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Saint Bernard Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Coming from the Swiss Alps, the Saint Bernard gives new owners a variety of origin based names to choose from. Italian options include Gianni, Camilia, and Marcello. A few Swiss favorites are Gilbert, Hugo, and Claudia. Known for being a very large breed, the Saint Bernard is no stranger to size themed names. Clifford, Samson, and Diesel are a few of the more common selections. Other unique ideas come straight from rivers in the Swiss Alps. Rhone, Rhine, and Ticino are names that follow this theme. The Saint Bernard is well known for its search and rescue efforts at the Great St Bernard Pass. Honorable names inspired by this history are Medic and Rescue.
Name Reason to Choose
Alonzo It's a strong, bold name fitting for a Saint Bernard
Alpine A name drawn from the Alpine mountains, their original home
Apollo Named after the Greek god of healing, it's a fitting name for a Saint Bernard, a breed known for rescue operations
Arctic Their ability to weather cold climates inspires this name
Aslan The majestic lion character from 'The Chronicles of Narnia' shares the strength and courage of these rescue dogs
Atlas Given their strength and stamina, naming a Saint Bernard after the Titan who holds up the sky in Greek mythology seems appropriate
Ava Short and sweet, this name is easy to call, perfect for training purposes
Avalanche A nod to the harsh weather conditions these dogs were bred to withstand in the Swiss Alps
Avalon It's reminiscent of mystical and magical places, fitting for a majestic St. Bernard
Aysha It's a name with Arabic roots meaning 'life', a fitting tribute to a Saint Bernard's life-saving history
Bailey A friendly and approachable name, reflecting the amiable nature of the Saint Bernard
Baloo A playful name for a Saint Bernard, inspired by the lovable bear character from 'The Jungle Book'
Baron This name emphasizes the nobility and dignity of the Saint Bernard breed
Bear Their large size and fluffy fur make them akin to a bear
Benni This cute and friendly name fits the loving and affectionate nature of the breed
Beppe This Italian name is a fitting tribute to the breed's Alpine origins
Berry A sweet and endearing name, apt for a Saint Bernard's gentle nature
Bessie This old-fashioned name is a nod to the long history of Saint Bernards
Bianca It means 'white' in Italian, a reference to the breed's coat color
Biscuit It's a cute, friendly name for a lovable and approachable St. Bernard
Blitz This name, meaning 'flash', is a playful choice for an energetic Saint Bernard
Blizzard A nod to their ability to navigate through blizzard conditions
Boulder Their size and solid build are reminiscent of a boulder
Brandy Historically, these dogs carried kegs of brandy to lost travelers
Braveheart These dogs are known for their courage in tough conditions
Camilia This name suits the gentle and friendly nature of Saint Bernards
Champion Their strength and endurance in tough conditions make them champions
Charlie It's a classic pet name, suitable for a St. Bernard with a timeless charm
China This exotic name mirrors the uniqueness and special charm of the breed
Claudio It's a classic Italian name, a nod to the breed's Alpine origins
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Gentle Giant Names

Despite their size, Saint Bernards are known for their gentle and friendly nature, so names that reflect this can be a good choice.
Name Description
Alpine This name reflects the mountainous origin of the breed
Amigo A Spanish word that means friend, reflecting the breed's friendly nature
Atlas Named after the Greek god who held up the sky, this name suits a strong and sturdy breed
Avalanche A powerful name that reflects the breed's origin in the snowy Swiss Alps
Bear A name fit for a large and furry dog like the Saint Bernard
Bigfoot A fun name that reflects the breed's large size and paw size
Boulder A unique name that reflects the breed's large size and strength
Champ A simple name that reflects the breed's strong and powerful nature
Colossus An ancient Greek statue, and a name that reflects the breed's large size
Everest Inspired by the highest peak in the world, reflecting the breed's alpine origin
Galaxy A large and expansive name, just like the breed it represents
Goliath A biblical name that denotes the breed's large and imposing size
Hercules A name fit for a dog with a strong and powerful physique
King A regal name that reflects the breed's large size and commanding presence
Majesty A name that reflects the breed's regal and impressive presence
Maximus A Latin name that means 'greatest', fitting for a large breed
Moose Perfect for a large and sturdy breed like the Saint Bernard
Ranger A strong name that reflects the breed's origin as alpine rescuers
Rocky A strong name that reflects the mountainous origin of the Saint Bernard
Sarge A name that commands respect, like the breed it represents
Summit A nod to the Swiss Alps where St. Bernards were originally bred
Tank A fun name that reflects the breed's large size and strength
Thunder A powerful name for a large and strong breed like the Saint Bernard
Titan Inspired by the breed’s large size and strength
Zeus The name of the king of the Greek gods, suitable for a large and powerful breed

Rescue Dog Names

Saint Bernards were originally bred for rescue work in the Swiss Alps, so names related to bravery and rescue can be ideal.
Name Description
Alp It represents the high mountains where many rescues take place
Avalanche A great name for a dog that rescues people from snow disasters
Bear For a dog with a big, strong, bear-like presence
Blizzard It represents the harsh conditions this breed can withstand
Braveheart A fitting name for a courageous dog
Champion For a dog that always comes through, no matter the odds
Climber This name symbolizes the climbing rescues these dogs perform
Frost The name symbolizes the cold weather these dogs often face
Glacier Reminds us of the icy terrain this breed often works in
Guardian For a dog that's always watching over people
Hero For a dog that's always there to save the day
Heroic A name that captures the heroism of these dogs
Ice A name that suits a dog that works in cold climates
Noble A name that reflects the dog's noble, life-saving duties
Protector A name that matches a dog's protective nature
Ranger A name that speaks of outdoor adventures and rescue missions
Rescue A perfect fit for a dog that saves lives
Rocky A name that fits a dog that scales rocky terrains
Savior A suitable name for a dog with a life-saving mission
Snowy A name that matches the snowy conditions these dogs work in
Storm A name that speaks of the dog's strength and resilience
Summit Reminds us of the tall mountain peaks
Survivor A name that fits a dog that helps others survive
Titan A name that conveys the dog's strength and bravery
Tundra A great name for a dog that works in freezing conditions

Swiss Names

Saint Bernards originated from Switzerland, so Swiss names can reflect the breed's heritage.
Name Description
Alpine This name is inspired by the Swiss Alps, a natural habitat for Saint Bernards
Basel Inspired by a Swiss city located where the Swiss, French, and German borders meet
Bern Reflects the capital city of Switzerland, which is also a part of the breed's name
Chur An old town in Switzerland, perfect for a Saint Bernard with a classic charm
Eiger A famous Swiss mountain in the Alps
Fondue Reminiscent of a popular Swiss dish
Fribourg Inspired by a city in Switzerland known for its medieval architecture
Geneva Named after the second most populous city in Switzerland
Gruyere Named after a type of Swiss cheese
Heidi A traditional Swiss name that's also the title of a famous Swiss novel
Jura Named after a mountain range in Switzerland
Lucerne Inspired by a beautiful city in Switzerland known for its preserved medieval architecture
Luzern Reflects a Swiss canton known for its picturesque landscapes
Matterhorn A renowned mountain in the Swiss Alps
Ricola Named after the Swiss brand known for its herbal cough drops
Rosti A Swiss dish, similar to hash browns or potato pancakes
Sion A Swiss town with a rich history
Suisse The French name for Switzerland
Swatch After the Swiss watch manufacturer
Thun A scenic town in Switzerland, located in the Swiss Alps
Ticino Named after a canton in Switzerland
Tobler Derived from Toblerone, a famous Swiss chocolate
Vaud Taken from a canton in Switzerland, known for its vineyards
Zug Drawn from a small but charming city in Switzerland
Zurich Taken from the largest city in Switzerland

Big Dog Names

Because Saint Bernards are large dogs, names usually associated with size and strength can be a good fit.
Name Description
Atlas This name is inspired by the mythical character who held the world on his shoulders, reflecting the strength of Saint Bernards
Bear This name is fitting for a Saint Bernard due to their big size and fluffy coat
Brawny This adjective turned into a name reflects the physical strength of the Saint Bernard
Brick This name suggests a sturdy, robust nature which suits a Saint Bernard well
Brutus The name suggests strength and power, perfect for a Saint Bernard
Galaxy This name is a nod to the dog's large size, as vast as a galaxy
Goliath The biblical giant's name is a great fit for a large breed
Hercules Named after the legendary hero, this name is fitting for a dog with the strength and size of a Saint Bernard
Hulk This name is great for a Saint Bernard, given their large size and muscular build
Jumbo A fun, descriptive name for a large dog
Kong A reference to King Kong, this name is perfect for a big, strong dog
Mammoth This name signifies the large size and strength of a Saint Bernard
Mastiff This breed-specific name reflects the dog's large size and imposing presence
Max A short, powerful name, great for a large, imposing dog
Moose This name is a playful nod to the dog's large size
Omega This name, meaning 'great' in Greek, is a fitting choice for a big and powerful dog
Rex This name, meaning 'king' in Latin, is a fitting choice for a big and strong dog
Rocky This name reflects the dog's strong, robust build
Spartan This name reflects the dog's strong, warrior-like build
Sumo This name reflects the dog's large stature, just like a sumo wrestler
Tank An apt name for a Saint Bernard due to their large size and strength
Thor This name, after the Norse god of thunder, is a fitting choice for a big and powerful dog
Titan This name is reminiscent of the mythological giants, thus suitable for a big, strong dog like a Saint Bernard
Tundra This name reflects the dog's ability to withstand cold weather and its large size
Zeus The name of the king of gods in Greek mythology, perfect for a big, powerful dog

Nature-Inspired Names

These names are derived from nature and suit the majestic and natural appearance of Saint Bernard dogs.
Name Description
Alpine This name is inspired by the Alpine mountains where Saint Bernards often worked
Boulder Saint Bernards are strong and sturdy like a boulder
Cedar The dog's reddish coat color can be reminiscent of a cedar tree
Dew Perfect for a Saint Bernard who loves early morning walks
Everest Perfect for a dog of a breed often associated with mountain rescue
Forest A great name for a dog who loves to explore nature
Glacier This name is inspired by the icy environments where Saint Bernards have historically worked
Hickory The dog's coat color can remind you of the warm tones of hickory wood
Ivy Just as ivy is adaptable to many environments, so too are Saint Bernards
Juniper A good name for a Saint Bernard with a 'sharp' intellect
Kodiak Named after Kodiak Island, a rugged wilderness area
Lily Perfect for a female Saint Bernard with a gentle and pure spirit
Meadow A great name for a dog who loves to play in open fields
Nimbus Inspired by the type of cloud, a great name for a fluffy Saint Bernard
Oak Saint Bernards are as steady and strong as an oak tree
Pine Perfect for a Saint Bernard with a sharp sense of smell
Quartz A fitting name for a Saint Bernard with a sparkling personality
River A good name for a dog who loves water
Sequoia Named after the giant trees, fitting for a large breed dog like the Saint Bernard
Tundra For a Saint Bernard who loves cold environments
Ursa The Latin word for 'bear', perfect for a big, bear-like dog
Vine Like a vine, your Saint Bernard might be a fast grower
Willow A great name for a female Saint Bernard who is both strong and flexible
Xeriscape A unique name for a dog who thrives in all environments
Yucca Named after the resilient desert plant, perfect for a hardy breed like the Saint Bernard
Zephyr The Saint Bernard may be big, but they can move as gently as a zephyr wind
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The Misadventures of Bumble, The Gentle Giant

In the bustling town of Hillybrook, there lived an abnormally large Saint Bernard named Bumble. Standing taller than a grown man, Bumble was an awe-inspiring sight to behold. However, despite his imposing size, Bumble was a gentle giant with a heart of gold and a knack for getting into hilarious predicaments.

Bumble's human family, the Thompsons, adored their oversized companion, but they quickly learned that life with such a colossal canine came with its fair share of challenges. Bumble's tail alone had the power to clear an entire coffee table with a single wag, leaving a trail of broken dishes and scattered knick-knacks in its wake.

One sunny afternoon, Mrs. Thompson decided to take Bumble for a walk through Hillybrook's bustling town square. As they strolled along the crowded streets, Bumble's excitement grew, his powerful tail wagging like a furry wrecking ball. Before Mrs. Thompson could react, Bumble's enthusiastic tail-swings knocked over a nearby street vendor's apple cart, sending the fresh produce tumbling down the cobblestone streets in a chaotic avalanche.

The townspeople watched in amazement as the massive Saint Bernard, blissfully unaware of the pandemonium he had caused, happily chased after the rolling apples, his booming barks echoing through the streets. The laughter that filled the town square was infectious, as the sight of Bumble gleefully frolicking in the apple chaos was simply too funny to resist.

Another time, the Thompsons decided to host a backyard barbecue to celebrate their neighbors' new baby. Excited by the prospect of a party, Bumble was eager to help with the preparations. As Mr. Thompson was setting up the tables and chairs, Bumble, in his eagerness to assist, grabbed one end of the tablecloth in his mouth and pulled.

Unfortunately, the tablecloth was already laden with plates, silverware, and condiments, causing everything to come crashing to the ground in a cacophony of clattering dishes and splattering sauces. The sight of Bumble, standing amidst the wreckage with the tablecloth still clutched in his mouth, was too much for the guests to handle. Soon, peals of laughter rang through the backyard, as the Thompsons and their neighbors embraced the hilarity of the situation.

Despite his size-related mishaps, Bumble's gentle and loving nature endeared him to the townspeople of Hillybrook. His misadventures became the stuff of local legend, with each new escapade adding to the ever-growing collection of Bumble stories that were passed down through generations.

For the people of Hillybrook, the tale of Bumble, the abnormally large Saint Bernard, became a beloved reminder of the joy and laughter that can be found in life's most unexpected moments. And in the end, it wasn't Bumble's towering stature that made him a local legend, but rather the immense size of his heart and the boundless love he shared with everyone he met.

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