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Newfoundland Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Newfoundland breed takes its name from the Dominion of Newfoundland (currently a part of Canada) where it originated. Many Newfoundland name their dogs after a place within this region of Canada. Brighton, Embree, Kippens, Ramea, and Trinity are a few names borrowed from towns in Newfoundland and Labrador. Mundy, Harp, Vidi, and Victoria are names inspired by lakes in the area. Compared to most breeds, people consider Newfoundlands to be giants. Various mythologies provide a slew of fun giant names. A few giant names from Celtic mythology include Balor, Elatha, Tethra, Fachen, and Bres. Norse mythology lends Bestla, Gorm, Gilling, and Loki. Many great options from Greek mythology include Athos, Echion, Talos, Atlas, Cronus, Dione, Phoebe, Rhea, and Themis. Other famous giants of various origins include Anakim, Og, Goliath, Ferragut, Kapre, and Kroni. With a resistant coat and webbed feet, the Newfoundland is known for its great swimming ability. Names borrowed from famous Olympic swimmers include Gould, Otto, Phelps, and Fraser.
Name Reason to Choose
Anakim This is a biblical term referring to a race of giants, which is relevant to the Newfoundland's large size and strength
Athos It's a name from Greek mythology, a reflection of the diverse cultural influences in Newfoundland
Atlas This name, inspired by Greek mythology, indicates the broad cultural influences in Newfoundland
Avalon Inspired by the Avalon Peninsula, a key geographical feature of Newfoundland
Bakeapple Bakeapple berries are a Newfoundland delicacy
Balor This name comes from Celtic mythology, which has influenced the culture of Newfoundland
Bannerman A tribute to Bannerman Park, a historic park in St. John's
Basil St. Basil's Cathedral is a historic site in Newfoundland
Bell Inspired by Bell Island, a small island off the coast of Newfoundland
Beothuk A tribute to the Beothuk, the indigenous people of Newfoundland
Bergy Short for iceberg, commonly found in Newfoundland waters
Bestla Named after a figure in Norse mythology, a nod to the Viking history of Newfoundland
Blizzard A nod to Newfoundland's harsh winters
Blueberry Blueberry picking is a popular activity in Newfoundland
Bonavista This name is chosen due to its connection with Newfoundland's history
Breeze Inspired by the province's coastal winds
Bres This name, from Celtic mythology, reflects the influence of Irish culture in Newfoundland
Brighton Named after a Newfoundland neighborhood, this name carries a sense of local pride
Brigus Brigus is a popular place in Newfoundland, making it a fitting name for a Newfoundland dog
Cabot Named after the Cabot Tower, a historic site in Newfoundland
Cape An iconic Newfoundland location
Caper Derived from the Cape Spear lighthouse
Carbonear Named after the town of Carbonear, known for its history and charm
Cod Cod fishing is a significant part of Newfoundland's history
Codfish A nod to the province's fishing industry
Codroy Named after the beautiful Codroy Valley in Newfoundland
Cove Many Newfoundland towns are named after coves
Cronus Derived from Greek mythology, it symbolizes the varied cultural influences of Newfoundland
Dildo Named after Dildo, a town in Newfoundland known for its unique name
Dione This name is from Greek mythology, reflecting Newfoundland's cultural diversity
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Newfoundland Slang Names

These names are derived from local slang or colloquial terms, reflecting the unique dialect and language of the region.
Name Description
Bergy Short for iceberg, a common sight in Newfoundland waters
By Short for 'boy', a common term of address in Newfoundland
Caplin A small fish common in Newfoundland waters
Cheeky In Newfoundland, 'cheeky' means being sassy or bold
Dory A dory is a type of boat traditionally used in Newfoundland
Flipper Refers to a seal flipper, a traditional food item in Newfoundland
Gaffer A term of respect for an older gentleman in Newfoundland
Jibb Jibb is Newfoundland slang for face or mouth
Jigger This is a term for a small fishing boat in Newfoundland
Lassy Short for molasses, a common ingredient in Newfoundland cooking
Mummer Mummers are participants in a folkloric holiday tradition in Newfoundland
Nipper Nipper is a local term for a young person or child
Punt A punt is a small boat used for fishing, a common sight in Newfoundland
Ruck A Newfoundland term for a large amount of something
Scoff This term is Newfoundland slang for a big meal
Scoffie A term combining 'scoff' (a big meal) and 'coffee', two important aspects of Newfoundland culture
Scruncheons Scruncheons are pork fat cubes, a local delicacy in Newfoundland
Scuff Scuffing is a traditional Newfoundland dance
Shed In Newfoundland slang, 'the shed' often refers to a social gathering place
Sleeveen Newfoundland slang for a sly or cunning person
Sook Newfoundland term often used affectionately to refer to someone who is lovable but naive
Squid Squid fishing is a common activity in Newfoundland
Stog Stog is a term for sticking or getting stuck in Newfoundland slang
Tickle In Newfoundland, a tickle is a narrow strait
Touton Toutons are a type of traditional Newfoundland bread roll

Newfoundland Wildlife Names

These names are inspired by the region's diverse wildlife, showcasing the unique fauna of Newfoundland.
Name Description
Bear A powerful name representing the bears found in Newfoundland
Beaver A nod to the industrious creature found in Newfoundland
Birch A name resonating with one of the prevalent trees in Newfoundland
Caribou Draws inspiration from the caribou herds found in Newfoundland and Labrador
Eagle A majestic name that represents the eagles soaring in Newfoundland's skies
Elk A majestic name derived from the large deer species in Newfoundland
Falcon A name that captures the essence of the fast and agile bird of prey in Newfoundland
Fox This sly creature is a common sight in Newfoundland's forests
Hare Inspired by the snowshoe hares that inhabit Newfoundland
Hawk Captures the spirit of the birds of prey soaring in Newfoundland's skies
Lobster A fun name that represents a popular crustacean in Newfoundland's waters
Lynx A name borrowed from a wildcat native to Newfoundland
Moose Inspired by the large animal that roams freely in Newfoundland's wilderness
Orca Named after the magnificent killer whales that frequent Newfoundland's waters
Otter A playful name that represents the otters of Newfoundland
Owl A name borrowed from a nocturnal bird living in Newfoundland
Pine Resonates with the pine trees that are abundant in Newfoundland
Puffin Newfoundland is home to many North Atlantic Puffins, making it a fitting name
Raven A name inspired by the intelligent bird that is native to Newfoundland
Salmon Represents a popular fish species in Newfoundland's waterways
Seal Represents the seals that bask on the Newfoundland shores
Trout Named after a popular fish in Newfoundland’s lakes and rivers
Walrus Inspired by the large marine mammals that reside in Newfoundland's waters
Whale A giant name inspired by the whales visible off Newfoundland's coasts
Wolf Inspired by the wolves that roam in the Newfoundland wilderness

Newfoundland Fishermen Names

Fishing is a significant part of Newfoundland's culture and economy, and these names are often used to commemorate this.
Name Description
Anchor Denoting stability and strength, two traits of a Newfoundland dog
Bait A term deeply ingrained in the fishing culture
Binnacle Named after the stand or housing for a ship's compass
Buoy A nod to the floating device used in navigation
Capstan An homage to the machine used on ships to apply force to ropes, cables, and hawsers
Chum A term for bait made from fish parts
Cod Named after a common fish caught in Newfoundland waters
Crew A term synonymous with teamwork in a fishing vessel
Dory Inspired by a small, shallow-draft boat
Gill Derived from a vital part of a fish, denoting the connection to the sea
Halibut Named after a popular fish among Newfoundland fishermen
Halyard Inspired by the rope used to raise and lower the sail
Knot A term related to the speed of a ship
Lobster Honoring another sea creature that's a common catch in Newfoundland
Mackerel A tribute to one of the common fish species found in Newfoundland waters
Mariner An old term for a sailor, highlighting the seafaring tradition
Pier A term related to the place where fishermen dock their boats
Reef Named after the underwater ecosystems often found near fishing areas
Rudder A nod to the steering mechanism of a ship
Schooner Named after a type of traditional fishing boat
Scupper Taken from the term used for an opening in the ship's side
Seine Inspired by a type of fishing net
Skipper It's a common term used for a person in charge of a fishing boat
Tide A term related to the natural rise and fall of the sea
Trawler Inspired by the type of fishing vessel used in deep sea expeditions

Geographical Newfoundland Names

These names are inspired by the region's geographical features such as towns, rivers, mountains, etc.
Name Description
Avalon This name is derived from the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador
Baffin Baffin Island is close to Newfoundland, and it's a unique name for a dog
Beothuk In honor of the indigenous Beothuk people of Newfoundland
Bonavista Bonavista is a picturesque peninsula on the island of Newfoundland
Broyle After Bay de Verde Peninsula's 'Southern Shore' region, also known as 'the Broyle'
Cabot Inspired by the explorer John Cabot, who landed in Newfoundland
Codroy Named after the Codroy Valley, a scenic area in Newfoundland
Ferryland Ferryland is a historic town on the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland
Fogo Fogo Island is a remote yet beautiful place in Newfoundland
Gros Gros Morne National Park is a famous location in Newfoundland
Humboldt Inspired by the Humboldt Current, which reaches Newfoundland waters
Iceberg A nod to the icebergs seen off the coast of Newfoundland
Jellybean After Jellybean Row, a street in St. John's, Newfoundland known for its colorful houses
Labrador This region of Newfoundland is well-known and makes a great name
LAnse L'Anse aux Meadows is a famous archaeological site in Newfoundland
Marconi After the Italian inventor who received the first transatlantic wireless signal in Newfoundland
Norris Norris Point is a charming town in Newfoundland
Puffin Named after the Atlantic puffin, the official bird of Newfoundland and Labrador
Quidi Short for Quidi Vidi, a historic fishing village in St. John's, Newfoundland
Signal Inspired by Signal Hill, a historic site in St. John's, Newfoundland
Terra After Terra Nova National Park, located on the east coast of Newfoundland
Torngat Named after the Torngat Mountains in northern Labrador
Trinity Trinity is a small town in Newfoundland known for its historic buildings
Twillingate Named after the town of Twillingate, known as the 'Iceberg Capital of the World'
Viking For the Viking explorers who reached Newfoundland around 1000 AD

Traditional Newfoundland Names

These names are deeply rooted in the history and culture of Newfoundland and reflect the region's unique heritage.
Name Description
Beothuk Takes its name from the indigenous people of Newfoundland
Bluenose A tribute to the famous Canadian schooner and symbol of the Atlantic provinces
Bonavista Named for the picturesque Newfoundland town
Cabot A nod to explorer John Cabot, who discovered Newfoundland
Caplin Named after a small fish found in Newfoundland's waters
Caribou Named after the caribou, a native Newfoundland species
Cod The fish that has historically supported Newfoundland's economy
Dory After the traditional fishing boats used in Newfoundland
Fogo Takes its name from an island off the coast of Newfoundland
Jigger A fishing device used in Newfoundland
Labrador Named for the region immediately north of Newfoundland
LAnse Short for L'Anse aux Meadows, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Newfoundland
Mummer Evokes the popular Newfoundland tradition of mummering
Paddy Evoking Ireland, a major source of Newfoundland's original settlers
Poutine After a popular dish in Newfoundland
Punt A type of boat common in Newfoundland
Quidi Short for Quidi Vidi, a historic fishing village in St. John's, Newfoundland
Schooner Pays homage to the province's maritime history
Screech The name of a popular Newfoundland rum
Signal A tribute to Signal Hill, a historic site in St. John's, Newfoundland
Squibb A nod to the Squibb's Celebration of Centuries, a historic event in Newfoundland
Terra Short for Terra Nova, an alternative name for Newfoundland
Torbay Named after a town in Newfoundland
Trinity Reflects the importance of the Church in Newfoundland's history
Tuckamore A type of shrub found in Newfoundland
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Maple: The Gentle Newfoundland Giant

In the vast, rugged wilderness of Canada, there lived a Newfoundland dog named Maple. Maple was not your average Newfoundland – she was a gentle giant, standing taller and stronger than any other dog of her breed. Her thick, silky coat shimmered like the finest black velvet, and her warm, kind eyes sparkled like the stars in the northern sky.

Maple lived with her loving family, the Johnsons, in a cozy log cabin near the edge of a vast forest. They led a simple life, working together to maintain their home and care for the land that sustained them. The family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, their two children, Emily and Ben, and of course, their loyal companion, Maple.

One day, as the family was preparing for the harsh Canadian winter, a terrible snowstorm struck their small village. The fierce winds and heavy snowfall made it nearly impossible to see, and the people of the village struggled to stay warm and safe in their homes.

As the storm raged outside, Maple sensed that something was amiss. She could feel a deep sense of unease in her heart, and she knew that someone needed her help. Without hesitation, she bounded out into the storm, her powerful legs and massive size allowing her to navigate the deep snowdrifts with ease.

Maple followed her instincts, her keen senses leading her through the blizzard to the edge of the frozen river. There, she found a young boy named Thomas, who had become separated from his family while playing outside. Terrified and shivering, Thomas had taken shelter beneath a fallen tree, but the cold had taken its toll on him.

With a gentle nudge from her massive head, Maple reassured the frightened boy that she was there to help. She scooped Thomas onto her broad back, shielding him from the biting wind with her thick, warm coat. Carrying her precious cargo, Maple navigated her way back through the storm, her powerful body undeterred by the harsh conditions.

As they finally reached the village, Maple spotted Thomas's frantic parents searching for their missing son. With a joyful bark, she alerted them to her presence, and they rushed to embrace their son, their tears of relief freezing on their cheeks as they thanked Maple for her heroic act.

News of Maple's incredible rescue spread throughout the village, and she became a beloved figure in the community. Her gentle nature and unyielding bravery in the face of danger won the hearts of everyone who met her, and she became known as the gentle Newfoundland giant.

From that day on, Maple continued to watch over the village and its people, her keen senses and unwavering courage making her an invaluable guardian in the harsh Canadian wilderness. And while the snowstorms still raged each winter, the people of the village knew they had nothing to fear – for they had Maple, the gentle Newfoundland giant, watching over them.

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