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Red Dog Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

Welcome to our collection of red dog names, perfect for those looking to celebrate the fiery, vibrant, and passionate essence of the color red! Our carefully curated list includes a variety of names inspired by famous redheads, red fictional characters, and exquisite red wines, ensuring that you'll find the perfect name to honor your dog's striking appearance and spirited personality. Whether your canine companion sports a beautiful red coat or you simply have a penchant for this lively and captivating color, our selection offers an abundance of inspiration for naming your beloved pet.

For those who admire the charm and allure of famous redheads, our selection features names inspired by iconic figures from the worlds of film, music, and fashion. These redheaded celebrities, known for their striking looks and undeniable talent, provide a wealth of inspiration for naming your red-coated canine companion. From names that evoke the glamour and charisma of these celebrated individuals to those that pay homage to their exceptional careers, these famous redhead-inspired dog names will add a touch of star power to your pet's moniker.

In addition to names inspired by famous redheads, our collection also includes names inspired by beloved red fictional characters from movies, television shows, books, and comics. These characters, known for their distinctive red hues and memorable personalities, often possess qualities such as courage, determination, and a strong sense of identity. By choosing a name inspired by one of these captivating characters, you'll be celebrating your dog's unique appearance and spirited nature while also paying tribute to a popular figure from the world of fiction.

For those who appreciate the rich and diverse world of red wines, our selection features names inspired by some of the most exquisite and renowned varieties. These red wine-inspired names evoke a sense of sophistication, depth, and complexity, making them an ideal choice for a dog with a refined and distinguished presence. From names that capture the essence of the wine's flavor and aroma to those that reflect the regions and vineyards where they are produced, these red wine-inspired dog names will add a touch of elegance and refinement to your pet's identity.

We hope that our collection of red dog names will inspire you and help you find the perfect name that celebrates the fiery, passionate, and captivating spirit of the color red. As you browse through our selection, remember that the most important aspect is finding a name that truly resonates with you and captures the unique bond you share with your cherished red-coated companion. Happy naming, and may your days be filled with the vibrant energy and warmth of these red dog names!

Name Reason to Choose
Amber a gem that can have a red color
Apple This name is inspired by the red apple fruit
Archie the red-headed main character from Archie Comics
Ariel the little mermaid has red hair
Arizona the red rock of the Arizona desert
Aspen the Aspen tree can display red colors in the fall
Auburn reddish brown hair color
Autumn red is a color of autumn
Barbera a red wine common in California
Beet Beets are a deep, earthy red color
Berry Many types of berries are red
Blaze reddish color of an intense fire
Blush when the face turns red
Bordeaux Renowned for its deep red wines
Brandy a strong red alcoholic beverage
Brick reddish block of sun-dried clay
Burgundy a deep red color
Cabernet a very popular red wine
Cardamom This spice has vibrant red seeds
Cardinal a red songbird
Carmen Carmen Sandiego, fictional villian in a red trench coat
Carmine a vivid shade of red
Cayenne red hot chili pepper
Cedar a wood that can have a red color
Cerise bright shade of red
Cherry Inspired by the bright red color of a cherry
Cherryade A fizzy drink known for its bright red color
Chestnut a glossy brown nut that can have a reddish tinge
Chianti Named after a bold red wine
Chili a red pepper
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Fire Related Dog Names

Fire is often associated with the color red, and can be a powerful and striking name choice for a red dog. Names could include 'Blaze', 'Ember', or 'Flame'.
Name Description
Agni In Hinduism, Agni is the god of fire. Ideal for a noble, strong dog
Ash Reminiscent of the remnants of a fire, perfect for a calm, serene dog
Blaze Reflects a bright, powerful flame
Brandy Named after the warm, fiery liquor
Char A great name for a dog that has a dark red coat, like charred wood
Cinder Reminiscent of the burning coals in a fire
Ember Linked to the glowing, hot particles in a fire
Flame An obvious choice for a red dog, representing the burning fire
Flare An intense sudden burst of light or heat, just like a red dog's energy
Fuego Spanish for fire, a unique and fiery name for a dog
Hestia Named after the Greek goddess of hearth and fire
Ignite A fitting name for a dog that lights up your life
Inferno Symbolizes an uncontrolled fire, perfect for a wild, energetic dog
Kindle Just like the start of a fire, this dog brings warmth and comfort
Pepper A spicy, hot seasoning, fitting for a spirited, energetic dog
Phoenix A mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes, symbolizing resilience
Pyro This is short for pyromaniac, ideal for a dog that loves chaos and mischief
Scorch Perfect for a dog with a burning, passionate spirit
Singe Ideal for a dog that's fast and hot like a brushfire
Sizzle Just like a hot fire, this dog has a sparkling, lively personality
Smoky A great name for a dog that has a smoky-red coat
Spark Great moniker for a small but mighty dog, like a spark causing a fire
Tinder Named after the small material that starts a big fire, suitable for a small dog with a big heart
Torched A playful name for a dog with a fiery spirit
Vesta Roman goddess of hearth, home and family, ideal for a loving, family dog

Red Fruit Inspired Dog Names

Naming your dog after a red fruit can be a fun and unique way to acknowledge their red coat, with names like 'Cherry', 'Strawberry' or 'Raspberry'.
Name Description
Apple This is a classic choice, inspired by the popular red fruit
Beetroot The rich red color of this vegetable makes it a fitting choice
Cherry This name is inspired by the rich red fruit
Chili The red hot pepper is a fiery name for a red dog
Cinnamon The red-brown spice is a warm, fitting name for a red dog
Cranberry This name is taken from the tart red fruit
Currant This name is inspired by the small, red fruit
Grapefruit The pinkish-red variety of this fruit can inspire this name
Guava The pinkish-red inside of this fruit can inspire a dog's name
Lychee The red shell of this fruit can inspire a unique dog name
Paprika Inspired by the deep red spice
Peach The reddish hue of some peaches can inspire this dog's name
Pepper The red vegetable can make a spicy name for a dog
Plum The deep red color of some plums can inspire this dog name
Pomegranate The deep red of the fruit's seeds can match a red dog's fur
Pumpkin The orange-red color of this vegetable can inspire a dog's name
Radish It's an unusual but fitting name, inspired by the red vegetable
Raisin The dried red grapes can inspire this dog's name
Rambutan The red, hairy fruit is a unique source of inspiration
Raspberry The red color of the fruit is an ideal match for a red dog
Raspberry The red color of the fruit is an ideal match for a red dog
Rhubarb The red stalks of this plant can inspire a good name for a red dog
Strawberry Named after the sweet, red fruit, it's perfect for a cute red dog
Tomato This fruit's vibrant red tone is a great name for a red dog
Watermelon The red interior of this fruit can inspire a refreshing dog name

Red Head Themed Dog Names

A list of name ideas coming from famous red heads.
Name Description
Amy Named after Amy Adams, the accomplished actress with red hair, ideal for a dog with a versatile, charming personality
Bryce Inspired by Bryce Dallas Howard, the American actress with red hair, fitting for a dog with a strong, vibrant presence
Carrot Named after Carrot Top, the comedian with a wild head of red hair, perfect for a dog with a unique, stand-out coat
Conan Inspired by Conan O'Brien, the late-night talk show host known for his red hair, ideal for a dog with a playful, comedic personality
Damian Named after Damian Lewis, the British actor with red hair, fitting for a dog with a strong, confident personality
Debra A nod to Debra Messing, the actress known for her red hair, ideal for a dog with a glamorous, sophisticated presence
Ed Inspired by Ed Sheeran, the British singer-songwriter with red hair, suitable for a dog with a creative and laid-back personality
Florence A nod to Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence and the Machine, known for her fiery red hair, suitable for a dog with a powerful, passionate presence
Isla Inspired by Isla Fisher, the Australian actress with red hair, perfect for a dog with a lively, fun-loving personality
Jessica A tribute to Jessica Chastain, the talented actress with red hair, perfect for a dog with a radiant, captivating presence
Julianne A tribute to Julianne Moore, the talented actress known for her red locks, fitting for a dog with a graceful, elegant presence
Karen Inspired by Karen Gillan, the Scottish actress with red hair, ideal for a dog with a bold, adventurous personality
Lily Inspired by Lily Cole, the English model and actress with red hair, suitable for a dog with a delicate, ethereal appearance
Lucille Inspired by Lucille Ball, the legendary actress and comedian with red hair, ideal for a dog with a quirky, humorous personality
Prince Harry Named after Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, known for his red hair, suitable for a dog with a regal, charming demeanor
Reba Named after Reba McEntire, the country music singer known for her red hair, perfect for a dog with a warm, vibrant coat
Ron Named after Ron Howard, the accomplished director and actor, perfect for a dog with a reddish coat and an intelligent demeanor
Rupert A nod to Rupert Grint, the actor who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series, suitable for a dog with a loyal, courageous spirit
Shaun A tribute to Shaun White, the Olympic snowboarder with red hair, fitting for a dog with a bold, adventurous spirit
Simone Named after Simone Simons, the lead singer of the symphonic metal band Epica, perfect for a dog with a powerful, melodic presence

Red Wine Inspired Dog Names

Pour yourself a glass of red wine as you enjoy this list.
Name Description
Barbera Similar to Merlot. Pairs well with tomato sauces.
Cabernet A globally common red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
Claret Red wine from Bordeaux in France.
Malbec A Bordeaux region red wine. Pairs well with meats.
Merlot A soft red wine that is a great introduction for new wine drinkers.
Sangria A popular Spanish drink made with red wine.
Shiraz Or Syrah. A very dark red wine that pairs well with meats.
Zinfandel A robust red wine that pairs well with pastas and tomato sauce.

Red Themed Fictional Character Dog Names

Enjoy this list of red dog name ideas derived from fictional characters.
Name Description
Archie Archibald 'Archie' Andrews is the red-headed main character of the Archie Comics franchise. He attends Riverdale High School.
Ariel A fictional mermaid with red hair. She tends to get in trouble because she just can't stay 'under the sea'.
Carmen Every gumshoe's dream is to capture the V.I.L.E ringleader Carmen Sandiego. But...Where in the world is she?
Clifford The big red dog from children's books and cartoons.
Daredevil A blind Marvel superhero and son of the boxer, Jack Murdock. He is also known as 'The Man Without Fear'
Dudley Dudley Do-Right and his trusty horse named 'Horse' will stop at nothing to catch Snidely Whiplash. This Royal Canadian Mountie had a segment on 'The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show'.
Elmo The red Muppet and proud host of 'Elmo's World' on the children's show 'Sesame Street'.
Fiona The unsightly red-headed princess from the 'Shrek' series. She has a green thumb and the voice of actress 'Cameron Diaz'.
Flash A Marvel superhero with extreme speed and quick reflexes. Good luck catching the 'Crimson Comet'.
Knuckles The red spiney anteater from Sega's 'Sonic the Hedgehog'. He uses his spiked hands to protect the Master Emerald.
Leo Half-lion and half-man, Leo is the red loincloth wearing king from Capcom's 'Red Earth'.
Mario Luigi's brother that seems to have an endless supply of red shirts and hats. Your go-to plumber in the Mushroom Kindgom.
Maximillian Dr Reinhardt's number one in Disney's 'The Black Hole'. His goal is to destroy V.I.N.CENT.
McQueen A race car from the Pixar animated film 'Cars'. Lightning McQueen looks like a Mazda Miata and sounds like Owen Wilson.
Merida A teenage princess with red curly hair from the Disney Pixar film 'Brave'. She goes 'Into the Open Air' to 'Touch the Sky'.
Raphael The ninja turtle with the red bandana. Wields the sai. Craves strange pizza.
Stimpy 'Oh, Joy!' A fat red and white cat that likes to create destructive electronics.
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Ruby Photo of ruby for Red Dog Names She is a poodle /lasoapso which makes a teddy bear I am told Which she looks like a stuff animalteddybear,!Her name was either Rosie or Ruby,we went with ruby because she is a true Gem an that's the one my granddaughter wanted the most so RUBY it is an she is a gem!

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User Recommendations

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Name Reason
Rustin Our red standard is Rustin because he is a reddish brown and looks like hes been Rustin'..lol
Merridah the red headed Irish princess from disney's Brave
Fiona the red headed princess from Shrek
Rusty Rust is a reddish/brown color.
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Story of Rufus the Red Dog

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains, there lived a red dog named Rufus. Rufus was a special dog because he had a keen sense of smell and a heart of gold. He lived with his owner, a kind old lady named Mrs. Jenkins, who loved him dearly.

One hot summer day, the town was hit by a terrible heatwave, and a wildfire broke out in the nearby forest. The fire quickly spread, and soon the flames were threatening to engulf the town. Panic set in as people fled their homes, trying to save whatever belongings they could.

Rufus sensed something was wrong and barked incessantly to get Mrs. Jenkins' attention. She followed Rufus outside and saw the smoke rising from the forest. Realizing the danger, Mrs. Jenkins quickly gathered her things and headed for safety, but Rufus refused to leave.

Instead, Rufus ran towards the fire, his nose leading the way. He soon came across a small cabin that was ablaze, and he knew he had to act fast. Rufus ran back to the town, barking loudly to alert the people.

The townsfolk followed Rufus to the cabin, where they saw the fire raging out of control. They were helpless until Rufus ran towards a nearby pond and began frantically barking and digging at the ground. The people soon realized what Rufus was doing, and they followed his lead, grabbing buckets and filling them with water from the pond.

Rufus worked tirelessly, running back and forth between the pond and the fire, dousing the flames with water. He was small, but he was determined, and he never gave up.

Thanks to Rufus' hard work and bravery, the fire was soon put out, and the town was saved. The people cheered and applauded as Rufus emerged from the smoke, his fur soaked but his tail wagging proudly.

From that day on, Rufus was hailed as a hero, and the town erected a statue in his honor. Mrs. Jenkins was proud of her faithful companion and knew that she could always count on him to save the day.

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