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Scottish Terrier Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      Many Scottish Terrier owners are on the lookout for fitting Scottish names. Among the most popular choices for males are Lamont, Logan, and Finley. Female owners tend to favor the names Kenzie, Cora, and Maysie. One place you might find a Scottish Terrier is on a Monopoly board. The breed has been a token in the classic board game for many years. A few ideas inspired by the Hasbro classic include Howitzer, Virginia, and Thimble. Nicknamed by the Earl of Dumbarton as 'diehard', the breed is often described as rugged and alert. Some name ideas coming from characters in the movie 'Die Hard' are Mclane, Holly, Powell, and Karl. Another interesting place to find names is from various technology that is filling households around the world. Mac, Kindle, and Nexus are just a few tech-inspired options.
Name Reason to Choose
Aberdeen A classic Scottish town, perfect for a classic Scottish breed
Alba The Gaelic name for Scotland, it symbolizes the Scottish Terrier's roots
Angus It's a popular Scottish name and a breed of cattle
Aquos It's a unique name, meaning 'water' in Latin, and can symbolize a Scottish Terrier's versatility and adaptability
Argyle This name, taken from a region in Scotland, reflects the breed's Scottish roots
Argyll Named after a region in West Scotland
Aulay This name, of Scottish origin, meaning 'ancestor's relic', suits the breed's ancient lineage
Bairn A Scots word for 'child', it's a sweet, affectionate name
Bannock A traditional type of Scottish bread
Baxter It's a popular Scottish name that would fit a brave-hearted Scottie
Ben Short for Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, it reflects the dog's strength
Bonnie It's a Scottish word for beautiful
Braveheart A tribute to the iconic Scottish film that highlights the dog's courageous nature
Brodie A Scottish surname that works well as a first name
Buchan Named after a region in Scotland, making it a fitting name for a Scottish Terrier
Cairn Inspired by the stone landmarks found in Scotland, it's a solid, enduring name
Cameron A common surname in Scotland, it can also make a unique dog name
Carbry This unique Scottish name reflects the breed's Scottish heritage
Celt A nod to Scotland's Celtic history, it's a traditional, meaningful name
Clan A reference to the famous Scottish clans, it's a name full of heritage
Clyde Named after the famous River Clyde in Scotland
Cora Although not exclusively Scottish, it's a popular name in Scotland
Crichton Named after a Scottish castle, emphasizing the breed's regal demeanor
Dalriada A tribute to a historical kingdom in Scotland, it brings a rich historical touch
Douglas This name is associated with a noble family in Scotland
Dram Inspired by the Scottish word for a small drink, it's a playful name for a small dog
Druid A tribute to Scotland's ancient history, it's a mystical, magical name
Duff This name, of Scottish origin, meaning 'dark', suits the breed's dark coat
Dunbar A charming coastal town in East Scotland
Dundee A city in Scotland, it's a geographical homage to the breed's origins
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Names reflecting Scottish Terrier Traits

Scottish Terriers are known for their distinct personality and physical traits. Names in this category highlight these unique characteristics.
Name Description
Angus A traditional Scottish name, reflecting the breed's heritage
Bonnie A Scottish term for beautiful, reflecting the breed's charm
Braveheart Reflects the breed's bold and courageous nature
Brawny Indicative of the sturdy and muscular build of Scottish terriers
Cairn Named after the Scottish stone landmarks, symbolizing their origins
Clan Symbolizes the strong family ties in Scottish culture
Fierce Symbolizes the breed's brave and protective nature
Glen Named after the Glens of Scotland, reflecting their origin
Gritty Reflects the breed's tenacious and determined nature
Guardian Represents the protective nature of Scottish terriers
Heather This plant is native to Scotland, reflecting the breed's roots
Highlander Represents the breed's origin from the highlands of Scotland
Kilt Symbolizes the traditional Scottish attire, reflecting the breed's origin
Loch Named after Scotland's famous lakes, symbolizing their origin
Misty Symbolizes the characteristic weather of Scotland
Munro Named after the mountains of Scotland, reflecting their origin
Nessie After the Loch Ness Monster, a symbol of Scottish folklore
Pebble Reflects the small but tough nature of the breed
Piper Named after the famous Scottish bagpipers
Plaid Symbolizes Scotland's traditional tartan patterns
Rugged Symbolizes the sturdy and resilient nature of the breed
Stout Reflects the robust and sturdy nature of the breed
Tartan Represents Scotland's traditional patterns, reflecting the breed's heritage
Thistle This represents the national emblem of Scotland, symbolizing the dog's Scottish heritage
Whisky Named after Scotland's famous drink, reflecting the breed's origin

Names based on Scottish Mythology

Scottish mythology is filled with interesting characters and stories, making it a great source for unique and meaningful names for your Scottish Terrier.
Name Description
Aine In honor of the Celtic goddess of summer
Angus Derived from the god of love and beauty in Scottish mythology
Badb Named after the Celtic goddess of war
Banshee A nod to the wailing spirit in Celtic mythology
Bodb A tribute to the Irish war god
Bran A nod to the legendary dog owned by Finn MacCool in Celtic mythology
Brigid Named after the Celtic goddess of fire
Cailean Refers to the hero of a popular Scottish folklore
Cailleach Named after the divine hag in Scottish and Irish mythology
Cliodna In honor of the Celtic goddess of beauty
Conall Inspired by the Celtic god of healing
Cuillin A reference to the fairy folk living in the Cuillin Hills in Scottish folklore
Donn Named after the Irish god of the underworld
Etain Named after the heroine of a Celtic myth
Fergus In honor of Fergus, a hero in ancient Ulster
Finn A tribute to the legendary Gaelic hero Finn MacCool
Kelpie Named after the mythological shape-shifting water spirit
Lir Inspired by the Celtic god of the sea
Lugh Named after the Celtic god of light
Macha A nod to the Celtic goddess of war and horses
Morag Inspired by a mythical sea creature of Scottish folklore
Muirgen Named after a mythical mermaid in Celtic folklore
Niamh Named after the daughter of the sea god in Irish mythology
Selkie A tribute to the mythical seal-human creature in Scottish folklore
Taranis Inspired by the Celtic god of thunder

Names inspired by Scottish Landscapes

These names are inspired by Scotland's breathtaking landscapes, and can reflect the rugged, adventurous nature of Scottish Terriers.
Name Description
Arran An homage to the beautiful island of Arran in Scotland
Ben Taken from Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the British Isles
Clyde Named after the River Clyde, the third-longest river and one of the major waterways in Scotland
Fife Inspired by Fife, a council area and historic county of Scotland
Galloway A nod to the southwestern region of Scotland, Galloway
Iona A small island in the Hebrides, known for its tranquility and natural beauty
Islay Drawn from Islay, a southern island of Scotland known for its whisky distilleries
Jura Taken from the mountainous island of Jura
Kintyre Inspired by the Kintyre peninsula in western Scotland
Leith Named after the port district of Leith in the city of Edinburgh
Lomond Taken from Loch Lomond, one of the largest lakes in Scotland
Moray This name pays tribute to the coastal region of Moray in Scotland
Mull A tribute to the scenic island of Mull in the Hebrides
Ness Inspired by the enigmatic Loch Ness
Oban Named after a resort town within the Argyll and Bute council area of Scotland
Orkney Inspired by the archipelago off the northeastern coast of Scotland
Pentland A nod to the hilly region of the Scottish Lowlands, the Pentland Hills
Quiraing Inspired by the landslip on the eastern face of Meall na Suiramach, the northernmost summit of the Trotternish on the Isle of Skye
Rannoch A tribute to the remote area of Rannoch Moor in the Highlands
Ross Named after Ross, a region in Scotland
Shetland A tribute to the subarctic archipelago of Shetland in Scotland
Skye Inspired by the breathtaking Isle of Skye, the largest island in the Inner Hebrides
Stirling A nod to the city in central Scotland, known for Stirling Castle
Tiree Inspired by the most westerly island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland
Uist Named after the islands of North and South Uist in the Outer Hebrides

Names based on Famous Scottish Terriers

Naming your pet after a famous Scottish Terrier can be a fun and unique way to pay homage to these iconic dogs.
Name Description
Argyll After the Argyll region in Scotland, a perfect name for a Scottish Terrier
Bagpipes A nod to Scotland's musical tradition, for a Scottie with a strong, distinctive voice
Barney This was the name of the beloved Scottish Terrier owned by President George W. Bush
Bonnie Bonnie means 'beautiful' in Scottish, perfect for a lovely Scottish Terrier
Braveheart A name that pays homage to the iconic Scottish film and symbolizes the courage of these dogs
Caber After the caber toss, a traditional Scottish athletic event, for a strong and sturdy Scottie
Dundee Named after the city in Scotland, an ideal name for a Scottish Terrier
Fala FDR's Scottish Terrier, Fala, is one of the most famous presidential pets
Glen Means 'valley' in Scottish, and a great name for a Scottish Terrier
Haggis A classic Scottish dish, and a fun, quirky name for a Scottie dog
Hamish A popular Scottish name that means 'James', and is quite fitting for a Scottish Terrier
Heather Heather is a plant native to Scotland and a pretty name for a female Scottish Terrier
Islay Named after the Scottish island known for its whisky, ideal for a golden-colored Scottie
Jock Jock is a popular name in Scotland, and also the name of a Scottish Terrier in Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp.'
Kilt Named after the traditional Scottish garment, for a Scottie with a distinctive, plaid-patterned coat
Laddy A friendly Scottish term for a boy, suitable for a friendly and social Scottie
Lassie A term of endearment in Scotland, perfect for a loving and affectionate Scottish Terrier
Macbeth After the famous Scottish play by Shakespeare, perfect for a regal and majestic Scottish Terrier
Nessie Inspired by the legendary Loch Ness Monster, a symbol of Scottish folklore
Piper In reference to the Scottish bagpipers, a fun name for a vocal Scottish Terrier
Scotch After the famous Scottish drink, a fitting name for a Scottish Terrier
Skye After the Isle of Skye in Scotland, a beautiful name for a Scottish Terrier
Tartan The traditional pattern of Scotland, a unique name for a Scottish Terrier
Thistle The national flower of Scotland, a fitting name for a Scottish Terrier
Wallace After the historical Scottish hero, William Wallace, for a brave and loyal Scottie

Traditional Scottish Names

These names pay homage to the Scottish Terrier's origin and Scotland's rich history and culture.
Name Description
Ailsa Named after Ailsa Craig, an island in Scotland, and a great fit for a Scottish Terrier
Angus A common Scottish name, often chosen for Scottish Terriers
Bonnie An endearing Scottish term, often used to name Scottish Terriers
Brodie A popular Scottish name, often selected for Scottish Terriers
Bruce A traditional Scottish name, suitable for a Scottish Terrier
Clyde Named after the River Clyde in Scotland and a great choice for a Scottish Terrier
Douglas A traditional Scottish name and a good fit for a Scottish Terrier
Duncan A traditional Scottish name, suitable for a Scottish Terrier
Ewan A popular Scottish name, often selected for Scottish Terriers
Fergus This name has Scottish roots and is a favorite among Scottish Terrier owners
Hamish It's a popular and traditional Scottish name, often used for Scottish Terriers
Heather The name of a Scottish plant, frequently used for Scottish Terriers
Isla A common name in Scotland and a great fit for a Scottish Terrier
Kilt A symbol of Scotland, often used as a name for Scottish Terriers
Lachlan This name is of Scottish origin and is commonly used for Scottish Terriers
Maggie A popular name in Scotland, frequently used for Scottish Terriers
Molly A popular name in Scotland and a great choice for a Scottish Terrier
Munro Named after the mountains in Scotland, a fitting name for a Scottish Terrier
Nessie A nod to the legend of Loch Ness, often used as a name for Scottish Terriers
Piper A nod to the bagpipers of Scotland and a fitting name for a Scottish Terrier
Rory A common name in Scotland, frequently chosen for Scottish Terriers
Skye Named after the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland and suitable for a Scottish Terrier
Stirling Named after the city in Scotland, a great choice for a Scottish Terrier
Tartan A symbol of Scotland, often chosen as a name for Scottish Terriers
Thistle The national flower of Scotland, often chosen as a name for Scottish Terriers
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Angus: A Scottish Terrier Tale

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Newburg, there lived a shrewd real estate agent named Victoria. Victoria had a knack for closing the most lucrative deals, earning her a stellar reputation in the real estate world. By her side was her loyal and intelligent Scottish Terrier, Angus. Angus had a keen sense of intuition and an uncanny ability to win over even the most difficult clients.

Victoria and Angus made a formidable team. Together, they would visit various properties, assessing their potential and calculating the best offers. With his jet-black coat and perky ears, Angus would stroll alongside Victoria, his head held high and his eyes surveying the surroundings with an air of authority.

It was widely believed that Angus had a magical talent for sensing the true worth of a property. Whenever Victoria took him to a new listing, Angus would wander the rooms, sniffing the floors and walls, his tail wagging with excitement if he sensed a promising deal. Victoria trusted Angus's instincts implicitly and would follow his lead without question.

One day, Victoria received a call from a wealthy investor who was interested in purchasing an old, abandoned mansion on the outskirts of Newburg. The mansion had a reputation for being haunted, and no one had dared to set foot in it for years. Intrigued by the challenge, Victoria and Angus set off to explore the mysterious property.

As they approached the mansion, they could feel the eerie atmosphere that surrounded it. The once magnificent building now stood in disrepair, its walls covered in vines and its windows shattered. Victoria hesitated for a moment, feeling a chill run down her spine, but Angus fearlessly trotted ahead, his tail wagging with curiosity.

Victoria followed Angus inside the mansion, her flashlight casting eerie shadows on the walls. The air was thick with dust and the smell of decay. Angus, however, remained unfazed, sniffing his way through the dark, musty rooms.

As they ventured deeper into the mansion, Angus suddenly stopped and began to bark excitedly. Victoria shone her flashlight on the spot where Angus was fixated and discovered a hidden door. With great effort, they pushed open the door, revealing a secret room filled with priceless antiques and artwork.

Victoria knew that this discovery would make the mansion incredibly valuable, and she was confident that she could negotiate a fantastic deal for her client. As they left the mansion, Angus strutted proudly, his keen instincts having once again proven invaluable.

In the following weeks, Victoria worked tirelessly to secure the best deal for the haunted mansion. The news of her success and the discovery of the hidden treasures spread like wildfire, further cementing her reputation as the top real estate agent in Newburg.

As for Angus, he continued to accompany Victoria on her property visits, his nose and intuition guiding her to the most profitable deals. The duo's success only grew, and they became a legendary team in the world of real estate.

Victoria and Angus's partnership was more than just business; they shared a deep bond of trust and loyalty that transcended their work. Through all the ups and downs of the real estate market, they remained inseparable, a perfect testament to the power of teamwork and the unbreakable bond between a human and their canine companion.

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