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Schnauzer Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Schnauzer has a sophisticated and dignified look that has inspired many owners to choose names of successful businessmen and women. Gates, Jobs, and Crowly are few men that have made their mark on the business world. Names from powerful women include Irene, Ginni, and Meg. Perhaps the refined appearance comes from the breed’s characteristic facial hair. Schnauzer is actually derived from the German word for mustache. Names borrowed from owners of famous mustaches include Flanders, Burt, Mario, and Selleck. The Schnauzer comes from Germany as do many common names. Hans, Klaus, and Heidi are a just a few of the more prominent choices. Having trouble finding a name nearby is not a problem. The galaxy is more than willing to lend names like Pluto, Saturn, and Venus. Austin Power fans can take pride in a choice such as Basil, Felicity, Nigel, and Frau.
Name Reason to Choose
Adolf It's a strong name with German origins, fitting for a Schnauzer with a bold personality
Albert A classic German name, fitting for a dog with German roots
Arko This strong, short name mirrors the compact, robust physique typical of Schnauzers
Austin A nod to the iconic character Austin Powers, reflecting the Schnauzer's spirited and lively personality
Basil An herb-based name that signifies the Schnauzer's natural charm and energy
Beatrice A strong, feminine name for a feisty female Schnauzer
Benji A friendly name for a sociable and outgoing Schnauzer
Bernd A popular German name that means 'brave as a bear', perfect for a bold and fearless Schnauzer
Bertha An old German name that gives a feeling of strength and solidity, perfect for a Schnauzer with a robust character
Bismarck Named after Otto von Bismarck, the first Chancellor of Germany, this name exudes strength and leadership
Bruno An adorable name for a Schnauzer, reflecting the breed's sturdy and robust nature
Burt This name is a fun nod to Burt Reynolds and his famous mustache, much like the Schnauzer's iconic facial hair
Charlie A friendly, approachable name for a sociable Schnauzer
Cleopatra A name that embodies the majestic and regal demeanor of a Schnauzer
Crowly Associated with the supernatural, the name embodies the Schnauzer's spirited and energetic personality
Dagmar A noble German name that fits a Schnauzer with a regal personality
Dietrich Named after the iconic Marlene Dietrich, this name is perfect for a Schnauzer with a touch of glamour
Dorothea A regal name for a Schnauzer with a noble demeanor
Egon A unique name with German origins, perfect for a Schnauzer
Elsa With its origin in Germany, this name is perfect for a Schnauzer with a regal and noble demeanor
Emma A short, sweet name perfect for a small Schnauzer
Erich Erich means 'honorable ruler' in German, a great name for a noble Schnauzer
Felicity This name captures the happiness and joy that Schnauzers bring to their owners
Flanders A tribute to the animated character Ned Flanders, a reflection of the Schnauzer's friendly and good-natured character
Florian This name, of Latin origin but popular in Germany, suits the elegant and noble demeanor often associated with Schnauzers
Foxxy This playful name complements the Schnauzer's energetic and charismatic nature
Frau A German word for 'woman', this name pays homage to the Schnauzer's German origin
Freya Taken from Norse mythology, this name is ideal for a Schnauzer with elegance and grace
Frieda A cute, feminine name that suits a playful Schnauzer
Fritz A popular German name that is both friendly and approachable, perfect for a Schnauzer with a chilled out personality
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Famous Dog Names

Naming your Schnauzer after a famous dog from movies, books, or history can be a fun and unique choice.
Name Description
Astro Inspired by the popular canine character from the animated series 'The Jetsons'
Balto After the heroic Siberian Husky who led the 1925 serum run to Nome
Beethoven This title comes from the Saint Bernard protagonist of the comedy film series 'Beethoven'
Benji From the mixed breed dog of the same name who starred in several films
Bolt Inspired by the White Shepherd from the Disney film 'Bolt'
Bruno From the Bloodhound in Disney's 'Cinderella'
Buddy Named after the Golden Retriever who starred in the 'Air Bud' movie series
Chance From the Bulldog in the film 'Homeward Bound'
Copper From the Coonhound in Disney's 'The Fox and the Hound'
Hooch After the Dogue de Bordeaux from the movie 'Turner and Hooch'
Lady From the Cocker Spaniel in Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp'
Lassie Taken from the iconic Rough Collie character in the television series of the same name
Marley From the Labrador Retriever in the film 'Marley & Me'
Max From the Jack Russell Terrier who played a key role in 'The Secret Life of Pets'
Nana After the Saint Bernard who played a nanny in 'Peter Pan'
Old yeller Inspired by the Labrador Retriever/Mastiff mix from the film of the same name
Perdita From the Dalmatian mother in Disney's '101 Dalmatians'
Pongo Inspired by the Dalmatian father from Disney's '101 Dalmatians'
Rin Tin Tin Named after the famous German Shepherd who was a movie star in the 1920s
Scooby A tribute to the beloved Great Dane from the animated franchise 'Scooby-Doo'
Shadow After the Golden Retriever in the film 'Homeward Bound'
Slink From the Dachshund in the 'Toy Story' franchise
Toto From the Cairn Terrier who played a pivotal role in 'The Wizard of Oz'
Tramp Inspired by the Mutt character in Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp'
Zero Inspired by the ghost dog from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

Food Inspired Names

Because of their known love for food, Schnauzers could be named after your favorite food or snack.
Name Description
Berry An endearing name for a Schnauzer, as sweet as a berry
Biscuit The crunchy texture of a biscuit is similar to a Schnauzer's crisp coat
Brownie The dark coat of some Schnauzers is similar to a chocolate brownie
Burger A playful name for a plump and adorable Schnauzer
Caramel Some Schnauzers have a sweet caramel-like coat color
Cherry Perfect for a Schnauzer with a sweet and vibrant personality
Cinnamon The spicy sweet flavor of cinnamon matches a Schnauzer's temperament
Cocoa This name suits a Schnauzer with a warm, chocolate-colored coat
Cookie The crumbly coat of a Schnauzer is similar to a cookie's texture
Cupcake Their adorable looks are as delightful as a cupcake
Honey A sweet name for a Schnauzer with a golden coat
Latte The creamy coat of some Schnauzers is just like the color of a latte
Minty A cool name for a Schnauzer with a lively and refreshing character
Muffin Its soft and fluffy appearance resembles a freshly baked muffin
Nacho A fun and spicy name for an adventurous and lively Schnauzer
Oreo The black and white coat of a Schnauzer mimics the popular cookie
Peanut The small size of a Miniature Schnauzer is comparable to a peanut
Pepper The black and white coat of a Schnauzer resembles the pepper spice
Pickle This name suits a Schnauzer with a vibrant and quirky personality
Pumpkin This name is great for a Schnauzer with a warm, orange-tinted coat
Raisin This name is suitable for a small and adorable Schnauzer
Sushi A cute and quirky name for a little Schnauzer
Taco A playful and spicy name for an energetic Schnauzer
Truffle This is a fancy name for a luxurious and sophisticated Schnauzer
Waffles Their crinkly fur is reminiscent of a waffle's pattern

Nature Names

Schnauzers are known for their love of the outdoors, so a name inspired by nature could be a great fit.
Name Description
Aspen Derived from a type of tree, fitting for a Schnauzer with a soft white coat
Birch A tree name, suitable for a Schnauzer with a white or light-colored coat
Breeze Evokes a sense of freshness and calm, just like a Schnauzer's personality
Brick A solid name that signifies the Schnauzer's dependable nature
Cedar Reflects strength and durability, traits often seen in Schnauzers
Cliff A solid and grounded name, reflecting the Schnauzer's stable nature
Cloud A soft and fluffy name, just like a Schnauzer's coat
Dew A fresh and light name, perfect for a young and energetic Schnauzer
Fern A delicate plant name that suits a small and graceful Schnauzer
Flint Resembling a hard type of rock, perfect for a steadfast and resilient Schnauzer
Hazel Named after a tree, this name is suitable for a Schnauzer with a light brown coat
Maple A sweet and colorful name, reflecting the Schnauzer's vibrant personality
Mist A soft and ethereal name, reflecting the Schnauzer's dreamy and gentle personality
Moss A soft, comforting name, reflecting the Schnauzer's gentle demeanor
Onyx A hard gemstone name, reflecting the Schnauzer's sturdy and resilient character
Pebble A cute and small name, suitable for a petite and adorable Schnauzer
Pine A strong name after a type of tree, great for a sturdy and dependable Schnauzer
Rain A soothing and calming name, perfect for a peaceful Schnauzer
River This name suggests a flowing, adaptable personality, just like a Schnauzer
Sage This name, after a herb, suggests wisdom, a trait often associated with Schnauzers
Spruce A tree name that reflects the Schnauzer's tall and graceful stature
Stone A sturdy name for a Schnauzer, reflecting its strong and resilient character
Storm A powerful nature-themed name for a Schnauzer with a strong and dynamic personality
Thistle A spiky plant name, reflecting the Schnauzer's spirited and energetic traits
Willow Inspired by a type of tree, perfect for a calm and graceful Schnauzer

Biblical Names

These names can reflect the dog's strong and noble character, as many biblical characters are known for their strength and nobility.
Name Description
Abel This name is a symbol of innocence and virtuousness, fitting for a gentle Schnauzer
Abigail The name implies joy, making it fit for a happy Schnauzer
Daniel For a Schnauzer who has been brave in the face of adversity
David The name of a king, ideal for a Schnauzer with a regal bearing
Elijah Biblically, Elijah performed miracles, making it suitable for a miraculous Schnauzer
Esther A queen's name for your Schnauzer queen
Eve The name comes from the first woman in the Bible, suitable for a female Schnauzer
Ezekiel For a Schnauzer that has brought a significant change in your life
Hannah An apt name for a Schnauzer who has been an answer to your prayers
Isaac This name symbolizes laughter and joy, just like your playful Schnauzer
Jeremiah Perfect for a Schnauzer who is bold and fearless
Joseph Perfect for a Schnauzer who has been a dream come true
Leah A name that signifies hard work and perseverance, just like a Schnauzer
Martha For a Schnauzer who is diligent and hardworking
Matthew A name that signifies a gift of God, perfect for a Schnauzer who is a blessing
Miriam For a Schnauzer who is a protective and caring sibling
Moses Drawn from a strong biblical leader, this name is great for a commanding Schnauzer
Naomi For a pleasant and agreeable Schnauzer, Naomi is a beautiful choice
Noah A great name for a Schnauzer who has been a source of comfort
Rachel A biblical name that signifies a loving and caring Schnauzer
Rebecca This name signifies a captivating personality, just like a charming Schnauzer
Ruth A biblical character known for loyalty, perfect for a devoted Schnauzer
Samuel For a Schnauzer with a strong calling, Samuel is a fitting choice
Sarah A name that signifies a noble lady, perfect for a dignified Schnauzer
Solomon Known for wisdom, this name suits an intelligent Schnauzer

German Names

Schnauzers originated from Germany, and giving them a German name can reflect their roots.
Name Description
Adler It means eagle in German, which can symbolize strength and freedom
Bruno A popular German name that exudes strength and toughness
Dietrich This name is derived from a German word that signifies ruler
Emil An old-school German name that suggests industriousness
Felix A light-hearted German name meaning 'happy'
Greta This name is a nod to the famous German actress, Greta Garbo
Hans A traditional German name that's short and easy to call
Ingrid It's a classic German name that suggests beauty
Johann Derived from the German word for 'God is gracious'
Kaiser It's the German word for 'emperor', symbolizing leadership
Liesel A sweet German name that's perfect for a female Schnauzer
Max A short and strong German name that's perfect for a Schnauzer
Niklas A common German name that's easy to call out
Otto A German royal name that exudes power and nobility
Poldi This name is a nod to the famous German footballer, Lukas Podolski
Quinn A unique German name that means 'wise'
Rudi A popular German name that's short and playful
Siegfried A powerful German name that symbolizes victory and peace
Trudi A cute German name that's perfect for a female Schnauzer
Udo A unique German name that suggests prosperity
Vera A beautiful German name that means 'faith'
Walter An old-school German name that suggests strength
Xaver A unique German name that's bound to stand out
Yara A beautiful German name that's perfect for a female Schnauzer
Zelda A cute German name that's perfect for a small Schnauzer
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Story of a Schnauzer named Herr Fritz

In the bustling city of Munich, a stone's throw away from the picturesque Marienplatz, there stood a quaint and charming shop unlike any other. The sign above the door read "Herr Schnauzer's Tuxedo Emporium," and the store was owned and operated by none other than a distinguished Miniature Schnauzer named Herr Fritz.

Herr Fritz was no ordinary dog. He had a thick, salt-and-pepper coat, a well-groomed beard, and an undeniable air of sophistication that set him apart from his canine brethren. From a young age, Herr Fritz had shown a keen interest in fashion, particularly the elegance and refinement of the classic tuxedo.

With the help of his devoted human assistant, a kind and resourceful seamstress named Greta, Herr Fritz had transformed his passion for fashion into a thriving business. Together, they designed and crafted the finest tuxedos in all of Munich, catering to a diverse clientele of dapper gentlemen and fashionable ladies.

Each day, Herr Fritz could be found at the helm of his store, carefully inspecting the quality of each tuxedo and ensuring that every detail met his exacting standards. Greta, meanwhile, would skillfully take measurements and make adjustments, bringing Herr Fritz's sartorial visions to life.

The reputation of Herr Schnauzer's Tuxedo Emporium spread far and wide, attracting customers from all corners of Germany and beyond. The shop's walls were adorned with countless photographs of satisfied patrons, each beaming with pride as they donned their impeccably tailored tuxedos.

One day, a letter arrived at the emporium, bearing the seal of the German President. It was an invitation to a prestigious state dinner in Berlin, and Herr Fritz was to be the guest of honor. The President himself had heard of Herr Fritz's extraordinary talents and wished to commission a tuxedo for the event.

Filled with excitement and determination, Herr Fritz set to work on his most important creation yet. He and Greta labored tirelessly, selecting the finest fabrics and designing a tuxedo that would befit the President of Germany. As they worked, a sense of pride and accomplishment filled the small shop, as they knew that this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

When the day of the state dinner arrived, Herr Fritz and Greta traveled to Berlin, accompanied by their masterpiece. At the Presidential residence, they presented the tuxedo to the President, who was awestruck by its impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

As the President donned his tuxedo, Herr Fritz knew that he had achieved something truly remarkable. He had not only created a stunning garment fit for a head of state but had also brought his unique talents and love for fashion to the highest echelons of society.

That evening, as the guests mingled and the clink of champagne glasses filled the air, Herr Fritz stood proudly by the President's side, a testament to the power of passion and the limitless potential of a well-dressed dog. And so, the story of Herr Fritz, the talented Schnauzer who ran a tuxedo rental business in Germany, became a legend, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams, no matter how unconventional they may be.

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