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      Over the years, Salukis have carried a variety of names. Early Egyptian cave drawings indicate that the breed is among the oldest. Known as the ‘Royal Dog of Egypt’, many owners choose ancient Egyptian names for their Saluki. Names of Pharaohs and Queens like Ramses, Cleopatra, and Khafra are particularly popular. While some owners turn to the Rosetta Stone, others choose a name that fits the breed’s physical characteristics. Once thought to be the fastest breed, the Saluki is known to wear many speed related names. Atomic and Berzerk are common names that highlight the Saluki’s swiftness. Other speed related names can be taken from famous Olympic athletes and sports figures.
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Story of a Saluki named Anubis

In the heart of ancient Egypt, during the reign of a powerful and wise pharaoh named Amenhotep, there lived a majestic Saluki named Anubis. Anubis was a truly remarkable dog, with a slender, statuesque build, and a silky, golden coat that shimmered like the sun. He was the loyal companion of Pharaoh Amenhotep, who cherished Anubis and regarded him not only as his most trusted companion but also as a symbol of his divine connection to the gods.

Anubis spent his days by the side of the pharaoh, accompanying him as he oversaw the construction of magnificent temples and monuments, and as he presided over his vast kingdom. The Saluki's regal bearing and quiet dignity made him the perfect companion for the pharaoh, and he quickly became a beloved and respected figure among the people of Egypt.

Despite his royal status, Anubis retained his natural instincts as a skilled hunter, and he would often join the pharaoh on thrilling expeditions into the vast deserts that surrounded the Nile River. With his exceptional speed and agility, Anubis would gracefully pursue gazelles and other game, bringing them down with skill and precision.

The pharaoh was in awe of Anubis's remarkable abilities, and he attributed the Saluki's prowess to the blessings of the gods. As a result, Anubis became an emblem of the pharaoh's divine authority, and his likeness was etched into the walls of the temples and palaces, forever immortalizing him as a celestial guardian.

As the years passed, the bond between Pharaoh Amenhotep and Anubis only grew stronger. They were inseparable, and their shared adventures became the stuff of legend, recounted in hushed whispers by the people of Egypt and woven into the tapestry of their rich and vibrant history.

One fateful day, however, as the pharaoh and Anubis were returning from a particularly successful hunt, a sudden sandstorm swept across the desert, engulfing the pair in a swirling vortex of wind and sand. The pharaoh, unable to see, called out to Anubis, who instinctively leaped forward, using his keen senses to guide them through the blinding storm.

As the tempest raged, Anubis never wavered, his unerring loyalty and courage guiding the pharaoh to safety. When the storm finally subsided, they found themselves at the edge of the Nile, where the grateful pharaoh embraced his beloved companion, thanking the gods for the gift of Anubis and his unwavering devotion.

From that day on, Anubis was celebrated not only as the pharaoh's loyal companion but as a divine protector, a celestial guardian who watched over the kingdom from the heavens above. The story of Anubis, the Saluki of Pharaoh Amenhotep, lived on as a testament to the unbreakable bond between a ruler and his faithful companion, and a symbol of the divine grace that guided the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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