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Updated: April 02, 2024

Welcome to our unique collection of dog names inspired by the world-renowned video game company, Nintendo. The expansive universe of Nintendo has given us iconic characters, unforgettable games, and magical realms, making it a perfect source of inspiration for naming your new furry friend. If you're a fan of these captivating games and their intriguing characters, why not express your love by choosing a name from this realm for your canine companion?

Whether you are an admirer of the adventurous Mario, the mystical Zelda, or the heroic Samus, we have compiled a list that pays homage to all these characters and more. This page is dedicated to helping you find the perfect name that not only resonates with your favorite Nintendo character but also reflects your pet's personality. So, get ready to dive into the wonderful world of Nintendo and discover a unique name for your four-legged friend.

Remember, the name you choose will be part of your dog's identity for many years to come. So, take your time, enjoy the process, and immerse yourself in the magical journey of finding the perfect Nintendo-inspired name for your beloved pet.

Name Reason to Choose
Arwing The spaceship used by Fox McCloud in the Star Fox series
Blastoise A popular water-type Pokemon
Blip A reference to the sound effects in classic Nintendo games
Bobomb The walking bombs from the Super Mario series
Bomberman The main character from the Bomberman series
Boo The ghost enemy in the Super Mario series
Bow Short for Bowser, the antagonist of the Mario series
Bowser Reflects the big, bad antagonist from the Mario series
Bubbles The main character in Clu Clu Land
Bulbasaur One of the original starter Pokemon
Bulborb Inspired by the creature in the Pikmin series
Callie The other Squid Sister in Splatoon
Charizard A popular fire-type Pokemon
Charmander One of the original starter Pokemon
Chespin A grass type Pokémon
Chibi From Chibi-Robo, the tiny robot in the game of the same name
Clefairy A fairy-type Pokemon
Cubone A ground type Pokémon
Daisy Princess Daisy is Luigi's love interest in the Mario series
Deku Named after the Deku Scrubs, a creature in The Legend of Zelda
Diddy Donkey Kong's sidekick and friend
Diglett A ground type Pokémon
Ditto A Pokémon known for its ability to mimic others
Donkey From Donkey Kong, the game that started it all for Mario
Drifloon A ghost/flying type Pokémon
Eevee The unique evolution Pokémon from the same series
Epona Link's horse in The Legend of Zelda
ExciteBike Inspired by the NES racing game
Falco A character in the Star Fox series
Fawful The villain from the Mario & Luigi RPG series
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Metroid Dog Names

Names inspired by the sci-fi adventure series Metroid, perfect for a dog with a strong and adventurous spirit.
Name Description
Boost A special ability in Metroid Prime
Chozo Echoes the ancient race in the Metroid universe
Crocomire A boss in Super Metroid
Dark Inspired by Dark Samus, an antagonist
Echo From Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Energy A vital resource in the Metroid series
Fusion The title of a game in the series
Gravity Refers to the Gravity Suit upgrade
Gunship Samus' primary mode of transportation in the games
Kraid Drawn from a boss character in the Metroid series
Metroid For the iconic species in the game series
Morph From Samus' Morph Ball ability
Mother Named after Mother Brain, the chief antagonist
Phazon A mutagenic substance in the Metroid series
Phendrana After an icy region in Metroid Prime
Pirate Space Pirates are recurring enemies in Metroid
Plasma Inspired by the Plasma Beam weapon
Quarantine From a location in Metroid Prime
Ridley Taken from one of Metroid's main antagonists
Samus Inspired by the protagonist of the Metroid series
Screwattack Named after a powerful move in the series
Suit Referring to Samus' Power Suit
Tallon Named after the planet Tallon IV in Metroid Prime
Thardus A boss made of Phazon rocks in Metroid Prime
Zebes The planet where Samus first battles the Space Pirates

Animal Crossing Dog Names

Names from the charming and relaxing world of Animal Crossing, full of unique animal characters.
Name Description
Beau Named after the lazy deer villager in Animal Crossing
Biskit Based on the laid-back dog villager in Animal Crossing
Blathers Inspired by the owl who runs the museum in Animal Crossing
Booker Borrowed from the other police dog in Animal Crossing
Brewster Named after the pigeon who runs the coffee shop in Animal Crossing
Copper Named after the police dog in Animal Crossing
Cyrus Derived from the blue alpaca character in Animal Crossing
Daisy Drawn from Daisy Mae, the boar who sells turnips in Animal Crossing
Digby Inspired by Isabelle's twin brother in Animal Crossing
Flick Named after the bug-catching chameleon from Animal Crossing
Gulliver Named after the seagull who washes up on the beach in Animal Crossing
Isabelle Inspired by the helpful secretary dog in Animal Crossing
Kappn Named after the boat-driving turtle character in Animal Crossing
Kicks Borrowed from the skunk shoe shop owner in Animal Crossing
Lucky Taken from the lazy dog villager in Animal Crossing
Mabel Inspired by the hedgehog who runs the clothing shop in Animal Crossing
Nook Named after Tom Nook, the raccoon shop owner in Animal Crossing
Orville Taken from the dodo who flies the seaplane in Animal Crossing
Pascal Borrowed from the otter who gives out deep wisdom in Animal Crossing
Porter Named after the monkey who runs the train station in Animal Crossing
Raddle Derived from the frog villager wearing a surgical mask in Animal Crossing
Resetti Taken from Mr. Resetti, the mole character known for his angry outbursts in Animal Crossing
Rover Derived from the cat character who helps players set up their game in Animal Crossing
Sable Named after the shy hedgehog seamstress in Animal Crossing
Stitches Inspired by the bear villager who resembles a plush toy in Animal Crossing

Pokémon Dog Names

Names taken from the diverse and beloved creatures of the Pokémon franchise.
Name Description
Alakazam For a dog who is as intelligent and mysterious as this psychic type Pokémon
Arcanine Named after a legendary fire type Pokémon resembling a large dog
Bulbasaur For a dog who is as loyal and dependable as this grass/poison type Pokémon
Charizard For a dog with a fiery spirit, like this fire/flying type Pokémon
Cubone For a dog who is as loyal as this ground type Pokémon
Eevee Named after a fox-like Pokémon known for its multiple evolutions
Flareon For a dog with a fiery personality, named after a fire type evolution of Eevee
Gengar For a dog with a mischievous side, named after a ghost/poison type Pokémon
Geodude For a dog who is as sturdy and reliable as this rock/ground type Pokémon
Growlithe For a dog with a brave heart, named after a fire type Pokémon resembling a small dog
Gyarados For a dog who is as fierce and powerful as this water/flying type Pokémon
Jigglypuff This name suits a dog who loves to sing, just like the Pokémon
Jolteon For an energetic dog, named after an electric type evolution of Eevee
Lapras For a dog who loves to swim, like this water/ice type Pokémon
Machamp For a dog who is as strong and courageous as this fighting type Pokémon
Mewtwo For a dog with a mysterious aura, like this psychic type Pokémon
Ninetales For a dog who is as graceful and elegant as this fire type Pokémon
Onix For a dog who is as strong and steady as this rock/ground type Pokémon
Pidgey Perfect for a dog who loves to run and play, like this normal/flying type Pokémon
Pikachu Inspired by the iconic electric mouse Pokémon
Psyduck For a dog who is often confused but adorable, like this water type Pokémon
Rattata For a dog who is as energetic and playful as this normal type Pokémon
Snorlax Ideal for a dog who loves to sleep, just like this normal type Pokémon
Squirtle Perfect for a dog who loves water, just like this water type Pokémon
Vaporeon For a dog who loves water, named after a water type evolution of Eevee

Legend of Zelda Dog Names

Names based on the heroic characters and mystical elements from the Legend of Zelda series.
Name Description
Beedle A recurring shopkeeper in the series
Bongo Refers to Bongo Bongo, a boss in Ocarina of Time
Darunia The leader of the Goron tribe in Ocarina of Time
Deku Refers to the Deku Tree and Deku race found throughout the series
Epona Link's loyal horse in several of the series' games
Fado A Kokiri character from The Wind Waker
Ganon Link's arch-nemesis in the Legend of Zelda series
Ghirahim The flamboyant demon lord from Skyward Sword
Impa A Sheikah who often serves as Zelda's bodyguard and advisor
Korok A race of forest spirits in the series
Link The protagonist in the Legend of Zelda series
Makar A small, musical Korok from The Wind Waker
Malon A rancher girl from Ocarina of Time
Medli A Rito girl from The Wind Waker
Midna A Twilight Princess who aids Link in Twilight Princess
Navi Link's fairy companion in Ocarina of Time
Ruto The Zora princess from Ocarina of Time
Saria Link's childhood friend from Kokiri Forest in Ocarina of Time
Sheik Zelda's alter ego in Ocarina of Time
Skullkid Known for his role in Majora's Mask
Tingle A recurring character known for his green outfit and obsession with fairies
Vaati The main antagonist in several Zelda games
Volga A powerful warrior from Hyrule Warriors
Zant The usurper king from Twilight Princess
Zelda The princess whom the series is named after

Super Mario Dog Names

Names inspired by the iconic characters from the Super Mario series.
Name Description
Birdo A pink dinosaur-like creature, perfect for a cute, pink collar wearing dog
Boo A ghost enemy known for its shy nature when looked at
Bowser Named after the main antagonist, perfect for a big breed dog
Bullet Inspired by Bullet Bill, a common projectile enemy in Mario games
Cappy Mario's trusty hat companion from Super Mario Odyssey
Daisy Princess Daisy is Luigi's love interest, known for her tomboyish nature
Diddy Donkey Kong's fast and athletic sidekick
Donkey From Donkey Kong, a strong and brave character
Fawful A villain from the Mario & Luigi series, great for a dog with a quirky personality
Geno A unique, star-powered character from Super Mario RPG
Goomba One of the earliest encountered enemies in the Mario series
Goombario A friendly goomba character from Paper Mario
Kamek A magical koopa, known for causing trouble for Mario
Koopa A common enemy in Mario games, a fun name for a small dog
Lakitu A cloud-riding character, great for a fluffy white dog
Luigi Mario's often overlooked but equally heroic brother
Mario He is the famous protagonist of the Super Mario series
Peach This name is derived from Princess Peach, Mario's love interest
Polterpup The adorable ghost dog from Luigi's Mansion series
Rosalina A cosmic princess who aids Mario in several games
ShyGuy Masked enemy character, perfect for a timid dog
Toad A loyal character who often aids Mario on his quests
Waluigi Wario's partner in crime, great for a lanky and goofy dog
Wario Mario's greedy, cunning counterpart could be a fun name for a mischievous dog
Yoshi Mario's faithful dinosaur companion makes a great dog name
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