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Papillon Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Papillon names are often derived from the appearance of their ears, which are thought to look like the wings of a butterfly. Monarch, Lady, Copper, and Skipper are a few names borrowed from butterflies. Other top Papillon names related to wings include Dove and Angel. Over recent years it has become increasingly popular to name a dog after a designer brand. Chanel, Chloe, and Milly are among the most common designer names for a female Papillon. Armani, Coach, and Abercrombie are typical picks for a male. The breed originated in Europe and was very popular in France. In fact, Papillon actually comes from a French word meaning moth. Adele, Sophie, and Noel are French names that are trending among owners.
Name Reason to Choose
Abercrombie This name reflects a trendy and fashionable breed
Adele It's a name of nobility, fitting for the dignified Papillon
Admiral It implies leadership and command, reflecting the Papillon's confident nature
Amber For a Papillon with a warm and glowing personality
Angel Denotes sweetness and innocence, qualities that Papillons are known for
Armani It represents the breed's elegance and high-class status
Ash This name could reflect the dog's grey or silver coloring, common in some Papillons
Bandit This name evokes a sense of fun and mischief, aligning with the playful nature of the breed
Beauty It's self-explanatory - Papillons are known for their beauty
Bebe In French, this word means 'baby', reflecting the petite size and adorable nature of the breed
Belle Meaning 'beautiful' in French, this name is a perfect match for the beautiful and elegant Papillon
Bijou Meaning 'jewel' in French, perfect for a precious Papillon
Biscuit Because Papillon dogs are small and sweet like biscuits
Bisous A loving name that means 'kisses' in French
Brie This name, inspired by the French cheese, is fitting for the breed's petite size and French origins
Brim It's a playful name, reflecting the breed's cheerful personality
Brioche A delectable French pastry, perfect for a sweet-natured Papillon
Butterfly A name that symbolizes the breed's French origins and butterfly-like ears
Camille This French name suits the breed's origin and its charming, sophisticated demeanor
Caramel A rich, sweet name for a rich, sweet Papillon
Cezanne A cultured name for a Papillon with a creative spirit
Chanel This name reflects the breed's elegance and sophistication
Charlotte A royal and elegant name, aligning with the breed's graceful and aristocratic nature
Cherie Meaning 'darling' in French, perfect for a beloved Papillon
Chevalier A noble name for a brave Papillon
Chiffon A soft and light name that suits the Papillon's delicate appearance
Chloe It's a popular and fashionable name, suitable for a stylish breed like the Papillon
Clay The name can denote the dog's earthy color, often found in the breed
Clover This name is a symbol of good luck, just like your Papillon
Coach The name suggests style and luxury, fitting for a sophisticated breed like the Papillon
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Energetic Names

Papillons are known for their high energy and playful nature, so energetic or playful names can match their personality.
Name Description
Blitz Ideal for a Papillon with a fast and vigorous personality
Bolt Captures the speedy and energetic traits of a Papillon
Bounce A playful and active Papillon would suit this name
Chase Captures the energetic personality of a Papillon who loves to play
Dash Perfect for a quick and energetic Papillon
Fizz Showcases the bubbly and effervescent nature of the breed
Flicker Suits a Papillon with a quick and playful personality
Flit Ideal for a Papillon who loves to dart around
Frisk For a playful and active Papillon
Hustle Ideal for a Papillon that is always on the move
Jazz Ideal for a dog with a lively and upbeat personality
Jolt A great fit for an energetic and surprising Papillon
Pep Represents the lively spirit of a Papillon
Pounce Perfect for a Papillon always ready for action
Ripple A name that shows the Papillon's energetic appearance
Rush Perfect for a Papillon always on the go
Scamper Perfect for a Papillon who loves to run and play
Scurry Perfect for a quick and active Papillon
Spark Denotes the Papillon's vivacious character
Sprint For a Papillon that is always on the move
Verve Highlights the spirited and energetic nature of the breed
Vim Captures the vitality and spirited nature of a Papillon
Whisk Showcases the Papillon's swift and nimble nature
Zip A name that suits a swift and energetic Papillon
Zippy This name reflects the spirited and lively nature of a Papillon

Small Size Names

Papillons are a small breed, so names that reflect their petite size can be suitable.
Name Description
Amour This name means love in French, fitting for a lovable Papillon
Bean It's a cute name for a small dog, as beans are small but full of life
Belle This name means beautiful in French, making it fitting for a striking Papillon
Bijou This name means jewel in French, a precious name for a precious Papillon
Biscuit This is a playful and sweet name, just like the small Papillon
Bonbon This name means candy in French, suggesting the Papillon's sweet nature
Bug It's a playful name for a small dog, as bugs are often small
Champagne A French origin name, an ideal choice for a Papillon, a French breed
Cherie It's French for 'sweetheart', a great name for a lovable Papillon
Chic This French word means stylish, a fitting name for a graceful breed like Papillon
Coco A popular French name, great for the French breed Papillon
Dot The name is as small as a dot, suitable for a petite Papillon
Fifi This is a classic French name, perfect for the French breed Papillon
Gigi It's a common female name in France, just like the breed Papillon
Iota This name is used to denote something very small, making it suitable for a small dog
Jolie This French word stands for pretty, a fitting name for a beautiful Papillon
Mite This is a perfect name for a tiny Papillon, as it refers to something very small
Nano This is a term used for something very small in size, ideal for a small Papillon
Nibble This cute name is perfect for a small Papillon who loves treats
Olive Just like the small fruit, this name is ideal for a small Papillon dog
Paris This name is a tribute to the Papillon's French roots
Pea It refers to a small spherical seed or the seed-pod of a legume, perfect for a small-sized Papillon
Pico An ideal name for a small-sized dog, as it's a unit prefix in the metric system indicating one trillionth
Pip This name is derived from the phrase 'small seed in a fruit', which is perfect for a small dog
Tiny This name is self-explanatory, perfect for a small Papillon

Butterfly Related Names

The word 'Papillon' is French for butterfly, as the breed's ears resemble butterfly wings, so names related to butterflies can be fitting.
Name Description
Admiral A name inspired by the bright red admiral butterfly
Apollo A tribute to the beautiful Apollo butterfly
Argus Inspired by the butterfly species with eye-like spots
Brimstone A nod to a yellow-green butterfly species
Cabbage Named after the common cabbage butterfly
Checkerspot This name is a nod to a butterfly known for its checkered pattern
Comma Inspired by the distinctive pattern of the Comma butterfly
Copper A nod to the small, orange copper butterfly
Emperor Inspired by the majestic emperor butterfly
Fritillary Taken from a beautiful species of butterfly
Monarch Named after the famed butterfly species
Morpho A tribute to the vibrant, blue butterfly
Painted Inspired by the beautifully colored painted lady butterfly
Peacock A tribute to the peacock butterfly with eye-like patterns
Ringlet Named after the brown and delicate ringlet butterfly
Satyr Inspired by the Satyr butterfly, known for its earthy colors
Skipper The quick and agile Skipper butterfly inspired this name
Sulphur Named after a yellow butterfly species
Swallowtail This is a nod to a large, colorful butterfly
Tortoiseshell A nod to the unique pattern of the tortoiseshell butterfly
Ulysses A tribute to the vibrant blue Ulysses butterfly
Viceroy Inspired by the monarch-mimicking viceroy butterfly
White Named after the simple, yet elegant, white butterfly
Xerces A nod to the extinct Xerces butterfly
Zebra A tribute to the black and white striped zebra butterfly

Elegant Names

The Papillon breed is often associated with elegance and sophistication, so elegant names can suit them well.
Name Description
Alexandria Named after one of the greatest cities of the ancient world, this name oozes sophistication
Antoinette A name of French origin, it was borne by a queen, adding to its elegance
Arabella Derived from Latin, it's an elegant name that means 'yielding to prayer'
Beauregard This French name is often associated with nobility and wealth
Celestia This name, meaning 'heavenly', adds a touch of grace and elegance
Chantilly This name is synonymous with a delicate French lace, adding a touch of elegance
Constantine This name has a regal ring to it, being the name of several Roman and Byzantine emperors
Evangeline This name has Greek origins, meaning 'bearer of good news', and is often associated with elegance
Fitzgerald It's a distinguished name often associated with the acclaimed American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Guinevere Hailing from Arthurian legend, this name exudes elegance
Isolde With its roots in Arthurian legend, this name carries an air of elegance and mystery
Lancelot A noble name derived from Arthurian legend, symbolizing bravery and chivalry
Madeleine A French classic, this name carries an air of sophistication
Montgomery A distinguished name often associated with the famous British Field Marshal
Octavia A name of Latin origin, it has been borne by Roman empresses, adding to its elegance
Olympia Named after the home of the ancient Greek gods, this name oozes sophistication
Percival A name from Arthurian legend, it's often associated with nobility and bravery
Seraphina This name oozes sophistication and is derived from Hebrew, meaning 'fiery ones'
Theodora This name, meaning 'God's gift', adds a touch of grace and elegance
Valentina It's a refined name with Latin origins, signifying strength and health
Vivienne This name, meaning 'life', is often associated with elegance and sophistication
Winifred This name, meaning 'peace friend', is a classic and elegant choice
Xavier This name, meaning 'bright', is a unique and elegant option
Ysabelle This name, a variant of 'Isabel', adds a touch of grace and elegance
Zephyr This name, meaning 'west wind', is a unique and elegant option

French Names

The Papillon breed originates from France, so French names can reflect their heritage.
Name Description
Amie This name means 'friend' in French, suitable for a loyal companion
Beau The French word for 'handsome', a fitting name for a charming Papillon
Bijou This name translates to 'jewel' in French, perfect for a precious Papillon
Blanche French for 'white', this name is apt for a white-coated Papillon
Cherie Meaning 'darling' in French, it's a loving name for a beloved pet
Coco A cute, fashionable name, inspired by the famous French designer Coco Chanel
Doux Meaning 'soft', this name suits a Papillon's fluffy coat
Esprit This translates to 'spirit' in French, perfect for a spirited Papillon
Fleur In French, this word means 'flower', a graceful name for a Papillon
Francois A traditional French name, fitting for a breed that originated in France
Gigi This name is a nod to the popular French novella and film of the same name
Henri A classic French name, suitable for a noble-looking Papillon
Isabelle A beautiful French name that suits a lovely Papillon
Jolie In French, this name means 'pretty', appropriate for a beautiful Papillon
Lulu A cute, playful name that complements a Papillon's lively nature
Mimi This name is endearing, just like a Papillon's sweet demeanor
Noelle A French name that means 'Christmas', ideal for a Papillon born in December
Olivier A French version of 'Oliver', a fitting name for a brave and loyal Papillon
Pierre A commonly used French name, suitable for a Papillon
Quincy This French name is unique and distinctive, just like a Papillon
Renee This elegant French name suits a refined Papillon
Suzette A charming French name, fitting for a delightful Papillon
Tristan A renowned French literary character's name, suitable for a Papillon
Ulysse This French version of 'Ulysses' suits a Papillon's adventurous spirit
Vincent A strong French name, ideal for a robust and healthy Papillon
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Story of a Papillon named Bella

In a quiet, rural town surrounded by lush, rolling hills, there lived a small and delicate Papillon named Bella. Bella was a truly striking dog, with a silky, white coat adorned with patches of rich chestnut brown, and large, butterfly-like ears that framed her expressive eyes. She had been rescued by a kind-hearted woman named Emily from a life of neglect, and in her new home, she found the love and care that she had always deserved.

One day, while Emily was reading the local newspaper, she noticed an advertisement for the upcoming County Dog Show, an annual event that brought together dogs and their owners from all over the region to compete in various categories. It was an event that celebrated the bond between dogs and their humans, as well as the unique beauty and skills of each breed.

As Emily glanced over at Bella, who was happily playing with her favorite toy, she had a sudden idea. She decided to enter Bella in the County Dog Show, not to prove anything, but to give Bella an opportunity to shine and show the world the incredible transformation she had undergone since her rescue.

With the dog show only a few weeks away, Emily set to work preparing Bella for the competition. She researched the different categories and decided to enter Bella in the "Best of Breed" and "Obedience" events. They practiced tirelessly, with Emily teaching Bella various commands and refining her elegant gait.

On the day of the County Dog Show, Bella and Emily arrived at the event, both feeling a mixture of excitement and nervous anticipation. The showgrounds buzzed with activity, as dogs of all shapes and sizes prepared to take the stage and showcase their talents.

When it was time for the "Best of Breed" competition, Bella stepped confidently into the spotlight. Her silky coat gleamed under the bright lights, and her butterfly ears stood proudly at attention. The judges took note of Bella's excellent conformation and the grace with which she carried herself. As the event drew to a close, Bella was awarded the "Best of Breed" title for Papillons, much to the delight of Emily and everyone who knew Bella's story.

Next came the "Obedience" competition. Bella and Emily worked together seamlessly, their bond evident in every command and response. Bella executed each command with precision and unwavering focus, impressing the judges and the audience alike. As the competition came to an end, Bella was declared the winner, earning her a second title for the day.

As the County Dog Show concluded, Bella and Emily received a standing ovation from the crowd, who had been moved by their inspiring journey. They left the showgrounds with their heads held high, two shining trophies in hand, and a newfound sense of pride and accomplishment.

From that day on, Bella's life was filled with love, adventure, and the occasional friendly competition. Her story of transformation and triumph at the County Dog Show became a symbol of hope and resilience in the small town, a reminder that every dog, no matter their past, has the potential to overcome adversity and shine.

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