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      It can be difficult to find a name that is hot off the press these days. Too many are being constantly recycled and reused. Avoiding classic options and those related to the latest trending celebrities can help ensure that your pal doesn’t share an identity with half of the neighborhood. We have been gathering up potential names here for a while and this list contains only the newest additions. That means this is our freshest collection on the whole site. The latest inclusions come from one of two sources. The first is visitor suggestions. Whenever a visitor recommends something new via our suggest feature, it gets moved onto this page. The second is our constant internal updates. We are scouring the world daily for exciting and up-to-date names. Anything fresh and distinct that we find shows up here first. Our aim is to provide a page that will always have unique ideas that are not spoiled by years of use. We hope that you find a recent addition that fits your dog.
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Ravi Photo of Ravi for New Dog Names
Sheba Photo of Sheba for New Dog Names Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cato Photo of Cato for New Dog Names We chose this name because our friend that died of cancers last name Cato.
Conner Photo of Conner for New Dog Names
Melliha Photo of Melliha for New Dog Names

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The Tale of Sir Barksworth

In the quaint village of Willowgrove, nestled in a lush valley surrounded by rolling hills, there lived a dog named Barkley. He was a noble English Mastiff, with a strong and muscular build, a deep chestnut coat, and gentle, wise eyes. Barkley belonged to a humble blacksmith named Thomas, and the two were the best of friends.

One day, a royal procession passed through Willowgrove on its way to the neighboring kingdom. Among the travelers was the young and beautiful Princess Elara, who was to be married to the dashing Prince Edmund. As fate would have it, the princess's carriage suffered a broken wheel in front of Thomas's smithy. Thomas offered his assistance, and while he worked on the wheel, Barkley kept the princess company.

Princess Elara was immediately charmed by Barkley's gentle demeanor, and she spent the afternoon sharing stories and treats with her newfound canine friend. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the royal procession prepared to continue its journey.

Suddenly, out of the dark woods that bordered Willowgrove, a pack of vicious wolves emerged, snarling and baring their teeth. The villagers, as well as the royal guards, were paralyzed with fear, unsure of how to defend themselves against the unexpected menace. Without hesitation, Barkley sprang into action, his protective instincts taking over.

With a mighty bark, Barkley charged at the wolves, his powerful frame an imposing force against the would-be attackers. His courage and strength were unmatched, and he fought valiantly to protect the people of Willowgrove and the royal entourage. Barkley's bravery soon inspired the guards and villagers to join him, and together, they drove the wolves back into the woods, securing the safety of all.

Princess Elara, who had watched the events unfold from a safe distance, was moved by Barkley's selfless act of valor. She knew that such courage deserved recognition, and so, with the permission of her father, King Theodore, she bestowed upon Barkley a special title: Sir Barksworth, the Valiant Protector.

From that day forth, Sir Barksworth became a legend in the kingdom. His tale spread far and wide, inspiring people of all ages with his bravery and loyalty. Thomas and Barkley continued to live in the village of Willowgrove, but their lives were forever changed.

Each year, a grand festival was held in Sir Barksworth's honor, where people from near and far would come to celebrate the heroic deeds of the valiant dog. They would sing songs, share stories, and revel in the spirit of courage that Barkley had come to embody.

And so, Sir Barksworth, the Valiant Protector, became a symbol of hope, loyalty, and bravery throughout the kingdom. His tale would be passed down through generations, a shining example of the true heart and courage that exists within even the most humble of creatures.

We would like to take this time to thank all of our visitors that make the best dog naming resource on the web. Our site would not be where it is today without your suggestions, ratings, and photo submissions. So pat yourselves on the back for a job well done and keep up the good work! If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas for the New Dog Names page or any part of our site, don't hesitate to drop us a line on our Contact Page. Thank you! -The DogNamed Team

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