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Silky Terrier Names

Updated: April 14, 2024

Welcome to the perfect place for finding inspiration when naming your adorable new furry friend. This page is dedicated entirely to helping you find the perfect name for your new addition, uniquely tailored for a breed that exudes elegance, charm, and a playful spirit. Our list is inspired by the breed's luxurious coat, lively personality, and Australian heritage.

The names we've curated for you reflect the distinct personality and characteristics of this small but mighty breed. Whether you're looking for a name that's classic, trendy, cute, or even a little quirky, we've got you covered. We understand that your pup's name is a reflection of their personality, and it's a significant part of their identity, which is why we've put together such a comprehensive list.

Get ready to explore a variety of names, from those that highlight their silky smooth coat to those that embody their lively and resilient temperament. If you're ready to embark on the exciting journey of naming your new pup, let's dive in!

Name Reason to Choose
Angel A lovely name for a sweet, affectionate Silky Terrier
Atlas A strong name for a Silky Terrier, named after the Titan who held up the sky
Bailey This name suits a breed that's both sweet and strong
Bandit Perfect for a Silky Terrier with a mischievous and playful personality
Bear A name that contrasts the breed's small size but big personality
Bella It's an elegant name that matches the breed's silky coat
Bindi Perfect for a breed known for its distinctive and unique personality
Biscuit This is a cute name for a small, sweet Silky Terrier
Blizzard A cool name for a Silky Terrier with a white or light-colored coat
Bolt Because Silky Terriers are known for their energy and quickness
Breeze Reflects their quick and light movements
Brio A musical term that means 'vivacious or energetic,' much like the breed
Buddy A perfect name for a loyal companion
Casper A cute name for a Silky Terrier with a white or light-colored coat
Champ A strong and victorious name for a brave and heroic Silky Terrier
Charisma Because they're charming and captivating
Charlie Represents the breed's playful and friendly nature
Chloe A chic name for a stylish breed
Coco This name highlights the breed's rich and warm personality
Cooper Perfect for a breed known for its agility
Cuddles A sweet and loving name for a Silky Terrier who loves to cuddle
Cupcake A sweet and adorable name for a small and lovable Silky Terrier
Daisy A cute name for a cute breed
Dapper A nod to their elegant and stylish appearance
Dash A fitting name for a dog that loves to run and play
Dolly A cute and sweet name for a pretty female Silky Terrier
Duke It's a regal name for a breed with a distinguished presence
Dynamo A tribute to their high energy levels
Ella A graceful name for a breed known for its elegance
Fancy A nod to the breed's elegant and stylish appearance
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Fashion-Inspired Names

Silky Terriers, with their beautiful coats and elegant stance, can be named after fashion terms or famous fashion designers.
Name Description
Armani A nod to the prestigious Italian fashion house, Armani
Balmain Taken from the French luxury fashion house, Balmain
Burberry Named after the British luxury fashion house, Burberry
Calvin In honor of the American fashion house, Calvin Klein
Cartier A nod to the French luxury goods conglomerate, Cartier
Chanel Inspired by the high-end fashion brand, Chanel
Coco Named after the legendary fashion designer, Coco Chanel
Dior This name honors the French luxury goods company, Christian Dior SE
Dolce A part of the Italian luxury fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana
Fendi In honor of the renowned Italian luxury fashion house, Fendi
Gabbana The other half of the Italian luxury fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana
Givenchy Inspired by the French luxury fashion and perfume house, Givenchy
Gucci Borrowed from the world-famous Italian luxury brand of fashion, Gucci
Hermes Named after the high-fashion luxury goods manufacturer, Hermes
Kenzo Named after the Japanese-French luxury fashion house
Louboutin Inspired by the French fashion designer, Christian Louboutin
Louis Inspired by the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton
Marc A nod to the American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs
Prada Derived from the renowned Italian fashion label, Prada
Ralph An homage to the American fashion company, Ralph Lauren
Valentino An homage to the Italian fashion designer, Valentino
Versace Named after the famous Italian luxury fashion company
Versus A line from the Italian fashion company, Versace
Yves Taken from the French luxury fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent
Zara Inspired by the Spanish fast-fashion retailer, Zara

Food Names

Naming a Silky Terrier after food can be a fun and sweet way to give them a unique identity, as they are often similar in color to certain foods.
Name Description
Bean Perfect for a small, bouncy Silky Terrier, just like a little jumping bean
Biscuit This name is a good fit for a light-colored, affectionate dog
Caramel Because your Silky Terrier is as sweet and delightful as this dessert topping
Cheddar A great name for a dog with a golden coat
Cherry An adorable name for a small, lively and bright-colored dog
Coco This name suits a dog with a deep, rich brown coat
Cookie Because your Silky Terrier is as sweet and delightful as a fresh baked cookie
Cupcake A fun, sweet name for a small, cute dog
Ginger An excellent choice for a dog with a reddish-brown coat
Honey A cute name for a sweet and adorable dog
Jelly This name is a good fit for a dog who's always bouncing around
Latte Because your dog's coat might be the creamy color of a latte
Muffin A cute name for a small, adorable and fluffy dog
Nutmeg This name fits a dog with a warm, reddish-brown coat
Olive A unique name for a dog who's small and round like an olive
Peanut A fun name for a small, energetic dog
Pickle A silly, fun name for a playful and mischievous dog
Pumpkin This name is a good fit for a dog with a round, orangey-brown coat
Raisin A cute name for a small, dark-colored dog
Sesame Because your Silky Terrier might be small, but they're full of flavor, just like a sesame seed
Sugar This name is perfect for a sweet, affectionate dog
Taffy A great name for a dog who's as sweet and stretchy as this candy
Toffee This name suits a dog with a sweet personality and a caramel-colored coat
Truffle A luxurious name for a dog who's as special and unique as a truffle
Waffles This name is a good fit for a dog who's as sweet and beloved as breakfast waffles

Place Names

Choosing a place name for a Silky Terrier could be a nod to the breed's origins, your favorite locations or places that have a significant meaning to you.
Name Description
Adelaide A nod to the breed's Australian roots
Aspen The breed's luxurious coat is akin to the town's posh vibe
Athens The breed's wisdom can equal that of this ancient city
Austin This city's friendly atmosphere reflects the breed's sociable nature
Berlin Berlin's vibrant energy matches the breed's lively spirit
Boston This city's history of resilience matches the breed's tenacity
Brisbane This city's vibrancy matches the breed's lively spirit
Brussels The breed's classy nature resembles this city's sophistication
Cairo The exotic allure of Cairo suits the breed's unique qualities
Denver The city's rugged charm matches the breed's adventurous spirit
Dublin A nod to the breed's jovial, friendly nature
Houston Named after this American city, it mirrors the breed's robust spirit
Madrid This Spanish city's passion reflects the breed's vivacious temperament
Melbourne Named after another city from the breed's homeland
Oslo This Norwegian city's charm mirrors that of the breed
Paris The elegance of this city matches the breed's grace
Perth Another Australian city, showing homage to the breed's origin
Phoenix This city's sunny disposition matches the breed's cheerful persona
Rome The breed's history is as rich as this ancient city
Seattle This city's cool, relaxed vibe pairs well with the breed's calm demeanor
Sydney This Australian city reflects the Silky Terrier's origin
Tokyo This bustling city mirrors the breed's energetic personality
Toronto Toronto's multicultural spirit reflects the breed's adaptability
Venice The breed's smooth coat resembles the calm Venetian waters
Vienna The breed's sophisticated character mirrors this city's elegance

Famous People Names

Silky Terriers can be named after famous people or characters, due to their unique personalities and memorable traits.
Name Description
Audrey Reflects the elegance of Audrey Hepburn
Bach A nod to the famous composer, Johann Sebastian Bach
Beethoven Named after the great composer, Ludwig van Beethoven
Beyonce Taking after the multi-talented Beyonce Knowles
Capote A salute to the renowned author, Truman Capote
Chaplin A tribute to the silent film star, Charlie Chaplin
Churchill A nod to the influential statesman, Winston Churchill
Dali A tribute to the famous surrealist, Salvador Dali
Einstein A nod to the genius physicist, Albert Einstein
Elvis A nod to the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley
Frida Inspired by the renowned artist, Frida Kahlo
Gandhi A homage to the peace advocate, Mahatma Gandhi
Hemingway After the famous author, Ernest Hemingway
Hitchcock Salute to the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock
Lennon Named after the iconic musician, John Lennon
Madonna Reflects the unique character of legendary singer Madonna
Marilyn Inspired by the glamorous Marilyn Monroe
Monet A tribute to the famous painter, Claude Monet
Mozart A homage to the classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Oprah Influenced by the renowned talk show host, Oprah Winfrey
Picasso A tribute to the famous artist, Pablo Picasso
Presley Another name paying homage to Elvis Presley
Shakespeare Named after the greatest writer in the English language
Sherlock Inspired by the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes
Tolkien After the famous author, J.R.R. Tolkien

Nature-Inspired Names

Silky Terriers, with their silky coats and lively nature, can be named after elements in nature that reflect their characteristics.
Name Description
Breeze For a Silky Terrier that moves effortlessly and swiftly
Cedar Ideal for a Silky Terrier with a reddish-brown coat
Coral For a Silky Terrier with a vibrant, outgoing personality
Daisy Fits a Silky Terrier that's as fresh and charming as a spring day
Hazel Perfect for a Silky Terrier with a nut-brown coat
Ivy For a Silky Terrier that's always climbing into your lap
Jade Reflects a Silky Terrier's precious and treasured nature
Lily Ideal for a delicate, refined Silky Terrier
Maple This name suits a Silky Terrier's fall-colored coat
Moss Just as moss softens a forest floor, this breed brings comfort and joy
Pine This name suits a Silky Terrier with a strong, sturdy character
Quartz For a Silky Terrier with a strong, resilient character
Rain For a Silky Terrier with a calm, soothing presence
River It reflects the fluid, graceful movements of the Silky Terrier
Rose Perfect for a Silky Terrier that's as charming and lovely as a flower
Sage This name is ideal for a wise and thoughtful Silky Terrier
Sky This name is inspired by the boundless energy and spirit of the breed
Sunny Perfect for a cheerful, bright Silky Terrier
Thyme For a Silky Terrier that's as essential to your life as this herb is to many dishes
Tulip Ideal for a Silky Terrier that's bright and cheerful
Violet For a Silky Terrier with a gentle, shy nature
Willow Reflects the breed's grace and elegance
Windy Reflects a Silky Terrier's swift, energetic nature
Yarrow This name suits a Silky Terrier with a healing, comforting presence
Zinnia Perfect for a Silky Terrier that's as bright and colorful as this flower
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