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Short Dog Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      When searching for the perfect dog name, length is an important consideration. Whatever you choose will become a signal that is used to get your pal's attention. Since you will need to be able to verbalize your selection early and often, it is advised that you pick something easy to say. Onomatopoeia is a cool word but not a cool name for a pet. Imagine trying to roll that off your tongue a hundred times a day. In general, shorter options with fewer syllables are desirable. If you must go with a lengthy choice, be prepared for it to condense. Consider what derivative might be used on the go. For example, somebody set on the name Onomatopoeia might resort to Ono when in a hurry. The words on this page are concise ideas that won't leave a person tongue-tied. Good luck finding the perfect succinct fit.
Name Reason to Choose
Abe It's short and has a classic, old-school vibe
Ace This name is concise, easy to remember and pronounce
Al This name is short, consisting of only two letters
Ali This is a quick, three-letter name
Amy A cute, short name that's easy on the ears
Ash It's short and reminiscent of strength and resilience, as in ashes
Ava This name is a concise, three-letter choice
Bam This is a short and quick name
Bay It's a nature-inspired name that's short and sweet
Bea This name is a brief, one-syllable choice
Ben The name has just three characters
Bix It's short, unique, and has a cool, edgy sound
Bo This name is brief and simple, making it a perfect fit for a small dog
Boa In this name, there are just three letters
Bob It's a classic name that never goes out of style
Bud This name is only three letters long
Cal It's a three-letter name
Cat Ironically perfect for a dog with a feline-like personality
Coy Perfect for a dog with a shy, coy personality
Cub It's a one-syllable name
Dan This name only consists of three letters
Dax It's short, cool, and a bit edgy
Dee This name is short, having just three letters
Doc This name is brief and consists of three letters
Dot It's sweet and simple, perfect for a small dog
Dox This name is short and quick with three letters
Dre This name is succinct with three letters
Elf This one is a short one-syllable name
Eli A short, two-syllable name that's easy to call out
Eva A short, elegant name that's easy to pronounce
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Short Nature-Inspired Dog Names

These names are perfect for outdoorsy dogs and those who love to explore.
Name Description
Aloe Great for a soothing, comforting companion
Ash This name is inspired by the remnants of a fire, symbolizing resilience
Bird For a dog that's always on the move
Bloom This name would suit a young dog that is growing and flourishing
Breeze Ideal for a fast, agile dog
Bud Ideal for a young, sprouting pup
Clay A good fit for a dog that loves to dig and play in the mud
Cove Perfect for a dog that enjoys water and the beach
Dew This name would suit a dog that is fresh and lively in the mornings
Dusk For a dog with a calm, twilight-colored coat
Fern A serene name for a calm and peaceful dog
Flint For a dog with a sparky, energetic disposition
Hail Great for a dog with a cool, crisp personality
Ivy For a dog that loves to climb and explore
Lark Perfect for a dog with a happy, joyful spirit
Leaf A great match for a dog with a free spirit
Moss For a pooch that loves the outdoors, especially damp, shaded areas
Oak A solid name for a strong, sturdy canine
Pearl For a dog with a precious, beautiful spirit
Pine This name suits a dog with a fresh and lively personality
Reed The perfect name for a slender, agile dog
Rock Ideal for a dog with a strong, unyielding character
Sky Perfect for a dreamy or sky-colored pooch
Tide Ideal for a dog that loves the ocean
Wisp A wonderful name for a light, fast-moving dog

Short Food-Related Dog Names

These names are cute and quirky, and perfect for food-loving pups.
Name Description
Bean It's a quick, easy name related to a common food item
Berry A sweet name, perfect for a small, colorful dog
Brie A classy name for a sophisticated pup
Chai A warm, comforting name
Chip This name is a nod to everyone's favorite snack
Coco Perfect for chocolate lovers
Fig Perfect for a small, sweet dog
Grits Perfect for a southern dog
Kale Ideal for a healthy and energetic dog
Kiwi A fun, tropical fruit-inspired name
Miso A fitting name for a dog with an Asian origin
Nacho A fun name for a spicy, playful pup
Olive Great name for a small dog with a big personality
Pepper A spicy name for a spirited pup
Pickle A quirky, memorable name
Quinoa A unique name for a unique dog
Rye An ideal choice for fans of bread
Soda A bubbly name for an effervescent dog
Sugar Perfect for a very sweet dog
Taco A fun, short name for a dog with a big personality
Tofu Great for a dog with a white coat
Umami Ideal for a dog with a savory personality
Vino Perfect for a dog with a rich, full bodied personality
Wonton A cute name for a small, cuddly dog
Ziti Perfect for a dog who loves to eat

Three-Letter Dog Names

They are quick to say and very distinct, which is ideal for training purposes.
Name Description
Ace Ideal for a dog that excels at everything it does
Ali Suits a dog with a friendly and sociable nature
Amy Sweet and uncomplicated, just like your pooch
Ben A classic name that never goes out of style
Dot Ideal for a small, dainty pooch with a spot pattern
Eli Good for a dog with a calm and wise demeanor
Eve Perfect for a dog born on New Year's Eve
Gus Great for a dog that's big, lovable and a little clumsy
Ivy A nature-inspired name for dogs who love the outdoors
Jay Ideal for a quick and agile dog, just like a blue jay
Kim Simple, sweet, and easy to remember
Kit Perfect for a small, playful and adventurous dog
Leo Perfect for a dog with a brave and bold character
Liz A royal name for a classy and elegant dog
Max It sounds strong and commanding, perfect for a leader-like dog
Mia A chic name for a stylish and elegant dog
Ned Perfect for a dog with an old soul and calm demeanor
Pip Perfect for a small dog with a big personality
Rex Evokes a sense of royalty, suitable for a regal breed
Sam It's simple, short, and easy to call out
Sky Great for a dog who loves outdoor adventures
Ted Ideal for a dog that's as cuddly as a teddy bear
Tim Ideal for a dog that loves being around people
Tom A simple, classic name that's easy to shout in the park
Zoe Great for a lively and energetic female dog

Two-Letter Dog Names

These names are very short and simple, perfect for a dog who responds quickly to commands.
Name Description
Al Works for a dog with a regal bearing, reminiscent of royalty
Bo Ideal for a lively, energetic pet
Cy Perfect for dogs with a calm and peaceful demeanor
Di Could be an homage to Princess Diana, for a regal dog
Ed Fits a dog that is traditional and reliable
Fi Great for a dog with a fiery spirit
Gi Suits a dog with a strong and robust character
Hu A good match for a dog that is as lovable as Winnie the Pooh
Iz A nice fit for a pet that is easy going and carefree
Jo Ideal for a dog that brings a lot of joy into your life
Ki Suits a small dog with a lot of energy
Lu Perfect for a pet that is a source of light in your life
Mo An excellent name for a dog that is always on the go
Ni Fits a dog that has a sweet and nice personality
Oz Great for a pet that is as magical as the Wizard of Oz
Pi Perfect for a dog that enjoys mathematical precision
Qu Could suit a dog with a quirky personality
Ri A good match for a dog that is as strong as a river
Su Suits a dog that is as sweet as sugar
Ty Fits a dog that is small but mighty
Uv Perfect for a dog that loves sunbathing
Vi Ideal for a dog that is full of life and energy
Wo A nice fit for a pet that is as loyal as a wolf
Xi Suits a dog that is as unique as this uncommon letter
Zu Great for a dog that is as fast as Zulu warriors

One-Syllable Dog Names

They are easy to pronounce and dogs can easily recognize them.
Name Description
Ace Ideal for a dog that excels in everything they do
Belle Perfect for a beautiful dog with a charming personality
Bo It's a casual and cool name for any type of dog
Buck Conveys a sense of strength and robustness
Chuck A strong name that denotes energy and liveliness
Dash A name that conveys speed and energy
Dot Perfect for a small, sprightly, and energetic dog
Finn A friendly and adventurous name for a fun-loving dog
Jade A beautiful name for a dog with a precious personality
Jazz For a dog that moves to their own rhythm
Joy A cheerful name that reflects a dog's happy and friendly nature
Kit A cute name for a small and adorable dog
Max It's a powerful name that fits a strong dog
Moe An endearing name for a lovable and cuddly dog
Pete A traditional name that's easy to remember and call out
Pip A quirky name that is best suited to an energetic and playful dog
Quinn A stylish name for a dog with a unique charm
Rex A classic name for a regal and noble dog
Sam A friendly sounding name that's easy to call out
Sky A great match for a dog with a free-spirited nature
Sue A classic name that's perfect for a kind and gentle dog
Tess A sweet and gentle name for a lovable dog
Vic A powerful name that suits a strong and robust dog
Zeke An offbeat name for a dog with a distinctive character
Zig An unusual name that suits a dog with a unique personality
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Oz Photo of oz for Short Dog Names We fell head over heels over a beautiful puppy. A male mix Wheaten Terrier. At first we undecided to name him. JR one of the first name decided by my 11 year old daughter, then Mio was another choice, still not all family members agreed. As we are a large family of 8 and very close it was important we all 6 subbing agreed to naming new family member. I (mom) came up with the name Oz. The letters O and z are the 2 first letters of my midden last name. We love it. This is the story of how we came up with our new family member's name: Oz
Bo Photo of bo for Short Dog Names Bo the dog mixed golden / cocker. Bo was a stray that we adopted and had for 13 yrs. he was a wonderful, goofy companion and everybody's friend.
Tess Photo of Tess for Short Dog Names My American bulldog Tess . No idea why I chose the name. But it suits her. I am picking up a new American bulldog female pup and have no idea what to call it.

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Bo: The Extraordinary Canine

In the quaint town of Whistlewood, there lived an extraordinary dog named Bo. Bo was a medium-sized mixed breed with a glossy black coat, intelligent eyes, and an indomitable spirit. Despite his simple name, Bo had a long and impressive list of accomplishments that made him a living legend in Whistlewood and beyond.

Bo's story began when he was rescued as a stray by a kind-hearted woman named Emily. Emily, a professional dog trainer, recognized Bo's potential and began working with him. Under Emily's guidance, Bo's natural talents flourished, and he quickly developed into a versatile and highly skilled dog.

Bo's first major accomplishment came when he earned his Canine Good Citizen certification, proving his exceptional manners and obedience. This was just the beginning of Bo's illustrious career, as he went on to excel in various canine sports and competitions.

In agility, Bo's speed, coordination, and focus were unmatched, earning him numerous championships and setting records that stood for years. His performances in the obedience ring were flawless, as he executed each command with precision and grace. Bo's incredible skill in tracking made him a highly sought-after partner for search and rescue missions, where he saved countless lives by locating missing persons in the most challenging terrains.

Bo's accomplishments extended beyond the realm of dog sports and competitions, as he also dedicated his life to helping others. Bo became a certified therapy dog, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, and schools to provide comfort and companionship to those in need. His gentle demeanor and empathetic nature made him a beloved figure in the community, and his visits were eagerly anticipated by all who knew him.

One of Bo's most remarkable feats was his participation in disaster relief efforts. When a devastating earthquake struck a neighboring town, Bo and Emily joined the rescue team, working tirelessly to search for survivors trapped beneath the rubble. Bo's keen senses and unwavering determination were instrumental in saving numerous lives, earning him a special commendation for his heroic efforts.

Bo's long list of accomplishments caught the attention of the media, and he became something of a celebrity. News outlets from across the country reported on Bo's incredible feats, and he was even featured in a documentary about extraordinary dogs. Despite his newfound fame, Bo remained humble and focused on his mission to help others.

As the years passed, Bo's list of accomplishments continued to grow, but he never lost sight of his humble beginnings as a stray dog in need of a second chance. Bo's story became a testament to the transformative power of love and dedication, inspiring countless people to open their hearts to rescue dogs in need.

In Whistlewood, Bo's legacy lived on long after his passing, as the townspeople continued to share stories of his incredible achievements and the indelible mark he had left on their community. Bo, the dog with a short name and a long list of accomplishments, would forever be remembered as a symbol of hope, perseverance, and the boundless potential within every dog.

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