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Saint Patricks Day Dog Names

      For the puppy in need of a name around the middle of March, we have put together a list full of Irish ales, the color green, and holiday symbolism. Spend less time debating over your dog’s title and more time drowning the shamrock.

      Saint Patrick’s Day is a celebration of color. Each year on March 17th the streets are filled with a mixture of fun and practical green attire. What many people don’t realize is that blue is the original color of Saint Patrick. The association with green came at a later point in time. Don’t worry, the transition was over a century ago leaving us plenty of time to get the memo. Among our festive names you will find several green themed ideas like Jade and Emerald.

      If green doesn’t hit the spot, perhaps the alcohol will. As legend would have it, Saint Patrick encountered a stingy bartender that poured him a partial cup. Patrick proclaimed that a devil was residing in the barkeep’s cellar and was causing him to be covetous and selfish with his ale. Upon return he found that the barkeep had changed his ways and the cups around the bar were now filled to the brim. Somewhere along the way the entire message of the legend was lost except for the alcohol. Today drinking and Saint Patty’s Day go hand in hand. If you stick with the beer, you might like the names Guiness, Beamish, or Murphy. Any true Irishman will likely go the whiskey route with something more along the lines of Jameson or Bushmill.

      Still other ideas come from a variety of symbols that relate to the holiday like the leprechaun or the shamrock. Do you feel lucky? Perhaps your pot of gold can be found within this list. I wouldn’t count on it though. You’d be much more likely to find a fitting name for your new puppy.

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Story of a dog named Lucky

In the charming Irish village of Cloverfield, there lived a spirited Irish Setter named Lucky. Lucky was a beautiful dog with a glossy, mahogany coat and a keen sense of adventure. He lived with the O'Sullivan family, who owned the local pub, The Leprechaun's Haven.

Every year, the village of Cloverfield celebrated St. Patrick's Day with great enthusiasm, and Lucky was no exception. The O'Sullivans and their beloved dog eagerly anticipated the festivities, which included a lively parade, traditional music, and, of course, the annual St. Patrick's Day party at The Leprechaun's Haven.

As St. Patrick's Day approached, Lucky watched with excitement as the village transformed into a sea of green. Shamrocks adorned every door, and the streets were lined with flags and banners. The O'Sullivans began preparing for the big celebration, and Lucky knew that his favorite day of the year was just around the corner.

On the morning of St. Patrick's Day, the villagers gathered for the annual parade. Dressed in their finest green attire, they filled the streets, their laughter and merriment echoing through the air. Lucky, adorned in a green bandana and a collar of shamrocks, joined the parade, his tail wagging with pride as he pranced alongside the marching band.

As the parade came to an end, the villagers made their way to The Leprechaun's Haven, where the O'Sullivans had prepared a feast of corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and other traditional Irish dishes. Lucky, always eager to help, greeted the guests at the door, welcoming them to the St. Patrick's Day festivities.

The party was a lively affair, with music, dancing, and stories shared by the warm fire. Lucky, a social dog by nature, reveled in the attention from the guests, who took turns giving him belly rubs and feeding him scraps of corned beef.

As the evening wore on, a group of musicians gathered in a corner, their fiddles and flutes filling the pub with the lilting melodies of traditional Irish tunes. Lucky, unable to resist the music, leaped to his feet and joined in the dancing, his graceful movements delighting the crowd.

The St. Patrick's Day celebration at The Leprechaun's Haven was a night to remember, filled with laughter, music, and the warm embrace of the Cloverfield community. As the guests departed, they whispered their goodbyes to Lucky, who had become a symbol of the village's St. Patrick's Day spirit.

Year after year, Lucky and the O'Sullivans continued to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the same enthusiasm and joy. The memory of Lucky, the dog who loved St. Patrick's Day, would forever be etched in the hearts of the people of Cloverfield, reminding them of the true spirit of the holiday: a celebration of community, heritage, and the magic of the Emerald Isle.

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