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Pekingese Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Pekingese is also known as the Pekingese Lion-Dog, a name taken from an early Chinese history. There are several different legends of the breed's origin involving a lion falling in love with a much smaller creature and coming to Buddha for help. Buddha helps by shrinking the lion to the size of its lover, and the Pekingese is the offspring of that relationship. Many great names can be taken from the legend and the Pekingese origins. Names of famous lions (especially cubs) from movies, books, and television make excellent choices. Simba (from 'The Lion King') and Elsa (from 'Born Free') are a couple of examples of famous lion cubs. Many people like to give their Pekingese a Chinese name that has a good meaning and attractive ring to it. Bai (meaning white), Meili (meaning beautiful), and Zhen (meaning true) are few options. Outside of the origin based names, size is the most commonly used naming platform. The list includes many cute names that are typical among smaller breeds.
Name Reason to Choose
Aioki This name reflects the cultural background of the Pekingese breed, originating from China
Alex A classic name for a dog breed with a long and storied history
Angel This name represents the Pekingese's sweet and affectionate nature
Ariel The name Ariel, like the brave and determined Disney princess, can be suitable for a Pekingese
Aslan Named after the lion character in 'The Chronicles of Narnia', this name echoes the Pekingese's lion-like looks
Avery Reflecting the Pekingese's noble origins, this name has a classic, regal tone
Bacon This name could reflect the Pekingese's popular appeal, much like everyone's favorite breakfast food
Bai This Chinese name is suitable for Pekingese dogs, a breed originating from China
Bailey This name, popular among pet owners, can reflect the Pekingese's friendly and playful nature
Bambi The name Bambi, inspired by the innocent and gentle Disney character, can suit a Pekingese's charm
Bamboo An Asian-inspired name that could reflect the Pekingese's Chinese origins
Bao It means 'precious' in Chinese, perfect for a Pekingese
Baxter This name, which has a vintage charm, can be suitable for a Pekingese
Biscuit This name could suit a light-brown Pekingese
Blossom A fitting name for a dog as lovely as a blooming flower
Boots This name could reflect the Pekingese's cute and small size, like a pair of tiny boots
Bubbles The bubbly, cheerful personality of a Pekingese can be reflected by this name
Bumblebee A small, busy Pekingese might suit this playful name
Buttercup A fitting name for a Pekingese with a yellow or light-brown coat
Button This cute name suits a tiny and adorable Pekingese
Cai It's a Chinese name meaning 'wealth', reflecting the Pekingese's status as a favored breed among Chinese royalty
Caramel This sweet treat could be a nice name for a Pekingese with a golden coat
Casper The friendly and peaceful nature of a Pekingese could be captured by the name Casper
Chan The name is a popular Chinese surname, making it suitable for a Pekingese dog
Chanel The elegance and sophistication of a Pekingese can be reflected by this luxury brand name
Charmin This name highlights the Pekingese's charming and endearing nature
Cherry A Pekingese with a bright, sunny disposition might suit this name
China A direct nod to the breed's country of origin
Chloe This elegant name suits a Pekingese's regal demeanor
Cinnamon A spice-inspired name for a Pekingese with a brownish-red coat
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Small Size Names

As Pekingese are a small breed, cute names that highlight their size can be fitting and endearing.
Name Description
Biscuit This name is perfect for a small Pekingese, reflecting their petite stature and cute appearance
Bonbon Just like a small sweet candy, this name suits a tiny Pekingese
Button This name is a reflection of the Pekingese small size, being as tiny and cute as a button
Crumbs Great for a small Pekingese, implying they're so small they could be crumbs
Cupcake Cupcakes are small and sweet, just like a Pekingese dog
Dumpling This name is a nod to the Pekingese's Chinese origin and their small size
Gumball This name is playful and suits a small, rounded Pekingese
Jellybean This is perfect for a small, colorful, and sweet Pekingese
Jujube It’s a small sweet fruit, fitting for a small sweet dog like a Pekingese
Marbles This name is playful and suits a tiny Pekingese
Muffin Muffins are small and adorable, just like a Pekingese
Nugget Just like a nugget, Pekingese are small but incredibly valuable
Peanut This name is a nod to the tiny size of Pekingese dogs
Pebble This name suits a small Pekingese, reminiscent of a small but precious stone
Pebbles It's a cute name for a small dog, reminding one of small, cute stones
Pickle A cute name for a small, quirky Pekingese
Pip It's a small name for a small breed, and it's easy to call out
Poppet An endearing term perfect for a small Pekingese
Raisin This suits a tiny, wrinkly Pekingese
Spritz This name reflects the small, vibrant nature of a Pekingese
Sprout Perfect for a small, growing Pekingese pup
Teacup Represents the Pekingese's small, compact size
Thimble Reflects the Pekingese's tiny size
TicTac It's a fun, unique name for a small and lively Pekingese
Tiddly It's a cute, playful name for a small Pekingese

Mythical Names

Because of their lion-like appearance, names inspired by mythical creatures, especially lions, can be a good fit for a Pekingese.
Name Description
Apollo Inspired by the Greek god of the sun, this name is suited to a Pekingese with a glowing personality
Apollo Inspired by the Greek god of the sun, this name is suited to a Pekingese with a glowing personality
Ares If your Pekingese is a little fighter, consider this name from the Greek god of war
Artemis For a Pekingese that loves the outdoors, the Greek goddess of the hunt is a suitable namesake
Athena Perfect for an intelligent and wise Pekingese, after the Greek goddess of wisdom
Balder Inspired by the Norse god of light and joy, this name is suitable for a Pekingese that brings happiness
Demeter Perfect for a Pekingese that loves the outdoors, named after the Greek goddess of harvest
Dionysus The Greek god of wine and festivities' name suits a Pekingese that loves to party
Eros The Greek god of love's name is ideal for a Pekingese that is full of affection
Fenrir This moniker comes from Norse mythology's giant wolf, suitable for a Pekingese with a big personality
Freya The Norse goddess of love's name is perfect for a loving and affectionate Pekingese
Hades This name, from the Greek god of the underworld, is ideal for a Pekingese with a mysterious aura
Helios If your Pekingese lights up your life, consider this name from the Greek god of the sun
Hephaestus This name comes from the Greek god of fire and forge, suitable for a hardworking Pekingese
Hera Perfect for a regal Pekingese, after the Greek queen of the gods
Hermes If your Pekingese is swift and agile, the Greek god of speed and travel is a great namesake
Hestia The Greek goddess of the hearth's name is perfect for a Pekingese that loves to stay at home
Loki The Norse trickster god's name suits a mischievous Pekingese
Nyx This name comes from the Greek goddess of night, perfect for a Pekingese with a dark coat
Odin This name comes from the Norse god of war and wisdom, ideal for a smart and courageous Pekingese
Perseus If your Pekingese is a brave little warrior, this Greek hero's name is a fitting choice
Poseidon The Greek god of the sea's name is ideal for a Pekingese that loves water
Rhea The name of the Greek titaness of fertility is ideal for a nurturing Pekingese
Thor A grand name for a Pekingese with a strong and powerful character, after the Norse god of thunder
Zeus The king of the Greek gods' name suits a Pekingese with a majestic presence

Chinese Names

Given the breed's Chinese heritage, traditional Chinese names could be both meaningful and authentic.
Name Description
An This translates to 'peace' in Chinese
Bao This name means 'precious' in Chinese, a fitting name for a beloved Pekingese
Chen This stands for 'dawn', a suitable name for a Pekingese that wakes up early
Fang This denotes 'fragrance', a pleasant name for a Pekingese
Huan This indicates 'joy' in Chinese, perfect for a cheerful pet
Jia 'Jia' means 'good' in Chinese, a great name for a well-behaved Pekingese
Jun 'Jun' translates to 'ruler' or 'king' in Chinese
Lei 'Lei' means 'thunder' in Chinese, an apt name for a loud Pekingese
Ling In Chinese, 'Ling' stands for 'spirit', a fitting name for a lively Pekingese
Long This name signifies 'dragon', a symbol of power and good luck in Chinese culture
Lun This means 'wheel' in Chinese, a fun name for a Pekingese that loves to run
Mei The name 'Mei' stands for 'beautiful' in Chinese, showing off the breed's gorgeous coat
Ming In Chinese, 'Ming' stands for 'bright'
Pi This means 'skinny' in Chinese, a tongue-in-cheek name for a small Pekingese
Qing This name means 'clear' or 'pure' in Chinese
Rong In Chinese, 'Rong' means 'glorious'
Shi The name 'Shi' means 'practical' in Chinese
Tian This translates to 'heavenly', an appropriate name for a cherished pet
Wei 'Wei' stands for 'great' in Chinese
Xiao 'Xiao' translates to 'small' in Chinese, representative of the Pekingese breed's stature
Xin This name means 'new' in Chinese
Yan 'Yan' means 'beautiful' in Chinese
Yue 'Yue' stands for 'moon' in Chinese
Zhen In Chinese, 'Zhen' translates to 'precious'
Zhu 'Zhu' translates to 'pearl' in Chinese

Regal or Royal Names

Pekingese were once considered sacred and owned by royals in China. Hence, regal or royal names could suit their dignified demeanor.
Name Description
Baron A title of honor, often hereditary, given to individuals of high rank in a monarchy
Caesar This is a title used by Roman emperors, symbolizing power and authority
Crown This name signifies the importance and high position of a ruler
Duchess It is a rank of nobility for women, usually the wife or widow of a duke
Duke A noble rank just below the monarch, perfect for a dog with a proud and dignified demeanor
Empress The female equivalent of an emperor, a perfect name for a regal female Pekingese
Jester Historically, jesters were entertainers in the courts of the high nobles and royalty
Kingdom A title that denotes the area or people ruled by a king or queen
Knight A member of a warrior tradition who is known for their honor and courage
Majesty A term to show respect and honor to a royal person
Monarch It is a term used to denote a sovereign head of state, particularly a king, queen, or emperor
Noble It is a term that refers to individuals with high social rank or status
Odin Named after the king of the Norse gods, symbolizing power and wisdom
Orion Named after a prominent constellation, symbolizing the regal status of kings and queens
Palace This is where a monarch resides, a symbol of their authority and power
Prince This title is used for someone who is next in line for the throne
Regalia Refers to the emblems or symbols of royalty
Regent This is a person who exercises the ruling power in a kingdom during the minority, absence, or disability of the sovereign
Sapphire A precious gemstone often associated with royalty due to its beautiful blue color
Scepter This is a symbolic ornamental staff or wand held in the hand by a ruling monarch as an item of royal or imperial insignia
Sovereign An ultimate power or authority, usually used for a monarch
Throne This is the ceremonial chair for a monarch, synonymous with their rule and authority
Tiara A type of crown worn by princesses and queens, symbolizing beauty and elegance
Versailles Named after the famous palace in France, epitomizing luxury and grandeur
Windsor This is the name of the British royal family, known for their elegance and grace

Historical Names

Since Pekingese dogs have a long and rich history in Chinese culture, historical names can be a fitting tribute to their origins.
Name Description
Alexander Originates from Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia who conquered an empire
Beethoven Inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven, the great composer and pianist
Boudicca Inspired by Boudicca, the queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the Romans
Caesar Named after the famous Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar
Charlemagne Originates from Charlemagne, the king of the Franks and Lombards in the late 8th century
Churchill Taken from Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II
Cleopatra Inspired by the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt
Copernicus Inspired by Nicolaus Copernicus, the astronomer who formulated a model of the universe
Eleanor Named after Eleanor of Aquitaine, the queen consort of France and England
Galileo Named after Galileo Galilei, the influential astronomer, physicist and engineer
Gandhi Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of Indian nationalism against British rule
Hannibal Originates from Hannibal Barca, the Carthaginian general during the Second Punic War
Homer Named after Homer, the legendary author of the Iliad and the Odyssey
Joan Taken from Joan of Arc, the heroine of France during the Hundred Years' War
Leonardo Named after Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian polymath of the Renaissance
Lincoln Borrowed from Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States
Marco Taken from Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant, explorer, and writer
Marie Taken from Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize
Napoleon Originates from Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military and political leader
Nefertiti Named after Nefertiti, the queen of Egypt and the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten
Pompey Borrowed from Pompey the Great, a military and political leader of the late Roman Republic
Roosevelt Borrowed from Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States
Shakespeare Originates from William Shakespeare, often considered the greatest writer in the English language
Socrates Borrowed from Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher
Victoria Borrowed from Queen Victoria, the longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom
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Jinx It was a easy learning name for our puppy
Pabby Short for Pablo
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Shine Mochi Shine: A Pekingese Tale

In a distant magical land called Luminesa, where rainbows shimmered like ribbons across the sky and delicate flowers bloomed all year round, there lived a small, regal Pekingese named Mochi. Mochi's fur was as white as the softest cloud, and her large, dark eyes sparkled with a boundless curiosity.

Mochi lived in a quaint little cottage at the edge of the Enchanted Forest, a place filled with talking animals, mystical creatures, and ancient secrets. Her best friend, a wise and gentle fairy named Lyra, often visited Mochi at her cozy home, where they would spend hours sharing stories and exploring the many wonders of Luminesa.

One day, while Mochi and Lyra were strolling through the Enchanted Forest, they came across a peculiar sight: a small, shimmering pool that neither of them had ever seen before. The pool was filled with crystal-clear water that seemed to glow with an inner light, and a faint, melodic hum filled the air around it.

Intrigued, Mochi dipped her paw into the pool, and to her amazement, the water transformed her fur, giving it a radiant, iridescent sheen. Lyra gasped in delight and explained to Mochi that they had discovered the legendary Pool of Illumination, a magical wellspring that was said to grant those who touched its waters the ability to shine from within.

With Lyra's encouragement, Mochi stepped fully into the pool, immersing herself in the enchanted waters. When she emerged, her fur sparkled like a thousand stars, and her eyes seemed to hold the very essence of the universe.

As Mochi and Lyra continued their journey through the Enchanted Forest, they discovered that the Pool of Illumination had granted Mochi not only a beautiful, glowing appearance but also the ability to share her newfound light with others. Whenever Mochi came across a sad or weary traveler, a gentle touch of her radiant paw would fill them with warmth and happiness, lifting their spirits and brightening their day.

Word of Mochi's magical gift spread throughout Luminesa, and soon, creatures from all corners of the realm came to seek her help. Mochi welcomed them all with open paws, her gentle touch and compassionate heart bringing comfort and solace to those in need.

But Mochi's greatest challenge came when the land of Luminesa was threatened by a terrible darkness. A powerful sorcerer, consumed by jealousy and bitterness, sought to extinguish the light and happiness that flourished within the realm.

As the darkness crept across Luminesa, Mochi knew that it was up to her to protect her beloved home. With Lyra at her side, the brave Pekingese embarked on a perilous journey to confront the sorcerer and restore light to the realm.

The journey was fraught with danger and hardship, but Mochi's glowing fur and unwavering determination served as a beacon of hope for those they encountered along the way. Many joined Mochi and Lyra in their quest, their hearts and spirits bolstered by the Pekingese's radiant light.

At last, Mochi and her companions reached the sorcerer's lair, a dark and foreboding fortress that loomed ominously over the landscape. The sorcerer, sensing their approach, summoned all of his dark power in an attempt to extinguish Mochi's light once and for all.

But Mochi's heart was pure, and her love for Luminesa and its inhabitants burned even brighter than the enchanted light that radiated from her fur. With a gentle touch of her paw, she reached out to the sorcerer, her glowing light piercing the darkness that surrounded him.

The sorcerer recoiled, but as Mochi's light touched his heart, the bitterness and jealousy that had consumed him began to melt away. He felt the warmth and love that Mochi's light carried, and for the first time in many years, his heart was filled with hope and compassion.

Overwhelmed by the power of Mochi's light, the darkness that had threatened Luminesa began to recede, and the land was bathed once more in the warm, golden glow of happiness and harmony.

With the sorcerer's transformation complete, Mochi, Lyra, and their companions returned to the Enchanted Forest, where they were hailed as heroes. The sorcerer, his heart now filled with gratitude and a newfound sense of purpose, dedicated himself to using his powers for good, helping to protect and preserve the magical land of Luminesa.

Mochi's life returned to its peaceful, contented rhythm, but the legacy of her journey lived on. The story of the brave and compassionate Pekingese who had saved Luminesa from darkness became a cherished tale, inspiring generations of creatures who called the magical realm their home.

And as Mochi continued to share her light with those in need, the land of Luminesa remained a place of wonder and enchantment, a testament to the power of love, hope, and the magic that resides within us all.

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