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Rhodesian Ridgeback Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large breed originating in South Africa. Also referred to as the African Lion Hound, these dogs were often used to hunt lions and other large game. Names related to lions both real and fictional are highly popular among the breed. A couple of lion themed name options include Simba (meaning lion in Swahili) and Tau (meaning lion in Tswana). Other options, like Decoy, can be taken from their role in distracting the lion while the hunter went in for the kill. Likewise, typical hunting related names like Hunter, Bullet, and Recoil provide a slew of other choices. True to the breed’s roots, many owners choose names like Hondo and Obi that are of African origin.
Name Reason to Choose
Abby A popular pet name that works well for a breed known for its loyalty
Adofo Originating from Africa, this name means 'fighter', suitable for a strong and protective breed like the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Akita This name is of Japanese origin, fitting for a breed that has a regal and distinguished presence
Alex It's a strong, yet simple name, fitting for a Rhodesian Ridgeback
Alfie This name is endearing and friendly, reflecting the breed's good-natured personality
Algon An unusual name that is short and easy to call out, ideal for training purposes
Amara African in origin, this name means 'grace', reflecting the breed's elegant movements
Asha Asha translates to 'life', fitting for a breed as lively and vivacious as the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Aslan Just like the lion-hearted character in Narnia, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are brave and noble
Azibo A name meaning 'Earth', perfect for this terrestrial breed
Azize An African name that translates to 'precious', reflecting the cherished status of these dogs in any household
Banga It's an African name, which is fitting since the breed originates from Africa
Bantu A name that means 'people', representing the breed's sociable nature
Binti Binti means 'daughter' in Swahili, a perfect female name for a Rhodesian Ridgeback
Bomani Bomani means 'warrior', a perfect name for such a courageous breed
Bonny A charming and lovely name for a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback
Brave Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known for their courage and loyalty
Brindle A reference to a possible color of the breed's coat
Brody An energetic name for an active breed
Bulu A name that means 'to grow', representing the breed's quick growth
Calypso A unique and melodic name that stands out, much like the breed itself
Champion Rhodesian Ridgebacks often excel in various dog sports and competitions
Chane This name means 'dependable', apt for a loyal and reliable breed like the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Chase Rhodesian Ridgebacks are excellent hunters, hence, the name 'Chase'
Chiumbo The name means 'little gift', a perfect choice for your precious Rhodesian Ridgeback
Clarence A classic name that suits the dignified and sophisticated nature of this breed
Coax This name reflects the clever and persuasive nature of the breed
Coby This friendly name matches the breed's sociable nature
Cooper This name suits the breed's strong, sturdy build
Dash A nod to the speed and agility of this breed
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Names based on Size

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are large dogs, with males reaching up to 27 inches in height. Names reflecting their size can be appropriate and descriptive.
Name Description
Atlas This name is inspired by the titan who holds up the sky, symbolizing strength and size
Bear Their size can be compared to a small bear
Biggie A playful spin on their large size
Bison This name represents the breed's large size and strength
Boulder This name highlights the breed's large and solid build
Brick A fun, solid name for a large, strong dog
Buffalo This name shows the breed's size and strength
Colossus This name reflects the breed's large stature
Elephant A playful name to represent their size in a fun way
Giant In terms of a dog's size, they could be considered a giant
Goliath This name, from the biblical giant, suits the breed's large size
Hulk Named after the Marvel character known for his size and strength
Jumbo A fun name that highlights the breed's large size
Kong This name, from the giant ape King Kong, indicates their large size
Mammoth Named after the prehistoric giant, this name signifies their large size
Mastodon A prehistoric giant, symbolizing the breed's size
Maximus Maximus implies greatness and size
Moose Rhodesian Ridgebacks are large, much like a moose
Mountain The name symbolizes the breed's towering size
Oversize A playful name to denote their big size
Sumo A fun name drawing comparison to the hefty sumo wrestlers
Tank This name is fitting for the breed's robust and sturdy nature
Thor Named after the Norse god known for his strength, this name suits their size
Titan Named after the giants of Greek mythology, this name is fitting for their large size
Whopper Whopper is an amusing name to denote their big size

Strong and Bold Names

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known for their strength, courage, and protection instincts. Strong and bold names can reflect their powerful personality.
Name Description
Ares In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war, a symbol of strength and courage
Atlas In Greek mythology, Atlas bore the weight of the world; a great symbol of strength
Bear A strong and powerful animal, it's a fitting name for a sturdy dog
Blaze Symbolizing bright, fiery strength, it's a name that commands attention
Bolt Resembles speed and strength, just like a lightning bolt
Brutus A name associated with toughness and power, suitable for a strong dog
Goliath A biblical name related to a giant warrior, symbolizing strength and power
Hercules Named after the legendary Greek hero known for his immense strength
Hulk Based on the comic character known for his immense size and strength
Juno The name of a Roman goddess known for her power and influence
Maverick A term for someone who's independent and nonconformist, it's a bold choice
Maximus A Latin term for 'greatest', it's a strong name for a strong dog
Nero A name that harks back to the powerful Roman Emperor, embodying strength
Odin The chief god in Norse mythology, known for his wisdom and power
Ranger A name associated with guardians and protectors, denoting strength and boldness
Rex A Latin word for 'king', it's a name that commands respect and power
Rocky Signifies strength and steadiness, inspired by the sturdy natural element
Spartan Inspired by the fearless warriors of ancient Sparta, it reflects bravery
Steel Reflects resilience and strength, just like the hardy metal
Thor Named after the Norse god of thunder, it signifies power and strength
Thunder Represents the loud and powerful force of nature, symbolizing strength
Titan The name refers to the powerful deities of ancient Greece, embodying strength and power
Trooper A name linked to perseverance and strength, suitable for a hardy Rhodesian Ridgeback
Viking An appellation associated with the strong and bold seafarers of old
Zeus Named after the king of the gods in Greek mythology, it's a name fit for a bold and strong dog

Names based on Coat Color

Rhodesian Ridgebacks have distinctive coat colors, such as light wheaten to red wheaten. Names related to their coat color can be fitting and descriptive for them.
Name Description
Amber The orange-yellow hue of amber often matches the coat of a Rhodesian Ridgeback
Brandy This name is a nod to the rich, brown color of their coat
Cappuccino This name is a nod to the warm, creamy brown color of their coat
Caramel Their coat often carries the warm, golden color of caramel
Chestnut This name reflects the deep brown color of their coats
Cinnamon This name reflects their warm, reddish-brown coat
Clove Their coat color can resemble the rich, brown color of cloves
Cocoa Their coat can often have a rich, deep, brown hue
Copper A great match for the reddish-brown shade of the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Espresso Their coat often carries the deep, dark brown color of espresso
Ginger This refers to the red-gold color that can be found in their coat
Harvest A great match for the warm, golden shade of the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Hickory Their coat can often have a rich, deep, brown hue
Honey Their coat often carries the color of rich, golden honey
Mahogany Their coat can often have a rich, deep, brown hue
Maroon This name is a nod to the deep, reddish-brown color of their coat
Molasses Their coat color can resemble the rich, dark color of molasses
Paprika This name is a nod to the reddish color of their coat
Ruby Their coat can often have a rich, deep, red hue
Russet Russet is a reddish-brown color, similar to the coat of this breed
Rust Their coat often carries the reddish-brown color of rust
Sienna Their coat often carries the warm, earthy tone of sienna
Sorrel This name reflects the red-brown color that can be found in their coat
Toffee Their coat color can resemble the caramelized color of toffee
Walnut This name reflects the deep brown color of their coats

Lion-themed Names

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are also known as 'African Lion Hounds' due to their ability to keep a lion at bay. Lion-themed names can reflect their bravery and noble character.
Name Description
Ari This name means 'lion' in Hebrew, embodying courage and strength
Ariel A Hebrew name meaning 'lion of God', symbolizing divine strength
Aryeh This name means 'lion' in Hebrew, embodying courage and strength
Aslan Inspired by the lion character in 'The Chronicles of Narnia,' embodying bravery and wisdom
Kiara A character in 'The Lion King,' Kiara embodies bravery and compassion
Kovu Another character from 'The Lion King,' embodies resilience and transformation
Leander An Ancient Greek name meaning 'lion man', symbolizing bravery and power
Leo This name is the Latin term for lion, symbolizing power and nobility
Leona Translates to 'lioness' in Latin, indicating bravery and grace
Leonardo A name of Italian origin meaning 'brave lion', symbolizing courage and strength
Leonidas A Greek name meaning 'son of a lion', symbolizing courage and warrior spirit
Liona Translates to 'lioness' in French, indicating bravery and grace
Mufasa Another character from 'The Lion King,' known for his leadership and kindness
Nala A character from 'The Lion King,' Nala embodies determination and loyalty
Rory An Irish name meaning 'red king', reminiscent of a lion's fiery mane
Sarabi A 'Lion King' character known for her loyalty and strength
Sarafina A character from 'The Lion King,' Sarafina is known for her nurturing nature
Scar A character from 'The Lion King,' known for his cunning and ambition
Sekhmet An Egyptian goddess depicted as a lioness, symbolizing strength and ferocity
Sher This name means 'lion' in Hindi, symbolizing strength and courage
Simba This name is derived from the lead character in 'The Lion King,' representing strength and courage
Singh A common Indian surname meaning 'lion', symbolizing bravery and strength
Usama An Arabic name meaning 'lion', embodying bravery and nobility
Zarina An Arabic name meaning 'golden', linked to the golden mane of a lion
Zira A character in 'The Lion King,' Zira is known for her determination and cunning

African Origin Names

Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs originated from Africa, specifically Southern Africa. Naming them using African names can be a nod to their roots.
Name Description
Ayo In Yoruba, it means joy, which often captures a dog's happy spirit
Azibo Azibo is an African name meaning 'earth', perfect for an outdoorsy Rhodesian Ridgeback
Binti This is a Swahili term for 'daughter', perfect for a female Rhodesian Ridgeback
Bomani This African name meaning 'warrior' suits a strong and protective Rhodesian Ridgeback
Chipo Chipo is a name of African origin, meaning 'gift', ideal for a cherished Rhodesian Ridgeback
Deka In African, Deka means 'one'. It's a great name for a family's first Rhodesian Ridgeback
Duma This Swahili name translates to 'cheetah', highlighting the Rhodesian Ridgeback's speed
Jengo In Swahili, Jengo means 'building', a robust name for a sturdy dog
Jengo In Swahili, Jengo means 'building', a robust name for a sturdy dog
Kali This Swahili name meaning 'intense' mirrors the Rhodesian Ridgeback's energetic nature
Kwame This name is derived from an Akan day name meaning 'born on a Saturday'
Lulu This beautiful African name means 'gem', perfect for a precious Rhodesian Ridgeback
Mosi Mosi means 'firstborn' in Swahili, perfect for the first Rhodesian Ridgeback in a family
Nia Representing 'purpose' in Swahili, it's a strong name for a focused Rhodesian Ridgeback
Njau Njau translates to 'bull' in African, a fitting name for a powerful Rhodesian Ridgeback
Rafiki This Swahili term meaning 'friend' captures the loyal nature of a Rhodesian Ridgeback
Rudo Rudo is an African name that means 'love', perfect for a lovable Rhodesian Ridgeback
Saba Saba means 'seven' in African, a unique name for the seventh Rhodesian Ridgeback in a family
Safi Safi means 'pure' in Swahili, highlighting the pure-bred nature of the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Tatu This Swahili name meaning 'third' can be ideal for the third dog in the family
Tendai Tendai is an African name meaning 'thankful', representing the joy a Rhodesian Ridgeback can bring
Zola Zola translates to 'quiet' in Zulu, ideal for a calm Rhodesian Ridgeback
Zola Zola translates to 'quiet' in Zulu, ideal for a calm Rhodesian Ridgeback
Zuri Translates to 'beautiful' in Swahili, a fitting name for a handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback
Zuri Translates to 'beautiful' in Swahili, a fitting name for a handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback
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Ridgy Of course you can spell it a different way, but I work at a humane society and that's the only name our Rhodesian would respond to, we tried all of the male names on this list, but he wouldn't do it!
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Story of Zara and Kofi: The Lion-Hunting Ridgebacks of the Savannah

In the heart of the African savannah, two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Zara and Kofi, lived side by side with their human family. Zara, a strong and intelligent female, and Kofi, a fearless and agile male, were the pride of their village. They were raised with the ancient art of lion hunting, a skill passed down through generations of their breed.

Zara and Kofi were trained by the village's skilled hunters, who taught them to track and corner lions, using their impressive strength, agility, and cunning. They were an inseparable duo, their unique ridge patterns running along their spines, marking them as the chosen protectors of their people.

In those days, lions posed a significant threat to the village, preying on livestock and endangering the lives of the villagers. It was Zara and Kofi's duty to protect their home and ensure the safety of their human family.

One fateful day, a fearsome lion began to stalk the village, its massive paws leaving deep prints in the earth as it circled ever closer. The villagers were filled with terror, knowing that if the lion were to strike, their lives would be in grave danger.

Zara and Kofi, sensing the fear in the hearts of their human family, sprang into action. With their keen senses and unparalleled tracking skills, they set off in pursuit of the fearsome predator. Their eyes shone with determination, their powerful bodies rippling with anticipation as they followed the lion's scent.

The chase led them deep into the savannah, the sun beating down on their sleek, tawny coats as they raced through the tall grasses. Zara and Kofi moved in perfect harmony, their every step a testament to their unbreakable bond and their shared purpose.

As the hours wore on, Zara and Kofi began to close the gap between them and their quarry. They could feel the lion's presence growing stronger, its powerful roar echoing across the plains. The air was thick with tension as the two Ridgebacks prepared for the confrontation that lay ahead.

Finally, they cornered the lion near a rocky outcropping, their muscular bodies tense and ready to spring into action. The lion, sensing that it was trapped, roared and bared its teeth, its golden eyes flashing with fury.

With a burst of speed, Zara and Kofi charged, their powerful legs propelling them forward as they closed in on the lion. Working together, they used their agility and cunning to outmaneuver the massive predator, dodging its powerful swipes and lunges.

The battle raged on, the sun dipping low in the sky as the three combatants fought for supremacy. Finally, as the last light of day faded, Zara and Kofi emerged victorious. Exhausted but triumphant, they stood over the defeated lion, their hearts swelling with pride and relief.

Word of Zara and Kofi's incredible feat spread far and wide, and the people of the village celebrated their fearless protectors. The two Rhodesian Ridgebacks had not only saved their village but had also proven the strength and courage of their ancient breed.

For generations to come, the story of Zara and Kofi, the lion-hunting Ridgebacks of the savannah, would be passed down, a testament to the power of teamwork, loyalty, and the unbreakable bond between humans and their canine companions.

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