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Rat Terrier Names

      The Rat Terrier originates in the US where many of the breed's favorite names also come. A couple of fun US themes are Presidents and states. Names borrowed from US Presidents include Carter, Quincy, and Grant. A few state inspired ideas are Texas, Vermont, and Indiana. The breed was developed primarily to trap and kill rats other small vermin. Some names borrowed from various pest control solutions include Ortho, Victor, and Orkin. Other cool name ideas can be found throughout the nursery rhymes you heard as a child. A quite fitting name for the quick and nimble Rat Terrier breed would be Jack (the one that jumped over the candlestick...not the one that fell down and broke his crown). More fun nursery rhyme based names include Robin, Piper, Blue, and Muffet.
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Remy the Ratbuster: Savior of Chesterton

In the quaint town of Chesterton, nestled between rolling hills and lush forests, a devastating rat infestation threatened the peace and prosperity of the once-thriving community. The rats seemed to appear out of nowhere, invading homes, farms, and businesses, leaving destruction in their wake. The town's people tried everything they could think of to rid themselves of the pests, but nothing seemed to work. Despair began to settle over Chesterton like a dark cloud.

One day, a traveling circus arrived in town, hoping to lift the spirits of the beleaguered townspeople with its dazzling performances and exotic animals. Among the circus performers was a skilled animal trainer named Mr. Montgomery, and his faithful companion, Remy, a clever and agile Rat Terrier.

As the circus settled in, Mr. Montgomery heard whispers of the rat infestation plaguing the town. Knowing Remy's natural ability to hunt rats, Mr. Montgomery decided to offer their services to the desperate people of Chesterton. The townspeople, wary but hopeful, agreed to let Remy try his luck at hunting the rats that had infested their beloved town.

Remy wasted no time getting to work. With his sharp senses, keen intelligence, and unmatched agility, he tirelessly pursued the rats, hunting them down one by one. The townspeople watched in awe as Remy went about his task with unwavering determination, darting through alleyways and leaping over obstacles with the grace of a seasoned acrobat.

Night after night, Remy hunted the rats, his efforts slowly but surely yielding results. As the days passed, the townspeople began to notice a significant decrease in the rat population. Homes and businesses were no longer besieged by the relentless pests, and a sense of hope began to return to Chesterton.

Word of Remy's incredible feat spread quickly throughout the town, and people began referring to him as "Remy the Ratbuster." Grateful townspeople showered Remy and Mr. Montgomery with gifts and praise, thanking them for their invaluable help in saving their town from the rat plague.

As the rat infestation dwindled, the town of Chesterton began to recover. Fields were replanted, businesses reopened, and laughter and joy returned to the streets. Remy's heroic efforts had not only saved the town from the rats but had also lifted the spirits of the people, reminding them that even the darkest times could be overcome with courage and perseverance.

With the rat infestation finally under control, it was time for the circus to move on to the next town. As they prepared to leave, the people of Chesterton gathered to bid farewell to Remy and Mr. Montgomery, their hearts full of gratitude and admiration for the fearless Rat Terrier who had saved their town.

As Remy and Mr. Montgomery left Chesterton, the townspeople vowed never to forget their savior, the legendary Remy the Ratbuster. The story of Remy and his incredible feat was passed down through generations, a testament to the power of courage, determination, and the unbreakable bond between a dog and his human companion.

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