cato.
Conner Photo of Conner for New Dog Names
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The Tale of Sir Barksworth

In the quaint village of Willowgrove, nestled in a lush valley surrounded by rolling hills, there lived a dog named Barkley. He was a noble English Mastiff, with a strong and muscular build, a deep chestnut coat, and gentle, wise eyes. Barkley belonged to a humble blacksmith named Thomas, and the two were the best of friends.

One day, a royal procession passed through Willowgrove on its way to the neighboring kingdom. Among the travelers was the young and beautiful Princess Elara, who was to be married to the dashing Prince Edmund. As fate would have it, the princess's carriage suffered a broken wheel in front of Thomas's smithy. Thomas offered his assistance, and while he worked on the wheel, Barkley kept the princess company.

Princess Elara was immediately charmed by Barkley's gentle demeanor, and she spent the afternoon sharing stories and treats with her newfound canine friend. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the royal procession prepared to continue its journey.

Suddenly, out of the dark woods that bordered Willowgrove, a pack of vicious wolves emerged, snarling and baring their teeth. The villagers, as well as the royal guards, were paralyzed with fear, unsure of how to defend themselves against the unexpected menace. Without hesitation, Barkley sprang into action, his protective instincts taking over.

With a mighty bark, Barkley charged at the wolves, his powerful frame an imposing force against the would-be attackers. His courage and strength were unmatched, and he fought valiantly to protect the people of Willowgrove and the royal entourage. Barkley's bravery soon inspired the guards and villagers to join him, and together, they drove the wolves back into the woods, securing the safety of all.

Princess Elara, who had watched the events unfold from a safe distance, was moved by Barkley's selfless act of valor. She knew that such courage deserved recognition, and so, with the permission of her father, King Theodore, she bestowed upon Barkley a special title: Sir Barksworth, the Valiant Protector.

From that day forth, Sir Barksworth became a legend in the kingdom. His tale spread far and wide, inspiring people of all ages with his bravery and loyalty. Thomas and Barkley continued to live in the village of Willowgrove, but their lives were forever changed.

Each year, a grand festival was held in Sir Barksworth's honor, where people from near and far would come to celebrate the heroic deeds of the valiant dog. They would sing songs, share stories, and revel in the spirit of courage that Barkley had come to embody.

And so, Sir Barksworth, the Valiant Protector, became a symbol of hope, loyalty, and bravery throughout the kingdom. His tale would be passed down through generations, a shining example of the true heart and courage that exists within even the most humble of creatures.

We would like to take this time to thank all of our visitors that make the best dog naming resource on the web. Our site would not be where it is today without your suggestions, ratings, and photo submissions. So pat yourselves on the back for a job well done and keep up the good work! If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas for the this page or any part of our site, don't hesitate to drop us a line on our Contact Page. Thank you! -The DogNamed Team

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