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      All modern day Shiba Inu are descedents of the San’in, Mino, and Shinshu bloodlines from Japan. Nagano, Gifu, and Tottori are name ideas taken from the Japanese prefectures from which these bloodlines come. Other historical names for the breed come straight from the Japanese language. Common male names include Akira, Chion, Hokuto, and Zen. Favorite female ideas are Daria, Emika, Iona, and Sumire. Every new Shiba Inu owner should be prepared for the ‘Shiba Scream’. Names inspired by this dreaded vocal sound include Siren and Pitch. The Shiba Inu has pretty large teeth and a strong bite for a smaller dog. Some teeth themed names include Fang, Dracula, and Jaws. Other cool ideas can come from movies like the classic Sci-Fi Star Wars films. Han, Chewbacca, Leia, and Greedo are just a few of the more popular names from the series.
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Dumplin I love dumplings!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charli cuz of Charli D'amelio
Freya Who doesn't want to name their dog after a legendary Norse goddess?
Tizona Blue Mage mythic weapon.
Tsuru (Hime) Tsuruhime was a woman of ancient Japan who fought alongside her noble father and brother, and is recorded as having defeated samurai in one on one combat.
Shira Idk, Shirahime? Snow White
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Kuma and the Shiba Scream

Once upon a time in a quiet village nestled within a lush, green valley, there lived a Shiba Inu named Kuma. Kuma was a spirited dog with a fiery red coat, perky ears, and a fluffy curled tail. He was well-known among the villagers for his exceptional "Shiba Scream," a unique vocalization that only Shiba Inus possess. However, Kuma's Shiba Scream was far from ordinary.

Whenever Kuma let out his powerful Shiba Scream, it was so intense that it would cause all the humans within earshot to fall to the ground, overwhelmed by its sheer force. The villagers had never experienced anything like it before and were both fascinated and terrified by Kuma's unusual talent.

Despite his extraordinary ability, Kuma was a friendly and social dog. He loved to roam around the village, greeting people with his wagging tail and cheerful smile. The villagers, however, were always cautious around Kuma, fearful of his unpredictable and powerful scream.

One day, as Kuma played near the edge of the village, he noticed a group of bandits approaching on horseback. They were notorious for raiding nearby villages, stealing valuables, and causing chaos wherever they went. The people of the village had heard rumors of their approach and had been on high alert.

As the bandits drew closer, Kuma knew he had to do something to protect his home and the people he loved. He mustered all his courage and strength, preparing himself for the most powerful Shiba Scream he had ever unleashed.

Just as the bandits entered the village, Kuma let out a deafening Shiba Scream that echoed through the valley. The intensity of the sound caused the bandits to fall from their horses, clutching their ears in agony. The villagers, who had been anticipating Kuma's scream, had taken cover in their homes, sparing them from the powerful sound waves.

The bandits, disoriented and frightened by Kuma's extraordinary display, scrambled to their feet and fled the village, never to return. The villagers emerged from their homes, astonished by Kuma's heroic act. They gathered around him, showering him with praise and affection. From that day forward, Kuma was celebrated as the village's guardian and protector.

Although Kuma's Shiba Scream remained as powerful as ever, the villagers learned to appreciate and respect his unique ability. They created a warning system, using flags and bells to signal when Kuma was about to unleash his scream, allowing them to take cover.

As the years passed, Kuma continued to watch over the village, always ready to defend it from any danger that might come their way. The villagers no longer feared Kuma's scream; instead, they saw it as a symbol of strength and protection.

The legend of Kuma, the Shiba Inu with the intense Shiba Scream, spread far and wide. People from neighboring villages would visit just to catch a glimpse of the courageous canine. And though the villagers remained cautious around Kuma, they knew that they were safe under his watchful eye, the guardian of their home and hearts.

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