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Pekingese Names

      The Pekingese is also known as the Pekingese Lion-Dog, a name taken from an early Chinese history. There are several different legends of the breed's origin involving a lion falling in love with a much smaller creature and coming to Buddha for help. Buddha helps by shrinking the lion to the size of its lover, and the Pekingese is the offspring of that relationship. Many great names can be taken from the legend and the Pekingese origins. Names of famous lions (especially cubs) from movies, books, and television make excellent choices. Simba (from 'The Lion King') and Elsa (from 'Born Free') are a couple of examples of famous lion cubs. Many people like to give their Pekingese a Chinese name that has a good meaning and attractive ring to it. Bai (meaning white), Meili (meaning beautiful), and Zhen (meaning true) are few options. Outside of the origin based names, size is the most commonly used naming platform. The list includes many cute names that are typical among smaller breeds.
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Pabby Short for Pablo
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Shine Mochi Shine: A Pekingese Tale

In a distant magical land called Luminesa, where rainbows shimmered like ribbons across the sky and delicate flowers bloomed all year round, there lived a small, regal Pekingese named Mochi. Mochi's fur was as white as the softest cloud, and her large, dark eyes sparkled with a boundless curiosity.

Mochi lived in a quaint little cottage at the edge of the Enchanted Forest, a place filled with talking animals, mystical creatures, and ancient secrets. Her best friend, a wise and gentle fairy named Lyra, often visited Mochi at her cozy home, where they would spend hours sharing stories and exploring the many wonders of Luminesa.

One day, while Mochi and Lyra were strolling through the Enchanted Forest, they came across a peculiar sight: a small, shimmering pool that neither of them had ever seen before. The pool was filled with crystal-clear water that seemed to glow with an inner light, and a faint, melodic hum filled the air around it.

Intrigued, Mochi dipped her paw into the pool, and to her amazement, the water transformed her fur, giving it a radiant, iridescent sheen. Lyra gasped in delight and explained to Mochi that they had discovered the legendary Pool of Illumination, a magical wellspring that was said to grant those who touched its waters the ability to shine from within.

With Lyra's encouragement, Mochi stepped fully into the pool, immersing herself in the enchanted waters. When she emerged, her fur sparkled like a thousand stars, and her eyes seemed to hold the very essence of the universe.

As Mochi and Lyra continued their journey through the Enchanted Forest, they discovered that the Pool of Illumination had granted Mochi not only a beautiful, glowing appearance but also the ability to share her newfound light with others. Whenever Mochi came across a sad or weary traveler, a gentle touch of her radiant paw would fill them with warmth and happiness, lifting their spirits and brightening their day.

Word of Mochi's magical gift spread throughout Luminesa, and soon, creatures from all corners of the realm came to seek her help. Mochi welcomed them all with open paws, her gentle touch and compassionate heart bringing comfort and solace to those in need.

But Mochi's greatest challenge came when the land of Luminesa was threatened by a terrible darkness. A powerful sorcerer, consumed by jealousy and bitterness, sought to extinguish the light and happiness that flourished within the realm.

As the darkness crept across Luminesa, Mochi knew that it was up to her to protect her beloved home. With Lyra at her side, the brave Pekingese embarked on a perilous journey to confront the sorcerer and restore light to the realm.

The journey was fraught with danger and hardship, but Mochi's glowing fur and unwavering determination served as a beacon of hope for those they encountered along the way. Many joined Mochi and Lyra in their quest, their hearts and spirits bolstered by the Pekingese's radiant light.

At last, Mochi and her companions reached the sorcerer's lair, a dark and foreboding fortress that loomed ominously over the landscape. The sorcerer, sensing their approach, summoned all of his dark power in an attempt to extinguish Mochi's light once and for all.

But Mochi's heart was pure, and her love for Luminesa and its inhabitants burned even brighter than the enchanted light that radiated from her fur. With a gentle touch of her paw, she reached out to the sorcerer, her glowing light piercing the darkness that surrounded him.

The sorcerer recoiled, but as Mochi's light touched his heart, the bitterness and jealousy that had consumed him began to melt away. He felt the warmth and love that Mochi's light carried, and for the first time in many years, his heart was filled with hope and compassion.

Overwhelmed by the power of Mochi's light, the darkness that had threatened Luminesa began to recede, and the land was bathed once more in the warm, golden glow of happiness and harmony.

With the sorcerer's transformation complete, Mochi, Lyra, and their companions returned to the Enchanted Forest, where they were hailed as heroes. The sorcerer, his heart now filled with gratitude and a newfound sense of purpose, dedicated himself to using his powers for good, helping to protect and preserve the magical land of Luminesa.

Mochi's life returned to its peaceful, contented rhythm, but the legacy of her journey lived on. The story of the brave and compassionate Pekingese who had saved Luminesa from darkness became a cherished tale, inspiring generations of creatures who called the magical realm their home.

And as Mochi continued to share her light with those in need, the land of Luminesa remained a place of wonder and enchantment, a testament to the power of love, hope, and the magic that resides within us all.

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