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Poodle Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Poodle is often viewed as being a well-groomed show dog. Their skills in dog sports and composure make them top contenders in a lot of dog related events. Many good names can be found from the results of competitions and dog shows. Although Poodles are very smart dogs, they have managed to develop a dumb-blonde stereotype among many. A fun way to come up with a name is to consider top celebrities that fit this beauty before brains profile. Because of the heavy grooming tag, you might also want to consider words related to primping and prettying up. We have compiled the following list of Poodle names to ensure you have plenty of fitting and satisfying options for you new puppy.
Name Reason to Choose
Aero This name implies agility and speed, characteristics often seen in this breed
Amadeus A classic and cultured name, fitting for a breed with a refined and sophisticated image
Astaire Named after the famous dancer, this name is perfect for a poodle with graceful moves
Atma The name has a unique and exotic flair, mirroring the breed's distinctive look
Atticus This name signifies wisdom and respect, often mirroring a poodle's intelligent and noble temperament
Ava The simplicity and elegance of this name fit the refined Poodle breed
Babushka A playful name for a poodle with a charming, old-world charm
Beau French for 'beautiful', it's a perfect fit for the poodle's originating country and their elegant appearance
Bela It's a short and sweet name, perfect for a small and affectionate breed
Benoit This French name is apt for a poodle, underlining their French heritage
Beret A cute name that pays homage to the French hat, ideal for a stylish Poodle
Bijou Because it means 'jewel' in French, and your Poodle is a true gem
Biscotti This sweet Italian cookie-inspired name is a cute fit for a deliciously adorable poodle
Bonnie A sweet and affectionate name, fitting for a breed known for its loving nature
Boye It's a playful and endearing name, suitable for a small and adorable breed
Brigette A chic, French name fitting for a stylish and elegant breed
Brio Italian for 'vivacity', this name is ideal for an energetic poodle
Brioche This is a cute name for a Poodle that's as soft and fluffy as this French bread
Bubbles For a Poodle that's bubbly and full of life
Butz It's a fun and silly name, suitable for a dog with a playful and lively character
Candace This regal name fits the breed's royal history
Cappuccino Ideal for a brown poodle, reminding of the frothy Italian coffee
Caramel Ideal for a poodle with a sweet personality and a caramel-colored coat
Casper Ideal for a Poodle with a ghostly white coat
Cassius Named after a famous boxer, it suits the breed's athletic side
Chadwick Reflects a touch of class and sophistication, suitable for a breed with a posh image
Champ A perfect name for a champion poodle who wins everyone's heart
Champagne For a Poodle with a bubbly personality and a luxurious appeal
Chantilly This name is perfect for a Poodle with a white, fluffy coat like Chantilly cream
Charley This is a friendly and approachable name, appropriate for a sociable breed
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Food-inspired Names

Poodles are often associated with decadent and luxurious lifestyles, and food-inspired names can reflect this image.
Name Description
Bagel This is a great name for a dog that is as hearty and comforting as this breakfast staple
Biscuit Because your poodle is as warm and comforting as a homemade biscuit
Brownie Ideal for a chocolate-colored poodle, reminiscent of the mouthwatering dessert
Caramel For a poodle with a coat as smooth and shiny as this sweet topping
Cinnamon This name is suitable for a poodle that adds a little spice to your life
Cobbler For a poodle that's as sweet and comforting as this classic dessert
Cookie For a poodle that brings as much joy as a delicious snack
Crouton A good choice for a small poodle who adds a bit of crunch to your life
Cupcake Because your poodle is as cute and delightful as a mini dessert
Donut A perfect name for a poodle who is round, sweet, and a perfect start to your day
Fudge This name is ideal for a poodle with a rich, dark coat and a sweet disposition
Ginger Perfect for a poodle with a red or golden coat, similar to the color of the spice
Hershey Because your poodle is as sweet and universally loved as the famous chocolate brand
Latte Ideal for a light brown poodle, just like the popular coffee drink
Mochi This is a great name for a poodle that's as soft and sweet as the Japanese dessert
Muffin This name is perfect for a poodle that is small and sweet like a freshly baked treat
Nutmeg A name fitting for a poodle that brings a unique and special flavor to your life
Olive This name suits a poodle that's as small and strong as the mighty fruit
Peanut For a small poodle with a big personality, just like the nut
Pepper This name is great for a poodle that adds a kick of excitement to your everyday routine
Pumpkin Just like the popular pie filling, this name suits an adorable and lovable poodle
Raisin For a poodle that may be small but is packed full of sweetness
Scone This name is perfect for a poodle with a rough exterior but who is sweet and soft on the inside
Taffy This name suits a poodle with a stretchy personality that can fit any situation
Truffle Because your poodle is as rare and precious as this gourmet delicacy

Intelligent Names

Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, so a name that reflects their intelligence could be a good choice.
Name Description
Archimedes This name comes from the ancient mathematician, perfect for a Poodle who loves to solve problems
Athena A name from Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, appropriate for a wise Poodle
Beethoven Named after the famous composer, it's ideal for a Poodle with a musical intelligence
Clever A straightforward name that describes the Poodle’s intelligence
Copernicus This name is a tribute to the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, making it perfect for a Poodle with a love for the cosmos
Curie This name is a nod to Marie Curie, a brilliant scientist, befitting a bright Poodle
Darwin Named after Charles Darwin, this name suits a Poodle with a keen sense of curiosity
DaVinci This name comes from the multi-talented Leonardo Da Vinci, perfect for a Poodle with many talents
Descartes Named after the philosopher René Descartes, it's suitable for a Poodle with a thoughtful nature
Edison This name is a nod to the clever inventor, Thomas Edison, making it fitting for a smart Poodle
Einstein Named after one of the most intelligent individuals in history, perfect for your clever Poodle
Freud Named after the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, it's befitting a Poodle with a deep understanding of human emotions
Galileo Named after the great astronomer, it's a perfect fit for an intelligent, star-gazing Poodle
Hawking This name is a tribute to Stephen Hawking, a brilliant physicist, making it perfect for a smart Poodle
Kepler This name comes from the astronomer Johannes Kepler, perfect for a star-loving Poodle
Mozart This name comes from the prolific composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, perfect for a Poodle with an ear for music
Newton This name is associated with Sir Isaac Newton, a great scientist, making it suitable for an intelligent Poodle
Pascal This name, after the mathematician Blaise Pascal, suits a Poodle known for its problem-solving skills
Plato This name comes from the Greek philosopher, perfect for a Poodle with a contemplative nature
Pythagoras Named after the famous mathematician, it's great for a Poodle with an analytical mind
Scholar This name is ideal for a Poodle who's always keen to learn new tricks
Sherlock Inspired by the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, this name is ideal for a perceptive Poodle
Socrates This name, inspired by the philosopher, suits a Poodle known for its wisdom
Tesla Named after the inventor Nikola Tesla, it's ideal for an innovative Poodle
Voltaire Named after the famous philosopher, it's great for a Poodle with a sharp wit

Elegant Names

Poodles are often regarded as elegant and classy dogs, so an elegant name might suit them best.
Name Description
Aristotle Named after the famous philosopher, for a wise and noble pet
Audrey Inspired by the elegance and grace of Audrey Hepburn
Beauvoir French name that exudes sophistication and elegance
Belle This name, meaning beauty, emanates elegance and sophistication
Cartier A name that reflects the luxury and elegance of the French jeweler
Chanel Derived from the famous fashion house, for a stylish poodle
Dior Named after the French fashion label, exudes sophistication
Fitzgerald This name exudes elegance, just like the famous American author
Gatsby Named after the stylish character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel
Grace A name that epitomizes elegance and refinement
Gucci A name that reflects the luxury and elegance of the Italian brand
Harvard Symbolizes the prestige of the famous university
Hemingway This name exudes sophistication, just like the well-known author
Juliet Perfect for a poodle with an elegant and romantic demeanor
Monet Named after the famous impressionist painter, perfect for a classy poodle
Oxford Named after the prestigious British university, for a smart and classy pet
Princeton Reflects the prestige of the Ivy League school
Regina Latin for queen, ideal for a regal and elegant poodle
Romeo Perfect for a poodle with a charming and romantic persona
Tiffany Inspired by the high-end jewelry brand, it's fitting for a sophisticated pet
Valentino Reflects the elegance and allure of the designer brand
Versace Evokes the luxury and sophistication of the Italian fashion label
Versailles Named after the opulent French palace, it speaks of grandeur
Vivienne A French name that oozes elegance and sophistication
Windsor Inspired by the royal English household, for a noble pet

Fashion-inspired Names

Poodles are known for their fashionable and groomed appearance, making fashion-based names a fitting choice.
Name Description
Armani A salute to the Italian luxury fashion brand
Balenciaga Named after the famous Spanish luxury fashion house
Balmain Named after the French luxury fashion house
Burberry Inspired by the British luxury fashion house
Cartier Named after the French luxury goods conglomerate
Chanel Inspired by the iconic luxury fashion brand
Chloe A nod to the French luxury fashion house
Dior A tribute to the renowned French fashion house
Dolce Inspired by the Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana
Donna A salute to the American fashion designer, Donna Karan
Fendi A nod to the Italian luxury fashion brand
Gabbana After the second half of the Italian luxury fashion duo, Dolce & Gabbana
Givenchy Inspired by the French luxury fashion and perfume house
Gucci Named after the renowned Italian fashion brand
Hermes A tribute to the French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer
Lagerfeld A tribute to the late, great German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld
Louboutin A nod to the French footwear designer known for his red-soled shoes
Prada Named after the famous Italian luxury fashion company
Ralph Named after the American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren
Tiffany Inspired by the American luxury jewelry and specialty retailer
Valentino Named after the iconic Italian couture designer
Vera Inspired by the American fashion designer, Vera Wang
Versace A nod to the high-end Italian fashion label
Vuitton Inspired by the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton
Yves A tribute to the prestigious French designer, Yves Saint Laurent

French Origin Names

Poodles are often associated with France, and names of French origin can be a beautiful and sophisticated choice.
Name Description
Amie In French, it means friend, ideal for your friendly Poodle
Bebe Means baby in French, perfect for a Poodle that is your baby
Belle A French word for beautiful, great for a stunning Poodle
Bijou This means jewel in French, a suitable name for your precious pet
Blanche French for white, ideal for a white Poodle
Bonbon French for candy, great for a sweet-natured Poodle
Champagne Named after the French beverage, suitable for a bubbly Poodle
Cherie Because it's French for darling, perfect for your beloved pet
Coco In honour of Coco Chanel, suitable for a fashionable Poodle
Creme French for cream, ideal for a cream-colored Poodle
Dior After the French fashion house, perfect for a stylish Poodle
Eclair A French dessert, great for a sweet Poodle
Etoile Means star in French, suitable for a Poodle that shines in your life
Fifi A popular French dog name, excellent for a petite Poodle
Fleur French for flower, great for a Poodle with a blooming personality
Gaston A popular French name, excellent for a charming Poodle
Gigi A French name, excellent for a charismatic Poodle
Lulu A cute French name, perfect for an adorable Poodle
Mignon Means cute in French, perfect for a cute Poodle
Monet After the French painter, perfect for a Poodle with a colorful personality
Noir French for black, ideal for a black Poodle
Papillon French for butterfly, suitable for a Poodle with a light and graceful presence
Paris Named after the French capital, great for a cosmopolitan Poodle
Pierre A classic French name, perfect for a Poodle with a sophisticated charm
Remy A popular French name, excellent for a lovable Poodle
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Story of a Bella the Service Poodle

Once upon a time, in a quaint little town nestled in the heart of the country, there lived a gentle and intelligent poodle named Bella. Bella was a service dog, meticulously trained to assist her owner, Emily, who suffered from frequent seizures. With her keen senses and unwavering loyalty, Bella brought peace of mind and security to Emily's life.

Emily was a talented artist, well-known in the community for her breathtakingly vivid paintings. Despite her condition, she never allowed it to hinder her passion for art. Instead, she embraced it as part of her unique perspective. Bella, always by her side, had become an integral part of her life, both as a companion and a guardian.

One sunny morning, Emily decided to spend the day at the town's annual art fair, showcasing her latest masterpiece. With Bella by her side, she felt confident and secure, knowing that her four-legged friend would alert her if a seizure was imminent. The art fair was a vibrant event, with artists and patrons alike mingling among the colorful stalls, admiring the various works on display.

As the day progressed, Emily and Bella enjoyed the sights and sounds of the fair. People marveled at Emily's painting, a stunning scene of a golden meadow illuminated by the setting sun. Many stopped to praise not only her work but also Bella, the remarkable poodle that so dutifully watched over her.

Suddenly, Bella's ears perked up, and her body tensed. She could sense the subtle change in Emily's demeanor, a telltale sign that a seizure was approaching. Without hesitation, Bella nudged Emily, alerting her to the impending episode. Emily, recognizing the signal, quickly found a quiet spot in the shade, away from the bustling crowd.

As Emily sat down, Bella positioned herself protectively by her side, her eyes never leaving her owner's face. Moments later, the seizure began. Bella's presence and gentle touch comforted Emily, easing her anxiety as the episode ran its course. As the seizure subsided, Bella licked Emily's face, reassuring her that the worst was over.

As Emily regained her composure, a small crowd gathered, drawn by the commotion. Among them was the local mayor, who had been touring the art fair. He approached Emily and Bella, expressing his concern and admiration for the bond between them.

"Your service dog is truly remarkable," he said, praising Bella's unwavering dedication. "The way she watches over you and keeps you safe is a testament to the power of the bond between humans and animals."

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Emily thanked the mayor and the onlookers for their kind words and support. The incident at the art fair only served to strengthen the unbreakable bond between Emily and Bella, and their story soon became a source of inspiration throughout the town.

Word spread of the poodle that saved the day, and the townspeople hailed Bella as a hero. Her devotion to Emily became a symbol of hope and resilience for those facing adversity. Together, Emily and Bella continued to pursue their passions, proving that with love, loyalty, and perseverance, even the most daunting obstacles could be overcome.

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