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Saluki Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Over the years, Salukis have carried a variety of names. Early Egyptian cave drawings indicate that the breed is among the oldest. Known as the ‘Royal Dog of Egypt’, many owners choose ancient Egyptian names for their Saluki. Names of Pharaohs and Queens like Ramses, Cleopatra, and Khafra are particularly popular. While some owners turn to the Rosetta Stone, others choose a name that fits the breed’s physical characteristics. Once thought to be the fastest breed, the Saluki is known to wear many speed related names. Atomic and Berzerk are common names that highlight the Saluki’s swiftness. Other speed related names can be taken from famous Olympic athletes and sports figures.
Name Reason to Choose
Aaron Named after baseball legend Hank Aaron, a strong and powerful name for a Saluki
Aker Named after the lion god of the horizon, reflecting the Saluki's regal appearance
Ali Inspired by boxing legend Muhammad Ali, a strong and powerful name for a Saluki
Amenhotep Salukis have a long history in Egypt, making this pharaoh's name a good fit
Amun Amun was a major ancient Egyptian deity, a regal name for a Saluki
Andretti Named after a famous race car driver, it reflects the Saluki's known speed and agility
Anubis Anubis is the Egyptian god of the afterlife, reflecting the Saluki's ancient Egyptian origins
Apis Apis was a sacred bull in ancient Egypt, and this name fits a strong, sturdy Saluki
Ashe This name is a tribute to tennis legend Arthur Ashe, suitable for a dignified Saluki
Ashford A sophisticated, distinctive name for a Saluki, bringing to mind elegance and nobility
Aten The Saluki's sunny disposition is well represented by this sun disk deity's name
Aurora A name that reflects the breed's radiant and vibrant personality
Babe A charming name for a Saluki, reflecting their friendly and lovable nature
Barcelona A cosmopolitan name with a hint of adventure, suitable for the worldly Saluki
Bastet This Egyptian goddess was depicted as a lioness, reflecting the Saluki's hunting instincts
Berzerk Showcases the Saluki's high energy and playful demeanor
Bes Named after the protector god, this name suits a loyal, protective Saluki
Blake Simple, stylish, and succinct, a perfect fit for a Saluki
Bo This name's brevity makes it easy for a Saluki to learn and respond to
Bolt Signifies the Saluki's incredible speed, as it's one of the fastest dog breeds
Burke A strong, masculine name suitable for a strong and athletic Saluki
Cairo Named after the capital city of Egypt, emphasizing the breed's historical roots
Cassius A name reminiscent of the boxing legend Cassius Clay, for a Saluki with a fighting spirit
Clay A name with a rugged appeal, fitting for a sturdy and resilient Saluki
Cleopatra Evokes the elegance and nobility of this ancient Egyptian queen, matching the Saluki's regal demeanor
Comet A name that reflects the breed's swift speed
Cosmo A universal name for a breed with a history that stretches back millennia
Dune A name that emphasizes the breed's desert endurance
Eclipse A name that reflects the breed's mysterious and captivating nature
Evelyn A vintage name that pairs well with an ancient breed like the Saluki
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Mythological Names

Choosing a name from mythology can reflect the Saluki's regal and majestic demeanor, as they were often associated with royalty and nobility in the past.
Name Description
Apollo Named after the Greek god of the sun, it suits a Saluki with a golden or bright coat
Ares Named after the Greek god of war, this name is fitting for a protective Saluki
Artemis The Greek goddess of the hunt, a fitting name for a breed known for its speed and hunting prowess
Athena This name comes from the Greek goddess of wisdom, appropriate for a smart Saluki
Cronus The Greek Titan who ruled before the gods, a suitable name for an elder or alpha Saluki
Demeter The Greek goddess of the harvest, a fitting name for a Saluki with a warm, earthy coat
Dionysus The Greek god of wine and revelry, a good name for a Saluki with a playful nature
Eros The Greek god of love, a good name for a loving Saluki
Freyja A Norse goddess known for her beauty, perfect for a graceful Saluki
Gaia The Greek goddess of the Earth, a fitting name for a Saluki with a grounded nature
Hades The Greek god of the underworld, a fitting name for a Saluki with a dark coat
Helios The Greek god of the sun, a suitable name for a Saluki with a shiny coat
Hephaestus Named after the Greek god of fire and forge, it suits a Saluki with a fiery spirit
Hera Hera was the wife of Zeus, the queen of Greek gods, and this name suits a dignified Saluki bitch
Hermes The Greek messenger god, an apt name for a fast Saluki
Hestia The Greek goddess of the hearth, a suitable name for a warm and comforting Saluki
Loki The Norse trickster god, a fun name for a playful Saluki
Odin This name is inspired by the Norse god known for his wisdom, which matches the intelligence of the Saluki breed
Perseus A hero in Greek mythology, a great name for a brave Saluki
Poseidon The Greek god of the sea, a suitable name for a Saluki with a blue or gray coat
Prometheus A Titan who stole fire for humanity, a great name for a brave and rebellious Saluki
Rhea The mother of the Greek gods, a great name for a nurturing Saluki bitch
Thor A name inspired by the Norse god of thunder, suitable for a strong Saluki
Uranus The Greek god of the sky, a good name for a Saluki with a majestic presence
Zeus Named after the Greek god of the sky, this name is perfect for a Saluki with a regal presence

Elegant Names

Salukis are known for their grace and beauty, so a name that signifies elegance can reflect their poised and dignified nature.
Name Description
Aria It's a beautiful name that signifies a solo performance, a reflection of the Saluki's independent nature
Belle This name means 'beautiful' in French, exuding elegance and charm
Charm The Saluki's graceful appearance is captured by this lovely name
Duchess This name embodies the regal and elegant demeanour of the Saluki
Elixir An unusual, yet elegant name that signifies a magical or medicinal potion
Felicity This name encapsulates the joy and happiness that a Saluki brings
Grace The Saluki's effortless elegance and poise are encapsulated in this name
Harmony This name reflects the calm and composed nature of a Saluki
Ivory A precious material that symbolizes luxury and sophistication, just like a Saluki
Jewel This name reflects the Saluki's precious and treasured presence
Kismet A name that denotes 'destiny', reflecting the deep bond between a Saluki and its owner
Lace An elegant fabric that perfectly describes the Saluki's delicate beauty
Mosaic A unique, artistic name that signifies the Saluki's complex and beautiful nature
Noble This name captures the Saluki's dignified and regal demeanor
Opal A precious gemstone that signifies the Saluki's unique beauty
Pearl A timeless name that reflects the Saluki's pure and precious nature
Quartz A unique name for a Saluki, symbolizing strength and resilience
Rhapsody This name signifies an ecstatic expression of feeling, much like a Saluki's passionate nature
Serenity A name that perfectly captures the calm, peaceful demeanor of a Saluki
Topaz This gemstone name reflects the Saluki's radiant and sparkling personality
Unity A name that signifies the strong bond between a Saluki and its owner
Venus The name of the Roman goddess of love, reflecting a Saluki's loving nature
Winsome An old-fashioned name that signifies the Saluki's charming and attractive nature
Xenia A unique name that represents hospitable demeanor, much like a Saluki's
Zephyr A name that captures the Saluki's swift and graceful movements

Fast Runner Names

Salukis are known for their exceptional speed and agility, so choosing a name that signifies speed can be a fitting tribute to their athletic abilities.
Name Description
Aero Derived from aerodynamics, the study of how things move through air
Blitz A German word for lightning, reflecting its speed
Bolt Reminiscent of the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt
Bullet For a Saluki that runs as fast as a bullet
Cheetah Named after the fastest land animal
Comet For a Saluki that races around like a comet through the sky
Dash Inspired by the speed at which this dog can move
Flash Perfect for a Saluki who is as fast as a flash of light
Gale Inspired by the speed of a strong wind
Gazelle For a Saluki that runs as gracefully and swiftly as a gazelle
Jet Named after one of the fastest modes of transportation
Nimbus Named after a swift-moving type of cloud
Pacer This name indicates its ability to maintain a steady, fast pace
Racer Perfect for a dog that loves to run races
Rocket A name that reflects its ability to race like a rocket
Rush This name is representative of its swift movements
Sonic Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, known for his speed
Sprint A name that reflects its ability to run short distances quickly
Swift Derived from an old English word meaning fast
Turbo Perfect for a dog that loves to race around
Velocity A term used in physics to describe the speed of an object in a certain direction
Vortex A fast-moving current of air, like the Saluki itself
Whiz For a Saluki that moves at a rapid speed
Zephyr Named after the god of the west wind in Greek mythology
Zip This name is a synonym for speed and agility

Arabic Names

As the Saluki breed originated in the Middle East, choosing an Arabic name can pay homage to the dog's cultural roots.
Name Description
Amira Meaning 'princess', this name suits a regal, female Saluki
Asad In Arabic, it translates to 'lion', symbolizing the Saluki's courage
Aziza This name, which means 'precious', is perfect for a beloved Saluki
Baha This name, which means 'beauty', echoes the Saluki's elegant look
Farah Meaning 'joy', this name is perfect for a happy, lively Saluki
Farid This name means 'unique', reflecting the Saluki's distinctive appearance
Hakim In Arabic, this name means 'wise', reflecting the Saluki's intelligent nature
Ibrahim This Arabic name translates to 'father of many', perfect for a Saluki sire
Jamal Meaning 'beauty', this name reflects the Saluki's elegant appearance
Khalid This name, meaning 'eternal', is perfect for a Saluki, a breed with an ancient history
Laila This name, which means 'night', symbolizes the Saluki's mysterious charm
Muna This name means 'desire', suited to a Saluki, a breed highly desired for its beauty
Nadia This name means 'hope', suited to an optimistic Saluki
Nasir This name, meaning 'helper', suits a Saluki, a breed known for its hunting skills
Rafiq In Arabic, this name means 'friend', perfect for a loyal Saluki
Rashid It means 'rightly guided', perfect for a well-trained Saluki
Sabah Meaning 'morning', this name is perfect for a Saluki that loves early walks
Safa This name means 'pure' in Arabic, befitting the Saluki's dignified nature
Salma Meaning 'peace', this name is perfect for a calm, serene Saluki
Samir This Arabic name, meaning 'entertaining companion', suits a friendly Saluki
Sana This name means 'brilliance', a nod to the Saluki's intelligent nature
Tariq This name, meaning 'morning star', matches a Saluki's radiant personality
Yasir In Arabic, this name means 'wealthy', a nod to the Saluki's royal origins
Zainab This name, which means 'fragrant flower', is a beautiful choice for a female Saluki
Zara This name means 'princess' in Arabic, a fitting name for a regal Saluki

Historical Names

Choosing a name from history can give a Saluki a sense of nobility and honor, reflecting the breed's ancient lineage.
Name Description
Alexander A nod to Alexander the Great, symbolizing the breed's grandeur and elegance
Ares The Greek god of war's name, symbolizing the breed's courage and strength
Athena Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, signifying the breed's intelligence
Augustus The first Roman Emperor's name, representative of the breed's noble and majestic nature
Caesar Reminiscent of Julius Caesar, a standout figure in ancient Roman history
Cleopatra Named after the famous queen of Egypt, a significant civilization when Salukis were first bred
Cyrus A Persian king's name, pointing to the breed's Middle Eastern origins
Darius A historical Persian king's name, pointing to the breed's Middle Eastern roots
Hannibal This Carthaginian military commander is a fitting title for a dog of such an ancient breed
Hera A Greek goddess, symbolizes the breed's regal appearance and demeanor
Hercules A legendary Greek hero's name, representing the breed's physical strength and courage
Horus An ancient Egyptian god name, fitting for a breed that was often depicted in Egyptian art
Leonidas Named after the Spartan king, a suitable name for a breed known for its strength and endurance
Marcus A common name in Ancient Rome, representing the breed's long history
Medusa A legendary figure from Greek mythology, symbolizing the breed's mythical appeal
Napoleon Named after the famous French leader, a fitting title for a breed with such a commanding presence
Nefertiti Ancient Egyptian queen's name, reflecting the breed's long history
Nero Named after a famous Roman Emperor, a fitting name for a regal breed like Saluki
Odin A Norse god's name, reflecting the breed's grandeur and presence
Perseus A Greek hero's name, representing the breed's bravery
Ramses An Egyptian pharaoh's name, reflecting the breed's royal history
Spartacus The breed's endurance and strength are well reflected in this name of a historical Roman gladiator
Sphinx An iconic Egyptian monument's name, signaling the breed's historical significance
Titus A historical Roman Emperor's name, representing the breed's nobility
Zeus The king of the Greek gods' name, symbolizing the breed's regality and grandeur
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Story of a Saluki named Anubis

In the heart of ancient Egypt, during the reign of a powerful and wise pharaoh named Amenhotep, there lived a majestic Saluki named Anubis. Anubis was a truly remarkable dog, with a slender, statuesque build, and a silky, golden coat that shimmered like the sun. He was the loyal companion of Pharaoh Amenhotep, who cherished Anubis and regarded him not only as his most trusted companion but also as a symbol of his divine connection to the gods.

Anubis spent his days by the side of the pharaoh, accompanying him as he oversaw the construction of magnificent temples and monuments, and as he presided over his vast kingdom. The Saluki's regal bearing and quiet dignity made him the perfect companion for the pharaoh, and he quickly became a beloved and respected figure among the people of Egypt.

Despite his royal status, Anubis retained his natural instincts as a skilled hunter, and he would often join the pharaoh on thrilling expeditions into the vast deserts that surrounded the Nile River. With his exceptional speed and agility, Anubis would gracefully pursue gazelles and other game, bringing them down with skill and precision.

The pharaoh was in awe of Anubis's remarkable abilities, and he attributed the Saluki's prowess to the blessings of the gods. As a result, Anubis became an emblem of the pharaoh's divine authority, and his likeness was etched into the walls of the temples and palaces, forever immortalizing him as a celestial guardian.

As the years passed, the bond between Pharaoh Amenhotep and Anubis only grew stronger. They were inseparable, and their shared adventures became the stuff of legend, recounted in hushed whispers by the people of Egypt and woven into the tapestry of their rich and vibrant history.

One fateful day, however, as the pharaoh and Anubis were returning from a particularly successful hunt, a sudden sandstorm swept across the desert, engulfing the pair in a swirling vortex of wind and sand. The pharaoh, unable to see, called out to Anubis, who instinctively leaped forward, using his keen senses to guide them through the blinding storm.

As the tempest raged, Anubis never wavered, his unerring loyalty and courage guiding the pharaoh to safety. When the storm finally subsided, they found themselves at the edge of the Nile, where the grateful pharaoh embraced his beloved companion, thanking the gods for the gift of Anubis and his unwavering devotion.

From that day on, Anubis was celebrated not only as the pharaoh's loyal companion but as a divine protector, a celestial guardian who watched over the kingdom from the heavens above. The story of Anubis, the Saluki of Pharaoh Amenhotep, lived on as a testament to the unbreakable bond between a ruler and his faithful companion, and a symbol of the divine grace that guided the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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