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      The Schnauzer has a sophisticated and dignified look that has inspired many owners to choose names of successful businessmen and women. Gates, Jobs, and Crowly are few men that have made their mark on the business world. Names from powerful women include Irene, Ginni, and Meg. Perhaps the refined appearance comes from the breed’s characteristic facial hair. Schnauzer is actually derived from the German word for mustache. Names borrowed from owners of famous mustaches include Flanders, Burt, Mario, and Selleck. The Schnauzer comes from Germany as do many common names. Hans, Klaus, and Heidi are a just a few of the more prominent choices. Having trouble finding a name nearby is not a problem. The galaxy is more than willing to lend names like Pluto, Saturn, and Venus. Austin Power fans can take pride in a choice such as Basil, Felicity, Nigel, and Frau.
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Story of a Schnauzer named Herr Fritz

In the bustling city of Munich, a stone's throw away from the picturesque Marienplatz, there stood a quaint and charming shop unlike any other. The sign above the door read "Herr Schnauzer's Tuxedo Emporium," and the store was owned and operated by none other than a distinguished Miniature Schnauzer named Herr Fritz.

Herr Fritz was no ordinary dog. He had a thick, salt-and-pepper coat, a well-groomed beard, and an undeniable air of sophistication that set him apart from his canine brethren. From a young age, Herr Fritz had shown a keen interest in fashion, particularly the elegance and refinement of the classic tuxedo.

With the help of his devoted human assistant, a kind and resourceful seamstress named Greta, Herr Fritz had transformed his passion for fashion into a thriving business. Together, they designed and crafted the finest tuxedos in all of Munich, catering to a diverse clientele of dapper gentlemen and fashionable ladies.

Each day, Herr Fritz could be found at the helm of his store, carefully inspecting the quality of each tuxedo and ensuring that every detail met his exacting standards. Greta, meanwhile, would skillfully take measurements and make adjustments, bringing Herr Fritz's sartorial visions to life.

The reputation of Herr Schnauzer's Tuxedo Emporium spread far and wide, attracting customers from all corners of Germany and beyond. The shop's walls were adorned with countless photographs of satisfied patrons, each beaming with pride as they donned their impeccably tailored tuxedos.

One day, a letter arrived at the emporium, bearing the seal of the German President. It was an invitation to a prestigious state dinner in Berlin, and Herr Fritz was to be the guest of honor. The President himself had heard of Herr Fritz's extraordinary talents and wished to commission a tuxedo for the event.

Filled with excitement and determination, Herr Fritz set to work on his most important creation yet. He and Greta labored tirelessly, selecting the finest fabrics and designing a tuxedo that would befit the President of Germany. As they worked, a sense of pride and accomplishment filled the small shop, as they knew that this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

When the day of the state dinner arrived, Herr Fritz and Greta traveled to Berlin, accompanied by their masterpiece. At the Presidential residence, they presented the tuxedo to the President, who was awestruck by its impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

As the President donned his tuxedo, Herr Fritz knew that he had achieved something truly remarkable. He had not only created a stunning garment fit for a head of state but had also brought his unique talents and love for fashion to the highest echelons of society.

That evening, as the guests mingled and the clink of champagne glasses filled the air, Herr Fritz stood proudly by the President's side, a testament to the power of passion and the limitless potential of a well-dressed dog. And so, the story of Herr Fritz, the talented Schnauzer who ran a tuxedo rental business in Germany, became a legend, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams, no matter how unconventional they may be.

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