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Portuguese Water Dog Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Portuguese Water Dog originated in Portugal as a working dog for fisherman. The breed was often trained to herd fish into nets. In keeping with this history, owners often elect a name related to fishing or fish in general. Popular fishing related names include Tackle, Caster, and Hook. Another great idea is to name your puppy after a local river (according to Portuguese custom, this will provide protection from the spirit of the river). Because the breed was commonly taken out on boats, seafaring names like Sailor, Skipper, or Schooner are typical. The breed is often referred to as Cao de Agua in Portugal which means ‘water dog’. Stormy, Splash, and Agua are some water related name options. Other names can be taken from famous Portuguese explorers such as Vasco (after Vasco da Gama) and Magellan (after Ferdinand Magellan).
Name Reason to Choose
Açores Named after the Azores, a group of islands in Portugal, a fitting name for a water-loving dog
Agua Spanish word for water, resonating with the breed's water-loving nature
Algarve Algarve is a beautiful coastal region in Portugal
Alvor Named after the Alvor River in Portugal, a great name for a dog who loves water
Amazon The Amazon is the world's largest river, making this a fitting name for a water-loving breed
Aquarius Aquarius is the Latin word for water-bearer, fitting for a water dog
Ariel Ariel is the name of a famous mermaid character, fitting for a water dog
Azenhas Inspired by Azenhas do Mar, a beautiful seaside town in Portugal
Azul This name means 'blue' in Portuguese, reminiscent of the deep blue sea
Azulejo Inspired by the colorful tiles in Portugal, suitable for a dog with a vibrant personality
Bacalhau A traditional Portuguese dish made of cod, a great name for a dog who loves fish
Bahia Named after a beautiful coastal region in Brazil, a fitting name for a water-loving dog
Bairro Named after the Bairro Alto in Lisbon, a lively and vibrant neighborhood
Baleia Baleia means 'whale' in Portuguese, a cute name for a large, water-loving dog
Barco Barco translates to 'boat' in Portuguese, a fun name for a water-loving dog
Bauer This name means 'farmer', and these dogs were often used by fishermen, a type of farmer of the sea
Bay Given the breed's origin in fishing and water, a geographical water feature such as this is a significant name
Bica Named after the famous Bica funicular in Lisbon, a fun and unique name
Bordalo Named after Bordalo Pinheiro, a famous Portuguese artist who loved the sea
Breaker Breaker refers to the breaking of waves on the shore, tying the name to water
Brisa Means 'breeze' in Portuguese, a fitting name for a dog who loves the sea breeze
Brook A brook is a small stream, making it a suitable name for a breed that loves water
Bubbles An indication of the breed's love for swimming
Cabo This name, meaning 'cape', could represent the adventurous spirit of the breed
Calypso Named after a sea nymph in Greek mythology, ideal for a water dog
Cane A fishing tool that is often used, relating to the breed's fishing heritage
Carmo Inspired by the Carmo Convent in Lisbon, a historic name for a dog
Caster It captures the dog's ability to cast out into the water, mirroring the breed's water-working history
Catfish Named after a type of aquatic creature, indicative of the breed's affinity for water
Céu Portuguese for 'sky', a beautiful name for a dog with a bright and cheerful personality
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Athletic Names

This breed is known for its athleticism, so names that reflect this trait can be a good fit.
Name Description
Adepto This means 'adept', reflecting a dog's skill in water
Atleta This means 'athlete' in Portuguese, apt for an active canine
Bravo This word means 'brave', perfect for a fearless, athletic dog
Brio This term signifies 'vigor', reflecting an energetic dog
Corrida This word means 'race' in Portuguese, perfect for a fast runner
Destreza This word means 'dexterity', reflecting an agile and athletic dog
Energia This means 'energy' in Portuguese, perfectly suiting a lively dog
Esporte This translates to 'sport', perfect for an energetic dog
Flecha Flecha means 'arrow', symbolizing a dog's rapid speed
Forte This means 'strong' in Portuguese, indicating physical strength
Gol It's the Portuguese word for 'goal', reflecting their energetic personality
Jogador The word for 'player', perfect for a playful, active dog
Luta It means 'fight', indicating a dog's athletic resilience
Maratona It's Portuguese for 'marathon', suiting an energetic and athletic water dog
Natação This is the Portuguese word for 'swim', fitting for a water dog
Onda This means 'wave' in Portuguese, a nod to the breed's water skills
Rápido This means 'fast' in Portuguese, suggesting agility and speed
Relâmpago This translates to 'lightning', a perfect moniker for a fast dog
Resiliente This means 'resilient', indicating a dog's athletic endurance
Robusto This means 'robust', indicating a strong, athletic dog
Salto This is Portuguese for 'jump', suitable for an agile dog
Veloz This Portuguese word means 'speedy', great for a fast-moving dog
Vencedor This word means 'winner', suggesting a successful and athletic dog
Vento The word for 'wind' in Portuguese, reflects a dog's swift movements
Vigoroso It translates to 'vigorous', reflecting an energetic dog

Names meaning Loyal

Portuguese Water Dogs are known for their loyalty, making names that mean 'loyal' a great option.
Name Description
Aderente In Portuguese, it means 'adherent', relating to the faithful nature of a loyal dog
Aliado This word means 'ally' in Portuguese, denoting a loyal companion
Amigável Meaning 'friendly' in Portuguese, it indicates the loyal nature of a dog
Apoio In Portuguese, it translates to 'support', indicative of a dog's loyalty
Confiável It signifies 'reliable' in Portuguese, a characteristic of a loyal dog
Constantino Constantino signifies constancy, a synonym for loyalty
Dedicado This Portuguese word means 'dedicated', a quality of loyal dogs
Defensor It means defender in Portuguese, indicating a loyal protector
Devoto This Portuguese word means 'devoted', a clear sign of loyalty
Estável This Portuguese term signifies stability, a sign of a loyal companion
Fidelis Latin for faithful, it signifies a dog's loyalty
Firme This word translates to 'firm' in Portuguese, symbolic of steadfast loyalty
Forte It translates to 'strong' in Portuguese, a trait often associated with loyalty
Guardião In Portuguese, it translates to 'guardian', a term associated with loyalty
Honrado In Portuguese, it translates to 'honored', representing a dog's esteemed loyalty
Imediato It's Portuguese for 'immediate', indicating unwavering loyalty
Leal This Portuguese word directly translates to 'loyal' in English
Parceiro It translates to 'partner' in Portuguese, a term synonymous with loyalty
Permanente It means permanent in Portuguese, representing enduring loyalty
Persistente In Portuguese, it means 'persistent', a trait often linked to loyalty
Protetor This Portuguese word means 'protector', signifying a dog's loyal nature
Respeitado This Portuguese word means 'respected', a quality associated with loyalty
Seguidor This word means 'follower' in Portuguese, hinting at a dog's loyal companionship
Valente This word means 'brave' in Portuguese, a characteristic of loyal dogs
Verdadeiro It translates to 'true' in Portuguese, a trait commonly linked with loyalty

Nautical Names

These dogs have a history of working on boats, so names related to nautical themes can be appropriate.
Name Description
Anchor An indispensable tool in the nautical world, a sturdy name for a strong dog
Breeze A gentle wind that can fill sails and guide boats, fitting for a sweet and gentle dog
Buoy Perfect for a dog who loves to swim and play in the water
Compass A navigational instrument, perfect for guiding the way
Crew Signifies companionship and togetherness on a voyage
Harbor A safe haven for ships, it's a great name for a dog who provides comfort and security
Jetty A structure leading into the water, it's an appealing name for a dog who loves to lead the way
Knot A nautical term for speed, it's a great name for an energetic dog
Lagoon A peaceful body of water, this name is perfect for a calm and serene dog
Marina A place where boats dock, it's a fitting name for a dog who loves being around water
Mariner This name reflects a person who navigates water vessels, fitting for a Portuguese Water Dog
Mast A tall, sturdy part of a ship, great for a strong and tall Portuguese Water Dog
Pier A structure leading out into the water, suitable for a courageous dog
Quay A concrete, stone, or metal platform lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships, perfect for a strong and reliable dog
Ripple A small wave or series of waves, it's a playful name for a dog who loves to frolic in the water
Rudder A crucial part of steering a ship, just like your dog may steer your household!
Sailor Ideal for a dog breed that used to work on boats
Skipper A person who commands a ship, befitting for a dog that loves to take charge
Surf The breaking of waves, it's a great name for a lively and energetic dog
Tide A nod to the ocean's ebbs and flows, as changeable as a puppy's energy levels
Trawler A type of fishing boat, it's a great name for a dog with a keen sense of smell
Voyage A long journey, perfect for a dog who loves long walks or adventures
Wharf A structure on the shore of a harbor, it's a unique name for a water-loving dog
Yacht A luxury boat, it's a fitting name for a pampered pooch
Zephyr A gentle breeze from the west, suitable for a gentle and calm dog

Water-related Names

As the breed is known for its affinity to water and its history as a water-working dog, names related to water can be very suitable.
Name Description
Ancora It translates to 'anchor,' a tool used in the sea
Aqua Derived from the Latin word for 'water.'
Azul It means 'blue,' the color often associated with water
Bolha This name means 'bubble,' a small round body of water
Brisa It translates to 'breeze,' a wind over the ocean
Cascata It means 'waterfall,' a flow of water in the natural environment
Chuva Named after the Portuguese word for 'rain,' an element of water
Coral Named after the marine invertebrates found in the ocean
Estrela do Mar Translates to 'starfish,' a sea creature
Gelo A name that means 'ice,' a solid state of water
Glaciar This name is inspired by 'glacier,' a large body of ice and water
Gota This name means 'drop,' as in a drop of water
Lagoa It means 'lagoon,' a body of water this breed is known to enjoy
Maré This translates to 'tide' in Portuguese, which is appropriate for a water-loving dog
Marinho Signifying 'maritime,' pertaining to the sea or water
Nautico A name which signifies 'nautical,' relating to water navigation
Navio This name means 'ship,' a vehicle designed for water navigation
Nevoa A Portuguese word which means 'mist,' a water-based phenomenon
Onda A name that means 'wave,' signifying the dog's love for water
Orvalho The name means 'dew,' a form of water found in nature
Peixe It means 'fish,' a water-dwelling creature
Pinguim Named after 'penguin,' a bird that loves water
Ribeira A name that represents 'riverbank,' a place where the dog enjoys playing
Vapor Representing 'steam,' an evaporated form of water
Vela This translates to 'sail,' a part of a water vessel

Portuguese Names

Given the breed's origin, Portuguese names can be a fitting and unique choice for a Portuguese Water Dog.
Name Description
Afonso The name of many Portuguese kings, reflecting a regal demeanor
Alentejo A beautiful region in Portugal, perfect for a Water Dog
Azulejo Named after the iconic blue tiles in Portuguese architecture
Bacalhau A popular fish dish in Portugal, fitting for a Water Dog
Biscoito It translates to cookie, suitable for a sweet-natured pet
Braga A city in Portugal, adding a geographic significance
Douro A river in Portugal, reflecting the breed's water-loving characteristics
Estrela It means star, a charming name for your shining pet
Fado Inspired by the traditional music genre from Portugal
Fernando A popular Portuguese name, perfect for a loyal companion
Lisboa This name pays homage to Portugal's capital city
Lourenço A traditional Portuguese name, adding an elegant touch
Madeira An island in Portugal, reflecting the breed's love for water
Mar In Portuguese, it translates to sea, reflecting the breed's aquatic nature
Marinheiro It means sailor, emphasizing the breed's maritime history
Mateus A traditional Portuguese name, adding a cultural touch
Miguel A common Portuguese name, fitting for a friendly pet
Mouro Inspired by the historic Moorish influence in Portugal
Natação A nod to the breed's swimming skills, as it means swimming in Portuguese
Porto Named after the famous Portuguese city
Rui A popular name in Portugal, representing the breed's Portuguese roots
Santiago It is a robust Portuguese name, suitable for a strong Water Dog
Sardinha Portugal is famous for sardines, a playful name for a Water Dog
Vasco A traditional Portuguese name, honoring the legendary explorer Vasco da Gama
Vinho Celebrating Portugal's rich wine culture
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Story of a Portuguese Water Dog named Maré

Once upon a time, in a small coastal village in Portugal, there lived an old fisherman named Joaquim. Joaquim had spent his entire life out on the water, casting his nets and hauling in fish to support his family. He had a loyal companion by his side, a Portuguese Water Dog named Maré. Maré was no ordinary dog. She had a remarkable talent for sensing where the fish would be abundant and had an uncanny ability to recover lost nets and gear from the ocean floor.

Joaquim and Maré set out early each morning in their small wooden boat, named "Estrela do Mar" – the Sea Star. The boat had been passed down through Joaquim's family for generations, and it creaked and groaned with each passing wave, but it had never let them down. Joaquim would cast his nets while Maré sat attentively by his side, her eyes scanning the water for any signs of fish.

One fateful morning, as they set out to sea, the sky was dark and ominous. Joaquim knew that a storm was brewing, but he had faith in Maré's abilities to guide them to safety. As the waves grew larger and the wind howled, Joaquim released his nets into the water, hoping to catch enough fish to make the journey worthwhile.

As the storm intensified, Joaquim began to worry. He could see that the nets were becoming tangled and damaged, threatening to be lost to the depths of the sea. In a moment of desperation, he called out to Maré, "Find the nets, my friend! Save our livelihood!"

Maré barked in response, then dove into the churning waters. Joaquim held his breath, praying for her safe return. The storm battered the boat, and the rain fell in torrents, obscuring his vision. Moments turned into minutes, and still, there was no sign of Maré.

Just as Joaquim began to lose hope, he spotted Maré's dark head emerging from the water, her strong jaws firmly gripping the net. Joaquim shouted with joy as he quickly hauled the net back onto the boat, the fish trapped within squirming and flipping.

As they returned to shore, the storm began to subside. When they reached the safety of the harbor, the villagers gathered around in awe, marveling at the size of Joaquim's catch. It was enough to feed the entire village for days. Joaquim knew that he had Maré to thank for their good fortune.

In the years that followed, Joaquim and Maré continued to work together, their bond stronger than ever. The villagers often spoke of the fearless Portuguese Water Dog who had saved the fisherman's livelihood during the storm. Tales of Maré's bravery traveled far and wide, and she became a symbol of loyalty, courage, and the unbreakable bond between a fisherman and his dog.

As the sun set each day, Joaquim and Maré could be found sitting together on the beach, the old fisherman stroking his loyal companion's dark, curly fur. And as the last rays of light disappeared below the horizon, they would look out at the vast ocean, grateful for the adventures they had shared and the friendship that had sustained them through the most difficult of times.

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