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Pomeranian Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Pomeranian is thought to have gotten its name from a historical region near the Baltic Sea called Pomerania. The area of Pomerania is currently divided between Germany and Poland. Owners out to find a name from this region will have a side to choose. Those in favor of a German option will have names like Fritz, Katrin, Heidi, and Klause to pick from. A few Polish ideas include Casmir, Celina, Konrad, and Mirek. The Pomeranian is also known by the nickname pompom. A few fun names related to cheerleading include Pike, Liberty, Herkie, and Chant. A few names borrowed from stars that were once cheerleaders include Madonna, Halle (Halle Berry), Eva (Eva Longoria), and Teri (Teri Hatcher). A couple of Pomeranians were among the only three dogs that survived the Titanic in 1912. Astor, Carter, Harper, Julian, and Silvey are a few names in honor of passengers that were on the Titanic. Kate, Zane, Paxton, and Gloria are some choices borrowed from actors and actresses with a role in the movie ‘Titanic’.
Name Reason to Choose
Aerial Pomeranians are known for their high energy and lively spirit, similar to the connotation of this name
Angel Pomeranians are often regarded as little angels due to their sweet disposition
Apple A sweet and simple name that suits a cute and small Pomeranian
Astor This classy name reflects the luxurious and royal history of the breed
Bella This name is well-suited to a beautiful Pomeranian
Berry An adorable, sweet name that reflects the small and cute nature of Pomeranians
Biscuit This name is cute and whimsical, just like a Pomeranian's fluffy appearance
Brandy A warm and comforting name, much like the temperament of a Pomeranian
Bubbles This name suits a Pomeranian with a bubbly and cheerful personality
Buddy Because Pomeranians make such great friends
Bunny This name is perfect for a Pomeranian with a soft, fluffy coat
Buttercup This name suits a Pomeranian's small, delicate, and vibrant personality
Candy This name mirrors the Pomeranian's sweet nature
Captain Perfect for a Pomeranian as they are known to be assertive and like to take charge
Carter A strong name that can counterbalance the cute and fluffy appearance of Pomeranians
Casmir Casmir is a Polish name, and Poland is a part of the Pomeranian breed's history
Celina This name’s melodious tone matches well with the playful character of a Pomeranian
Chant A unique name that suits the melodic bark of the Pomeranian
Cheer A name that embodies the breed's high spirits and lively nature
Chloe Perfect for a Pomeranian with a graceful and sophisticated personality
Coco Reminiscent of the rich, warm color of some Pomeranians, this name is perfect
Cotton Their coat is fluffy and soft, just like cotton
Cradle Ideal for the comforting companionship that this dog breed provides
Cuddles A name that reflects a Pomeranian's affectionate nature
Cupie This name aligns with the small size and adorable appearance of Pomeranians
Daisy Ideal for a sweet and gentle Pomeranian
Diva For a Pomeranian with a big personality, this name is fitting
Dolly Pomeranians can look like cute, cuddly toys, making Dolly a fitting name
Eddie A playful name for a playful breed
Elevator A fun, quirky name that matches the spirited and upbeat temperament of these dogs
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Fairy Tale Characters

With their fluffy coats and expressive eyes, Pomeranians can seem straight out of a fairy tale, making such names a good fit.
Name Description
Ariel This name, inspired by the Little Mermaid, is fitting for a Pomeranian with a lively personality
Beast A humorous choice for a Pomeranian, referencing the character from 'Beauty and the Beast'
Belle A beautiful name for a Pomeranian, inspired by 'Beauty and the Beast'
Charming Reflecting the charm of Pomeranians and fairy tale princes, this name is a winner
Cinder Derived from Cinderella, this name suits a Pomeranian with a rags-to-riches story
Cupcake A sweet name for a Pomeranian, as if plucked from a fairy tale feast
Dragon A fun and fiery name for a Pomeranian, inspired by the mythical creatures in fairy tales
Fairy A generic but cute name for a Pomeranian that's small and delicate
Frost Inspired by Jack Frost, this name suits a Pomeranian with a cool, white coat
Genie This name suits a Pomeranian that has magically transformed your life
Gepetto A charming name for a Pomeranian, referencing the character from 'Pinocchio'
Goldie Perfect for a golden Pomeranian, inspired by Goldilocks
Gretel From 'Hansel and Gretel', this name suits a Pomeranian with a sense of adventure
Grimm A tribute to the Brothers Grimm, great for a Pomeranian with a slightly mischievous side
Merlin A magical name for a Pomeranian, inspired by the legendary wizard
Peter Peter Pan inspired this name, perfect for a Pomeranian that never seems to grow up
Pixie A cute name for a small Pomeranian, from the magical creatures in fairy tales
Prince A regal name for a Pomeranian, inspired by the many princes in fairy tales
Puss After Puss in Boots, this name is fitting for a clever and adventurous Pomeranian
Rapunzel This name is ideal for a Pomeranian with a particularly fluffy, long coat
Sleepy Inspired by one of the seven dwarfs, it's great for a Pomeranian that loves to nap
Snow White This name is perfect for a white-furred Pomeranian, inspired by the classic fairy tale character
Thumbelina This name, from a fairy tale about a tiny girl, is adorable for a petite Pomeranian
Tinker Short for Tinkerbell, this name is ideal for a small, lively Pomeranian
Wendy Another 'Peter Pan' name, ideal for a loving and nurturing Pomeranian

Luxury Brand Names

Given the Pomeranian's status as a 'luxury' breed, it can be fun and fitting to name them after a luxury brand.
Name Description
Armani Represents the sleek, modern aesthetic of the Italian designer
Balenciaga Reflects the bold, innovative style of the Spanish luxury brand
Burberry Reminiscent of the British luxury brand known for its style and refinement
Cartier Resonates with the timeless allure of the famous luxury jeweler
Cavalli Named after the Italian designer known for his exotic prints and glamorous style
Chanel Associated with the classic elegance of Coco Chanel
Dior Evokes the sophisticated style of the French luxury brand
Dolce Echoes the lavish, bold style of Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana
Fendi Reflects the innovative and luxurious spirit of the Italian brand
Gabbana A nod to the Italian luxury fashion house known for its extravagant designs
Givenchy Resonates with the chic, modern glamour of the French couture house
Gucci An iconic name that represents timeless luxury and style
Hermes Brings to mind the luxurious silk scarves and leather goods of the French brand
Louboutin Resembles the red-soled luxury shoes that the brand is known for
Louis In honor of Louis Vuitton, the epitome of French luxury
MiuMiu Echoes the playful, avant-garde spirit of Prada's sister line
Prada Just like the brand, this name stands for elegance and sophistication
Saint Inspired by the luxury fashion house Saint Laurent, known for its modern, edgy style
Tiffany Brings to mind the exquisite beauty of Tiffany jewelry
Valentino Evokes the romantic, refined style of the Italian designer
Versace It echoes the opulence and glamour of the Italian fashion house
Versus A name inspired by Versace's younger, more contemporary line
Vuitton A reminder of the iconic, high-end French fashion house
Yves In honor of the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent
Zegna Reminiscent of the Italian luxury brand known for its fine tailoring

Nature Names

Nature-themed names can be unique and beautiful, reflecting the Pomeranian's lively and vibrant personality.
Name Description
Aspen A high-energy Pomeranian could match the vibrancy of Aspen trees
Aurora For a Pomeranian that lights up your life like the Northern Lights
Berry For a Pomeranian that is as sweet and delightful as a berry
Blossom A wonderful name for a Pomeranian with a blossoming personality
Breeze Pomeranians have a light and playful spirit much like a breeze
Cedar For a Pomeranian with a strong and steadfast personality
Clover This name could symbolize the luck and joy your Pomeranian brings
Daisy Perfect for a small, cheery Pomeranian, just like the sunny flower
Fern For a Pomeranian that adds a touch of natural elegance to your home
Flora Symbolizes a Pomeranian's blooming personality
Frost Perfect for a white Pomeranian, resembling a frost-covered field
Jasmine This name captures the delicate beauty and sweet scent of a Pomeranian
Maple Can represent the warm and vibrant colors of a Pomeranian's coat
Meadow Reflects the gentle and serene nature of Pomeranians
Misty A Pomeranian's fluffy coat often resembles a gentle cloud of mist
Ocean Perfect for a Pomeranian with a vast and deep personality
Pebble A perfect moniker for a petite and sturdy Pomeranian
Pine For a Pomeranian that's as refreshing and soothing as a pine tree
Rain A Pomeranian that brings life and freshness to your home may be named Rain
River For a Pomeranian that flows through life with effortless grace
Sky For a Pomeranian that seems to have no limits
Sparrow A lively and playful Pomeranian might suit this name
Stormy A great name for a Pomeranian with a bold, dynamic personality
Sunny Ideal for a Pomeranian with a bright and cheerful disposition
Willow For a Pomeranian that's both flexible and strong

Food Names

Food names can be adorable and cute for a Pomeranian, reflecting their sweet and playful nature.
Name Description
Biscuit A nice fit for a Pomeranian with a golden-brown color, similar to a perfectly baked biscuit
Brownie This is a great name for a Pomeranian with a chocolaty brown coat
Butterscotch This name would fit a Pomeranian with a smooth, golden coat
Caramel This suits a Pomeranian with a smooth, golden coat
Cherry A sweet name for a Pomeranian that's the 'cherry on top' of your life
Cinnamon Great for a Pomeranian with a reddish-brown coat, like the spice
Cookie Because your Pom is just as sweet and irresistible as a cookie
Cupcake This name is perfect for a sweet and petite Pomeranian, just like the small, delightful dessert
Fudge Perfect for a dark brown, sweet-natured Pom
Ginger For a Pomeranian with a feisty personality and a reddish coat
Latte Ideal for a light brown Pomeranian, just like the color of the coffee drink
Marshmallow For a fluffy white Pomeranian, just like the soft, sweet treat
Muffin For a Pomeranian with a fluffy fur coat that resembles the top of a freshly baked muffin
Noodle This one's for Pomeranians that are as fun and wiggly as a bowl of noodles
Peanut For a small, energetic Pomeranian, just like the tiny but potent nut
Pecan For a Pomeranian with a rich, deep brown coat
Popcorn Just like popcorn, your Pomeranian might be small but full of surprises
Pumpkin Great for an orange-colored Pomeranian, just like a pumpkin
Raspberry This suits a Pomeranian with a sweet but sassy personality, just like the taste of a raspberry
Sprinkles This is a fun name for a Pomeranian with a colorful personality, just like the fun dessert topping
Sushi For a Pomeranian that's a unique mix of delightful traits, just like the ingredients in sushi
Taco This is for Pomeranians that are full of delightful surprises, just like a taco
Taffy If your Pomeranian's fur is long, shiny, and stretchy, this candy name could suit them
Truffle Ideal for a Pomeranian that's rare and special, like a truffle
Waffle For a Pom that's just as delightful as a warm breakfast treat

Famous People Names

Naming a Pomeranian after a famous person can add a touch of personality and humor. It can also be a great conversation starter.
Name Description
Adele Perfect for a Pomeranian with a powerful and enchanting personality, just like the singer Adele
Bardot Perfect for a glamorous and charming Pomeranian, named after the French actress Brigitte Bardot
Beyonce Named after the influential singer and songwriter, perfect for a pom with a confident and sassy personality
Bowie For a Pomeranian who's as unique and distinctive as the rock legend David Bowie
Brando Ideal for a strong and expressive Pomeranian, inspired by the actor Marlon Brando
Chaplin Ideal for a fun-loving and amusing Pomeranian, named after the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin
Denzel For a Pomeranian with a charismatic and charming personality, named after the actor Denzel Washington
Einstein Named after the genius physicist, best for an intelligent and quick-learning Pomeranian
Elvis This name is ideal for a Pomeranian with a charming personality, inspired by the King of Rock and Roll
Freddie For a pom who's as charismatic and energetic as the Queen's frontman, Freddie Mercury
Gaga Perfect for a Pomeranian who isn't afraid to stand out, inspired by the singer's unique style
Hanks Perfect for a friendly and lovable Pomeranian, named after the beloved actor Tom Hanks
Hemingway For a Pomeranian who enjoys a good nap, inspired by the author who advocated for a relaxed lifestyle
Hepburn Ideal for a classy and elegant Pomeranian, just like the famous actress Audrey Hepburn
Houdini Inspired by the famous magician, ideal for a Pomeranian who's skilled in escaping from their crate or fenced yard
Jolie For a Pomeranian with a beautiful and outgoing personality, inspired by the actress Angelina Jolie
Lennon Named after the peace-loving musician John Lennon, ideal for a calm and peaceful Pomeranian
Madonna For a Pomeranian who's always the center of attention, inspired by the Queen of Pop
Marilyn Inspired by the glamorous Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, perfect for a beautiful and attention-seeking Pomeranian
Monet Ideal for a beautiful and artistic Pomeranian, named after the famous painter Claude Monet
Oprah Perfect for a pom who's as influential and inspiring as the media mogul herself
Picasso Ideal for a creative and unique Pomeranian, inspired by the famous painter
Rihanna Perfect for a fearless and trendsetting Pomeranian, named after the pop star
Swift Perfect for a fast and lively Pomeranian, named after the talented singer-songwriter Taylor Swift
Twain For a Pomeranian with a witty and adventurous spirit, inspired by the author Mark Twain
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Bella, The Pawsome Cheerleading Coach

In the small town of Maplewood, there lived a bubbly teenager named Emily who had a big dream: to make the cheerleading squad at Maplewood High School. But Emily was shy, and her nerves often got the better of her during tryouts. Luckily, she had the support of her best friend and loyal Pomeranian, Bella.

Bella was a spirited little dog with a fluffy coat and boundless energy. She had a knack for making Emily laugh and lifting her spirits, and she always seemed to know just what Emily needed to feel better. Sensing her human's dream, Bella took it upon herself to help Emily make the cheerleading squad.

One day, as Emily practiced her routines in the backyard, Bella decided to join in. The clever Pomeranian mimicked Emily's movements, wagging her tail and barking enthusiastically as she hopped and twirled alongside her best friend. Emily couldn't help but laugh at Bella's antics, her anxiety melting away as she and her furry companion danced together.

Inspired by Bella's enthusiasm, Emily began to incorporate her Pomeranian's playful spirit into her own cheerleading routines. She practiced every day, with Bella by her side, offering her encouragement and endless support. Together, they worked tirelessly to perfect their moves, their bond growing stronger with each passing day.

When the day of the cheerleading tryouts finally arrived, Emily was filled with a newfound confidence, bolstered by the knowledge that she had Bella in her corner. As Emily took her place on the gym floor, Bella watched from the sidelines, her fluffy tail wagging in anticipation.

With each leap and twirl, Emily could feel Bella's presence, her loyal Pomeranian cheering her on with every step. The anxiety that had once held her back seemed to vanish, replaced by the joy and excitement that she and Bella had discovered together.

As Emily completed her final routine, she glanced over at Bella, who was practically vibrating with excitement. The gym erupted in applause, and Emily knew, without a doubt, that she had given her best performance yet.

When the list of new cheerleading squad members was posted, Emily's name was among them. She couldn't believe her eyes, and her heart swelled with gratitude for her faithful Pomeranian friend. Together, they had turned her dream into a reality.

As Emily embarked on her cheerleading journey, Bella continued to support her every step of the way. The Pomeranian became the unofficial mascot of the Maplewood High School cheerleading squad, her infectious spirit inspiring not only Emily but the entire team.

The story of Bella, the pawsome cheerleading coach, spread throughout the school, a heartwarming testament to the power of friendship and the unbreakable bond between humans and their canine companions. And as Emily soared to new heights, both on and off the cheerleading mat, she knew that she would always have Bella by her side, cheering her on through life's every twist and turn.

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