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Pit Bull Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      There are a couple of common approaches to naming a Pit Bull. Due to the stocky and powerful figure, many Pit Bull owners seek an equally strong name. Many good ideas for tough sounding names can be derived from metals, Greek gods, and weapons. Pit Bulls are notorious for their protective nature and this can cause fear among house guests. A second approach that owners take is to give their Pit Bull a name that sounds sweet and innocent. This can help to ease any discomfort that guests may have. People are less likely to fear your dog named 'Marshmallow' and more likely to fear one named 'Jack the Ripper'. This list of Pit Bull names is comprised mainly of stronger sounding names that fit the build and stereotype of the breed.
Name Reason to Choose
Achilles It suggests strength and heroism, traits often associated with Pit Bulls
Apollo This name is perfect for a mighty and strong Pit Bull, named after the God of sun and light in Greek mythology
Archer The name signifies precision and focus, much like the breed's natural instincts
Asher The name, which means happy and blessed, matches the breed's friendly disposition
Aspen This name, after a robust tree, mirrors the breed's strength
Atilla Recalls a historical figure known for strength and courage, good for a Pit Bull
Atlas Represents strength and endurance, reflecting a Pit Bull's physical capabilities
Barb This short and punchy name reflects the compact strength of Pit Bulls
Bella An Italian word for beautiful, this name is suitable for a pretty female Pit Bull
Blaze An ideal name for a Pit Bull with a fiery spirit and a reddish coat
Blue The name is a common choice for Pit Bulls due to the breed's often blue-grey coat
Bolt The name mirrors the fast and active temperament of Pit Bulls
Boss It's a name that denotes authority and leadership, reflecting the breed's confident nature
Bruce It's a robust, classic name that suits the breed's tenacity
Bruno A sturdy, classic name that matches the breed's muscular build
Brutus A historic name that portrays toughness, suitable for a Pit Bull
Buck This name, meaning male deer, symbolizes the breed's strength and agility
Bud A friendly name that signifies the breed's loyalty and companionship
Caesar The name represents authority and leadership, reflecting a Pit Bull's personality
Calamity It's a playful name that reflects the breed's energetic and lively character
Capone It's a strong, commanding name that reflects the breed's powerful presence
Cash This name symbolizes value and worth, just like the breed's invaluable companionship
Champ It's a name that reflects triumph and strength, both traits being synonymous with Pit Bulls
Chaos It suggests a high-energy, playful nature common in Pit Bulls
Chomp It's a playful nod to the breed's powerful jaw strength
Chuck A strong, traditional name that fits a Pit Bull's robust nature
Cleo A regal, historical name that fits a female Pit Bull's strong and noble character
Cobra Inspired by the deadly snake, this name is suitable for a Pit Bull with a fierce and protective nature
Dagger A name that represents sharpness and agility, perfect for a swift and intelligent Pit Bull
Dakota A strong, unisex name that fits a Pit Bull's resilient nature
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Cultural Pit Bull Names

These are names inspired by different cultures and languages, giving the Pit Bull a distinctive and meaningful name.
Name Description
Athena Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, representing the Pit Bull's intelligence and strength
Beowulf Legendary Old English hero, mirrors the breed's bravery and loyalty
Capone Named after the infamous gangster, embodying the breed's tough but misunderstood reputation
Cleopatra Named after an iconic Egyptian queen, symbolizing the breed's regality
Da Vinci Named after the famous artist and inventor, symbolizing the breed's multifaceted personality
Freya Norse goddess of love and beauty, symbolizing the breed's loving nature
Goliath Biblical giant known for his strength, embodies Pit Bulls' imposing physicality
Harper Named after Harper Lee, the author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird', reflecting the breed's misunderstood nature
Hercules This name reflects the power and bravery of the famous Greek hero, embodying the breed's physical strength
Houdini Named after the famous escape artist, embodying the breed's cleverness
Kafka Named after the famous author, embodying the breed's complex nature
Kahlo Named after the iconic Mexican artist, symbolizing the breed's unique beauty
Kahuna Hawaiian term for a wise man or shaman, suggesting the breed's intuitive nature
Loki Norse god known for his mischief, reflecting the Pit Bull's playful side
Mowgli Fictional character raised by wolves, symbolizes the Pit Bull's adaptability and survival instincts
Nelson Named after Nelson Mandela, reflecting the breed's resilience and tenacity
Nirvana Buddhist concept of ultimate enlightenment, represents the breed's serene nature
Picasso Named after the famous artist, represents the breed's unique appearance and nature
Ragnar Viking king and legendary hero, symbolizing the breed's strength and bravery
Romeo Shakespearean character known for his passion, representing the Pit Bull's spirited personality
Samurai Japanese warriors, representing the breed's fearlessness and discipline
Shaka Named for a legendary Zulu king, representing the breed's leadership and strength
Spartacus Roman slave turned gladiator, reflects the breed's courage and resilience
Tesla Named after the famous inventor, reflecting the breed's intelligence
Zeus King of the Greek gods, symbolizes the breed's commanding presence

Unique Pit Bull Names

These are uncommon and unique names that can make the Pit Bull stand out and highlight its unique personality.
Name Description
Blitz A name that captures the energy and speed of your Pit Bull
Cipher A unique name for a Pit Bull who is difficult to read but very intriguing
Galaxy A cosmic name for a Pit Bull who has an out-of-this-world vibe
Goliath A name that reflects the formidable and strong nature of a Pit Bull
Hawkeye A name that indicates sharpness and alertness, traits common in Pit Bulls
Inferno This fiery name is perfect for a Pit Bull with a burning spirit
Jetta A sleek, fast name for a Pit Bull with a jet-black coat
Kismet A unique name for a Pit Bull that was destined to be a part of your life
Mako Derived from the Mako shark, it's a unique name reflecting strength and agility
Nebula An out-of-this-world name for a Pit Bull who is truly one-of-a-kind
Onyx A hardy, unique name for a black-coated Pit Bull
Orion This celestial name is good for a Pit Bull with a shining personality
Pandora A mythical name for a mysterious, enchanting Pit Bull
Quantum This name is for a Pit Bull who has a profound impact on your life
Quartz Ideal for a Pit Bull with a tough, resilient nature, just like the stone
Riptide Perfect for a Pit Bull who loves water and has a strong, powerful nature
Rune A mystical name, perfect for a Pit Bull with a mysterious aura
Solstice A unique name that represents the balance, perfect for a well-trained Pit Bull
Tempest This name is perfect for a powerful Pit Bull with a vibrant personality
Triton Carrying the name of a Greek god, it hints at strength and authority
Tundra A name for a Pit Bull who is as resilient and enduring as the frozen wilderness
Vigor This name captures the vitality and liveliness of a Pit Bull
Vortex A name for a Pit Bull who has an irresistible, pulling charm
Zenith A lofty name for a Pit Bull who is at the peak of their life
Zephyr An uncommon name for a Pit Bull who is light on their feet

Human-like Pit Bull Names

These names are common human names (like Jack, Bella, etc.) which can give a personal touch and can help to break the stigma around Pit Bulls being dangerous.
Name Description
Bella A human-like name that is also popular for female Pit Bulls due to its feminine yet tough undertone
Charlie This name is common among people, yet it also resonates with the playful nature of Pit Bulls
Chloe A popular girls' name that also fits a sweet and robust Pit Bull
Daisy A sweet and feminine name, suitable for a loving Pit Bull
Duke A name often used by men that also suits a strong and dominant Pit Bull
Emma A popular human name that also suits a gentle yet hardy Pit Bull
George A classic human name that also suits a robust and dominant Pit Bull
Jack This name is often used by humans and suits a Pit Bull due to its simplicity and strength
Jake A common masculine name, suitable for a sturdy Pit Bull
Leo A popular human name that resonates with the dominant nature of Pit Bulls
Lily A sweet girls' name that also fits a gentle and strong Pit Bull
Lucy A common name for girls that also fits a sweet yet strong Pit Bull
Luna A mystical human name that also fits a strong yet gentle Pit Bull
Max A name often used by humans, which doubles up as a strong, dominant name for a Pit Bull
Milo A common boys' name that also fits a playful and strong Pit Bull
Molly A sweet name for girls that also fits a loving Pit Bull
Oliver A common boys' name that also fits a playful and strong Pit Bull
Oscar A common boys' name that also suits a sturdy and playful Pit Bull
Rosie A feminine name that also suits a sweet and sturdy Pit Bull
Ruby A name often used by women that also suits a strong yet loving Pit Bull
Sam A popular name among men that fits a robust Pit Bull
Sophie A feminine name that also fits a gentle yet strong Pit Bull
Stella A popular girls' name that also fits a strong and loving Pit Bull
Toby A popular boys' name that also fits a playful and robust Pit Bull
Zoe A popular girls' name that also suits a loving and strong Pit Bull

Famous Pit Bull Names

These names could be inspired by famous Pit Bulls from movies, TV shows, or real life, which could make the dog's name more meaningful and personal.
Name Description
Apollo Apollo is a search and rescue dog who worked at the World Trade Center site after 9/11
Blizzard Blizzard is the Pit Bull from the film 'The Call of the Wild'
Bud Bud was a Pit Bull who made history as the first dog to travel across America by car
Cesar Named after Cesar Millan, a dog trainer who has worked extensively with Pit Bulls
Champion This is the name of the three-legged Pit Bull from the TV show 'Parks and Recreation'
Chance Named after the lovable Pit Bull from the movie 'Homeward Bound'
Daisy Daisy is a Pit Bull who has been a hero, saving her family from a snake
Dakota Dakota is a Pit Bull search and rescue dog who located the remains of the astronauts from the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster
Grunt This is the name of the dog from the film 'Flashdance'
Helen Helen was a Pit Bull therapy dog who worked at the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona
Jack Brutus He served as the official mascot of Company K, 1st Connecticut Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish-American war
Lucas Lucas was one of Michael Vick's fighting dogs who was rehabilitated and became a therapy dog
Max Max was the heroic dog in the movie 'Man's Best Friend'
Oogy Oogy was a Pit Bull who was rescued from a dog-fighting ring and became the subject of a bestselling book
Pete From the classic American show 'The Little Rascals', Pete was the loyal pet of the gang
Popsicle Popsicle, an ex-drug detection dog, was discovered in a freezer during a drug raid
Rusty Rusty is a Pit Bull who saved a woman from a rapist, earning him the Ken-L-Ration Dog Hero of the Year Award in 1993
Sasha Sasha is a Pit Bull who saved a baby from a fire
Sergeant Stubby He was the most decorated war dog of World War I
Stella Stella is the Pit Bull from the TV show 'Modern Family'
Tango Tango was a Pit Bull rescue dog who appeared on the Animal Planet show 'Pit Bulls & Parolees'
Thor Thor is a Pit Bull who saved his family from a road accident
Tia Tia is the name of the main character in the TV show 'Pit Bulls & Parolees'
Titus Titus is a rare albino Pit Bull who became famous on the internet
Zeus Zeus was a Pit Bull who saved his family from a house fire

Nature-inspired Pit Bull Names

These names are inspired by elements of nature (like River, Thunder, etc.) which can reflect the strong and powerful characteristics of Pit Bulls.
Name Description
Birch A sturdy and strong name for a Pit Bull with a lean and tall stature
Breeze A fitting name for a Pit Bull with a light and easygoing temperament
Cedar A great name for a Pit Bull with a strong and enduring personality
Coral A colorful and vibrant name for a playful and lively Pit Bull
Daisy Ideal for a Pit Bull with a sweet and bright personality, much like a daisy flower
Fern A wonderful name for a Pit Bull with a delicate and intricate personality
Flint A great name for a Pit Bull with a sparky and lively personality
Forest A strong name for a Pit Bull with a wild and adventurous spirit
Hazel Suitable for a Pit Bull with brownish eyes or coat, just like a hazel nut
Ivy A wonderful name for a Pit Bull that is always growing and exploring
Leaf A light and airy name for a Pit Bull with a free-spirited and carefree personality
Maple A sweet name for a Pit Bull with a warm and welcoming personality
Moss A soft and gentle name for a Pit Bull with a quiet and unassuming character
Olive A peaceful and serene name for a Pit Bull with a harmonious and balanced character
Pebble A cute name for a smaller Pit Bull with a tough and resilient character
Pine A good name for a Pit Bull with a strong and robust character
Raven A sleek and stylish name for a Pit Bull with a dark and glossy coat
River A great choice for a Pit Bull that has a calm yet powerful disposition, similar to a flowing river
Rock Fitting for a tough and sturdy Pit Bull, just like a solid rock
Sage A wise choice for a Pit Bull with an old soul and calm demeanor
Sky An awesome name for a Pit Bull with a limitless and expansive personality
Storm Perfect for a Pit Bull with a strong, energetic and sometimes tumultuous personality
Sunset A beautiful name for a Pit Bull with a calm and soothing personality
Thorn A sharp name for a Pit Bull with a strong and protective character
Willow A beautiful name for a Pit Bull with a graceful and resilient character
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Jaide Photo of Jaide for Pit Bull Names I chose the name Jaide because, she has green eyes & I have always loved that name if I ever had a little girl she would of been named Jaida.
Meatball Photo of meatball for Pit Bull Names I am adoptable! And I am wonderful!
Diogee Photo of diogee for Pit Bull Names Diogee (pronounced D O G with emphasis on the o) pretty much summed him up.

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Story of a Rusty the Junkyard Pit Bull

In the outskirts of a small, bustling city stood a massive junkyard, a place where discarded relics of the past lay dormant, waiting to be salvaged or forgotten. Among the rusted cars and towering piles of scrap metal lived a noble and resilient pit bull named Rusty. With his muscular frame and a coat of dusty brindle, Rusty blended seamlessly into his industrial surroundings.

Rusty had been abandoned as a pup, left to fend for himself amidst the unforgiving terrain of the junkyard. But fate had other plans for him. The junkyard's grizzled owner, a man named Old Tom, discovered the frightened pup and took him under his wing. Over time, Rusty grew to love the sights, sounds, and smells of his metallic domain, and the bond between the pit bull and Old Tom grew stronger with each passing day.

Together, Rusty and Old Tom patrolled the junkyard, safeguarding their territory from potential intruders. During the day, they would roam the sprawling expanse, searching for hidden treasures among the debris. At night, they would huddle together in a makeshift den, warmed by the flickering light of a fire burning in an old oil drum.

One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting the junkyard in an eerie twilight, Rusty picked up an unfamiliar scent. His ears perked up, and he let out a low growl, alerting Old Tom to the potential danger. The two ventured cautiously through the maze of scrap, following the strange odor.

As they rounded a corner, they stumbled upon a group of thieves, intent on pilfering the valuable copper wiring and metal scraps from the junkyard. With a snarl, Rusty lunged at the intruders, his teeth bared and his eyes fixed on his targets. Old Tom, though slowed by age, brandished a rusted pipe, ready to defend his home. The thieves, realizing they were no match for the fierce pit bull and his fearless companion, fled the junkyard, their plans foiled by the unexpected guardians.

As the adrenaline of the encounter subsided, Rusty and Old Tom returned to their den, basking in the warmth of their victory. Word of their courageous stand spread throughout the city, and the junkyard became a symbol of resilience and determination.

As the years passed, Rusty continued to watch over his kingdom of scrap and metal, his loyalty to Old Tom never wavering. The bond between them was a testament to the power of friendship and the indomitable spirit of both man and beast. In the end, Rusty's story became a cherished legend, a tale of a pit bull who triumphed over adversity and, in doing so, found a home and a family in the most unlikely of places.

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