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      The Rottweiler originally worked with livestock as a herding dog. This is likely where the breed of today gets its loyal and protective nature from. Many owners seeking protection from their Rottweiler adopt a name that sounds strong or relates to security. Sledge, Rocky, and Tyson are few popular names with strength implications. Favorite options related to security include Brinks, Norton, and Seal. Along with their task of herding, the Rottweiler was often used to pull carts of butchered meat to market. In fact the breed takes its name from Rottweil, Germany where it was popularly owned by butchers. Chop, Slaughter, and Butch are few names inspired by this early role. The Rottweiler is predominantly black and many owners select a color related name. Dahlia, Midnight, and Salem are typical choices that have ties to the breed's black coat. When the Rottweiler is not busy protecting the household it is often employed as a police dog. Copper, Trooper, Chief, and Sergeant are naming favorites related to the breed's use in accompanying officers.
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Boris Photo of Boris for Rottweiler Names I wanted a strong but classy name for my ROTTIE , Boris suits him perfectly. I always go for two syllable words so they are easy to say and clear to hear

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Story of a Rottweiler named Kaiser

In the bustling town of Nuremberg, Germany, nestled among cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses, there lived a strong and good-natured Rottweiler named Kaiser. Kaiser was a loyal companion to the Becker family, who owned a thriving bakery in the heart of the town. The Beckers were known for their delicious, freshly baked bread, pastries, and pretzels, which they sold to eager customers each morning.

As the bakery business grew, the Beckers found themselves struggling to keep up with the demand for their delectable treats. Their old horse-drawn cart, which they used to transport their baked goods to the local market, was proving to be too slow and cumbersome. It was then that they had an idea: why not enlist the help of their beloved Kaiser to pull a specially designed cart and deliver their goods more efficiently?

Kaiser, who was blessed with a strong build and an eager-to-please demeanor, took to the task with enthusiasm. The Beckers constructed a sturdy, lightweight cart, perfectly sized for their muscular Rottweiler. With a custom-made harness and a hearty breakfast of kibble, Kaiser was ready for his first day on the job.

As the sun rose over Nuremberg, the Beckers loaded the cart with their freshly baked goods, the aroma of warm bread and sweet pastries filling the air. With a wag of his tail and a determined gleam in his eyes, Kaiser set off through the winding streets, pulling the cart with ease as his human family walked alongside him.

The sight of the strong Rottweiler hauling the cart filled with delicious baked goods soon attracted the attention of the townspeople. They marveled at Kaiser's impressive strength and dedication, snapping up the Beckers' pastries as soon as they arrived at the market. The bakery's reputation spread far and wide, and business boomed.

Kaiser quickly became a beloved figure in Nuremberg, his daily journeys through the town bringing smiles to the faces of young and old alike. Children would run to greet him as he passed, offering him pats on the head and the occasional treat, while their parents shared stories and laughter with the Becker family.

As the years went by, Kaiser's fame grew, and he became a symbol of hard work, dedication, and the unbreakable bond between humans and their canine companions. His story inspired other Rottweiler owners throughout Germany, who began training their dogs to pull carts as well, sparking a renaissance of the breed's traditional working role.

Though Kaiser eventually grew old and retired from his cart-pulling duties, his legacy lived on in the hearts of the people of Nuremberg and beyond. The Becker family's bakery continued to thrive, and they never forgot the role their beloved Rottweiler had played in their success.

The story of Kaiser, the cart-pulling Rottweiler, became a cherished piece of Nuremberg's history, a testament to the strength, determination, and loyalty that define the Rottweiler breed and the enduring partnership between dogs and their humans.

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