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      The Pointer’s close ties to bird hunting make hunting and gun related names the most popular selection. Remmy, Bullet, Smith, and Wesson are a few common ideas. Names that relate to the act and appearance of pointing include Dart, Bolt, Mark, and Arrow. Particularly popular in the Southern US, the Pointer bears a variety of redneck names like Cooter, Buck, Rebel, and Shooter. Other country themed names can be inspired by pretty much anything you would typically found out in the backwoods. One unique idea is to name your Pointer after farm equipment. Deere, Case, and Hopper are just few ideas that fall into this category. Outside of the country theme, many owners choose an English name due to the roots of the breed. English favorites are Darwin, Charles, and Elizabeth or Lizzy.
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Story of a Pointer named Jake

Once upon a time, in a peaceful countryside surrounded by vast fields and rolling hills, there lived a spirited Pointer named Jake. Jake was a strong and agile dog, with a sleek, white coat adorned with liver-colored patches and a keen, intelligent gaze. He lived on a quaint farm with his loving owner, Tom, who was a skilled farmer and an avid hunter.

Jake's days were filled with adventure and excitement, as he and Tom tended to the farm and its many animals. He had a natural talent for herding the farm's sheep and cows, but his true passion lay in hunting the elusive quail that frequented the nearby woods.

As the quail hunting season approached, Jake's anticipation grew. He knew that soon he would be able to join Tom on their thrilling expeditions through the dense forests, using his remarkable sense of smell and instinctive pointing skills to locate the well-camouflaged birds.

Tom, who had trained Jake himself, admired the Pointer's unwavering dedication and unparalleled abilities. Together, they made an unbeatable team, with Jake leading the way and Tom following closely behind, shotgun in hand.

When the first day of the hunting season finally arrived, Jake and Tom set out early in the morning, their spirits high and their eyes keenly focused on the task ahead. They ventured deep into the forest, their footsteps muffled by the thick carpet of fallen leaves.

Jake, nose to the ground, soon picked up the faint scent of a quail. He followed the trail with unerring precision, his tail wagging with excitement as he closed in on his quarry. Suddenly, he froze, pointing with unwavering intensity at a small thicket of brush.

Tom, recognizing the unmistakable stance, prepared his shotgun and signaled to Jake. With a quick, coordinated movement, Jake flushed the quail from its hiding place, and Tom fired a single, well-placed shot, bringing the bird down.

Throughout the day, the pair continued their successful hunt, with Jake displaying his exceptional skills and Tom showcasing his sharpshooting prowess. By the time the sun began to set, they had bagged an impressive haul, more than enough to provide for their family and friends.

Returning home, Jake and Tom were met with warm smiles and hearty congratulations from their loved ones. As they shared stories of their day's adventure, Jake lay at Tom's feet, his chest swelling with pride and contentment.

As the quail hunting season continued, Jake and Tom solidified their reputation as the region's most formidable hunting duo. The bond they shared grew stronger with each expedition, a testament to their shared passion and mutual respect.

And so, on the picturesque farm nestled in the heart of the countryside, the story of Jake, the Pointer who loved to hunt quail, lived on as a tale of loyalty, skill, and the unbreakable bond between a dog and his owner.

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