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Updated: October 06, 2023

      With a distinct look like the Pug, many appearance driven names come to mind. Whether it is the breed defining wrinkles or the curled tailed there are plenty of places to look. The Pug has often been described as 'multum in parvo' which means 'much in little'. Think of the small athlete that has the heart to overcome the odds. Names like Rocky (after Rocky Balboa from the movie series about an undersized and underrated boxer) and Rudy (after Rudy Ruettiger from the true underdog story of a Notre Dame football player) come to mind. Other great names can be taken from the origins of the Pug. The earliest records of the Pug date back to ancient China, where the breed was kept as a lap dog among royalty. Many exciting and unique names can be taken from Mandarin, Cantonese, or one of the other Chinese dialects. Try to find a word that fits your Pug's personality or appearance.
Name Reason to Choose
Algy This name fits the Pug's British origins and their often dignified demeanor
Atilla This powerful name is a fun contrast to the Pug's small size
Bacon For a Pug that's as irresistible as everyone's favorite breakfast food
Balboa It's connected to a character who is determined and tough, much like the Pug breed
Bean Ideal for a small and bouncy Pug
Biscuit For a pug that is as comforting as a biscuit
Bongo This playful name is a good fit for the Pug's energetic, fun-loving nature
Boots This quirky name matches the Pug's playful, clown-like personality
Bosco This quirky, fun name fits the Pug's playful, clown-like personality
Bubbles For a pug that is bubbly and energetic
Buster This name perfectly suits the Pug’s energetic and playful personality
Button For a Pug as cute and small as a button
Caramel Ideal for a Pug with a golden-brown coat
Champ This confident name reflects the Pug's spirited disposition
Chanel An elegant, refined name that suits the Pug's noble lineage
Cheesecake Ideal for a Pug who's as sweet and delightful as a slice of cheesecake
Chung-Ping Being a traditional Chinese name, it signifies the long history and cultural significance of the Pug breed
Chun-Kit This name reflects the Pug's Chinese heritage and its energetic and cheerful disposition
Coco This sweet name is a good match for the Pug's friendly, affectionate nature
Cosmo A unique, stylish name that suits the Pug's distinctive appearance
Cuddles Ideal for a very affectionate pug
Cupcake Suits a Pug who's as sweet as a little treat
Daisy A gentle, sweet name that reflects the Pug's affectionate nature
Dante A classic, sophisticated name that reflects the Pug's long history
Diamond Reminiscent of the Pug's sparkling personality and the gem-like value they add to their owner's life
Dizzy This moniker captures the playful, energetic nature that is often associated with Pugs
Doughnut It's a cute name for a pudgy pug
Duke This noble title mirrors the Pug's proud lineage and dignified demeanor
Dumpling Because your pug is as cute as a dumpling
Dynasty This name refers to the historical prestige of the breed in ancient China
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Literature Pug Names

For book lovers, naming your pug after a beloved character or author can be a meaningful and unique choice.
Name Description
Atticus Named after the character Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, ideal for a wise, noble pug
Austen Named after the famous author Jane Austen, perfect for a pug with a sophisticated air
Bennet Inspired by the family name in Pride and Prejudice, a good fit for a pug from a large litter
Bronte Inspired by the last name of the famous Bronte sisters who wrote classic novels
Dante Named after the Italian poet Dante, a good choice for a pug with a serious, contemplative side
Darcy A reference to the character Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, ideal for a proud, regal pug
Frodo Taken from Lord of the Rings, a great choice for a brave and loyal pug
Gatsby Borrowed from the title character of The Great Gatsby, fitting for a pug with a larger than life personality
Heathcliff Taken from Wuthering Heights, the right name for a pug with a wild, untamed spirit
Hemingway A strong, masculine name after the renowned author Ernest Hemingway
Homer Named after the ancient Greek poet, a fitting name for a wise and thoughtful pug
Huck Short for Huckleberry Finn, this name is perfect for a pug with a free-spirited, adventurous side
Jekyll Inspired by the character Dr. Jekyll, a fitting name for a pug with a dual nature
Moby A reference to Moby Dick, a suitable name for a pug with a stubborn streak
Orwell After George Orwell, a great name for a pug with a bit of a rebellious streak
Othello Borrowed from Shakespeare's play, this name is perfect for a pug with a dramatic flair
Pip Taken from Great Expectations, this name is perfect for a small pug with a big personality
Poe Short for Edgar Allan Poe, this name is ideal for a pug with a mysterious, intriguing side
Proust After Marcel Proust, a fitting name for a pug that loves to sleep and dream
Quixote Inspired by the character Don Quixote, ideal for a pug with an imaginative, dreamy nature
Romeo Taken from Shakespeare's play, a suitable name for a pug with a loving, affectionate nature
Scout Taken from To Kill a Mockingbird, a good fit for a brave, adventurous pug
Sherlock In reference to the famed detective in literature, Sherlock Holmes, perfect for a clever, observant pug
Twain Named after Mark Twain, a fitting choice for a pug with a humorous side
Wilde After Oscar Wilde, a great name for a pug with a flamboyant, vivacious personality

Geographical Pug Names

Naming your pug after a city, country, or geographical feature can be a great way to commemorate a place that holds special significance for you.
Name Description
Amazon Ideal for a pug with a wild and adventurous spirit, just like the rainforest
Aspen Ideal for a pug with a snowy white coat, just like the wintery landscapes of Aspen
Brooklyn A hip and trendy name, just like the New York borough
Calypso Reminiscent of the Caribbean's vibrant music and culture
Caspian Ideal for a pug with a tranquil and calm nature, much like the serene sea
Dakota Inspired by the American states, perfect for a pug with a strong and robust character
Denver Inspired by the capital city of Colorado, known for its high altitude and adventurous spirit
Everest A great name for a pug who loves to climb and explore, just like the world's highest mountain
Galway A charming and friendly name, inspired by Ireland's coastal city
Java Perfect for a pug with a rich, dark coat, just like the famous type of coffee bean
Kyoto Reflects the peaceful and serene vibes of Japan's ancient city
Nevada Evokes images of the vibrant and lively American state
Nile The name of the world's longest river, ideal for a pug with a strong and enduring spirit
Orion A stellar choice, inspired by the famous constellation
Oslo A charming choice that captures the beauty of Norway's capital
Paris Captures the charm and elegance of France's capital city
Rio Reminiscent of Brazil's vibrant city Rio de Janeiro, suits a lively and energetic pug
Sahara A great choice for a pug with a warm, sandy coat, mirroring the vast desert
Savannah Evokes images of vast, open grasslands, great for a pug with a free spirit
Sicily A great choice for a pug with a warm and sunny disposition, just like the Italian island
Sonora Reminiscent of the desert landscapes of Mexico, perfect for a pug with a unique, tan coat
Sydney Reflects the sunny and cheerful disposition of Australia's famous city
Tahoe Reflects the beauty and tranquility of Lake Tahoe
Vienna A sophisticated name, mirroring the culture-rich Austrian city
Yukon Ideal for a pug with a cool and adventurous spirit, reminiscent of Canada's vast wilderness

Fashion-Related Pug Names

For those who love style and fashion, naming your pug after a fashion term or designer can be a chic and sophisticated choice.
Name Description
Armani Hailing from the Italian fashion designer's label
Balenciaga Echoes the Spanish luxury fashion house
Burberry After the British luxury fashion house
Calvin Taken from the American fashion brand, Calvin Klein
Chanel Inspired by the luxurious French fashion label
Dior Taken from the famous French fashion house
Dolce Half of the stylish Italian designer duo Dolce & Gabbana
Donna Inspired by the American fashion designer, Donna Karan
Fendi Taken from the well-known luxury fashion brand
Gabbana The other half of the Dolce & Gabbana design team
Givenchy Inspired by the French luxury fashion and perfume house
Gucci Named after the Italian luxury goods manufacturer
Hermes Shares a name with the high-end French fashion manufacturer
Louis After the French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton
Marc After the American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs
Moschino Named after the Italian luxury fashion company
Prada Reflects the prestige of the Italian high fashion brand
Ralph After the American fashion company, Ralph Lauren
Stella Inspired by the British fashion designer, Stella McCartney
Tommy A nod to the American fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger
Valentino A nod to the Italian fashion designer
Vera After the American fashion designer, Vera Wang
Versace Echoes the name of the renowned Italian couture company
Vivienne Named after the British fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood
Yves Inspired by the French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent

Famous People Pug Names

Naming your pug after a famous person can be a fun way to show your admiration for that celebrity or historical figure.
Name Description
Amelia For a Pug with a spirit of adventure and exploration
Audrey Named after Audrey Hepburn, a symbol of elegance and charm
Bowie A fitting tribute to the legendary singer known for his distinctive style
Brando For a Pug with a rebellious and unconventional personality
Chaplin Perfect for a Pug with a comedic and entertaining nature
Churchill After the British Prime Minister known for his tenacity and grit
Einstein Befitting for a Pug with an intelligent and thoughtful demeanor
Elvis In honor of the King of Rock and Roll, suitable for a Pug with a lively spirit
Freddie In honor of Freddie Mercury and his unforgettable stage presence
Frida In honor of the artist known for her unique style and individuality
Gandhi For a Pug who is peaceful and loving
Harriet In honor of Harriet Tubman, suitable for a Pug who is brave and resilient
Hepburn In honor of Katharine Hepburn, a symbol of independent and spirited womanhood
Hitchcock For a Pug with a mysterious and suspenseful demeanor
Houdini Perfect for a Pug known for their escape artist tendencies
Madonna Suitable for a Pug who is a trendsetter and loves attention
Monroe For a Pug that exudes glamour much like the iconic Marilyn Monroe
Picasso A good fit for a Pug with a unique and quirky personality
Presley For a Pug with a musical soul and a charismatic presence
Roosevelt Suitable for a Pug who is courageous and adventurous
Shakespeare Ideal for a Pug with a dramatic and expressive nature
Sinatra Ideal for a Pug with a smooth and charming personality
Streep For a Pug with a versatile and dynamic personality
Thatcher For a Pug who is determined and strong-willed
Winfrey For a Pug who is charismatic and influential

Food Pug Names

Naming a pug after a favorite food can be a playful and endearing way to show your love for both your pet and a delightful treat.
Name Description
Biscuit This name is perfect for a pug because it shares the same color as a baked biscuit
Blueberry This name is fitting for a small, round pug
Brownie This name is fitting for a chocolate-colored pug
Caramel This name is great for a pug with a sweet personality and a smooth, tan coat
Cherry A sweet name for a small, round pug
Cocoa This is a great name for a dark brown pug
Cookie This name suits a pug with a mix of dark and light spots
Cupcake A sweet and small pug would fit this name perfectly
Custard This name is great for a pug with a smooth, golden coat
Ginger Great for a pug with a reddish-brown coat, like the spice
Honey The perfect name for a sweet, golden-colored pug
Jellybean This name is perfect for a pug that is as sweet and colorful as a jellybean
Mango This name is great for a pug with a sweet and tropical personality
Marshmallow A fluffy white pug could easily fit this name
Muffin A small, sweet, and fluffy pug fits this name perfectly
Nutmeg A warm and spicy name for a pug with a reddish-brown coat
Olive A great name for a pug with a dark, glossy coat
Peanut This name is fitting for a small, nutty-colored pug
Pecan Perfect for a pug with a hard shell but a sweet demeanor
Pepper This name suits a pug that adds a bit of spice to your life
Pickle This name is great for a pug with a fun, quirky personality
Pumpkin A fitting name for a pug with a round shape and orange hue
Toffee Perfect for a pug with a rich, brown color
Truffle Perfect for a pug that is as rare and precious as a truffle
Waffle Perfect for a pug with a wrinkly coat, similar to the texture of waffles
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Pebbles: The Tiny Pug with a Giant Heart

In the picturesque town of Willowbrook, a tiny pug named Pebbles lived with her loving owner, Mrs. Appleby. Mrs. Appleby was a kind, elderly woman who ran the local bakery. Despite her small stature, Pebbles was known throughout the town for her enormous heart and courageous spirit.

Pebbles accompanied Mrs. Appleby to the bakery every day, where she would greet customers with her infectious enthusiasm and undeniable charm. Her heartwarming presence brought joy to everyone who entered the bakery, earning her a special place in the hearts of the townspeople.

One sunny day, as the town prepared for its annual summer festival, disaster struck. A powerful gust of wind swept through Willowbrook, carrying away the hot air balloon that was the centerpiece of the festival. To the town's horror, a young girl named Lily had climbed into the basket to retrieve her lost toy, and she was now trapped in the runaway balloon.

As panic set in, the townspeople desperately searched for a way to save Lily. Among the chaos, Pebbles knew she had to do something. Despite her tiny size, she was determined to help her friend.

Pebbles noticed a long, sturdy rope attached to the hot air balloon's basket, trailing behind it as it soared higher and higher. With her heart pounding, Pebbles grabbed the rope between her teeth and began to pull with all her might. The townspeople, seeing Pebbles' determination, rallied around her and joined the effort.

With every ounce of her strength, Pebbles pulled the rope, her small body straining against the force of the wind. Inch by inch, the hot air balloon began to descend, the combined efforts of Pebbles and the townspeople slowly overcoming the gusts that threatened to carry Lily away.

As the balloon neared the ground, a team of firefighters arrived to help secure it and rescue Lily. The young girl, shaken but unharmed, was reunited with her family as the town erupted in cheers of gratitude and relief.

The festival continued as planned, and a special ceremony was held in Pebbles' honor. The mayor of Willowbrook presented the tiny pug with a medal for her bravery and a heartfelt proclamation: "Pebbles, the tiny pug with a giant heart, you have shown us that size does not determine the greatness within."

From that day forward, Pebbles was celebrated as a true hero in Willowbrook. Her courage and determination served as a reminder to everyone that even the smallest among us can make the biggest difference. And in the warm, welcoming bakery where she spent her days, Pebbles continued to spread joy and inspiration to all who crossed her path.

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