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Pink Dog Names

Updated: April 03, 2024

Welcome to a page that embraces the unique, the vibrant, and the whimsical when it comes to naming your furry friend. If you're a pet parent who loves to stand out from the crowd, you've found the perfect place. Our list is curated for those who have an affinity for the color pink, a hue that represents sweetness, kindness, playfulness, and femininity.

Whether you have a cute little pup with a pink nose, a dog with a beautiful pinkish coat, or simply love the warmth and charm that the color pink brings, we've got you covered! This page offers an array of names inspired by all things pink, from flowers to candies, and even famous pink characters from pop culture. Prepare to be tickled pink by our fabulous selection.

We know that your dog is special, and they deserve a name that's just as unique as they are. So why not choose a name that encapsulates their playful spirit while also reflecting your personal style? Dive into our list and discover the perfect moniker for your precious pooch.

Name Reason to Choose
Amethyst This name is inspired by the pink variety of this precious stone
Amour The French word for love, often associated with the color pink
Azalea Named after the beautiful pink flowers
Ballerina This is associated with classic ballet slippers and tutus that are often pink
Ballet Reminiscent of delicate pink ballet shoes
Ballet Slipper Ballet slippers are traditionally pink
Barbie Named after the iconic doll known for her signature pink color
Basil Basil 'Magic Mountain' is known for its pink flowers
Begonia Begonias are beautiful pink flowers, making this a lovely, feminine name
Bellini Named after the pink-colored cocktail
Berry A fresh, sweet name suitable for a cute, playful pet
Bikini It's a fun, summer-related name, and pink bikinis are quite popular
Biscotti It can be a cute name for a small pinkish dog
Blossom Inspired by the blooming of pink flowers
Blush The cosmetic product often comes in various shades of pink
Brink Brink pink is a tone of pink from the Pourpre.com color list
Bubblegum The sweet treat is synonymous with the color pink
Butterfly Many butterflies have wings with pink hues
Cabaret Cabaret is a dark shade of pink
Camellia Named after the pink camellia flower, this is a beautiful dog name
Cameo Cameo pink is a color that resembles the shade of pink used in cameos
Canary Canary pink is a light shade of pink
Candy This sweet treat often comes in pink, making it a great dog name
Candyfloss It's a fun, sweet name reminiscent of the pink, fluffy sweet treat
Carnation The pink carnation is a symbol of love, making this a sweet, affectionate name
Carnival This name suits a dog with a fun, festive personality
Cerise Cerise is French for cherry, which evokes the image of a delightful pink hue
Champagne Rosé champagne has a lovely pink hue
Charm Charm pink is a medium roseish tone of pink
Cherry Cherries often have a deep pink color
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Candy Pink Names

Candy often comes in various shades of pink and can provide a cute and sweet inspiration for pink dog names.
Name Description
Blossom For the pink blooms that appear in the spring
Bonbon This French candy often comes in pink
Bubblegum A classic candy that is typically pink
Carnation A flower with a lovely pink variety
Cherry Inspired by the pink blush of a ripe cherry
Coral A beautiful shade of pink, named after the sea creature
Cupcake A cute name for a dog, inspired by the pink frosting on a cupcake
Flamingo For the bright pink bird
Floss Cotton candy, also known as candy floss, is usually pink and is a fun name for a dog
Gumdrop A candy that can come in many colors, including pink
Jellybean A colorful candy, some of which are pink
Jujube A type of candy that can come in pink
Lollipop A popular candy that often comes in pink
Macaron This French dessert often comes in a variety of pink shades
Marshmallow These fluffy sweets can come in a soft pink color
Melon A fruit with a sweet, pink flesh
Nougat A candy filling that is often pink
Peaches The pink blush of a ripe peach makes for a sweet name
Peony A flower with lush, pink petals
Popsicle Inspired by the pink frozen treat
Raspberry A rich pink berry that is both sweet and tart
Sherbet A fruity, pink dessert
Strawberry This sweet fruit often comes in a delightful pink hue
Taffy A chewy candy that often comes in a light pink color
Zinnia A flower with many pink varieties

Fruit Pink Names

This category includes names inspired by pink fruits such as Strawberry or Raspberry.
Name Description
Ambarella This tropical fruit can have a pinkish hue
Apple Pink Lady apples are a popular variety
Cattleya It's a type of guava that has a pinkish color
Cherry Cherries can range from a pink to a red color
Cranberry Its juice is often a deep pink color
Dragonfruit This exotic fruit has a striking pink exterior
Feijoa The flesh of this fruit is often a pale pink color
Grapefruit The inside of this citrus fruit is a vibrant pink
Guava The flesh inside a guava is a beautiful pink color
Honeycrisp A type of apple with a pinkish-red skin
Jambu Another name for rose apple, a pink fruit
Kiwiberry Some types of this fruit have a pinkish-red hue
Lychee Lychee's pinkish-red exterior is a great name for a pink dog
Mangosteen The flesh of this fruit can be a deep pink color
Papaya Some varieties of this fruit have a pinkish hue
Peach It's a light, playful, and pinkish fruit
Persimmon Some varieties of this fruit are pink
Pitaya Another name for dragonfruit, known for its pink exterior
Pomegranate The seeds inside a pomegranate have a lovely pink hue
Rambutan The outer layer of this fruit is a vivid pink
Raspberry Raspberry brings to mind a vibrant pink color, much like a pink dog
Roseapple This tropical fruit's name and color make it a perfect choice
Strawberry Because of its uniformly pink color, it's a cute name for a pink dog
Tamarillo The inside of this fruit can be a bright pink color
Watermelon The inner flesh of this fruit is a bright pink color

Celebrity Pink Names

These names are inspired by celebrities who are famously associated with the color pink, making them fun and unique choices.
Name Description
Ariana Ariana Grande's favorite color is reportedly pink
Beyonce Beyonce has been seen wearing pink in her music videos
Cardi Cardi B often incorporates pink into her wardrobe
Cher Cher has sported many pink outfits in her career
Cyrus Miley Cyrus has been seen with pink hair on multiple occasions
Dua Dua Lipa has sported pink hair at times
Ellie Ellie Goulding has sported pink hair at times
Gaga Lady Gaga often wears pink and has a strong, unique personality
Halsey Halsey has been seen with pink hair at times
Iggy Iggy Azalea is a fan of pink and often wears it
Kesha Kesha has been seen in pink hair and glitter
Kylie Kylie Jenner has been seen sporting pink hair
Lizzo Lizzo often incorporates pink into her vibrant performance outfits
Madonna Madonna has rocked pink hair and outfits in her career
Mariah Mariah Carey has been seen in pink outfits during performances
Megan Megan Thee Stallion has been seen with pink hair
Minaj Nicki Minaj has popularized pink through her fashion and album titles
P!nk Named after the singer who is synonymous with the color
Perry Katy Perry is known for her eclectic and colorful style
Pink Inspired by the pop star known for her vibrant hair
Rihanna Rihanna has been seen in pink hair and outfits
Selena Selena Gomez has been seen in pink outfits on red carpets
Sia Sia often wears wigs with pink as one of the colors
Spears Britney Spears has worn pink in many iconic looks
Swift Taylor Swift has embraced pink during her Lover era

Fashion Pink Names

These names are inspired by the world of fashion, where pink is often associated with style and elegance.
Name Description
Armani Named after the Italian luxury fashion house
Blossom Named after the pink bloom symbolic of spring
Blush For a dog with a soft and warm personality
Burberry Named after the British luxury fashion house
Cartier Inspired by the French luxury goods conglomerate
Chanel An embodiment of elegance and high fashion
Dior A nod to the French luxury goods company
Dolce A tribute to the Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana
Flamingo Inspired by the vibrant pink bird
Fuchsia Inspired by the vibrant pink-purple hue
Gabbana A nod to the Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana
Givenchy A tribute to the French luxury fashion label
Gucci In honor of the Italian luxury brand
Hermes A nod to the French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer
Magenta After the deep pinkish-purple color
Peony Named after the beautiful pink flower
Prada Echoing the Italian luxury fashion house
Rose Inspired by the pink bloom symbolic of grace
Tiffany Inspired by the American luxury jewelry retailer
Valentino Inspired by the Italian fashion designer
Versace A tribute to the Italian luxury fashion company
Vivienne Inspired by the British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood
Vogue Inspired by the iconic fashion magazine
Vuitton A nod to the French fashion house
YSL An abbreviation of the French fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent

Floral Pink Names

These names are inspired by pink flowers or plants, which can be a fitting and adorable choice for a pink-colored dog.
Name Description
Azalea A type of flowering shrub which often blooms in pink
Begonia A common flower known for its bright pink color
Blossom Flowers blooming in spring often come in shades of pink
Camellia A nod to the pink flower native to eastern Asia
Carnation The popular flower comes in various shades of pink
Cherry Cherry blossoms are known for their vibrant pink color
Dahlia There are many pink varieties of this flower
Fuchsia Inspired by the vivid pink-purple flower
Geranium This plant often blooms with pink flowers
Heather Heathers often bloom in pink and purple shades
Hibiscus Tropical flower known for its large, pink blooms
Lavender Although typically purple, some varieties are pink
Lily Many lilies have a delicate pink color
Magnolia Named after the tree with large, pink flowers
Marigold A bright and cheery flower that can be pink
Orchid A nod to the exotic flower with pink variations
Pansy This flower is often bred in pink shades
Peony Peonies are often a luscious shade of pink
Petal Flower parts often exhibit lovely pink colors
Poppy Poppies can bloom in a variety of colors, including pink
Primrose A nod to a beautiful flower that often blooms in this hue
Rose This is reminiscent of a delicate pink flower
Tulip This flower can often be seen in a pink hue
Verbena A small, delicate flower that often blooms in pink
Zinnia A bright flower that comes in a pink variation
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