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Newfoundland Names

      The Newfoundland breed takes its name from the Dominion of Newfoundland (currently a part of Canada) where it originated. Many Newfoundland name their dogs after a place within this region of Canada. Brighton, Embree, Kippens, Ramea, and Trinity are a few names borrowed from towns in Newfoundland and Labrador. Mundy, Harp, Vidi, and Victoria are names inspired by lakes in the area. Compared to most breeds, people consider Newfoundlands to be giants. Various mythologies provide a slew of fun giant names. A few giant names from Celtic mythology include Balor, Elatha, Tethra, Fachen, and Bres. Norse mythology lends Bestla, Gorm, Gilling, and Loki. Many great options from Greek mythology include Athos, Echion, Talos, Atlas, Cronus, Dione, Phoebe, Rhea, and Themis. Other famous giants of various origins include Anakim, Og, Goliath, Ferragut, Kapre, and Kroni. With a resistant coat and webbed feet, the Newfoundland is known for its great swimming ability. Names borrowed from famous Olympic swimmers include Gould, Otto, Phelps, and Fraser.
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Maple: The Gentle Newfoundland Giant

In the vast, rugged wilderness of Canada, there lived a Newfoundland dog named Maple. Maple was not your average Newfoundland – she was a gentle giant, standing taller and stronger than any other dog of her breed. Her thick, silky coat shimmered like the finest black velvet, and her warm, kind eyes sparkled like the stars in the northern sky.

Maple lived with her loving family, the Johnsons, in a cozy log cabin near the edge of a vast forest. They led a simple life, working together to maintain their home and care for the land that sustained them. The family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, their two children, Emily and Ben, and of course, their loyal companion, Maple.

One day, as the family was preparing for the harsh Canadian winter, a terrible snowstorm struck their small village. The fierce winds and heavy snowfall made it nearly impossible to see, and the people of the village struggled to stay warm and safe in their homes.

As the storm raged outside, Maple sensed that something was amiss. She could feel a deep sense of unease in her heart, and she knew that someone needed her help. Without hesitation, she bounded out into the storm, her powerful legs and massive size allowing her to navigate the deep snowdrifts with ease.

Maple followed her instincts, her keen senses leading her through the blizzard to the edge of the frozen river. There, she found a young boy named Thomas, who had become separated from his family while playing outside. Terrified and shivering, Thomas had taken shelter beneath a fallen tree, but the cold had taken its toll on him.

With a gentle nudge from her massive head, Maple reassured the frightened boy that she was there to help. She scooped Thomas onto her broad back, shielding him from the biting wind with her thick, warm coat. Carrying her precious cargo, Maple navigated her way back through the storm, her powerful body undeterred by the harsh conditions.

As they finally reached the village, Maple spotted Thomas's frantic parents searching for their missing son. With a joyful bark, she alerted them to her presence, and they rushed to embrace their son, their tears of relief freezing on their cheeks as they thanked Maple for her heroic act.

News of Maple's incredible rescue spread throughout the village, and she became a beloved figure in the community. Her gentle nature and unyielding bravery in the face of danger won the hearts of everyone who met her, and she became known as the gentle Newfoundland giant.

From that day on, Maple continued to watch over the village and its people, her keen senses and unwavering courage making her an invaluable guardian in the harsh Canadian wilderness. And while the snowstorms still raged each winter, the people of the village knew they had nothing to fear – for they had Maple, the gentle Newfoundland giant, watching over them.

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