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Orange Dog Names

Updated: March 28, 2024

Welcome to our unique collection of names inspired by the vibrant hue of orange. This page is dedicated to all dog lovers who are searching for the perfect moniker for their new furry family member. These names are especially perfect if your pup has a beautiful orange or reddish coat, reminiscent of the warm and bright color.

Our list encompasses a variety of names, from those inspired by fiery sunsets and autumn leaves to names borrowed from famous red-haired characters in literature and pop culture. So if your dog’s coat is a lovely shade of copper, ginger, or even gold, we have got the perfect name suggestions for you. Let your dog's name be as unique and radiant as they are!

Whether you have a small breed with a fiery personality or a large breed with a calm and warm demeanor, we believe each and every one of them deserves a name that is just as special as they are. So, take your time to browse through our list, and who knows, you might just find the perfect name that resonates with your pet's personality and appearance.

Name Reason to Choose
Amaretto This sweet almond-flavored liqueur has a warm, golden hue, making it a good name for a similarly colored dog
Amber A beautiful name for a dog with a coat that's the color of the rich, orange gemstone
Apricot Reflects the light orange color of the fruit
Autumn Perfect for a dog with a warm, orange coat like the leaves in the fall
Bacon A fun name for a dog with a coat that's the color of crispy, cooked bacon
Bagel A fun name for a dog with a coat that's the color of a warm, golden-brown bagel
Biscotti This name is ideal for a dog with a light, biscotti-like orange coat
Biscuit A tribute to the warm, orange-brown color of baked bread
Blaze This name reflects the fiery color of a bright orange coat
Brandy This name is inspired by the amber color of the drink
Brick This name is inspired by the red-orange color of a brick
Bronze This name is inspired by the metal alloy, known for its orange-brown color
Bruschetta A fun and unique name for a dog with a coat that's the color of the warm, toasted bread in this classic Italian dish
Burgundy This name is inspired by the rich, deep shade of red, reminiscent of an autumnal orange
Butterscotch Reflects the sweet and pleasing color of orange
Cantaloupe Named for the melon with a soft orange interior
Caramel This name is great for a dog with a sweet personality and a caramel-colored coat
Carmine This name is inspired by the deep red-orange color
Carnelian Named after the semi-precious gemstone of a similar color
Carrot Inspired by the bright orange vegetable
Cayenne Named after the hot, red chili pepper, this name suits a fiery, orange pup
Cheddar A nod to the bright orange color of cheddar cheese
Cheeto Inspired by the famous orange snack
Cherry This sweet name is perfect for a reddish-colored dog, just like the vibrant hue of a ripe cherry
Cider This name is reminiscent of the warm, golden hue of apple cider
Cinnabar This is an exotic choice that reflects a reddish-orange color
Citrus A great name for a dog with a bright, orange coat like a ripe citrus fruit
Clementine This name comes from a type of mandarin orange and is an endearing choice
Clover This name is ideal for a dog with a reddish-orange coat, similar to a field of blooming clover
Cocoa If your dog's coat resembles the rich, warm color of cocoa powder, this name is a great choice
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Spices and Herbs

Spices and herbs with an orange hue can make for interesting and unique dog names, like Saffron, Paprika, or Turmeric.
Name Description
Anise Named after the spice derived from a plant that produces small, star-shaped, golden-orange flowers
Annatto This name reflects the orange-red seeds used as a spice in Latin American and Caribbean cooking
Basil It's named after the herb, one variety of which, the cinnamon basil, has orange flowers
Buffalo A nod to the spicy, orange-colored sauce often used for chicken wings
Cayenne It's named after a hot, red-orange spice that adds a punch to any meal
Chili This name is inspired by the hot pepper that can vary in color, including orange
Cumin It's derived from the warm, earthy spice that is an essential ingredient in many dishes
Curry A nod to the popular blend of spices, often associated with an orangey-gold color
Fennel It's inspired by the plant that produces yellowish-orange flowers and is used as a spice
Ginger This name is inspired by the orange-colored spice that adds a zesty twist to many dishes
Habanero It's inspired by the intensely hot chili pepper that typically turns orange when ripe
Harissa Inspired by the spicy and aromatic chili pepper paste of North Africa, which is a vibrant red-orange
Mace This name reflects the orange-colored spice derived from the outer layer of nutmeg
Marjoram Named after the herb that produces soft orange flowers
Monks Pepper This name reflects the plant that produces red-orange berries and is used as a spice
Nacho A nod to the cheesy snack often spiced with red-orange seasonings
Paprika A name reminiscent of the vibrant orange-red spice used in a variety of cuisines
Rooibos Named after the South African plant that yields a red-orange tea
Saffron Named after the world's most expensive spice that has a vivid hue
Sriracha A name that reflects the popular hot sauce known for its vibrant red-orange color
Sumac Derived from the spice that is a deep red-orange and used in Middle Eastern cooking
Tandoor It's named after the oven used to cook many spiced, orange-hued Indian dishes
Tandoori A name reflecting the orange-hued spice mix used in Indian cuisine
Turmeric Inspired by the golden-orange spice renowned for its health benefits
Zaatar It's inspired by the Middle Eastern spice mix that has a yellow-orange hue


Orange gemstones can be a unique source of names, like Topaz, Amber, or Carnelian.
Name Description
Agate A type of chalcedony that often exhibits bands of color, including orange
Amber Amber, fossilized tree resin, often has an orange or golden hue
Aventurine A form of quartz that can sometimes be orange
Carnelian Carnelian is a reddish-orange variety of the mineral chalcedony
Citrine This gemstone has a warm, orange-yellow color, fitting for an orange dog
Coral Named after the precious coral gemstone that can be found in a variety of colors, including orange
Fire Opal This gemstone exhibits a fiery orange hue
Flame Inspired by the Flame Opal which exhibits a vibrant orange color
Garnet Although it's often red, the gemstone can also be orange, making it a good name for an orange dog
Hessonite A variety of grossular garnet that is orange-brown
Jacinth An old term for the orange-red variety of zircon
Jasper It's a form of chalcedony that comes in a variety of colors, including orange
Magma Inspired by the gemstone Magma Jasper that has an orange-red hue
Mandarin Named after the orange-colored Mandarin Garnet
Onyx This gemstone, while typically black, can also be found in a striped orange variety
Oregon Named after the Oregon Sunstone which is found in a variety of colors, including orange
Peach The Peach Moonstone, despite its name, can come in an orange hue
Ruby This name is inspired by the precious gemstone known for its deep red-orange hue
Sapphire This precious gemstone can actually come in an orange-pink variety, known as Padparadscha
Sard An orange-red variety of chalcedony
Sardonyx This gemstone exhibits layers of fiery orange and white bands
Spessartite It's a type of garnet that is orange to red in color
Sunstone A feldspar mineral that can range from orange to reddish-brown
Topaz Topaz is a gemstone that can be found in a rich orange color
Zircon This gemstone can be found in a variety of colors, including a fiery orange

Famous Characters

Famous orange characters from movies or books can inspire cool names, like Nemo, Garfield, or Tigger.
Name Description
Aslan The lion from The Chronicles of Narnia, known for his golden-orange mane
Bloom From the Winx Club, recognized by her orange hair
Charizard From the Pokemon series, famous for his fiery orange color
Cheddar Named after the cheese known for its bright orange color, also the name of the dog in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Cheetara Character from ThunderCats, recognized by her orange cheetah-like appearance
Dorito Named after the popular snack, known for its bright orange color
Garfield The famous comic strip cat known for his orange color
Ginger Character from the movie Chicken Run, known for her orange feathers
Grits Named after the orange-colored Southern food staple
Heathcliff The protagonist of the comic strip Heathcliff, recognized by his orange fur
Hobbes Known from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, recognized for his orange and black stripes
Merida The red-haired, fiery protagonist of the movie Brave
Naruto Known for his bright orange jumpsuit from the anime series Naruto
Nemo The main character in Finding Nemo, a bright orange clown fish
Paprika Named after the spice, recognized by its bright orange color
Pepper Pepper Potts from Marvel, named after a spice known for its orange color
Phoenix Marvel superhero known for her fiery orange-red hair
Pumbaa From The Lion King, characterized by his orange-brown color
Puss Puss in Boots from the Shrek series, known for his orange fur
Rajah Jasmine's pet tiger in Aladdin, known for his orange and black stripes
Rocket A character from Guardians of the Galaxy, despite being a raccoon, his fur is primarily orange
Scorch Dragon from the game Spyro, characterized by his bright orange scales
Simba A character from Disney's Lion King, known for his golden-orange coat
Tigger A character from Winnie the Pooh, recognized by his orange and black stripes
Tony Tony the Tiger, the mascot of Frosted Flakes, known for his orange and black stripes


Elements of nature that are orange can make great dog names, like Sunset, Autumn, or Marigold.
Name Description
Amber A fossilized tree resin with an orange glow
Autumn Representative of the season renowned for its orange colors
Clementine A type of orange citrus fruit
Copper A chemical element with a reddish-orange color
Coral Inspired by the orange coral reefs in the ocean
Flame A name that represents the orange color of a fire
Fox Symbolic of the orange fur of a fox
Ginger A plant root known for its orange-brown color
Goldfish Inspired by the bright orange aquatic pet
Honey A sweet, viscous food substance known for its golden-orange color
Lobster Inspired by the bright orange color lobsters turn when cooked
Maple Symbolic of the orange leaves of a maple tree in autumn
Marigold A common garden flower with bright orange petals
Monarch Inspired by the orange and black patterned Monarch butterfly
Orion Named after the orange-red star Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation
Papaya A tropical fruit with an orange interior
Peach A fruit known for its fuzzy orange skin
Persimmon An exotic fruit with a rich orange color
Poppy A type of flower with bright orange petals
Pumpkin This name represents a well-known orange fruit, often associated with fall
Rusty Inspired by the reddish-brown color that iron turns when it oxidizes
Saffron Derived from a spice that gives food a rich, golden hue
Sunset A daily spectacle of orange and red hues
Tangerine A sweet citrus fruit known for its deep orange color
Tigerlily A bright orange flower native to Asia


Many orange foods can make cute and creative names for a dog, like Pumpkin, Carrot, or Caramel.
Name Description
Apricot A small, sweet orange fruit often eaten fresh or dried
Buttercup A type of squash that is orange in color
Cantaloupe This is a sweet, orange-fleshed melon
Carrot A common orange vegetable, often used in salads and soups
Cheddar A type of cheese that is often orange in color
Cheeto A popular snack food known for its bright orange color
Clementine A type of small, sweet orange fruit
Curry A spice blend that often results in a deep orange color when used in cooking
Dorito A type of chip known for its orange color
Ginger A root used in cooking, which is orange in color
Mango This tropical fruit has a sweet, orange interior
Nachos A dish often served with orange-colored cheese
Nectarine A smooth-skinned orange fruit related to the peach
Papaya This tropical fruit has vibrant orange flesh
Paprika A ground spice made from red air-dried fruits, often orange in color
Peach This fruit has a sweet, yellow-orange flesh
Persimmon A sweet, slightly tangy fruit with a deep orange color
Pumpkin It's a popular orange-colored vegetable often used in pies and soups
Ravioli A type of pasta that can be filled with pumpkin or squash, giving it an orange color
Squash A family of vegetables, many of which have orange flesh
Sriracha A type of hot sauce that is often bright orange in color
Taco A dish often served with orange-colored cheese or sauce
Tangerine A variety of citrus fruit with a bright orange skin
Turmeric A spice known for its bright orange color and health benefits
Yam A type of tuber that is often orange in color
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