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Shih Tzu Names

      The Shih Tzu originated in China and actually takes its name from the Chinese word for 'lion dog'. Owners often choose a name that matches up to their dog's origins. Some favorite Chinese dog names include Mei (meaning plum), Bai (meaning white), and Luxian (meaning route). The Shih Tzu has taken the nickname 'Chrysanthemum Dog' that was derived from the appearance of the breed's face. Some name ideas taken from flowering plants include Caspia, Dahlia, and Rose. The Shih Tzu is known for its long silky coat. Satin, Velvet, and Noil are names borrowed from fabrics that are commonly made of silk. Another interesting way to come up with a name for your Shih Tzu pup is to consider popular fragrances. For a male some names derived from favorite colognes are Polo, Hugo, and Klein. Perfume inspired names for a female include Dolce, Grace, and Bella.
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Mopsy Photo of Mopsy for Shih Tzu Names Her fur is so long, reminded me of a little mop, and they are so close to the ground with there little short legs.
Cookie Photo of Cookie for Shih Tzu Names She looks like a chocolate cookie.
Schroeder Photo of schroeder for Shih Tzu Names The piano player from Peanuts
Bella Photo of Bella for Shih Tzu Names Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix

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Name Reason
Cookie They are too cute and beautiful.
Mopsy Because they look like a little mop, and so cute.
Sushi Asian heritage
Oobie Sounds cute
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Tale of Luna the Shih Tzu

In the magical land of Elysara, where the trees whispered secrets and the stars danced in the night sky, there lived a beautiful princess named Aurelia. Princess Aurelia was kind, wise, and deeply loved by her people. But her most treasured companion was her loyal Shih Tzu, Luna.

Luna was no ordinary dog, for she was born under the light of a silver moon, granting her the power to communicate with the creatures of Elysara. Together, Princess Aurelia and Luna shared a bond that transcended language, understanding one another's thoughts and emotions as if they were their own.

The kingdom of Elysara was a place of wonder, where magic flowed freely through the land, and fantastical creatures dwelled alongside humans. Aurelia and Luna spent their days exploring the enchanted forests, befriending unicorns, conversing with fairies, and marveling at the beauty of their magical homeland.

One day, a great darkness descended upon Elysara, threatening to disrupt the harmony that had reigned for centuries. A wicked sorceress, filled with envy and malice, sought to usurp the throne and seize control of the kingdom. Armed with her dark magic, she unleashed a curse that froze the hearts of the people, turning them cold and indifferent.

Princess Aurelia, protected by the love she shared with Luna, was immune to the sorceress's curse. Desperate to save her kingdom and her people, Aurelia embarked on a perilous journey to the sorceress's lair, with Luna by her side.

The path was fraught with danger, and the pair faced many challenges along the way. They crossed treacherous mountains, braved tempestuous seas, and ventured into the darkest corners of the enchanted forest. But no matter the obstacles they encountered, Aurelia and Luna remained steadfast, their love and loyalty to one another unwavering.

As they approached the sorceress's lair, they discovered the source of her power: a magical gemstone that fueled her dark magic. Princess Aurelia, guided by Luna's wisdom and the strength of their bond, devised a plan to seize the gemstone and break the curse that had befallen Elysara.

Through cunning and courage, Aurelia and Luna infiltrated the sorceress's lair, outwitting her minions and deftly avoiding her traps. As they neared the chamber housing the magical gemstone, the sorceress appeared, her dark magic crackling in the air.

A fierce battle ensued, with Aurelia and Luna fighting valiantly against the sorceress and her dark forces. As the battle raged on, Luna sensed the gemstone's vulnerability and seized the opportunity to snatch it from its pedestal.

With the gemstone in Luna's possession, the sorceress's power began to wane, and the curse that had gripped Elysara started to unravel. The once-frozen hearts of the people began to thaw, and warmth and love returned to the land.

The defeated sorceress fled, her dark magic vanquished, and the kingdom of Elysara rejoiced in the return of peace and harmony. Princess Aurelia and Luna were hailed as heroes, their bravery and love for one another celebrated by all.

And so, in the magical land of Elysara, where the trees whispered secrets and the stars danced in the night sky, a princess and her Shih Tzu forged a tale of love, courage, and triumph, their story forever etched into the hearts of the people and the very essence of the enchanted realm.

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